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Another Jamaaliday Update!

Snow Fort Den

        Hey again everyone! Acrowdedstreet here! Once again, more items have come out! Here are the gifts for the past few days.   The Icicle Horn is really cute, and it comes in different colors! The Bow and Arrows are reruns, but they are cool and very in demand as well.   These are the newest items as well! The Snow Fort is back at a cheap den price of 5,000 gems […]

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New Author: Singelena

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.43.06 PM

Hey jammers!! I’m your new author Singelena!!!!   I am a girl jammer on Animal Jam, and I try as much as possible to make your time on Animal Jam a lot more fun! I am the owner of the Animal Jam Active Blog. Feel free to check it out! On here I will post updates, cool tips and tricks, glitches, and more! If there is anything specific you want me to post about just comment […]

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Big Jamaaliday Update!

Pet Fox Ad

Hey Jammers! It’s Acrowdedstreet again! There is a HUGE update on AJ, so I’m gonna get straight to the point. First off, more pets! These pets were one of the most popular ones! They are very cute, and are available in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds. You can dress them up at the Pet Stop. Clothing options include Aviator Hat, Wizard Hat, Spike, Mech Angel Wings, Rare necklace, and Flower Bracelet! Totally worth it […]

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Winter Fun for Everyone

Rare Top Coat

                                                    Hey everyone! It’s me, Acrowdedstreet here again! AJ has moved onto a cool new layout for their homepage! It’s quite cozy, and very unique. They even included the new animals and pets in there! Very original and cute.  A new decoration is out today! yes, this big candy cane […]

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More New Cozy Items!

Mysterious Cloak

Hi again everyone! It’s me Acrowdedstreet. Today, I’m just going to showing you the new items that came out! Starting with a Jamaaliday Calender Rerun: The Candy Cane Tie! This tie is really cute on any animal. It’s super festive, and works great if you are pretending to be and elf or Santa! This Jamaaliday gift is one great item! Next, we have a bunch of new store items! This non-member Pinecone Necklace is very […]

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New Jamaaliday Rescue Adventure!

Jamaaliday Rescue

So a new adventure is out, and it’s THE BEST EVER! How does: TWISTS AND TURNS combined with BITTER SWEETS sound? And NO TIME LIMIT!!! The scenery is beautiful and YOU CAN WIN RARES! I finished the game and got THREE RARES IN UNDER 15 MINUTES! Here are some snapshots. The game is pretty simple, so you can figure it out as you go! ALSO TODAY’S JAMAALIDAY GIFT: I’M TOO EXCITED TO PLAY SO I’M […]

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Jamaaliday Gifts

Gift 9

Hi everyone! It’s me, Acrowded again. Jamaalidays have been running smoothly so far. We also got a lot of gifts and diamonds this week! Let’s see what was in store for us:   One rerun gift (Cookie Table) and two gorgeous new wall decorations! The bells are classy, and add a sophisticated touch to any home! The snowflakes are totally in season and very big. It can make any den look much more festive than […]

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The Third Jamaaliday Post!

Rare Gift Sleigh

Acrowded here! A bunch of new Jamaaliday Items were released, so lets check them out! First of all, here are all of the gifts since the last update: Next, we have a new rare item today! It is a membered, and HUGE sleigh full of holiday gifts! Its a bit pricy at 850 gems, but well worth it in my opinion. We also have a bunch of new items! They are all super nice and […]

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The magical tree house


Hey jammers! Violet here! Today I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the new item so I thought to myself maybe it’s in the diamond shop. And I think it was in the diamond shop:) This tree is sold for 2 diamonds. I think that’s pretty cheap though because it’s actually pretty big when you put it in your den. Here is the DAILY EXPLORER post! Yay cut outs these are really cute! Have you noticed […]

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More Jamaaliday and Items!

Long Bow Diamond

Hi everyone! A few more items from the gifts calender has come out, and things are getting well underway for the Jamaalidays! Many items are making a return, and some new ones are popping in as well. Lets get to the gifts first!  These two gifts were given. The second picture is a rerun I believe. Members also received one FREE DIAMOND today! Spend those wisely. Why? Because the Diamond Shop has 2 new items! […]

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