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Animal Jam Otter Codes


Otters Are Here – Update 8/21/14 The Otters have finally arrived to Jamaa!  As predicted, they are available at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. These little creatures can explore both the land and ocean areas in Jamaa which is pretty cool! Here’s what they actually look like in the game!  I know, they’re still very new but please share any codes if any of you know of them! As many of you know, the […]

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Otters Are Here!


This week’s edition of the Jamaa Journal just came out and it’s official, Otters are here!  Unfortunately for non-members, the Otter is only available at the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds.  This doesn’t come as much of a surprise because almost every new animal they release is at the Diamond Shop :/ Otters can explore both land and ocean areas in Jamaa which is pretty cool!  To celebrate the Otters arrival to Animal Jam, there […]

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In Too Deep Adventure Guide & Cheats


In Too Deep is the second ocean Animal Jam adventure.  In this adventure you’ll have to enter and explore the Phantom Factory to stop the Phantoms from polluting the ocean! Talk to Liza. She’ll tell you that the entrance to the Phantom Factory is located below you. The phantoms are using the factory to pollute the ocean so you must find a way to stop them! Swim over to the front of the whale. You’ll […]

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New Daily Spin Prizes!


So I know AJHQ updated the Daily Spin a few weeks ago and added some new prizes and items but I thought I’d make a post about it now!  They added a second chance to get a Diamond which is pretty cool!  It’s nice because it gives non-members another chance to get Diamonds. They also added the chance to get gifts.  Check out this spin I did yesterday where I got 3x gifts!  I was […]

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Bubble Trouble Adventure Walkthrough Guide & Cheats


Bubble Trouble is the first underwater adventure that came to Animal Jam.  The dolphins have been captured by the phantoms and are stuck in cages.  It’s up to you to free them! First talk to Liza. She’ll tell you that the phantoms have been polluting the ocean and capturing animals. Swim all the way to the right until you see the pipe leaking pollution. Swim above the valve and use your spin move to close […]

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Turning the Tide Adventure Guide & Cheats


Turning the Tide is the newest Ocean adventure to come to Animal Jam.  It is currently for members only and you must have completed the Basic Training to go on the adventure.  Tavie the Alpha dolphin has been captured by the phantoms and it’s up to you to rescue her! First talk to Graham, he’ll tell you to find some whirlpearls and destroy the Phantom fan below you so you can swim down further. You […]

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New Animal Jam Adventure: Turning The Tide


Well this week’s update was a little bit of a letdown, I thought for sure that Otters would be here!  But the good news is that there’s a new Animal Jam Adventure called Turning the Tide.  In this ocean adventure, you must help the Alphas rescue Tavie the dolphin from the Phantoms!  Check back soon because I’ll be posting a walkthrough guide for this new adventure! So the otters aren’t here this week but hopefully […]

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New Diamond Pets: Rhino, Giraffe, & Hummingbird


It’s been a while since I’ve updated with the newest pets that have come to Animal Jam.  I think that the last update about pets I did was for the cheetah so I’m a bit behind!  There have been three new pets that have arrived at the Diamond Shop since I last updated: rhinos, giraffes, and hummingbirds. Pet Rhinos Pet rhinos are available at the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds each.  They might be my […]

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Tunnel Town Update: New Beetle Bunnies!


Tunnel Town just came out with another update: Beetle Bunnies!  I think this is a pretty appropriate update considering that there’s so many beetles around during the summer! There are two different colors of beetle bunnies available now, blue and orange.  The Beetle bunnies are said to be some of the most popular bunnies in Tunnel Town because of their status as musicians (like the Beatles). You can buy a Beetle Bunny for a whopping […]

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Animal Jam Pet Rhinos & Other News!


Hey Jammers!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates but I’m back and will be keeping up with things more regularly now!  So now lets get to the most recent news…  If you haven’t been to the Diamond Shop lately, you should check out the new pet rhinos.  They’re so cute! Be sure to check out the Beta Party which is full of old items from the beta testing […]

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