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Jammer Tip- Want an Item Back in Jamaa?

Sand Castle Den Items 1

There are times when you are playing Animal Jam where you really find a cool item or accessory that you want to hold on to. Sometimes though, you will end up missing out on the items and accessories because they often are cleared out after some time to make room for the new items. If this happens, there are a couple things you can do if you want to get that item back in Jamaa. […]

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Want to Know About the Parent Dashboard?

parent dash

If you are a parent and have a child who wants to play Animal Jam, then you need to know about the Parent Dashboard. The Parent Dashboard gives parents a lot of options when it comes to controlling their child’s online privacy and presence within the community in Animal Jam. Every player account in Animal Jam has to be linked to a Parent Dashboard and a parent needs to validate their account for the best […]

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Jammer Tip- How to Fix Technical Difficulties

player account

Hello Jammers! While you might be having fun enjoying Animal Jam, sometimes you can experience technical difficulties, and this can really hinder your gaming experience. If you are having issues playing Animal Jam, here are a few things you can do to try to fix the issues on your own before you have to contact the staff here at Animal Jam. The first thing you should try is to close all of your browser windows […]

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How to Cancel Recurring Membership on Animal Jam

animal jam

Hi Jammer Parents! You might be wondering about how you can cancel a recurring membership on Animal Jam. This is very important because if you do not want your child to play anymore or if they are just done with Jamaa, then you need to cancel your membership so you won’t end up getting billed for anything. If you are looking for steps on how to cancel your recurring membership then look no more, we […]

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Square Glasses Are The Monday Rare Item


Hey Jammers! Today is Monday and you know what that means, another rare item is being given away in Animal Jam. Today the rare item being given away is rare square glasses. These glasses will look cool on all of your animals and characters as you wind down summer and the Summer Carnival. You can login to Animal Jam today and get your rare square glasses, but hurry because these glasses won’t last long! You […]

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How to Report a Player on Animal Jam

jam safety

Welcome Jammers! You probably know that you can report a player for violating various rules, but if you didn’t know, well now you do know that this is possible. We are going to go into a little bit about what happens if you report a player or why you might want to report a player. If you are playing Animal Jam, you need to report players, also known as other Jammers, who might be being […]

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Jammer Tip- Your Username Could Get Changed


Hi Jammers! Today I wanted to talk about why you might find yourself in the middle of a username controversy. Did you know that Animal Jam can change your username? This can happen because in Animal Jam, your username is seen by everyone who plays, which means sometimes your username might end up being offensive to people. When you create your username, make sure it is following the general rules of Animal Jam, because you […]

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Kangaroo Facts Diamond Challenge Ends Tonight


Hi Jammers! Today there is another diamond challenge up for you to take part in, but you need to hurry because submissions will only be taken until 9 pm MST on August 30. This is the Kangaroo Facts Diamond Challenge, which means you need to submit your work on various kangaroo facts. For this particular challenge, submit 1 to 3 different kangaroo facts to Animal Jam Head Quarters, and you can submit your entry through […]

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How Your Animal Jam Account Could Be Suspended


Hi Jammers! Today we are going to be talking a little about account suspension and what exactly that means for you, as well as what can get your account suspended. Basically, Animal Jam Head Quarters uses a team of moderators who are trained in reviewing all activities in the game, including chats and the reports from players. Moderators are looking to see if any of the behaviors in Animal Jam, such as cheating, scamming, inappropriate […]

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Making Your Own Bouncy Balls-Newest AJ Academy Lesson

bouncey ball

Hi Jammers! Today a new Animal Jam Academy Lesson has been put out, which is all about bouncy balls. These are really cool rubber toys and it is the rubber that enables them to bounce really high. You can make bouncy balls out of plastic and rubber, but did you know you can make your own bouncy ball with just items that are sitting around your house? For this Animal Jam Academy lesson, you will […]

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