Animal Jam Arctic Wolf Codes

I get asked quite often about where to find Arctic Wolf codes for Animal Jam so I thought I’d make a post about them!  The Arctic Wolf was released in October 2012 and was only available with the purchase of a 3 month Animal Jam membership card.


Some 3 month membership cards come with a code for an Arctic Wolf.  You just enter the code to get your very own Arctic Wolf!  Lots of Jammers have asked about finding unused Arctic Wolf codes but they are very hard to find.  The best and safest option for finding Arctic Wolf codes is just to buy the cards in stores or purchase an Arctic Wolf from the diamond shop.  Here’s where you can buy Arctic Wolf cards or membership cards with diamonds.


Where Can I Find an Arctic Wolf Code?

As I mentioned above, Arctic Wolf codes come with some of the 3 month membership cards or they are available at the diamond shop for 10 diamonds.  The card will have a picture of arctic wolves on it so make sure you pick the right one!  Here are some places that I know sell the Arctic Wolf or diamond membership cards:

CVS Pharmacy

Kroger Grocery

Win Dixie

Rite Aid

Some Walmart Locations

Some Target Locations

It looks like a lot of places have switched over to the membership cards that give diamonds instead of the Arctic Wolf.  Not to worry though, you can use those diamonds to buy an Arctic Wolf from the diamond shop in Jamaa Township!

Members also earn one diamond per week so if you save up for long enough, you can get an Arctic Wolf that way too!  I hope this guide will help answer any questions about how to get an Arctic Wolf.  If you know of any working Arctic Wolf codes, feel free to leave them in the comments.

  1. Me and my brother maybe getting the Membership Card. We have $13 and something cents! I hope we get it! Can somebody here tell me a membership code? Or plz give me some membership on my account? My username is nickie79. PLz send me a jam a gram that will tell me ur going to give me a code for membership or give me membership right away.Thanks!

    • no


        • Exackly! i need to look like a leader! x3! USERNAME: emms2004

          • I know a free membership account… It includes an Arctic Wolf… Idk if i should give it to you guys… you may suspend it :T

    • i think they’re like 15.99 or something so, but u might find one for around 13 somethin.

    • Me too plz…

    • do you have the code jet my user is baileybeano pass is beanobailey 😉

      • no hack only if your giving me the code ** /

        • I need frinkin!! Artic code

          • I know a artic code but it was with my membership so it does not work sorry! But here is a diamond code Twelve

      • dude dangourus to give ur pass liek dat….

      • I gave you 1 or 2 diamonds your welcome

    • dude it costs $15.99

    • Me too PLZ! I’m olafthesnowman42, jam-a-gram me please if you have a code.

    • i always wanted a membership my name is the beast of fire legends but with no spaces. on animal jam

    • I think you might have to save a bit more. I have had 3 of these memberships and they are $15.99. Sucks but thats the way it is.

    • Ur a idiot bc no will give u their membership that’s dumb

    • the mebership code is kama i think try it and tell me ok and you are welcome

    • hi i’m gonna get a three month member ship tomorrow so if i do i will give the code to you nickie79.

  2. Please give me a membership gift card code!!!! I want it bad because my membership got scammed. Please send me any working codes… I want a pet owl in January too…

    • Lolz membership gets scammed???????????????

    • well there is one for 500 gems and it is SHADOWS but make it all caps,

    • Umm.
      How can a membership get scammed???
      Its not visible to other people….

      • no i searched that up it cant! :) but it can be hacked :(

      • It Can Get Scammed But Its More Like A Scam And Hack At The Same Time, They Say They Will Give You Something In Exchange For Your Membership, If You Trust Them- (WHICH ISN’T YOUR FAULT!)-They Usaullly Go On Your Account And Change The Password Or Somethin’ And Don’t Give You A Scent!

        • I have a quetion: my brother made my account (it used to be his) and gave the pass to lots of friends and putin a fake email, how do I change the pass and keep from getting scammed?

          • I have a question: my brother made my account (it used to be his) and gave the pass to lots of friends and putin a fake email, so how do I change the pass and keep from getting scammed?

  3. What bout OTHER animals? are cheetahs on cards??

    • now there are cheeta cards in outfitters!

      • OMG ITS JULIAN everyday ppl make parties in ur den and some ppl lie that ur their brother

        • really

        • i promise i tell code only if you give me all your account information like your pass and your user and that stuff i promise i am really a real kid and a never break a promise but first thae information and i give you the code i promise and will not break my promises ever

          • Omg I found a code on Youtube for 10 diamonds I think it works it is vgw56440687 btw I’m starting videos my first is mailtime you can send anything you want I’m Wolf10016 thank u for. Understanding

          • my use is ciao2
            my pass is lillypad

          • no just please tell me code.

          • plz give me the code I really want one :)

    • i will give you a cheeta code only if you are a member and you give me all your account infornmation i promise and it better be the real user and pass

  4. okay thx

  5. I Really Want Membership For Aj Animal Jam And Ive Ben looking Ways To Get It I Cant Plz Someone Help :( PLZ Someone I’m Swearing Plz

  6. So I have been on animal jam when I was 10 if someone out the has a member card for 3 mouths if you feel like giving it to me to be a good person my user is Susie husky love just put those words together and you will get one big word. please I need to be a member am tired of being a nonmember cause all my friends have membership and I just feel felt out please for the member card 3 mouht

  7. you should actually put some codes so the people who are not afford to buy a gift card they can just use a code and they dont have to wait so long. what if they are renting a computer for 1 week and get only 1 diamond they would have to wait 9 more weeks. that was just my opinion so thank you for the guide it was ok but helpful than you any way.

    • Omg I found a code on Youtube for 10 diamonds I think it works it is vgw56440687 btw I’m starting videos my first is mailtime you can send anything you want I’m Wolf10016 thank u for. Understanding

  8. plz get give me a membership arctic wolf plz or if u have a unwanted account with arctic wolf plz tell me my user is ellaheath123 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    • Here is a membership code an arctic wolf code a leopard code and a lion code
      Ok here is the arctic wolf code f4p9ww000hj6lwolf Leopard code hs28hy0G66j3k1k6l.
      Membership for 12 months. Discover206. And lion code. Lion4028hsk7gk8s0
      I hope you enjoy your membership and animals if you want give me your password and username
      And I will add In a bunch of other animals don’t worry I’m not going
      To spam your animal jam

  9. plz some one give me a member ship account my name is icecube261

    • i think u could get a membership for breaking the ice in mt shiveer or break the bridge in coral canyon so. but i don’t know yet if it really works or not, never tried it.

    • u can get a card at target, Walmart, etc.
      btw my use is maddymay5311! and a code is SHADOWS for 500 gems

      • Maddy I can give u a free Rare Spike An A nr headdress just email me ur Username an pw my username is Cuteflower99 :)

  10. I have a 6 month membership card from a friend but I all ready have membership it also gets u 25 diamonds and one arctic wolf one cheetah and one snow leopard, once u get the animal u can always buy the animal for 1000 gems like every other animal CODE: MNYD38GDU899GDI173. Has not bin used!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PLEASE GIMME AN ARCTIC WOLF AND CHEETAH CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FRIENDS ARE MAKING FUN OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i cannot buy it because there isn’t one in nepal…!;(

  13. i know some codes

  14. Umm i really want an arctic wolf and could someone give me an arctic code plz?

  15. Hi, its my little sisters birthday today and she really likes animal jam and p[lays it all day and everyday. So i want to make a her a suprise so plz send me a animal jam arctic wolf membership code…that will really cheer up my angel.
    Anyone can do that so plz text me k?

  16. how can the artic wolf

  17. i dont wanna be dishonest but if ya want it 4 free… go to a store that sells then reach to the back and pick a card then write down the code,put it back and enter wen ya get home

    • When u do that on the back of the card says activated when scanned so that wont work….

  18. Can someone give me a free arctic wolf code, I desperately want one but I don’t have enough money to buy it right now so can someone help me out my username is rilee10 I would be very grateful and may give you some rare items in return

  19. Hey, I know I really don’t have a chance, but I still just ask it: does anyone know a membership code that still works, or will buy membership for me? My username on animaljam is Happychococat. Thanks a lot if you give a code to me, or buy me membership. And sorry if I disturbed anyone :$

  20. umm i thought u would tell us codes ive been nonmember for about 3 years :( and i still am!!!

  21. I want a membership so bad I have been a non member for ever plz send me a code PLZ!!!! my username is:meganmarie33

  22. plz send me stuff my username is oshwott786 plz!!!!!! and buddy me on animal jam plz -3- 0-0 XD

  23. hi and they are 15 99 $

    • yep i have 70$ no one helps me buy one my mom wo’t let me use my money on it i am sad D:

  24. Hi! thank you for making this website, I love reading about animal jam. I really want a membership but when I try to get my mom into leting me get a membersip she says that is a waist of money. Could you please donate a artic wolf and membership code to my email?
    thank you my aj account is kittenruler4617 email me my anwser plz or send jamagram
    thanks for crateing i cant get my mom in to puting in her credit card ethier so i need someone to email it to me thanks !
    kittenruler4617 is my aj username!

    • it does not work i need a freakin working one now i just need a freakin working one or i scam all the people i know and all the people i do not know or else i will report you to many times or i will kick you off of animal jam forever and block you as much i want

    • If ur a non member, on your birthday AJHQ might give u membership thats how i got free membership 😀

    • If ur a non member, on your birthday AJHQ might give u membership thats how i got free membership 😀

  25. Hi! thank you for making this website, I love reading about animal jam. I really want a membership but when I try to get my mom into leting me get a membersip she says that is a waist of money. Could you please donate a artic wolf and membership code to my email?
    thank you my aj account is kittenruler4617 email me my anwser plz or send jamagram
    thanks for crateing i cant get my mom in to puting in her credit card ethier so i need someone to email it to me thanks !
    kittenruler4617 is my aj username!

    this will make someone ME very happy if you do give diamond code

    • oh ya forgot to tell you guys lease respond i like when people talk to me! if only my mom would let me get one with MY money!

    • i am very sad i really wanted a membership code that have not bin used and a artic wolf code huh i always wanted one and i am starting to cry in real life right now

  26. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed 1 im a member but it going to expiar. hey i speak the truth ya im a member but its sooo fun i want to be it AGAIN !!!!! and heres some code:tigris,nile,zembezi,and SHADOWS. SHADOWS is ALL CAPS and heres a diamond code …. enter this on Augest 21 the code is diamonds119 and thats it friend me my use is tigers rule84 and plz send me a headdress fox hat or tail armor thx and luv ya’ll !

    • i know how o keep your member animals delete non membr animals and have one member animal it should work!

      • i no a cheat on how to be ………….. A NONMEMBER FOX!!!! first when ur membership ends this thing will apper on the screen. it says ur membership is over. dont click anything just go around jammma then it will say pick the animalyou want to stay as click choose now but DO NOT click an animal then click CHANGE ANIMAL on the side of ur screen by ur name then only foxes will show up…. there you have it it works for arctic wolfs but it harder you need to have a bunch of ppl help… SEND ME HEADDRESS TAIL ARMOR OR FOX HAT PLZ NEEEEEEEEEEEED IT !!!!!! AND YOU KNOW THE SCROLLER ON UR MOUSE CLICK IT AND THEN JUST MOVE UR MOUSE AROUND ITS COOL…. FRIEND ME TIGERSRULE84 IS MY USE AND HERES IS MY PAS.. DO NOT SCAM ME IM GOING THROUGH THAT TO MUCH: JBAT500 :( DO NOT SCAM PLZ111 (:(:(:(:;0;0);0(:(:(:(;(

    • Umm that code for diamonds witch is diamonds119 doesn’t work I put it in twice and it didn’t work either times! Don’t get tricked by that.

      • cuz u have to enter it at Augest 21 doofus! /:(

  27. and my pass is ******* im not telling but its that long soo guess it

    • hey also tigersrule84 i really want a membership too so i feal you don’t worry i think you will live plz respond i send friend request soon!

    • mines longer 😛

    • I know u u my bud and i Need an arctic i got an eagle

  28. Who wants a membership account use is soreena pass is 7418616

  29. Please tell me an easy way how to get the arctic wolf I have been BEGGING to get one ever since I got the account and my username on there is Minecraftcree74747 so can someone tell me an EASY way to get one other than the card?

  30. OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please someone help me, all my friends now have member codes and they always ignore me cause I am non-member. My user is eellllaa5432 if u send me membership/arctic wolf code, I will give u codes that give u 5000 gems in total!

    • really i wish i knew an animaljam membership code sorry

    • A membership code is VGJN7356358. don’t know if it works, I haven’t tried it yet

    • ajarcticwolvesforever that a arctic wolf codes

  31. I am so mad that I bought a year member ship and I did not get any diamonds. Why!

  32. lol I think may be because I bought it on line it did not give diamonds plz plz plz ppl send me a fox hat or something it is almost my b day

  33. :):):):0:)p;0:):):):):):)

  34. i need an arctic wolf !!!!!!!! plz give codes to me i beg of you!!!!!!!! my username is npc123



  36. ( like everyone else ) I RLLY want a membership. I asked but my parents said no. I also asked my g-ma for 1 for my b-day. So…. we’ll see. Friend meh if ya wanna. My user is Mustachelover1515. I’m on like everyday.

    • Guess what. I now HAVE 50 arctic wolfs.
      cause a codes on a special website called

  37. u guys can try divinedeals for animal jam member ship! i like helping other and i would like to help u guys!

  38. i really wish i can get a membership :( the only one i had i cant use which sucks cause now me and my friend can’t use it. I don’t get an allowance and i don’t think my rabbits are worth giving up :(. is there anyway we can get the card for free or something?

    • Ok so my username is Joshica if any of you guys can buddy me, and maybe let me use your account please. As i said before i dont have or get an allowence and my father said i cant buy anything untill i get rid of my abbits and i really dont. And trust me i wont take anything from your account if you will let me use it please and thank you!

  39. i really one a member ship for free please can i

  40. plz give me free member ship my name is xiaoxian84

  41. i have been waiting for like a year to get this membership and my dad said no now. he said he was going to get it for me but he thinks that they will steal your money because its such a low price.

  42. i will give you some membership accounts then and you are welcome and my accounts are promised all members and no lie passwords.B ut please dont hack them please.all 8 of them.

    1.u:mylovebunnysjammers p:jammermember 2. user:uiseamokations p:mkmaking 3. user:jammer40365 p:highland 4,user:jumanlian789
    p:jgjkjulians 5.u:rakramokitties p:passages 6.u:reportcard54567 p:jellybean 7.u:memberformaked p:uioranfair 8.u:wolfjammer5554 p:wolfpeople0007

    have fun with them! :)

  43. I want a AJ gift card but, today my dad and I went to Walmart to get concert tickets and we were near where you get the AJ gift cards for things like that. I already got one and it gave me a three month membership and 10 diamonds. I bought and eagle with them then like 3 days later they came out with the eagle for 1,000 gems and I got mad cause I could have gotten an arctic wolf instead, so today I asked my dad if we could get another one. And guess what, he said no. I told him why I wanted another one, but he still said no. I’m really mad now! I really want an arctic wolf. For any of you who don’t want to pay for an AJ gift card and you’re not a member and want 10 diamonds then a code for a three month membership and 10 diamonds is VGJN7356358. There you go! Put that in and bam, you got what you wanted! Your welcome for that code that hopefully works!

  44. lol hi there my names rockstar2019 on animal jam ah umm… and one code is ngkidsrox for 1000 gems hope you enjoy!!!

  45. theres no artic wolf code but hers one code diamonddance no space no caps

  46. Hello! oh, sorry, I can’t even have a membership code, they said it’s just FAKE, there’s no membership codes, until you have bought one and put the code in. I’m a member, I won’t tell my user, but I got an artic wolf and an eagle. It’s PAWSOME, I also love the pet eagle and artic wolf. They’re super cute! Perfect for my Eagle and arctic wolf. It’s super super super PAWESOME! 😉

  47. I TELL YOU, IT’S PAWSOME!!! :-)

  48. plz i need a membership my account is bergita123 pass cat23

  49. This is very helpful. But the probl is that I think I don’t have $13. Luck me I’m working for my grandma-$30 a week!

    • umm for my MEMBERSHIP i do chores, anyone dont have membership, ask to do chores to have MEMBERSHIP!

  50. P.s if u want to friend me I’m a member and my fox name is Rosy Shyeye

  51. Well… I’m already a member. So.. I wish I would get 1 of the Arctic Wolf!

    Well.. I’m wishing… Hold on! You can get Arctic Wolf with diamonds!

    :) I wish!

  52. Well… I’m already a member. So.. I wish I would get 1 of the Arctic Wolf!

    Well.. I’m wishing… Hold on! You can get Arctic Wolf with diamonds!

    :) I wish! :(

  53. ummm i really need a artic wolf plz ;( ;O

  54. Hey guys found a code yet? CUZ I NEED ONE! P.S do u like wafls yes i like wafls do u like pancakes yes i lik pancakes do u like french toast? XP? NO!!!!!!!! I HATE FRENCH TOAST! 😛 wat evr cuz i really need an arctic wolf AWOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  55. i at least have 3 diamond codes: foodfight, tigris, and peskyphantoms. ttyl for now :D/D:

  56. ngkidsrox does not work, neither does diamonddance! /:(

  57. but like i said, these codes work; look at the 2ed last reply. :D/D:

  58. brosceys! i know another diamond code! its birthdaybash! trust me, i looked it up! ttyl :D/D:

  59. Hi everyone! So, I was just wondering… Does anyone have an arctic wolf code? If so, plz send to me. Username is ber20. I would like buddies, too. My den is locked so only buddies can come in… MY DEN IS AN ARCADE!!!!!! btw, you will be a buddy ONLY if you send me codes!

  60. I wish there would be membership cards in Finland because I really want to be a member. You can add me as a buddy my username is Lilycat14790

  61. hi im skyrock808 i am desperate for a artic wolf code! i have money saved up but my mom wont let me get a card i feel u kittenrule4617 so if any of you guys have a empty cde please mail it to me

  62. Here is a diamond code I know it gives 1 diamond and it is: Twelve if you never did it try it!So friend me i’m lkohlmana I’m not gonna give my password never.Come see my den i’m inviting everyone!Please say it’s epic i always wanted my den on the epic dens list!

  63. Oh and 😀 im so happy!

  64. :T

  65. :l

  66. Umm ppl who play animal jam come see lkohlmana’s den it’s so much phantoms and im lkohlmana im inviting people to see my den 1 at a time and did you know the animal is a otter?!?Cool right

  67. 😀

  68. >:(

  69. lol jk

  70. add me im stratford4 my whole trade list and more rares for a headdress and spike 😀 jam a gram me: yes ok yes ok
    you get all no scam I never scam :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD see u pplz

  71. hello people please give me a code for six months please!!!! i will give my life for it!

  72. I really need a member account, I got hacked. MY 7 FOUNDERS AND 5 BLACK SPIKES GOT HACKED AND MY OTHERS. I QUIT AJ! ALL I REALLY NEED IS A MEMBER ACC :(

  73. Give me a membership code and I will give you my password ok?


    I need a code artic wolf code unused and plz plz reply if you have one!

  74. Hey guys!, Ok i know that you guys have been wanting membership… so here are some codes idk if people used them already my brother the faker thats making my videos kept giving them out! so im gonna see if they work ok here is one!, vgm62634123. Ok guys dont complaine if it has been used i have tryed! thanks if it works sorry if it does not!.

    • julian2 i tried the code and it didnt work but plz buddy me im sup42sprinkels83 and plz gift me i was scammed my spike ): plz plz plz

  75. So i quited aj btw if im on does not mean its me it could be a hacker! or maybe lilacpetal you might not be sure! so do not complaine again ok!

  76. anyone have a account that i can give a diamond code to?
    (plz only back up membership accounts.) make em’ bad! 😉

  77. Hey its twilighthusky. I am gonna make videos really soon! If u give me a diamond/artic wolf/snow leopard/etc. code that works I will make an EPIC video just about you!!!!

  78. to aj. you should let the non members be a member for christmas for five days thx.

  79. hey animal jam please make an arctic wolf code and the arctic wolves name is arctic wolf!!!

  80. animal jam please make a new arctic wolf code i really want a arctic wolf with the name arctic wolf :(

    Buddy me on animal jam i’m Angles23

  81. i have a code for membership here it is ngkidsrox

    • guys alert!!!!!!!!!!


      real member no lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 13 days left! go on the account
      buddy me on losomo911 for new member accounts!

  82. I just want a code for any rare animal on aj I like all of them

  83. I tried that code it didn’t work…

  84. can i got free membership? i a non member please my use is ,, ble43134 ,, and member me plz……. sure?? come to my den and member me my paw is ,, konujg,, plz member me………

  85. im a ble 43134 come to my den and member me

  86. i want a artic wolf .

  87. HI Im RokinwithHailey I am not saying my password buddy me if gift me a spike or a headdress i iwll make you a member for a year PLEASE :(

    • Ok, I don’t have a spike or headress but, i will gift me best thing just for the fun of it lol, I’m only a member for a month

  88. hey guys I really really need an arctic wolf my mom won’t let me use the money for the dumb game but i really want it and its my birthday.
    USER: kizicool2094

  89. hey guys, my usr is pizzapie11. will someone tell me a real code that works or give me a membership?

  90. I really want to get a free arctic wolf…People said that glitches would be my best bet, but I am not so sure. I used to be a member, but now I am not. I still have all my animals from when I was a member. My mom does not want me to pay for it, so I do not know what to do.

  91. hi guys i am looking for gifts because i am going to do a fan mail on youtube,
    plz gift and i do show tags!
    i would appreciate it if u did gift me.
    thanks have a nice easter!!!
    my user is: Xxcottontailxx

    • i have a spare if u want it go on ur account and look up cutie1528t and iwill be in my den and iwill see loser

  92. hi i got a eagle croc arctic and others im epic been playing for 3 years ps account
    U wolfy07
    p mayangel09

  93. i really want a arctic wolf and a member ship my user liam141 pass liam56 do not go on unless u are putting code

  94. i am playing animal jam for three years being a non member and i have changed the account to susi152 then kitty4336 and now is it cutesealpup152.and i am trying to wound those membership cards put no none those stores have any…. i just hope…. i can be a member…. so please….. ….. … . . . . . ……. ;/

  95. i am cutesealpup152 ……… if you just want to no

  96. The arctic wolf card is around $15.99 but there is plus tax so it’s more.


  98. hi guys i have won acount im giving up it has alout of stuff if won of you can tell meh 1 code the first won to will get my aconnt buddy meh im stinkypoo888 i really hope you enjoy the acount if you win!!! no take backs once its done this is animal jam am i right so it ends on saterday who gives meh the most codes wins the aj acount so im happy if you win or not but you better still have s smile on your face if you lose be happy for the person who won right
    so remember got it if you dont you dont win KK

  99. here is one acc where is arctic wolf! i promise it works!!!!!!!
    plz dont suspended it or hack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. hello people! :) :T :^

  101. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really badly want an arctic wolf im not a member and we don’t have alot of money anyone could help with member codes or arctic wolf codes plz that would be helpful. username rosepetal606
    a go as that

  102. Please give me a membership.
    User: Midnightwolf6666

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