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Rare Item Monday+Phantastic New Item!

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Hey there, Animal Jammers! This is Loopy44 posting today, and can anyone tell me what day it is? That’s right, Monday! And you know what that means, right? Yes, Rare Item Monday is upon us once more! Let’s go check out today’s new PHANTASTIC rare item! Wow, a rare Phantom Balloon? I’m definitely going to buy one or two for my new Halloween Costume! Speaking of Halloween things, there is also a new den item […]

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Hello! Plus new item and mystery!


Hey jammers! I am violet86271 and I am a new author on here! I am gonna introduce myself and then post! My favourite colour is purple. I have been playin animal jam since 2013. And I have my own blog called Animal jam legendary palooza! Some times I will be posting on Fridays and somtimes I will be posting on weekends also just posting once or twice a week. Hope you enjoy my posts thanks! […]

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Amazing animal helpers!

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Hiya guys! Today something extraordinary happened, people started doing what animal jam was for. Helping big cats. Everyone turned yellow and donated gems in the museum in Apondale. Thanks to all the people who donate!   Since I am in the big cat mood here are some facts. Big cats are relatives to the normal house cat. You can see this in the patterns, and instincts. Big cats are losing more of their habitats every […]

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Spooky Lamp + Monstrous Hair!

Screenshot 2014-10-17 at 6.25.42 AM

Good morning everyone! Loopy44 here, and guess what? There are some awesome new items in the shops around Jamaa! Let’s go and check ‘em out! The first item we have for sale today is the Monstrous Hair, located in Jam Mart Clothing! Go and pick up this crazy new item now to complete an awesome zombie look, ’cause I already did! Oh, and there’s also two new items in Kimbara Outback’s den shop, the outback […]

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Coral Canyons Bridge – Can it Break?

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 3.34.42 PM

Hiya guys! A constant question is asked all the time Can you break the bridge in Coral Canyons and if you can do you get a free membership? Well I personally do not think it works because it has never happened to me but some say that it does break. Today I helped try and break the bridge, here is a pic. Look at that big hunk! Although It is a time-waster It is so […]

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Spoooooooky New Items!

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Hiya guys! I have news! Halloween is creeping up and Animal Jam has much to offer! There are things from googly eyeballs to ghosts! Check it out! 

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Oct, 13 Rare Item Monday – Cupid Wings

Screenshot 2014-10-13 at 6.05.01 PM

Ok back with another post! I would like to thank those who welcome me on this site! Ok, back on topic. Rare item Mondays. If you do not know rare item every Monday Animal Jam brings out a rare either something to wear or something for the den.

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Phantom Journal Update


Hey Jammers!  It looks like the Jamaa Journal was taken over by phantoms this week so try your best to read along because they are really bad spellers!  First off I’m sure you all have noticed it has gotten a lot darker around Jamaa and there are Night of the Phantoms decorations going up all over town.  Also there are a bunch of new clothing and accessories available in the shops around Jamaa. Be sure […]

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All about me – Magicann’s Introduction

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Hello guys! I am a assistant blogger for AntAnimal! I do play Animal Jam or why would I be here? My user is Magicann. Send me a JAG if you want to be my bud! Also you might want to know some things about me, I am…. In 6th grade, I LOVE ice cream ( especially mint chocolate chip), Lemonade is my fave drink, I am part German, My fave animal on AJ is the […]

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Eyeball Antena and a Scared Jack-o-Lantern


Hiya Jammers! I am ancientclawz, the creator of Animal Jam Hail, and recently I got invited to post for Animal Jam World. I am so excited to write my first post! So let’s get started, shall we? Today we have 2 new items, 1 returning and one brand new! The returning one is the Jack-O-Lantern  This is sold in Treetop gardens. Such an adorable jack-lantern :3 Next comes the Eyeball Antena! A whole new item […]

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