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Rare Cowboy Boots-Monday Rare Item Giveaway

mon animal jam

Head on over to Jam Mart Clothing, today only, to get your pair of rare cowboy boots. This is a heads up for all Jammers out there who love to collect the rare item Monday giveaways, which is going on all summer long. The rare cowboy boots are the rare item of the day Monday giveaway, and all Jammers are entitled to pick up a pair today through midnight EST. These rare cowboy boots will […]

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Tips To Get Your Computer Screen to Display Properly in Animal Jam


If you are sitting there playing Animal Jam on your computer, you might at some point have an issue with the screen not wanting to display the game properly. The computer screen might not display properly for a number of reasons, but here are some of the most common reasons why a Jammer could have problems, and also how to fix the display issue. Screen Resolution The number of pixels that are visible on your […]

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How to Disable or Enable Player Accounts on Animal Jam

player account

It is possible that you login to Animal Jam one day and you see a message that said “We’re sorry, this account does not have sufficient privileges to play at this time.” If this happens, you should know that this means your player account has been disabled from the Parent Dashboard. During this time, you will not be able to login to Animal Jam and play, and there is no way around that until the […]

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Animal Jam Eat Em Up Game-AJHQ Spotlight

spotlight game

Attention Jammers, a new game has been featured that you can find at Crystal Reef. The game at Crystal Reef is known as Eat Em Up, and a lot of Jammers are really having a lot of fun playing this new game, with Jammers trying to get through the levels as quick as they can in order to compete with friends across the Animal Jam kingdom. Well did you know that just by playing this […]

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Dolphin Jammer Art Submission Features


There have been so many talented Jammers from all over the world who have submitted pictures based on the theme of dolphins. While there were a lot of great submissions, of course, only a few were chosen to be featured on the Daily Explorer. There were five awesome dolphin-inspired pictures that you can find on Daily Explorer, and the five people who were chosen to be featured this time around were Darling Arcticwolf, Miss Icyspirit, […]

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Rare Stethoscope Available For Monday Rare Item Giveaway

animal jam stethescope

Hey Jammers, it’s Monday and you know what that means, another rare item is being given away to all you fantastic Jammers! This week Animal Jam is giving away a rare stethoscope, which is great for any of you Jammers out there who want to check up on their health and look very professional while cruising the land. This rare stethoscope will only be around while supplies last, which means you need to hurry up […]

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Birds of Jamma Art Winners Announced


Jammers have been sending in artwork on Animal Jam for the contest about birds. You could submit your bird artwork to be considered for a featured spot on the Daily Explorer blog page. There were a lot of submissions for the bird Jammer Art project, but 5 special people ended up getting featured. The 5 people were Blossom Windyspirit, Baron Spiritstone, Mythical Spiritgirl, Admiral Fieryspirit, and Mythical Templetiger. Congratulations to these five Jammers who have […]

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Sand Castle Winners and New Contest Announced

jammer snap

Jammer Snaps is finally back and 6 new Jammers have been featured on the Daily Explorer for their new awesome sand castle creations. The Jammers that have been chosen for the featured spot include Emperor Shiverclaw,Blooming Spiritpaw, Chief Vonlilly, Flora Sleepystone, Snowflake Roundbelly, and Mythical Daisyllama. Congratulations to the Jammers with the best sand castle creations, although a lot of great sand castles were made by Jammers from all over the world, and obviously not […]

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Bounce House Now Available for Jammers

bounce house

Attention Jammers! Jamma now has a new offering for those of you playing Animal Jam, and it literally just hit the shop within the past 24 hours. You can get a bounce house, which is the newest den available to Jammers, and it only costs you 5 diamonds in order to purchase this cool new item. Not only is the bounce house available for only 5 diamonds, which is a really good deal, it is […]

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A Reminder on Jammer Safety Online

jam safety

While a lot of people who play Animal Jam do so safely, there are some people that might not be aware of the rules for Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a unique game for the children because it does have a lot of special features when it comes to keeping kids safe online. If you are a parent that wants their child to play Animal Jam or you are playing yourself, here are some basic […]

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