Animal Jam Codes, Cheats, & News

Giraffes Return to Jamaa!


After a long time traveling, giraffes have returned to Jamaa!  Now you can play as one of these cool animals again! In other exciting news, there’s a new animal on the way to Jamaa!  Can anyone guess what the new animal will be?  Some kind of dog?  Maybe a hyena?  Let me know what you think in the comments! Now every adventure is available to play in hard mode if you’re looking to test your

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Pet Eagles Are Here!


Pet eagles are now available at the Diamond Shop!  For only 3 diamonds you can have one of these cute flying critters to follow you around.  Pretty neat right? Another big announcement is the release of the Mystical Armor.  It’s available at the Diamond Shop but be sure to save up your diamonds because the whole outfit will cost you 9 diamonds!  I still think it’s really cool looking though. If you like the games

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The Search for Greely & Other News


There’s a new adventure for Jammers to play!  No one has seen or heard from Greely since the Greely’s Inferno adventure.  Hopefully he’s still out there and survived the eruption.  Find out where Greely is in this new adventure.  Full walkthrough guide coming soon! Pandas are back on the endangered list now.  Hopefully you have one in your animal collection or you’ll have to wait until they come back from being endangered! There’s lots of

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Pet Seahorses for Everyone & Other News


Pet seahorses are now available for all Jammers!  Now you don’t have to be a member to get one of these cute ocean pets.  Get your very own pet seahorse at Flippers N’ Fins in Crystal Reef! There’s a brand new shop at the top of Coral Canyons now!  Go check out Royal Ridge to find some exclusive new items for your den.  The catch is, Royal Ridge can only be reached by the new

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Tunnel Town Available for Android + New Luck Bunnies!


That’s right!  Android users can now download Tunnel Town for FREE!  The wait is over, you can finally play Tunnel Town on your Android device.  What will your burrow look like?! Be sure to check out the Tunnel Town Hints & Cheats Guide to help you out in the game! In other exciting news, there’s a brand new kind of bunny in Tunnel Town!  Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, welcome the Luck Bunnies

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Eagles Are Here!


Hey Jammers!  The wait is over, Eagles are here!!  You can get yours from the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Rumor has it these flying creatures can reach areas of Jamaa that haven’t been accessible before! Now you can get a pet tiger from the Diamond Shop too!  Just look at how awesome these little guys are! Another exciting bit of news is the brand new Swoopy Eagle game available for all Jammers!  If you’ve

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Animal Jam Friendship Festival & More!


I know I’m a little late on posting this but here it goes   If you hadn’t seen  the Jamaa Journal yet, you’ll be happy to know that there is now a Sunken Ship den available for everyone!  Now you can have a land and ocean den! There’s also some new den items available for everyone at Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove!  Also, if you’ve been playing Animal Jam for a long time, you might

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Animal Jam Eagle Codes


The eagle is the newest animal to come to Animal Jam.  These majestic flying creatures can now be seen flying around Jamaa.  Many players are wondering how to get an eagle?  Well right now they’re available for sale at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. There is also the possibility that they will release Eagle codes for Animal Jam but I have not heard if this is for sure or not.  If they do come

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Animal Jam Lion Codes

animal-jam-lion-membership card

The lion was one of the first three rare mammals introduced to Animal Jam.  Originally it was only available with the purchase of a 3 month membership card for Animal Jam.  Lions were first introduced in 2012 and are some of the most wanted animals in the game. Where to Find a Lion Code As I mentioned above, the only way you could get a Lion in Animal Jam before was by buying a membership

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Eagles Are Coming to Jamaa!


That’s right, Eagles!  You may have seen the hints that they have been dropping about a new animal coming soon to Jamaa…A couple weeks ago, they posted a picture of a feather and said it was a clue for the new animal coming out. Well in the latest Jamaa Journal, they gave a pretty big hint as to what the new animal would be.  Notice how the first letter of each sentence is capitalized to

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