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Trick or Treat: Non-Member Style

Me with TOT

Acrowded here! And, my gosh its like Animal Jam read my mind! I was hoping for a good non-member item this Halloween and they came up with something super smart! I personally LOVE this idea! I want to get one in another color, but this is so cool! This is me wearing it! It is a super clever idea and looks really cute. I love how it is for non-members. Tell me your thoughts on it […]

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Birds of a Feather

Feathered Mask

Hi guys! Guess what item is back in stores and will ruffle the entire trade market? That’s right, FEATHERED MASKS ARE BACK! This mask was super popular, and it comes in many other colors too! If you don’t know what they look like, here is a preview!  The Light Green one and the Blue one are my favorites! I don’t know if there are any NEW color combinations, but it would be super cool if […]

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Spooky New Items!

Screenshot 2014-10-24 at 6.22.13 AM

Hello Jammers! This is Loopy44 posting today, how has your Friday been going so far? Mine’s great, you know why? There are some AWESOME new items in the shops around Jamma, let’s go see! The first thing we have for sale today is located in Jam Mart Furniture for 500 gems! Let’s welcome the awesome Spooky Radio! This item will surely bring some crazy scary tunes to any haunted mansion den, wouldn’t you agree? Oh hey, […]

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New Updates – Polar Bears!

New Animal

Hiya guys! It is Magicann! BIG news! A new animal!!!!!! What do you think it is? I think a polar bear! It was kinda easy. I mean “In the middle of a snowstorm”. Obvious! I am sooo exited! Amazing! I am guessing that it will be in the diamond shop so save up! And the new den items! Killer! They look so cool in a haunted den! So cute! Cya! Magicann  

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Big Updates


Hey Jammers everywhere! Its Acrowded and I am here with some BIG updates from Animal Jam! A NEW Jamaa Journal was released with big news! First off, OWLS are now in the Diamond Shop! They look super cute and thy FLY too! This means you can use this animal to travel virtually anywhere in Bitter Sweets, which is a big time saver and boost! Next, ALL ANIMALS have a new upgrade! We can now have […]

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Drop Dead Items

Zombie Mask

Hey Jammers! Its Acrowded, and today I will be showing you two of Jamaa’s newest items. One is a mask and the other is a furniture item. They are both cool and can really help vamp up your costume and den. First off, it is the Zombie Mask! It is, unfortunately, for members only (because I would love to get my paws on one of those XP) and is really cool! A very popular costume, […]

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Intro+Hot Head

Flaming Jack

Hello everyone! My name is Acrowdedstreet, but you can just call me Acrowded. Anyway, I am a new blogger here at Animal Jam World, and I will briefly introduce myself. I am in High School and I love English. My hobbies include going on Animal Jam, singing, reading, and playing sports. I have an Animal Jam YouTube known as Animal Jam Aura, so you can check that out. I will be happy to work here […]

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Rare Item Monday+Phantastic New Item!

Screenshot 2014-10-20 at 6.20.59 AM

Hey there, Animal Jammers! This is Loopy44 posting today, and can anyone tell me what day it is? That’s right, Monday! And you know what that means, right? Yes, Rare Item Monday is upon us once more! Let’s go check out today’s new PHANTASTIC rare item! Wow, a rare Phantom Balloon? I’m definitely going to buy one or two for my new Halloween Costume! Speaking of Halloween things, there is also a new den item […]

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Hello! Plus new item and mystery!


Hey jammers! I am violet86271 and I am a new author on here! I am gonna introduce myself and then post! My favourite colour is purple. I have been playin animal jam since 2013. And I have my own blog called Animal jam legendary palooza! Some times I will be posting on Fridays and somtimes I will be posting on weekends also just posting once or twice a week. Hope you enjoy my posts thanks! […]

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Amazing animal helpers!

Screenshot 2014-10-17 at 6.32.22 PM

Hiya guys! Today something extraordinary happened, people started doing what animal jam was for. Helping big cats. Everyone turned yellow and donated gems in the museum in Apondale. Thanks to all the people who donate!   Since I am in the big cat mood here are some facts. Big cats are relatives to the normal house cat. You can see this in the patterns, and instincts. Big cats are losing more of their habitats every […]

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