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Friendship Festivities

February is about to start, which means that the Friendship Festival is well on it’s way! This Valentine’s Day imitation is surely one of Animal Jam’s busiest holidays! To kick it all off, many new items have come into stores as well as parties, and even adventures! Let’s take a look at what’s new, shall we? First off, many new items have been introduced in Jam Mart Furniture. All of them are greatly designed, and […]

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Role Playing on Animal Jam


Hi everyone! It’s Acrowdedstreet here. I want to talk about ‘RP’ today on Animal Jam. I find that some people only understand half of what is going on in Role Play. A lot of people don’t like it, or find it strange because they might not understand it, but I’m here to clarify things. Role Play is all in all, just pretend. People on Animal Jam aren’t really looking for parents. Its just a fun […]

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Astronomy Lamps

Moon Lamp

Hello Jammers! It’s me, Acrowded! Animal Jam has released a trio of astrology themed lamps these past few days. They are, unfortunately, all for members, but they still look really cool and are fairly cheap to buy. These lamps are really creative, and designed very nicely. I like that they are lamps, which is pretty cool since in real life all of these things give off light as well. I also like how you can […]

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Jamaaliday Clearance

Pool Table

Hello Jammers of the world! Acrowded here today to show you a new item, as well as some that are leaving fast! The end of the Jamaalidays are upon us as Spring and warm weather is beginning to inch forward. That means winter items are not here to stay for long! The gift bag in the Diamond Shop will only last for NINE more days! They are all one diamond each, so be sure to […]

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YouTube Branch Open!


Hello everyone! It’s Acrowdedstreet. I’m letting you all know that now I will be uploading videos to Animal Jam World’s YouTube channel! Ant and I will be doing giveaways, tips, videos, and way more! If you want to learn more, subscribe! I will be making videos weekly, so be sure to check it out. I can’t wait to see all of you there! I will also be posting on AJ World’s Google page, so be […]

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Epic New Rare

Rare Gem Incrusted Necklace

Hi everyone! It’s Acrowdedstreet! Today, we have a Rare Item Monday, in the Epic Wonders store! This Rare Gem Encrusted Necklace is very beautiful. Its quite expensive at 2,250 gems, but worth it if you have the money and space for it. Its look is very sleek and cunning. It’s sharp and looks like a collar at some angles. Another new necklace! Just kidding! These necklaces were in stores a while ago before they left. […]

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Fox Bunnies Are Here – Tunnel Town Update


Hey everybody!  It’s been a little while since I played Tunnel Town and I just logged in and saw that there is a new bunny – the fox bunny! The cute little arctic bunnies have arrived just in time for it to start getting really cold this winter.  There’s a blue one and a tan one that you can breed in Tunnel Town. You can purchase the fox bunnies from the market for a whopping […]

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Flamingo photos


Hey jammers! Violet here with todays new item! Today we have the beautiful pink flamingo sold in jam mart furniture for only 350 gems! Plus it’s nonmember. Yay!!! I wonder why this item was released today? Wouldn’t a flamingo be more of a summery animal? Anyways this flamingo is super shiny and like I said before its nonmember! Violets mystery!   In sarepia forest there are 2 pictures of what looks like sir gilbert and […]

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Big Updates

Pet Panda Ad

New Year, new changes! Animal Jam released more than enough surprises for us this week! Let’s see what’s  been going on! First off, Pet Pandas are here! They are super cute and really fun! These animals are really adorable. You can customize them in so many ways, and they just waddle around next to you. I would highly recommend buying one if you are considering it. It looks great, and it feeds itself bamboo! One […]

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I’m Back!

Snow Patch

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Sorry I’m a bit late. There is not much going on AJ that Ant hasn’t said already, but a new item came out today! There is this cute patch of snow available for all jammers! Changing the color even changes the size of the patch. I think this is small, but pretty cool. There are lots of other items to match with this so it seems useful to make non-winter […]

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