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Kangaroos Have Returned & Other News!


Hey Jammers!  Let’s see what we have for news this week… This week’s Jamaa Journal brings the announcement that Kangaroos have come back from their travels!  They’ve been gone for a couple months now so those of you who have been waiting to get one, now’s your chance Probably the biggest announcement this week is the introduction of two new Animal Jam adventures.  That’s right, TWO new adventures! Since these adventures are brand new, they’re […]

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New Tunnel Town Bunnies – Dinosaur & Skunk


Tunnel Town seems to be back at it with releasing new bunnies at a steady pace.  This month they’ve released two more new bunnies; the dinosaur bunny and the skunk bunny. Here’s a look at them! These two new bunnies are pretty awesome, I love the idea of having a dinosaur bunny!  I’m not sure how the other bunnies will feel about having a skunk in the burrow though… To find out how to breed […]

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Animal Jam Sloth Codes


Sloths are the newest animal to arrive to the Diamond Shop in 2016!  They lost the voting contest earlier this year but AJHQ decided to add them to the game anyways! I dont know about you but I’ve been curious about how the sloth will move and act around Jamaa.  Will they move slowly?  Let’s find out! Sloths can be purchased at the Diamond Shop for the cost of 5 Diamonds.  Sloths are the second […]

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Free Animal Jam Membership Giveaway – Summer 2016


Hey Jammers!  I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a giveaway but we’re back with another one for summer 2016!  Enter for your chance to win a 3 month Animal Jam membership for free. The Animal Jam membership giveaway will be open during July and August.  The winner of the 3 month AJ membership will be chosen at the end of August and announced in the first week of September! This giveaway will work […]

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Sloths Are Here & Other News!


Hey Jammers!  This week’s Jamaa Journal has lots exciting news and announcements.  Let’s see what it has to say! The first and most exciting bit of news is that sloths have arrived to Jamaa!  You can find them at the Diamond Shop for the cost of 5 diamonds.  Click here for more information about sloths and see how you can get one! Next up, pet hummingbirds have returned to Jamaa!  Get one of these cute […]

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Animal Jam Pig Codes


Everyone’s excited about the newest animal to come to the Diamond Shop, the Pig!  When they announced pigs would be coming to Jamaa I couldn’t wait! Well pigs are here now and they’re available at the Diamond Shop for 5 diamonds.  What if you’re not a member or don’t have 5 diamonds to spend?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Pigs can access all land areas in Jamaa and love to play in the mud, […]

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Pet Goats are Here and Sloths are Coming Soon!


Hey Jammers!  I hope you all had a great 4th of July!  It’s been a busy summer so far but I hope to be covering the news more often now. So let’s get into the latest Jamaa Journal, there’s a lot of good stuff in here!  The first bit of news is that pet goats have come to Jamaa.  How could you not want one of these?!  Just think, you could have a little goat […]

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New Animal Jam Codes for July 2016


Hey Jammers!  I’m back with a couple brand new working Animal Jam codes for July 2016.  These codes will each add 500 gems to your account for a total of 1000 gems! It’s easy to enter the codes, just check the box when you first log in to Animal Jam.  Or you can click on the settings button while you’re playing and click “I have a code”. These are the two newest working codes for […]

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Animal Jam Falcon Codes


Falcons are one of the newest Diamond Shop animals in 2016.  Falcons were voted to be the next animal by Jammers.  Click here to find out more about the contest that happened. As many of you could guess, Falcons are flying animals so they can fly pretty much anywhere in Jamaa.  They are the third kind of flying animal in Animal Jam behind the Eagle and the Owl. Falcons are available for purchase at the […]

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Tunnel Town Update – New Bunnies!


Hey everyone!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Tunnel Town update so I checked today and it looks like I’m way behind!!  There have been at least 6 new bunnies since I last updated. It’s been so long since I’ve played Tunnel Town that I don’t know any of the combinations to breed these new bunnies.  That means I need your help!  If you know of any working combinations to breed these new […]

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