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March Animal Jam Membership Giveaway


We’re back this month with another Animal Jam membership giveaway for March!  Thanks everyone who entered the February drawing!  The winner of the February drawing will be announced as soon as I get a reply from them via email. For those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry, you now have another chance to win an Animal Jam membership!  This month we are giving away another 3 month Animal Jam membership code.  As usual, the […]

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February Animal Jam Membership Winner Selected!


Hey everyone!  Sorry I’m a day late in posting this but I have chosen a winner for the February Membership Giveaway!  Check your email because I sent the winner a message.  Once they reply, I will announce the winner of the February Giveaway! The winner has 48 hours to reply or I will select another winner from the entries.  Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and stay tuned for the March Membership Giveaway […]

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Unlucky Leopards

Rare Hat and Curly Wig

Happy Rare Item Monday Everyone! Today, we have a very fancy new item! It’s the Rare Hat and Curly Wig! This rare is just like the normal Hat and Curly Wig, but differently colored. It is for Members Only and is available for 750 gems. If you like the normal item, this is definitely the item for you! Two new items have come out in the stores! The first item can be found in the […]

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*NEW Animal Jam Mobile App* – Play Wild Screenshots


Hey everyone!  So I know I’m a little late on this but I was looking around this weekend and found a ton of new information of the Animal Jam mobile app for iOS and Android.  As some of you may have heard, there have been rumors of an Animal Jam app since early 2014.  Many of you have played Tunnel Town and AJ Jump, but this new game is going to be a full version […]

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Clover Tie


Hey jammers! Sorry I haven’t posted for the past few weeks. I haven’t really been in the mood to post on tje weekends:( So now I have a quick item post for you today! Todays new item is the clover tie sold in jam mart clothing for 400 gems! This is is a super cool tie compared to many others! So ya I have to go now:( Bye jammers!

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February Animal Jam Membership Giveaway


Hey everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve done an Animal Jam membership giveaway here so I figured it’s time to start a new one!  This month we’ll be giving away a 3 month Animal Jam membership code.  The code also comes with 10 Diamonds and a 6000 gem bonus! All you have to do is share this contest with your friends on social media and you can enter the giveaway.  At the bottom of this […]

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Post-Valentine’s Day Items

Curly Wigs

Valentine’s Day might be over, but new items are still coming in! Today’s releases are some cool new Curly Wigs! The Wig with the Hat is available for 300 gems for non-members. On the other hand, there is another Wig with a Bow thats also for 300 gems, but for members only. A bunch of new items also came out, both for Valentine’s Day and for your Pizza Parlor! You have a lovely Heart Welcome […]

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Lovely New Items

Rare Heart Glasses

Happy Rare Item Monday everyone! It’s the week’s countdown to Valentine’s Day! Make sure you visit the Friendship party and stores to stock up on your items before this big holiday! Speaking of which, there is a cool new Rare in stores today!   Rare Heart Glasses are available for Members Only today, unfortunately. It’s quite cheap at only 500 gems. It is nicely surrounded in a pink color with bright pastel yellow shadings on […]

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The Pizza Counter & Heart Necklace


Hey jammers! I’m just doing the new items for today because there isn’t much to post about and there isn’t a new DE post! So it might be kinda lame but oh well what can we do? So we have 3 new items in stock for today! The 2 broken heart necklaces sold in jam mart clothing for 350 gems each! Now you and your buddies can have a heart necklace that can be put […]

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Animal Jam Owl Codes


The wait is over, owls just arrived to Jamaa yesterday!  These have been one of the most highly anticipated animals yet.  Pet owls arrived a couple months ago but now you can get one for your main animal too. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the owls until I got one today.  They’re pretty cool!  The owls are a bit smaller than the eagles, just like in real life.  They look pretty neat though […]

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