Animal Jam Adventures Cheats


The Animal Jam Adventures Base Camp is a new area that was added to the game in June 2013.  In this area, Jammers can team up with other players and complete quests to help save Jamaa.  The Adventure Base Camp can be accessed from the Sarepia Forest or through the party menu.  In groups of up to four, players follow instructions to complete missions and save the day.  Some new Adventures are in BETA mode so there are still some bugs being worked out.


Adventure Base Camp


Base Camp is the main area for Animal Jam Adventures.  This is where Jammers gather between adventures to chat and plan their next adventure.  You can choose which adventure to go on by entering the doorway.  Most adventures require four Jammers to play but others are just single player.  It’s recommended to first check out the Training Grounds before going on any adventures.

Training Grounds


The Training Grounds are the first area that Jammers should visit at the Base Camp.  At the Training Grounds, players will meet Liza, the panda Alpha.  She will teach you some techniques she has learned in the wild.  Most importantly, Liza shows you how to escape and defeat phantoms.  The plants below are very important.


Return of the Phantoms


Return of the Phantoms is the first Animal Jam Adventure.  After you enter the adventure, you’ll find out that the rabbits are in trouble and need your help to save the Bunny Burrow.  The phantoms have taken over their burrow and cut off their water supply.  You and your partners must defeat the phantoms and bring water back to the bunnies.


The Phantom Portal

The Phantom Portal is the second Animal Jam Adventure.  Click here for a full walkthrough guide and cheats for the Phantom Portal!


Meet Cosmo

Meet Cosmo is the third Animal Jam Adventure.  Help Cosmo find the missing koalas!  You can find the full walkthrough guide here.


The Great Escape

The phantoms have taken over the tower and captured a group of monkeys. It’s up to you to find your way up the tower to defeat the phantoms and rescue the monkeys. You can find the full walkthrough guide here.


The Hive

Cosmo is back with another adventure!  This time you have to go into the phantom hive and find the phantom king.  Here is the Hive full walkthrough guide.


Greely’s Inferno

Greely’s Inferno is the biggest Animal Jam Adventure yet!  It’s up to you to stop the phantom king from erupting the volcano and destroying Jamaa, can you make it in time?!  Find the full walkthrough guide here.



The Forgotten Desert

This Eagles-only adventure will take you to the desert to find some rare crystal shards.  Find the full walkthrough guide here!


Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble is the first ocean adventure in Animal Jam.  The phantoms have trapped the dolphins in the deep blue and it’s up to you to save them!  Here is the walkthrough guide for Bubble Trouble.


In Too Deep

Explore the Phantom Factory and rescue the sharks!  Walkthrough guide here.


Turning the Tide

The dolphins are in trouble again in the newest Animal Jam ocean adventure!  This time you have to save the entire Dolphin Brigade!  Click here for a full walkthrough guide for Turning the Tide.


By completing adventures, Jammers build courage.  By building more courage, you can reach higher levels!  If you look around the Base Camp, you’ll see a lot of blocked off areas all over.  These are space for new adventures that are being created!  I can’t wait to see what new Adventures they make!  Check back here for more on the new adventures when they come out.

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    • Did freely die? I gots to know! Plz if he did

      ~was it the volcano?

      ~old age?

      ~heart attack?

      ~sick and tired of ppl he pushed himself of a clif?

      • He did not die he got captured by phantoms. Go to The search for greely adventure.

      • No he didnt die there is a new adventure he was captured the whole time the alphas were very mean to him

      • no freely did not die but the phantoms did imprison him and the next you get to save freely. at least he did not die!(:

      • He did not he was captured by the phantoms..

      • um… his name is greely, not freely, btw i am not trying to be rude, i am just saying…. so plz dont think i am being mean

      • New adventure out. It’s called ‘Search for Greely’. He didn’t die. Just like Kira said :D

      • he lives

      • no he did not die he is still alive the phatoms want all the alhpas to !

        ps im 123ra on aj

      • Guys for those of you that are wondering Greely didn’t die bc of potatoes he was captured by phantoms D:<

      • greely didnt die

      • he didn’t… you find out in an adventure after that

      • he did not die i saw him in the search for greely
        the adventure after greely’s inferno

      • yes, Greely did die. Actually, we’re not sure- he could have escaped the volcano. In the adventure it says that he was holding off the phantom king’s attack and the volcano. Then i escaped and the volcano blew up. But there is a chance that he is alive. Let’s wait for the next adventure and see.

      • Yes Volcano.

      • He isn’t dead but he was trapped by the phantoms

      • he did not die play the search for greely WITCH IS NOT ON THE LIST FOR SOME RESON!!!!!!!


      • volcano and did not die.-Greely

      • long live Greely!

      • Loves it! He is not dead, at least i don’t think he is! I hope he is not dead! Animal Jam is so full of love and peace and kindness!

      • why whould he?

      • none of those
        he serived

      • He isn’t dead. All I can say is that he’s in a sticky situation. <- Litteraly

    • how do u get to the adventure bass grounds if you know plz tell me

    • the new adventure

    • Hey guys my account got scammed recently, and i lost a rare headdress and two rare bows from my collection. If u could send me anything to make up for it-you don’t have to, I was just wondering. Of course, I’m not poor, but the headdress was my fav item. I am not trying to take your items, like some other people would think. And if u send me it and want it back after a while, let me know.

    • i love this game!

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    • Is there a combination for the bunny burrows?
      You get rares.. I tried it on my second account.

  2. put the hive on there

  3. OKAY.. now post the cheats.

  4. is there any cheats for adventure.

    • idk i dont think so.but i do know some places that have 200 and 400 gem treasures in hard mode for return of the phatnoms

    • why would there be ?????

  5. hey can you find the last carven on the adventure for the koala one

  6. hey can you find the last carven on the adventure for the koala one


    • the best adventures r 4 the NM im a M i only liked hive out of the M 1s!¡ (im riting from my book kindle)

  8. Can you please try to post the great escape and once Greelys inferno comes out can you try to post that as soon as possible?

    Thank you!

  9. Where’s The Great Escape?


    • Easy, you kmow where the Hive is? Well, You go down the stairs and the Great Excape is the first 1

      – Justicecrew75148

  10. Umm da gweat eswape?

  11. i’m sorr, i asked for cheat codes, to be in a higher level on animal jam. u obviously didn’t need to bring this website to google, its not helpful for the words i put in — codes to be a higher level in aj adventure base camp — I’m ready to get codes now. anytime…

  12. I want there to either be a horror Adventure or for them to start creating Adventures for just four different kinds of Animals
    The Quest To Find Greely
    Wolves Arctic Wolves Foxes and Lions
    Sir Gilbert’s Last Hope
    Tigers Snow Leopards Cheetahs and Kangaroos
    Rumble In The Jungle
    Koalas Bunnies Monkeys and Pandas
    Horses Deer Elephants and Rhinos
    Underground Journey
    Giraffes Raccoons Seals and Penguins
    There could also be underwater Adventures
    Shark’s Last Supper
    Sharks Dolphins Turtles and Penguins
    Bubble Trouble
    Seals only!
    Here is a description of each of my Adventures
    Alphas’ Challenge (the horror Adventure) the Alphas are forced to live with dirty water, bad food, and a swamp infested by Water Phantoms and Phantoms
    Gates: Pandas and Monkeys
    The Quest To Find Greely Greely’s fur is found near the remains of the volcano, and a mysterious black Fox tells the player that Greely is alive, and has be imprisoned by the Phantoms forever. The player doesn’t know the black Fox is the Phantom King
    Gates: Arctic Wolf and Foxes
    Sir Gilbert’s Last Hope Sir Gilbert rescues some Tigers from a storm, only to find they know some of the most amazing secrets. However, a band of very strange acting Cheetahs seem unwilling to let the secrets slip free…
    gates: Snow Leopard and Kangaroo
    More soon!

    • Wow! These are some great ideas, you should send them to Animal Jam!

      • aww thx i try hard 2 find things and do them for u guyz! :)

      • I know their great :)

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    • wow good ideas! I always thought they should make an adventure like this:

      Space Poptart Adventure! :3

      the jammers launch in a rocket ship into space and crash on planet Nya (my planet). there they meet me and my family. we help fix their rocket ship using the POWER OF RAINBOWS. then dey go back to the earth and kick da phantoms’ but! X3
      im the real nyan cat.

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      • i think we should do a………

        A worm adventure for only worms so they should make worms an animal.

        you are a worm and then you go under ground but then there is no more flowers so you almost die and make the gardeners plant flowers

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  13. how do you become level 1? I dont get it. I cant do the adventures exept the training.

    • You need to complete the training before you can do the adventures, good luck!

      • Hey nice pic!

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    • u need to do the tutorial first before the adventures! :3

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    • Do the level return of the phantoms I think?


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    • you do training then you go up levels dude

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  15. in meet cosmo hard mode there is for doors the first one that you need is a tiger and then it branches off into elephant kolala and raccoon but is is only in hard mode

  16. i hope this helps some people

    • Hi, I’m an real nyan cat, and I think that Animal Jam should make an adventure where jammers launch a ship and get ship wrecked by a bunch of phantoms that destroy their ship and arrive on a strange island called Nyan Kitty and me and my family and friends guide the jammers back to Jamma, while on the way we get into some trouble….. NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN

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  18. Hey…….thanks, that really helped and I did all of the adventures but I wanna be a member and I wanna do the adventures that are for members only…can u plz tell me a code for free membership…..the website u told for free memberships didn’t work and I am badly waiting for a code for free membership. My parents say that Aj is a waste of time and they won’t spend money on something that wastes time. They tell me to study instead of playing on animal jam all day, and I really can’t stay off Aj cuz I’m addicted to it. I check out your website daily to see for free membership codes but I never see any…..Can u plz help…plz plz plz…I would give away anything for a free membership…hope u reply……bye…….I am really waiting for a free membership and it would be the best day of my life if I get a free membership

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  24. how are animal jammers earning or getting machines like snow, slurpie, or hot chocolate machines?

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    • Mustachelover1515 I was a member and all I played for adventures was greelys inferno, and it is Really fun! Anyhow there are a total of ten prizes. There is Greelys Wardrobe, Greelys Chalkboard, Greelys Desk, 1,000 gems, 1,5000 gems, Greelys passage,and some more stuff that I can not think of. Anyway if u want to buddy me to find out what prizes are in different adventures I am Smartjammer02226. :D

  33. i wish we can go on the water on a pirate ship and shipwrecked in the beach and our ship was sinking under the water and we had to swim and kill a water phantom

  34. I really need some codes guys

  35. Cool This Helped and I LOVE Greely’s inferno its easy but the ending is sad because Greely does not make it out! :(

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  54. Is anybody that was here like is the owner of this blog?

  55. Ello! Does anybody know what the website, Clubpenguin is? Or Inside SecretBuilders?

  56. everytime i play training grounds liza isn’t there! can someone tell me whats going on? is it a creepypasta and shes just waiting to kill me!?!?

  57. what level are u maybe I can help

  58. Ello everybody.I’m SoulEaterFan0 on AJ.Friend or not,it’s fine.Anyways,is there a way to obtain a rare item in any adventure?


    • @SoulEaterFan0
      There is one way. Host an Return Of The Phantoms Hard Mode in Jamma Township as an Arctic Wolf. Once you get all the corks, get the phantom key, and unlock the door… There is a Arctic Wolf Passage. Unlock it and chances are you will get:

      – Any color of Worn Blanket

      – Rare fox hat of any color

      – Rare bow of any color

      Welcome! Animal78959

  59. In Animal Jam this new adventure came out with eagles.
    i was wondering when its done and the phantoms are taking longer will they come when you have found all the treasure?


  60. There is a cheat involving the order you let the bunnies out in the first adventure (Forgot what it’s called). Sorry, I totally forgot the order, but I know that once you do them in that order, then you click the highest right treasure box when you are done, you get a rare! I recieved a white fox hat doing so and I’m soo happy!

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  66. wait you forgot to put the search for greely and the forgotten desert

  67. I like Greely more than any other alphas, Cause, He looks MYSTERIOUS, He looks PAWSOME and also, he looks COOL. Not saying that he is the only one like that. But I like Greely. “Greely got captured by phantoms?!! Are YOU a weirdo?” well, that’s what I told to myself. When I played “THE SEARCH FOR GREELY”. He’s PAWSOME, all I got was his wardrobe! That’s all… :-)

  68. @Souleaterfano, there’s also another way, finish an adventure with the BETA code. Well, I got a rare when I unlocked the codes.

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  70. I THINK THAT THE OTHER ALPHAS WERE JELOUS OF GREELY! he was strongest of them all (snarls)

    • yeah most alphas arent as strong as greely there afraid to to learn about phantoms and go with them so yeah

    • Sir Gilbert is the strongest

  71. When they have little caves of to the side where if you are a certain animal you get a prize what animals do you have to be for each one

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  77. bubble trouble is a adventure for ALL jammers. its the 1st ocean adveture
    in to deep is the second ocean adventure.

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    • Actually, when u get scammed, you don’t get your stuff back. Trust me, I KNOW.

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  83. In the Search For Greely you can earn phantom armor doing it in Hard Mode

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  85. Wait, question, is AntAnimal the person who made this web site?

  86. And, btw, has anyone done the adventure Turning the Tide yet??? I live it! It’s problem the best adventure they’ve made! Anyone agree?

  87. Oops, typo. But still, who likes Turnig Tge Tide?

  88. Well, adventureing can bring many memories to your Animal Jam life

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  107. Who had an insodent with a scammer say I BTW I because someone also scammed my worn not rare worn actually it was a red one btw my user is kane1727

  108. btw the persons name was yilmoko report him for scam.

  109. the panda alpha has green eyes GREEN EYES I NEVER KNEW THAT search me as L244 and on star 86 that ended the videos from me are emma cute star no space and look at all my videos exploring the galaxy!

  110. I wish they would make a new adventure for everyone called. The missing alpha. Its where peck the alpha is missing and it turns out the phantoms took her to a secret tunnel that leads way beyond the center of the earth!
    Where they trapped peck in phantom goop and its kinda a cute and scary adventure because you have bunny’s helping you and you meet baby bunnies along the way that’s the cute part. The scary part is that you have to take on the phantom QUEEN and its the biggest phantom ever!! And when you get there there is video of the queen actually talking because queen the only one who can talk! And she says. Well you have come. To free your alpha? Well you are wrong! I will finish you myself since you are JUST a puny animal. That’s what the phantom queen would say and that’s what makes it scary. And I was thinking that if you complete this adventure you get a vary special prize because it would be so hard! It would add TURN INTO PHANTOM to your actions choices so whenever you want you can be a phantom until you dance. So I hope this is a good idea…

  111. can you make a new adventure im sick of the ones that come and go

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