Animal Jam Arctic Wolf Codes

I get asked quite often about where to find Arctic Wolf codes for Animal Jam so I thought I’d make a post about them!  The Arctic Wolf was released in October 2012 and was only available with the purchase of a 3 month Animal Jam membership card.


Some 3 month membership cards come with a code for an Arctic Wolf.  You just enter the code to get your very own Arctic Wolf!  Lots of Jammers have asked about finding unused Arctic Wolf codes but they are very hard to find.  The best and safest option for finding Arctic Wolf codes is just to buy the cards in stores or purchase an Arctic Wolf from the diamond shop.  Here’s where you can buy Arctic Wolf cards or membership cards with diamonds.


Where Can I Find an Arctic Wolf Code?

As I mentioned above, Arctic Wolf codes come with some of the 3 month membership cards or they are available at the diamond shop for 10 diamonds.  The card will have a picture of arctic wolves on it so make sure you pick the right one!  Here are some places that I know sell the Arctic Wolf or diamond membership cards:

CVS Pharmacy

Kroger Grocery

Win Dixie

Rite Aid

Some Walmart Locations

Some Target Locations

It looks like a lot of places have switched over to the membership cards that give diamonds instead of the Arctic Wolf.  Not to worry though, you can use those diamonds to buy an Arctic Wolf from the diamond shop in Jamaa Township!

Members also earn one diamond per week so if you save up for long enough, you can get an Arctic Wolf that way too!  I hope this guide will help answer any questions about how to get an Arctic Wolf.  If you know of any working Arctic Wolf codes, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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