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The Jamaalidays are Here!


Hey Jammers!  It’s December so you know what that means, the Jamaalidays!  If you’re new at Animal Jam then you’re in for a treat.  The Jamaalidays are a month long celebration where you can get exclusive items and accessories every day when you log in. What’s even more special this year is that every Jammer (even non members) will receive a free diamond every other day when you log in.  How cool is that?! The […]

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Animal Jam Toucan Pics, Codes & Video


The Toucan is the newest animal to come to Jamaa in November 2016.  I just got one so I thought I’d show you all what they look like! Now that there have been a few different kinds of flying animals added to the Diamond Shop, let’s see how the toucans are different from the others.  First off, they look a little smaller than the other birds, especially the eagles. Toucans can be bought at the Diamond Shop […]

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Toucans Are Here!!


Big news today, Toucans have arrived!!  That’s right another flying animal is available at the Diamond Shop.  Toucans cost 10 diamonds and are currently for members only. I’ll be posting more about the new Toucans once I get one.  Until then you can check them out at the Diamond Shop or go see the Toucan minibook in the Chamber of Knowledge! There’s another new 2D adventure available for member tigers, wolves, arctic foxes and arctic […]

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Another New Animal Jam Code for November


A brand new Animal Jam code was told to me by one of our readers this week!  I want to give a huge thank you to Pinatas for commenting and sharing this new code. As many of you know, we have a codes page with all of the newest working Animal Jam codes.  Sometimes I find codes on my own but a lot of the time they are given to me by other Jammers who […]

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Jamaaliday 2016 Free Membership Giveaway


Attention Jammers!  The Jamaaliday season is coming closer so what better way to celebrate than with a free membership giveaway?!  If you’ve been wanting an Animal Jam membership, here’s your chance to win one. Thank you to everyone who entered the Summer 2016 membership giveaway!  Congratulations to the winner who chose to remain anonymous.  Anyone can sign up for the giveaway, only one entry per Jammer! The Jamaaliday 2016 giveaway begins right now and the […]

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Toucans Coming Soon to Jamaa!


This week’s Jamaa Journal had some big news!  For those of you who haven’t read it yet, let’s see what’s going on! With the Feast of Thanks festival coming soon, pet turkeys are back to help celebrate!  They’re available in the Diamond Shop now so go get yours today. The Twists and Turns adventure has also returned to Jamaa.  For those of you who are new or missed it last year, Twists and Turns is […]

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New Animal Jam Code for November 2016


Hey everyone!  It’s a new month so that means it’s time for a new Animal Jam code!  I want to give a special thanks to Amy who is one of our readers who told me about the new code. As many of you know, Animal Jam codes can be used to unlock gems, items and sometimes even diamonds for free.  Codes can only be used once per account and they sometimes expire. The newest code […]

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Mysterious Messages in Bottles


On Thursday last week the Jamaa Journal announced that there were some mysterious messages in bottles that could be found in Crystal Sands.  There wasn’t much information given about what would be inside. Supposedly there is an exclusive item inside each bottle along with a mysterious message.  After reading the journal, I went over to Crystal Sands to see for myself! After taking a short walk on the beach I saw that there were other […]

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Phantoms Have Taken Over the Jamaa Journal!


It looks like the phantoms are celebrating the holiday early because this week they’ve taken over the Jamaa Journal!  Hopefully we can still see the news and find out what’s going on. Rumor has it that random messages in bottle have been washing up on the shore of Crystal Sands.  Supposedly there are exclusive items that come inside too!  Has anybody found one yet?  I’m going to go check it out after this post and […]

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Polar Bears Have Returned & Night of the Phantoms Updates


This week’s Jamaa Journal has some great new updates so let’s take a look at what we’ve got! Polar bears are back from traveling and can once again be purchased at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  They’ve been gone all summer so if you’ve been waiting for their return, they’re finally back! Have you been working away at a masterpiece and want to show everyone?  Well there’s a new party that’s perfect for you!  The […]

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