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Adventure is Waiting!

Adventure Items

Hi everyone! If you’ve been checking Jam Mart Clothing lately, you’ll be noticing a lot of new apparel themed with adventure. What am I talking about? What better way to explain than to show you! First off, we have the binoculars for non-members. They are priced at 500 gems. With these, you’ll be able to see cool things from far distances! Perfect for looking into small details when going to explore somewhere new! The Safari […]

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Cheetahs Have Returned!

Cheetahs are Back Again

Hello everyone! Acrowded here with some news from Jamaa! Let’s not waste anytime and start learning about what’s new and happening. First off, Cheetahs are back! These wild cats wasted no time rushing back into Jamaa! You can get one in the Diamond Shop today for 10 gems! There is also a new Cheetah Minibook in the Chamber of Knowledge. If you finish the book, you get bonus gems, so don’t forget to check that […]

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Sports and Flower Items!

Flower Crown and Bracelet

To celebrate the even warmer weather, Animal Jam had released items for both nature-lovers and sports-lovers! Check out these items found now in Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing! You can find this lovely combo of Flower Crown and Bracelet in stores now! This will bring on the spring/summer weather and keep you in fashion for it too! You can change the colors of both of them, but only the bracelet is available for […]

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Congratulations to the April Membership Winner!


Hey everyone!  We’ve selected a winner of the April Animal Jam membership giveaway.  Congratulations to Jammer0qdhl, enjoy your 3 month membership! Didn’t win last months giveaway?  Well you’re in luck!  We’re currently doing another giveaway for a 3 month Animal Jam membership card!  The winner will be selected at the end of May so be sure to enter before then! All you need to do is share the contest page with your friends on Facebook, […]

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May Animal Jam Membership Giveaway


It’s already May so you know what that means, another Animal Jam Membership giveaway!  I just sent the winner of the April giveaway an email so be sure to check if you won!  As soon as the winner replies, I’ll announce it in a post. We are giving away another 3 month Animal Jam membership code this month.  The card comes with 6000 bonus gems and 10 diamonds too!  If you’ve been wanting a membership, […]

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The Beach Den

Beach House Den

Hello everyone! It’s Acrowded here, bringing you another installment of the Jamaa Journal! There are some big updates this time, so let’s get a move on. First things first, there is an amazing new den! It’s called the Beach House Den and it is one of the biggest dens there are! There are a total of 3 floors to the entire house, but there is more! It comes with a huge waterslide, a private island off […]

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New Items in Stores!

Pearl Bracelet

Hi everyone! There are a few new items in the stores, and I can’t wait to show them to you! Let’s get started: In Jam Mart Clothing, we have a new Pearl Bracelet! It’s for Members only, and it costs 550 gems. You can change it to various colors. It may seem small, but this item can add a dash of class to any outfit you plan to pull out this Spring!       […]

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New Animal Jam Rares Page


Hey Everyone! Acrowdedstreet has written another awesome guide for Animal Jam!  This one is all about Animal Jam rares.  So if you’ve ever wondered what rares are or how to get them, check out this guide! Let us know what you think of the new guide and also if there is anything else you’d like to see here at Animal Jam World!  I hope everyone has a great weekend! -AntAnimal

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Pet Geckos and Earth Day Cheats

Gecko Ad

Hi Jammers! As more warm weather continues, and as summer creeps closer and closer, Animal Jam is stepping it up to keep everything in Jamaa up to date! There are lots of new updates, so lets start! First off, Pet Geckos are here! As you can see by the advertisement, they are from AJ’s favorite Gecko Song! Bring your pet and swing by the Movie Theater in the Sarepia Forest for some grand Geckos! Buy […]

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April Animal Jam Membership Giveaway


It’s a new month so now it’s time for the April Animal Jam membership giveaway!  We just selected a winner for the March giveaway so be sure to check your emails!  Once I receive a reply from the winner, I’ll make a post announcing it. This month you have another chance to win a 3 month Animal Jam membership!  The card also comes with 10 bonus Diamonds and 6000 gems so you don’t wanna miss […]

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