Animal Jam Beta Days

What are the Beta Days?

‘Beta’ is a term commonly used to describe the early stages of when Animal Jam was still a new site. It’s estimated to be about the time period between when the site first launched and around one and a half years after. (September 10th 2010-Around 2011/2012)

It was considered to be a Golden Age for Animal Jam due to the lack of Scamming, Trolls and Bullying. Membership was a fairly new concept at the very beginning, so not many Jammers were bullied for not being a Member. ‘Membered’ Items didn’t even come out until much later in the Beta Period.

The Beta Period was also home to many now Beta Items. Items such as Blue/Orange Mat, Cami’s Frog, Top Hats, and Masks, were all one of the first items from this time that are no longer in stores today. That may or may not chance depending on Animal Jam’s administrators. These items are now worth a lot in trade, due to the fact that you can no longer get them. A few items, although they are considered Beta, are not considered to be worth as much during trade because of its unpopularity or it’s excess.

Differences from Today

One of the biggest differences that the Beta Days were so well known for was its rustic design. The icons, animals, dens, and the entire world was not as high quality or as detailed designed as the things we see today.


As you can see, the den for Non-Members was much larger, and had more of a tan color scheme compared to the bright, sunny, and livelier den we have today, although the Beta Den was much larger, consisting of several floors.

At the very beginning of the Beta Days, many Member Items we now see today are for Non-Members!


Items were also not as well designed or colored as they are today, so its shape and graphics aren’t as modern as we see in stores today.

People also claim that in the Beta Days, scamming and Non-Member Bullying wasn’t as much of a problem. This concept is debatable, but it is for certain that all items were, at one point in time, made for all Jammers to enjoy.

The entire Jamaa Map is different as well, consisting of less areas to explore.


As you can see, many parts of Today’s Jamaa are missing, such as Mt. Shiveer, Appondale, and the entire Ocean! There were also less stores and games. Places such as Epic Wonders, The Diamond Shop, and even The Pillow Room weren’t created until later on.

Saying Goodbye

The fun Beta Times couldn’t last forever. After all, Beta just means a trial to test out a new thing. Eventually, Animal Jam was shaped by both it’s Administrators and it’s players to be the great game we know of today.

The Beta Testers didn’t leave empty-handed though! All Beta Testers got an entire month of Free Membership!


These are the Animal Jam Beta Days. We had fun times, good times, and trying times. The important thing is to not let the old memories keep us back from making new ones. We need to remember the good times and create even more in more unfamiliar territory. It may never be the same as the previous years, but who knows? If we try hard enough, maybe Animal Jam will become even more of a fun place!

  1. What the heck!!?? They had free membership and all items was for nonmembers???!! OML

  2. to get into beta get an andyroid phone and there is a beta app!

  3. Ajhq please bring back the beta days in animal jam for at least two days! Please please I’m begging you! The beta days are soooooooo cool!!!

  4. beta days… is not buying today… the beta days is awesome ….

  5. well i tried going back to the beta days and it did not work so
    go ahead and try but be careful if it works

  6. I wish the beta days were back. They were great.

  7. Animal jam rocks

    I love animal jam


  8. beta days were awesome
    keep in touch user:maddywolfaj

  9. Beta days WERE diff.

  10. Wow, I has a tophat. Is black, and i LOAF it.

  11. Hi do u know how to get jamaaliday scarf?

  12. Oh man… Does this bring back memories or what… I loved those days… That’s how I have so much.. Oh how wished I could go back to those times… I even made this short song about it…: “I wished I could turn back time, to the good beta days-. Where Mira sing us sweet songs but now we’re stressed out…” And that’s it so far XD I bet u all know the song I used! Also if u find a way to go back to the beta times PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL ME!
    Ur Beta Player,

  13. wow… the Beta Days certainly were a different time! Reading this kinda felt like learning about an ancient civilization!! 🙂

  14. the only thing I want from the beta days when they give you membership for free like omg im gonna play this game forever!!!!!!

  15. i want to go there becuz no one cares about raes so ppl will give me rares yay!:D

  16. i want the beta days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  17. Hi AJHQ. I was just looking at this and was wondring, how long did it take to change the beta days, to the Animal jam we have now? Like, did it just switch the next day?

  18. I would do anything…. ANYTHING for a headdress! I also am a long purple person. Plz help me or send me anything I will be the happiest person on the planet! Hope u can help.

  19. i want to go get glitched ring lphd black long collar

  20. I Want the beta days so bad I text email the animal jam publisher and nothing no repose just a email saying oh.. would you like to buy bla bla bla bla I forgot the rest but plz bring beta back😧😧😧😧😩😩😩😩😩😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. I lobe betas I have a phantom watcher

  22. I’m really wanting the beta days bc people are bullying me bc I’m not rare so plz bring te beta days for awesome looks!

  23. Sigh….. I miss the beta days…… so much better…..

  24. Hey guys andes yous betas days!!!!!!

  25. i wish i was a beta person, i got scammed all my stuff, it sounds lots of fun in beta days

  26. animaljam is so fun I have been playing for years and I still think it is the best game ever

  27. This was touching and I used to play in the beta days yep. I loved it then no epic wonders no game place no bullying and no scamming. NOW I GET THAT ALL THE TIME I GET SCAMMED OF EVERYTHING BETA I HAVE TWO BETAS LEFT NOW!! Not cool scammers. Not cool.

  28. hey im wolffey hooray BUDDY ME PLEASE WOLFFEYCAT

  29. I really want it back I love playing it every day

  30. Wow! it was a really touching video i hope i get membership soon D; I want beta days back

  31. Wow! The Beta Days sounded awesome!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  32. i wish i was on beta days i joined in 2015

  33. plz add animal jam playwild moble for android plz i beg you i need game plz plz plz i will not stop begging you intill you do that plz!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I have a beta account and when beta was ended i did not get membership but i have wear member items lol.

  35. i love animal jam because you get to be members and i love it and being the best ever animal jam in the whole world

  36. Darn it! I made an account on animal jam on the Christmas of the last year of beta days! Why didn’t they show their commercials earlier!? Ahhhhhhhhh

  37. i play aj btw I’m Rose cool cat 1 plz buddy me whoever owns this website.

  38. man i wish aj culd get on day of beta day only for on hourn will be cool so aj plz put like aj beta party

  39. I miss beta days…

  40. hey guys this is wolfed at here I love playing this so I hope you guys love it!

  41. i have no idea what to play it on can you tell me what to play it on?


  43. best day ever

  44. i love it i want still this game named animal jam have beta days i haven’t play with beta days

  45. Hi Cayden O’neil here i have an acct too give out im a member but u must hurry too get this offer i only have 3 more days of my BETA MEMBER SHIP!

  46. I e-mailed AJHQ to bring back the Beta Days… they said they’ll speak to the developers of AJ about my idea. I think they considered my idea, being the fact that square glasses, phantom shirts, jerseys, and other items I’ve never seen before are in the store. I hope the Beta Days DO come back, though. I’m using my phone since I was kinda grounded… then the Internet went out…. so… my username is Coolie99905, my YouTube name is Epic Animal Lover. If I can get enough items through gifts, I will certainly do mailtime. Oh, and can someone send me yesturday’s Monday Rare? I wasn’t on, so I didn’t get it. Well, happy Jamming, and Jam On!!

  47. I agree. This was great.

  48. I rlly wan da beta dayz bk

  49. This. Was. Touching.

    • Hello,

      I’m Icey84414

      yes that was touching, LOL…

      I need advice on how to get a rare long spike collar ANY color…

      PLZ HELP


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