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Polar Bears Have Returned & Night of the Phantoms Updates


This week’s Jamaa Journal has some great new updates so let’s take a look at what we’ve got! Polar bears are back from traveling and can once again be purchased at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  They’ve been gone all summer so if you’ve been waiting for their return, they’re finally back! Have you been working away at a masterpiece and want to show everyone?  Well there’s a new party that’s perfect for you!  The […]

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The Phantom Vortex Game Tips


Every year for Night of the Phantoms a game called The Phantom Vortex comes to town.  You may have noticed the purple and green phantom vortexes around Jamaa, just click on one to play the game! When you enter the Phantom Vortex you’ll be inside of the room pictured below.  There’s not really anywhere to go in the room except for playing the game, so let’s get started. The goal of the game is to […]

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Codes List Updated for October!


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that the Animal Jam codes page has been updated for October 2016.  Go check it out and you can find codes to get thousands of gems for free! Unfortunately there aren’t any new codes for October BUT after reports from multiple Jammers, I went through and tested some of the old codes and there are a few that work again!  So if you missed out on these […]

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Tunnel Town Update: New Spooky Bunnies – Witch & Unicorn


With Night of the Phantoms and Halloween just around the corner, Tunnel Town has released another update with some brand new bunnies!  You may remember the spooky bunnies who first made an appearance last year: the pumpkin bunny, vampire bunny, and franken bunnies were all a huge hit! Well this year they’re back with two new additions: the unicorn bunny and the witch bunny!  These two cute new bunnies are sure to add some Halloween […]

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Pet Phantoms & Other News!


Hey Jammers!  With October just around the corner, it’s time for some Night of the Phantoms updates around Jamaa!  Let’s see what we have this week. Apparently there are some nice phantoms out there because now you can have them as pets!  Pet phantoms are only available for a short time during the month of October so gets yours soon! Just in time for Night of the Phantoms, there’s a new Epic Haunted Manor den […]

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New Tunnel Town Rooster Bunnies & the Founder Bunny is Back!


Attention Tunnel Town players!  Big news this week…first of all, there’s a brand new bunny available – the Rooster bunny!  These bunnies have left the chicken coop and arrived just in time for fall. Rooster bunnies can be purchased at the market for a whopping 400 stars or you can head over to the Bunny Breeding Guide and see how to get one yourself for free!  I’m still looking for help with finding more combinations […]

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Lemurs are Here & New Adventure!


Well the announcement you’ve all been waiting for has come, lemurs have arrived in Jamaa! Their arrival has been hinted at for a while and was confirmed in the Jamaa Journal last week and now they are here.  There’s a new minibook in the chamber of knowledge so you can learn more about them.  Or just head on over to the Diamond Shop and get one for yourself! Also announced in this week’s Jamaa Journal […]

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Lemurs are Coming & Sir Gilbert’s Palace


Hey everyone!  This week’s Jamaa Journal is packed with good news so let’s see what we’ve got! First off, there’s an exciting new den available: Sir Gilbert’s Palace.  Now you can get a look at how the royal tiger alpha lives by getting his den.  Head over to the Diamond Shop to check it out! As promised in last week’s Jamaa Journal, rhinos have returned!  They’ve been traveling all summer and are finally back in […]

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Giraffes for Everyone & More!


We’re back this week with a big Jamaa Journal update!  There’s lots of news this week so let’s get into it. Probably the most exciting news is first, giraffes are now available for all Jammers!  That’s right, any player can get a giraffe now, even non-members! Next up is the announcement of new head feather accessories.  These new head accessories have twice as many feathers as the original ones.  If you’re wanting to get some then […]

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Kangaroos Have Returned & Other News!


Hey Jammers!  Let’s see what we have for news this week… This week’s Jamaa Journal brings the announcement that Kangaroos have come back from their travels!  They’ve been gone for a couple months now so those of you who have been waiting to get one, now’s your chance Probably the biggest announcement this week is the introduction of two new Animal Jam adventures.  That’s right, TWO new adventures! Since these adventures are brand new, they’re […]

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