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Animal Jam Arctic Fox Codes


The Arctic Fox is the newest animal coming to Jamaa in November 2015.  The Arctic Foxes are the smaller relatives of the other foxes you’re probably familiar with!  Here’s what they look like. Aren’t they cool looking?!  They’ll be available in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  I’m really hoping they put out some codes for Arctic Foxes, I think that’d be a nice surprise before the holidays.  AJHQ should do a contest for best decorated […]

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When Does Play Wild Come Out on Android?


Play Wild recently came out for all iOS devices which means iPhone and iPod touch users can now play the game.  Before it was just for iOS iPad users.  But that still leaves the question, when will Animal Jam Play Wild come out for Android?! Rumors about an Animal Jam app have been circulating for a long time but it wasn’t until early 2015 that we received confirmation that one was in the works.  The Play […]

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Animal Jam December Free Membership Giveaway 2015!


Hey Jammers!  We took a couple months off but we’re back with a new Animal Jam membership giveaway for December 2015.  Enter below for your chance to win a 3 month Animal Jam membership! The winner of the December Animal Jam free membership giveaway will be selected at the end of the month on 12/31/15.  That’s right, you have an extra week to enter the giveaway so make sure you submit yours! The entry form […]

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Animal Jam Llama Codes


The Llama is a fairly new animal that arrived in Animal Jam in 2015.  Llamas are exclusively available at the Diamond Shop in Jamaa and are currently for members-only. It costs 10 diamonds to purchase a Llama from the Diamond Shop.  Even if you have a membership, it can take a long time to save up 10 diamonds!  If you’re not a member or you don’t have 10 diamonds in your account, then we’re here […]

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Animal Jam Play Wild App Released for All iOS Devices


Attention iOS device owners!  Animal Jam Play Wild has finally been released for all iOS devices.  That’s right, iPhone and iPod Touch users can now get Play Wild for free! Play Wild is available for free in the iTunes Store and now works on any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or higher.  You can download the game completely free but there are some in-game purchases available for special animals and items. Unfortunately for android users […]

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Arctic Foxes Have Arrived & Other News!


Hey Everyone!  It’s Thursday so a new edition of the Jamaa Journal just came out.  As some of you may have known, Arctic Foxes have been on their way for a few weeks and just arrived in Jamaa today! If you want to get an Arctic Fox, they cost 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop.  If you aren’t a member or don’t have enough diamonds, check out our Arctic Fox codes page to see if […]

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Animal Jam Lynx Codes


The Lynx came to Animal Jam in Fall 2015 and has been a big hit at the Diamond Shop ever since!  Everyone loves the big cats in Animal Jam and the Lynx is no exception! I mean just look at that face :p I had to break down and get one.  Just like the rest of new animals in Animal Jam, they cost 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop and are for members only.  I […]

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Free Polar Bear Code with Every Animal Jam Gift Card


Last week AJHQ announced some exciting news that every Animal Jam membership gift card will include a polar bear code!  So anyone who gets an Animal Jam membership card for the holidays will also get a free polar bear. One important thing to note is that the free polar bear only comes with the Animal Jam gift cards that are purchased in stores.  It does not work if you buy your membership online!  So make […]

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New Animal Jam Code for 1000 Gems – November 2015


Hey everyone there’s a new Animal Jam code that just came out for November 2015.  Using the code will add 1000 gems to your account for free when you log in!  Here’s the newest working AJ promo code. animals – 1000 gems All you need to do is enter the code when you login to Animal Jam and you’ll have 1000 gems waiting for you.  This code comes just in time for the holidays so […]

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Astronomy Shop Arrives in Sol Arcade


The newest shop to come to Jamaa is the Astronomy Shop, located in the Sol Arcade.  There are lots of new space theme items that you can buy to decorate your den.  I’ve always been a big fan of NASA and other space stuff so I’m pretty excited to have some space items in my den! Unfortunately most of the new items at the Astronomy Shop are for members only but if you’re in need […]

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