Animal Jam Adoption

Adoption can be a fun game for both “parents” and “children” in Animal Jam.  There are a lot of questions about adoption in Animal Jam so I’ll do my best to answer them in this post.  There is no official “Adopt” button or anything like that in the game, however it is easy to find players looking for adoption if you know where to look.

How to Get Adopted in Animal Jam

1. Use a small, cute animal as your character.  The bunny or the fox are good choices.

2. Dress your animal up like a baby: Wear a blanket, scarf, and other knitted items so you look like a baby.

3. Go to the Pillow Room in Jamaa Township.  This is the meeting area where most adoptions happen.  Try to find a busy server to play on so you have a better chance of getting adopted.

4. When you’re in the pillow room, say something like “Needs a mommy” or “I’m a happy baby”.  Just say something to let other Jammers know you are looking to get adopted.

5. Wait for a parent to come in and adopt you.  If there is no one else in the Pillow Room try a different server with more people, eventually you will find a parent.

6. After a parent approaches you, talk to them first to see if they will be a good parent.  If you want to be adopted by that player, be sure you add them to your buddy list so you won’t lose them.

7. That’s pretty much it!  Your parent will probably want you to come back to their den so you can start playing together as a family.  Just keep playing along and that’s all there is to getting adopted.


If you’re interested in being a parent and adopting a baby in Animal Jam, the process is similar to the steps above but is a little different.  Follow the guide below for how to become a parent in Animal Jam.

How to Adopt a Baby in Animal Jam

1. Dress your animal in a friendly, non-threatening way.  You don’t want to scare away your future children.

2. Make sure your den is ready for a new baby.  You’ll need somewhere to bring your child so make them a room at your den and decorate it for a baby.

3. Join a busy server.  The more players on the server, the better chance you have of finding a baby.

4. Go to the Pillow Room in Jamaa Township.  This is where you will find many babies waiting to be adopted.

5. Be nice to everyone in the Pillow Room even if you are not adopting them.  If other players see you being mean to people, they will not want you to adopt them.

6. Pick a baby from the Pillow Room and start talking with them.  If you think you are a good match for each other then adopt the baby.  Be sure to add them to your buddy list so you wont lose them!

7. After you’ve adopted your baby, bring them back to your den so they can get used to their new home.

8. That’s pretty much all there is to adopting a baby, the rest is up to you!  Take good care of your child or else they will run away.  It’s easy to find activities around Jamaa for the whole family!

  1. ya that is true lol:)

  2. Why do ppl get adopted in AJ if your looking for a parent to adopt you then log of and run away from your parents and to an adoption center.

  3. Lol I adopted a bunch of ppl without this. Sorry!

  4. I am a non member but I have a really nice den. If you want to be adopted please reply before 17-01-15. My den is unlocked so you can look around. My username is katnisshunger123 .

  5. It’s a nice teen kid or pet like dog or cat. As dog i can be a black or golden lab named Lunar as a cat i can be a nice black cat named Nightmare or brown or grey tabby named (you can name me). My AJ name is Lunalovefelines i am a non member if you’re nice please please please buy me a membership.

    • I am just 11 years old and maybe i’ll never try how it is to be a member in AJ. So if you’re really nice buy me a membership or if you have a member account you don’t want anymore send me your password with a Jam-a-gram.

  6. Hi my username is mixenray144 I would like to be adopted in the pillow room add me to your buddt list and come to my den I also have a friend who would like to be adopted or adopt her username with no spaces is a j lover 2468 it is just that my tablet won’t let me type her username with no spaces.

  7. Please buddy me, I’m camikoala!
    I can adopt or BE adopted.
    Also please check out my den, it’s very natural. If you go, the Liza statue is like a Buddhist prayer alter. The bowl is for offerings. I have a small garden with tomatoes, and a lemonade stand for drinking. There is also a bunny statue. Inside I have lots of plants and a fireplace in my living area. The heart flowers outside are my favorite plants. I also have an eating area with a cup, jar, bowl, and bbowl of fruit on two towels; a sleeping area with a hammock, hanging plants, and rug; a “reading patio”; and a bathroom in the far upper right corner composed of two bamboo sheets.
    Even though I’m not a member (yet) I’ve been playing for two or three years so it took me a while to get all of this stuff.
    Happy playing, and don’t forget to buddy me @ camikoala!

  8. Ya, I really needed help
    Cuz like the kids that I adopted HATED me 🙁

  9. Omg does anyone still visit dis place?

  10. So true, SellieLovesWaffles!!

  11. Omg everytime i try to adopt a baby, they always say the have to leave or the just dissapear. It never works with me!!

  12. What it said up there of how to BE adopted, te fox animal doesnt! Also, here is a tip. NEVER be a vampire I did that and I wait 1 full hour!


    • SNOWYCLAW!?really?like the real snowyclaw?you must be kidding me.

  14. I need a baby girl or boy. She or he should be nice, kind and most of all, CUTE. My den if you want to be adopted. I’m Snowyclaw. Thanks. 😉

    • i am a girl who wants to be user is gretchen.

    • Will you adopt me please Snowyclaw? Im Jammer877qy

    • could i be your baby? I want to be adopted so so much!!! I am either a blue penguin or a really sweet koala. I am cute i think

  15. I am looking for a vVery CUTE baby girl. she must be member go to my den to get adopted by me and agaib she should be CUTE and MEMBER

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  17. I am a tiger and a bunny/wolf and I will be a cat if I am tiger baby if I am bunny and gaurd dog if wolf my username is cute20027

  18. Can all you guys just stop arguing! Just have fun, jam on, and don’t care about diamonds! Just chill ppl!


  19. I understand about HOW to adopt now…but WHY do you adopt? Is there a specific reason? Is it maybe to have a closer friend or someone to talk to more often on AJ? and/or to get to know someone better? That’s the only ideas I have as to WHY you would “adopt” someone or why they would WANT to be adopted. UnLESS it’s maybe to get free “stuff” from their parents. ??

    • its fun to be adopted to me at least

    • It’s just a fun way to roleplay! These adoptions usually last only a little while because it’s fun to feel the thrill of adoption, whether you’re the mom/dad or the daughter/son!
      Oh yeah. have you ever noticed that when you put a keyboard key smiley on a comment, when you post it it’s a real yellow emoji? Cute XD 🙂

  20. 🙁 can you add free accounts please or send me some items plzzzzz im gummybearbaby

  21. buddy me my username is my name

  22. So hey! Im new-ish to AJ ive only played for 2 months but im a member xD check oyt my den and animals list is full at the moment but ill make space! I have ny best items on trade if u see meh around so yea.i make vidsand im starting mailtime so…Send meh plz! 🙂 best item makes tumnail so…. I have a question about adopting. Why do ppl never adoot like wolfsas teens or something?????????????? My main animal is a wolf named Flora Icygem and no one ever adopts meh!

    Well bai! ~Bri5432

  23. I want to adopt someone! I am Boothedogfan, and visit my den. By the way, anyone know where the pillow room is? I’ve been there before but somehow can’t find it now. Also, Colourman, thanks for the advice!

    • The Pillow Room is down further in Jamaa township. Next to Sol Arcade, right next to the Jamaa Derby game.

    • It is in Jamaa township. It has a buddy icon on the sign next to it

  24. i dont like to be adopted i like to adopt lol
    Theres a Tip-
    Adopt a Cute animal example- Seals,Bunny,Penguins
    Look at their cloths – Cute,Normal Warning-Dont look for rare clothed
    Babys you wont find though!
    Look at thier colour and patters – Cute, Cool Colours

    I am an experts in adopting 🙂

  25. lol i love getting adopted! i adopted so many kids like 1000 and got adopted 1 time :T XD

  26. Ummmmmmmmm heller no jk hi friend me I am jammer3402926 looking to b adopted thz heller again

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  28. animal jam account:jammer333102

    Im forever lonely pls be my friend :3

    • which server do you come? i think i can adopt you come in UAE time

      • Go to Settings and check the worlds. (servers) the most popular world is Aldan, and sometimes Pecos, Belaya, Congo, Draa, Tigris, Chimbu and Kama.

  29. Add me user: twinkle84787
    Got a free ACC
    U: shya2
    P: fuzzya

  30. hey guys! 🙂 i am rosy snowypaw and i lookig to get adopted. plz add me and i might add u back i have a treehouse good for mums and dads. my user is penguinlala1923. needed a random user lol

  31. that is neat i am adopting and my user is puppylover0185 go check outmy den

  32. kool but still empty

  33. it is as empty as an empty box XD

  34. Lol take good care of your baby or they will run away, just like Puffles will in CP!

    • IK dude i play cp
      all my puffles went poof

      • if they go “poof” they are at your iggy

      • Dude, you just need to take care of you pets and they will be happy. If they aren’t happy then they will run away.

    • ikr I play cp he ran away!

    • I just hate CP I used to play it.

    • who is cp

    • I have ran away from many of my aj parents

      • Personally i think this whole “adoption” thing is kinda silly.The whole “needs a mommy” thing sounds cute and all but its kinda there a reason to adopt someone in animal jam?if someone knows please tell how did this whole “adoption” thing start?please tell me.

        • idk who started it or how it started but but the reason for it is just for fun and yes it is silly but thats fun to be silly like that somethimes

        • don’t know. why did they come up with this idea in the first place>

        • Rly I rather be in a clan #Shadowclan. The whole adoption thing rly just makes no since. And kids who read this you will be a grown up one day so this actually might be good for ya, I just don’t understand it I grew up reading warriors books so, I am all about the clans. IF U DON’T READ THE BOOKS U SHOULD THEY R ENTERTANING!!!!! Btw buddy me at lollylollylollypop24 :3

          • OMG I luv warrior cats! They are sooo awesome! #WindClan

          • i have a clan im saffyangel100 do u want to join???

      • I don’t run away they leave me and never come back 🙁

      • lol same once I turned into and arctic wolf and ate them…..

      • lol ikr!! I did that too. Mwahahahahaha!!! lol. As a AJ parent ( im a child and a parent lol) I’ve noticed that non members want to be adopted alot. and then when they become members they get cool stuff and so they look way more mature so then they practically ignore you. And thats why i ditched many of my AJ parents and children LOL.

        PS On animal jam my username is kittenandraccoon, if you wanna buddy me.

        XD from ZamelGamelCamel XD

    • What? Puffles? LOL

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