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Animal Jam Otter Codes


Otters Are Here – Update 8/21/14 The Otters have finally arrived to Jamaa!  As predicted, they are available at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. These little creatures can explore both the land and ocean areas in Jamaa which is pretty cool! Here’s what they actually look like in the game!  I know, they’re still very new but please share any codes if any of you know of them! As many of you know, the […]

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Animal Jam News – Pet Monkeys Have Arrived!


This week’s edition of the Jamaa Journal announced that pet monkeys have arrived to Jamaa!  You can adopt one of these cute creatures from the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. In other exciting news, there is a brand new game called Spot On!  You can find Spot On in Kimbara Outback.  The goal of the game is to identify the animals in the pictures as fast as you can!  The quicker you answer, the more […]

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Animal Jam Ice Armor Codes


The ice armor is one of the original special armor sets in Animal Jam.  When it first came out you could only get it by purchasing an Animal Jam membership card.  Now the ice armor set is available for purchase at the Diamond Shop. You can buy the entire ice armor set for 9 diamonds at the diamond shop.  This is a lot of diamonds for most players, especially if you dont have a membership. […]

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Animal Jam Phoenix Armor Codes


As some of you know, the Phoenix Armor set was removed from the Diamond Shop a few weeks ago.  Since you can’t buy it there anymore, I thought I’d make a page where Jammers can list any Phoenix armor codes if they know any! One of the very first special armor sets in Jamaa was the phoenix armor.  It was available for sale at the Diamond Shop for 9 gems total.  That’s kinda a lot […]

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Royal Ridge Shop


Royal Ridge is a shop in Animal Jam that is only accessible by eagles.  The shop was opened a couple months ago at Coral Canyons.  Since some players don’t have a membership or an Eagle to fly up there I thought I’d make a post to show you what it’s like there! You can get to the Royal Ridge shop by flying your eagle up to the top of Coral Canyons near the left side […]

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Animal Jam Spirit Armor Codes


The Spirit Armor was recently added to the diamond shop.  This is one of my favorite armor sets yet!  I love the grey colors with blue accents I think they look so awesome!  The full Spirit Armor set costs 9 diamonds total but you can also buy the individual pieces if you want to mix and match. Spirit Armor Price: 3 Diamonds Spirit Helmet Price: 2 Diamonds Spirit Tail Armor Price: 2 Diamonds Spirit Amulet […]

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Animal Jam Sparkling Armor Codes


The newest armor set to come to the Diamond Shop is called the Sparkling Armor and you’ll see why it’s called that in a second!  This diamond encrusted new gold armor set is sure to catch player’s eyes around Jamaa. I really like this new armor set because it’s different from the other armor sets that have been around.  It’s much more flashy and fancy looking!  I think it makes the animals look like royalty! […]

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Pet Sugar Gliders Are Here & Other News!


The newest edition of the Jamaa Journal just came out today with some pretty exciting news: pet sugar gliders are here!  You can get your very own pet sugar glider from the Diamond Shop. Animal Jam is turning four years old already… Go check out the AJ Birthday Party to help celebrate!  Use the code AJBDAY4 to get a special birthday present too! There’s also a brand new armor set at the Diamond Shop: the […]

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Kangaroo Codes for Animal Jam


The Kangaroo is one of my favorite animals in Animal Jam.  I must not be the only one who likes them because they even made an entire app with Kangaroos called AJ Jump!  Kangaroos are currently only available for Animal Jam members at the Diamond shop for 10 diamonds. Originally the Kangaroo was only available for Australian and New Zealand players who purchased a membership card.  Each membership card would come with a special code […]

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Animal Jam Phantom Armor Codes


There’s a new set of armor available for Jammers to wear around Jamaa.  It’s called the Phantom Armor and it looks pretty awesome!  According to the Jamaa Journal, the only way to get this new Phantom Armor is by beating the Search for Greely Adventure on Hard mode but hopefully there will be other ways too! I’m really hoping that Animal Jam will come out with some codes for the Phantom Armor because the Search […]

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Animal Jam Membership Giveaways


As you know our website already makes it very easy to get free animal jam membership codes. Well starting today we are going to make it even easier by giving all our readers another “way to win.” From now on we will be doing a weekly drawing for a free animal jam membership card code.  You can enter every week by visiting this page and completing the entry form below. How To Enter To enter […]

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