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Winter Is Coming

Ice Garden

Hey again guys! Thanksgiving is going to be over soon, which means Autumn is drawing to a close. Animal Jam sure has made sure that it is well stocked on Winter Items for part 2 of the Holiday Season: Jamaaliday Time! First off, the Ice Garden is back. It can be found at Epic Wonders for a whopping price of 3,500 gems. If you are looking for something to complete your Winter themed den, well […]

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A Fruitful Thanksgiving

Fruit Bowl

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! That’s right, today is Thanksgiving. I’m Acrowded here informing you about the latest addition to Jam Mark Furniture: The Fruit Bowl! This item used to be considered beta, and now it is available for all Jammers to buy just in time for a Thanksgiving feast. Its cheap price of 150 surely is something to be thankful for. Anyway, I will keep this post short. Once again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Polar Bear Pets!


As you know, Animal Jam made it so that if you purchase a card at a retail store, you will be rewarded with a polar bear pet! Since there are so few of them, they are hard to find. Luckily, during a Play as Your Pet Party, I got to meet two! They are super adorable and very cute. Have a look! The ways to dress it up are so cool! This one has a […]

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A Turn of Events

Twists and Turns Music

So, I was on AJ today, and I noticed that the adventure Twists and Turns was removed from AJ. Turns out (get it? No? Ok…) the game is  no longer here! Do not worry though! Animal Jam has released a new SOUNDTRACK to honor this super cool maze adventure. The cover itself is super pretty. It costs only 1 diamond, so if you want it, go for it! In the meantime, you might want to […]

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Diving into Thanks


Hey all you Jammers! It’s Acrowdedstreet here with another update! I’m only focusing on the Thanksgiving part of it today. As you know, the Day of Thanks on Animal Jam is coming!   ALL of the gloves on Animal Jam are on sale! There are also NEW gloves that look really festive and cool! They are only 750 gems (on sale) and they display colors of both Thanksgiving and the Jamaalidays! I think getting two […]

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Polar Bears are Here!


It’s officially winter and it’s starting to get cold outside!  Just in time for winter, polar bears have arrived to Jamaa!  I’ve been waiting for them to arrive for a while now and now they’re finally here!  You can get a polar bear for yourself at the Diamond Shop. Thanksgiving and the Feast of Thanks are right around the corner.  To celebrate, all gloves in Jamaa are on sale for 50% off for a limited […]

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Turkey Hat


Hey jammers! Violet here again with another post! Today we have a new item the Turkey hat sold in jam mart clothing for 250 gems! Make sure to get this item before it’s gone in a few weeks. The Turkey hat is back from last year with the same colours as usual. This item ïs also nonmember which is great. Is it me or is ajhq making more items for nonmembers lately which is great […]

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A Cozy New Rare

Rare Knitted Sweater

Hey everybody! T0day is MONDAY! Its getting pretty chilly these days (unless you live somewhere warm). Either way, sweater weather is way overdue so AJ is stepping up their game! May I present the new, improved, RARE, Sweater! This Rare Knitted Sweater is pretty cool! The color is great, but its a bit pricy. I would give it a shot if I can afford it. What do you guys think? Comment your thoughts and opinions […]

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Pilgrim Hat

Pilgrim Hat jpeg

Hiya Jammers! What a nice day today is, there are clouds everywhere, the wind is blowing a storm is coming, and I’m not saying that in sarcasm! And along with this awesome weather, we have an epic returning item just in time for the Feast of Thanks, the Pilgrim Hat! I love this item so much! Once I get a membership back I’ll definitely buy it! (That is if I ever get it back >.<) […]

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Sky Castle: Awesome!

Sky Castle Mira

I have had the pleasure of recently exploring the new Sky Castle den, and it is so cool! It is huge! A combination of 4 dens into one! Lets start with one of the biggest parts: The Castle  As you can see from this layout, there are multiple floors to this and it has a rainbow! The rainbow itself is actually a slide! What does the rainbow slide lead to you ask? ANOTHER SLIDE! This […]

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