Animal Jam Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the newest features added to Animal Jam.  Each member is given a diamond each week to spend on whatever they choose.  Non-members can win diamonds too from the Daily Spin.


You can use your diamonds to buy all kinds of rare items in Jamaa.  The Diamond Shop is located in Jamaa Township near Club Geoz.  Inside you can purchase rare animals like the arctic wolf, snow leopard, and rare pets too!  They also have rare den and clothing items available for purchase with your diamonds.

Most items cost most than one diamond, so you might have to save up for the rare item you want.  You can see how many diamonds you have by clicking on the gems along the top menu.  New items are constantly being added to the diamond shop in 2014 so if you don’t see something you like, check back later to see what else they have.

How to Get Diamonds in Animal Jam for 2014

There are a few ways to get diamonds in Animal Jam.  Here are the ways you can currently earn diamonds.

  • Become a member.  Members get one free diamond every week.
  • Buy a membership card.  Most 6 month membership cards come with 25 diamonds!
  • Try your luck at the Daily Spin.  There is a slight chance you’ll win diamonds by participating in the Daily Spin.


Animal Jam Diamond Codes

Animal Jam codes can be used for gems and to unlock special items.  As of right now, there aren’t any codes for free diamonds in Animal Jam for 2014.  In order to get diamonds right now, you have to use the methods I mentioned above.  Remember to save up your diamonds so you can buy better items!

twelve – one diamond

I’ll keep this page updated as soon as I find any diamond codes for Animal Jam.  Until then, try your luck with the Daily Spin or buy a membership.  If anyone knows of any working diamond codes, let me know in the comments!  This page was last updated in August 2014.


  1. i have a code it only works once and is unused:


    • girl i didint work

      • are you sure?

      • ?

        • hi dude what are you doing to day?

        • Theres a code for 1 diamond = TWELVE

        • yo i only no twelve for a diamond code but if u wont to buddy me my aj username is nolie70875 and at walmart u can get diamond codes yerder

          • Buddy me ply free stuff
            Usrrname: lovemo127 and free membership ppl

          • I will buddy u OK girl and have free rares like rare warn and ice shoes

          • buddy me im a member mine is popo809

          • buddy me im a member mine is popo809

          • Diamond codes ( don’t know if these are expired or not ok)

            – aj4lyay = 20 diamonds
            – 50diam0ndc0d3 = 50 diamonds
            – ajarticwolvesforever = free artic wolf! (do this code twice cause never works in the first place

            thats all the diamond codes i know 😀

        • get more diamond codes

        • Hey dudes my user is lovemo127 me sister gave it to me buddy me and I will be a youtuber soon so give meh mailtime! Thx

          • Also I wanna say im rich with hems so, if u want meh to buy u skmething send meh a gam- a -gram peace out!!

          • Srry talking to much! Also getting another membership or 2 !!! And who ever sends me blue studded collar gets membership!!! So its a giveaway folks so whos gonna win?!?!?!?

      • it did NOT WORK

        • Dont forget woah u guys forget it all a rare code diamond code or member code works only 1x and on 1 jammer not more….


        • lol lol lol know me buddy me on aj user name : kaku1201


          • hi you are gonna see me today!

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          • Hi scar i miss you.I’am your aj buddie. Hear is my name:princess perrtyrose

          • my username is:mae55537 password:frozencats

          • Buddy me I’m: Jstemple2005 and I’m a member!! plz plz

        • it worked for me

          • Follow me my username is glass2 no caps

          • Did u used to go to Delta C-7???

          • I know a diamond code : TWELVE No caps either! Hope it works cause it worked for me and if it doesn’t work don’t say I lied ok?

        • Hey ppl my aj account is derpydoodles buddy me and say hi lol!


        • Cause it expired

      • yes it did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • it did not work

        • what is the code? tell me?

        • who want a free really rare non member account ok i will tell u user:hikethegamer3 password:lilman
          hope u like

          • plz delate that comment someone could hack you

            You should delete the comment because it would make lots of people disappointed

          • Ya it loooks like somebody got on this account and traded the journey book stuff to their account. I finished the book so there is one tree house a couch and a pillow a level 1 animal and like 100 gems

          • yes they really will hack you take the comment down brow

        • account free

        • Well my name ksjacob kmow meh????

          • I meant jacob!!! Used to key board not I pad key board !!!

      • u play aj??!! luk at ur pic!

      • Girl you funny LOL XD

      • if it didn’t work try this code to get diamonds: awesome13

        • hi everyone i have a membership code may or may not work sorry if it doesnt :( code is:explorer
          PLZ BUDDY ME:finnycat1

          • that is not a membership code 😀

      • a diamond code is twelve it works

      • ya it didnt work

    • girl i didint work

    • hey it works I got 1 diamond it works I love that code thank u for it lol so cool ???????

    • I am a member but,,, i did not know i only get one diamond a week is this true?? My BFF which plays AJ has been playing for a LOOOOOONG and she said u can can a gift or like 10 diamonds a week.

      • false

      • Well yes you only get 1 diamond a week thats not right i know i wish it was 1 diamond a day but i guess i never get what i want oh and btw if you have any good stuff that you can help me with like send or something like if you dont want a headdress send it to me please i really am poor. please.

        • a week is a day

        • Hi, I know how it feels to be poor, but most jammers don’t care about anyone but themselves and a few buddies that they’ve known for a year or more. I had a headdress, but it got scammed. Then people started reporting me for not accepting their trades, so I moved my best items to a storage account. Then, I got hacked and lost 3 rare fox hats, 6 rare gloves, and 2 rare black bows. That’s okay though, because AJ IS NOT all about rares. If you think it is, then you are either greedy, a scammer/hacker, or someone who doesn’t care about anyone else.

          • i know right i hate ppl who just wont care for u but sometimes i just got something and i at least wanna keep it for a day or more my aj pet pev is when a member trys to trade yo a lame item for a relly hard to get item like my rare blue spike for a BLANKET im l like no way but i am rlly nice my user is:shewolfwonder and im rlly rlly rlly nice eccept when u trade me rlly badly unless ur a nm(nonmember) so ty fore sharing the same thoughts as meh! :)and im poor to but i rlly try i even help me best friends which i make everyday and i record but im not famous yet i want to be so i can get a lot of stuff to givce to non members as gifts from me!

        • i wish it was 10 diamondS a day
          i wanna have crystal palace

      • You only get one diamond a week, your BFF is lieing.

      • can i buddy u on aj tell me ur user so i can buddy u im a member too got to get back to my game

        the rare account its a account buts its not rare TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!

        • mine is huskeygirl985

          • mine is taco4u

          • My Account Is: Rosie1688 I’m Crazy!but u can still buddy me until its to late my buddy list is full then jam a gram me!
            :() AWESOMENESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

      • ?

    • Plz buddy me ppl who are reading this, and p.s what is the code u did not tell us u know

      • the code is FB48909

        • that code does not work!!!!!!

        • ya that doesnt work :chews gum loudly: rainbowloom well i got a better code send me a rare and i tell u rainbowloom

          • Hey! You’re a scammer! That was a complete clear scam right there! If ur not going to say stuff true then u better as well delete that comment not say anything at all and get off this site! You discusting scammer!

        • does not work loser


    • whats the code

    • Hello ppl!
      mr.chompers here p.s i am a girl (-;
      anyway, I GOT CODES!
      1 spooky= 500 gms
      2 coralreef= 500 gms
      3 roar= 500 gms
      4 playwild= 500 gms
      5 croc= a secret??????????? ps the code is wat it is……..
      6 gorilla=1000 gms
      7 campwild= 500 gms
      8 playsmart= 500 gms
      9 foodfight= 500 gms
      10 hammock= 200 gms plus pet hammock
      if some of these do not work plz dont blame me i have tried them and they do work i also know secrets of animal jam that u dont……. i will be creating an animal jam cheat blog soon for… drum roll plz…….. DIAMOND CODES!
      ps i can get u in for a membership i have more that $150.00 in my cash storage under my uh…… nvm but the codes work buh bye!

      • I have tryied the hammock one it does not work!

        • It worked for me

          • it worked for me… BTW, my username for aj is colorfulguineapig, and im a member just got it yesterday. YAY!!!!!!!!!

      • When I enter your codes I says”we can’t find I promotion with that code!”


        • Where do u write the code

        • what did the code do?

        • What did the code do?
          Tell me plz plz plz.
          I want to know plz.
          Tell me.
          Plz,i want to know.
          Go to hieveryone5 and buddy me.

      • what is the cheat chat bog, i want to know!!

      • is the numbers included?

      • is the numbers included?

      • Um hi. I have been playing animal jam for a very long time. Today I was scammed and hacked :C I would really like membership plz? For just one month is ok :)

      • r they CAPITALS?

      • hey I need a membership please get me one! my username is wolves1327 and my pass is theblue.

      • um can u buy me a arctic wolf member code???!!!

      • YAY!!! DIAMOND CODES!!! YOU ROCK! |:-)

        • What’s the website? I really need some diamonds please!

      • What is your website name?

      • They didn’t work :(

      • let me know when you have the diamond codes and I wouldn’t mind knowing some of those secrets… the codes didn’t work for me…

      • Hey, guess what? It doesn’t work.

      • hi um im very poor so plz give me a membership im christinaisaj plz I only have shoes plz im very poor :(

      • thanks for these codes ps whats the website that you will use or the blog please answer back abbyjimenez animaljam username

      • i’ve tried some of these codes. i think they are old….

      • Whats does croc give you or is it not a code at all?

        • umm its soooooooooooooooooooooooo not a code man p.s im a girl

      • When ever i do a code it doesnt work. i dont know why. can someone plz tell me whats going on


      • get me and my brother six month membership please ma’am please!
        i am: jammer5045
        my brother is: ener73916
        those are our usernames

        • umm dude i can so all i need is ur passes cuz im NOT giving away my criait numbers for chu NOPE NEVER GONNA HAPPEN uhem sorry caps anyway u get it and after it ur welcome 😀

      • a diamond code for only one diamond its twelve

      • Dear Mr.Chompers what is your site called ?
        i want to go to it!

      • Wow Mr.Chompers (girl), idk if I can trust u…… I made a new AJ and I will give u the password and user name….. MAYBE I don’t trust u

      • WHATS A HAMMOCK! oops caps sorry not to be mean

      • ok so yes im the celbraty you all know maybe from AJ umm ok so like i have a friend her user is suchcute and umm i switched account with her i will be doing this for umm i thinkabout 3 years so i would love it if you would send me well her but me witch is suchcute some gift to start me off thanks again thats suchcute type it in and send gifts thanks!

      • tell me i need codes to get me a snowlepord i know i have one well someone hacked me and deleted it i need 10 diamonds tell me user no not my real one my second one ok? user:hieveryone5 thats the 1 i want u to tell me good one’s and 10 or 1 idc idc means i dont care plz plz plz :(.

      • can u get meh a membership like an eagle i already have an artic im dieing to have a eagle so im like only 9 years old who cares i know how to work a credit card lolz ps don’t curse im only a CHILD! im natasha also and btw my user misssweet i have a real working diamond code for everyone its drum roll plz……..TWELVE and its uper case plz don’t be mean to me im not that good at spelling plz plz oh plz i need a code everyday im on aj unless im sick i saw finn ans if man in my house i got hacked plz plz oh plz help aj hq i hope chased them off lolz im going back on ta ta bye :) :3 O3O

      • croc does not work

      • the only 2 that work r

        play wild

        and also diamond code don’t work for non members

      • #10 didnt work for me
        tell me whats ur new blog website am willing to give ur codes another try…

      • buy me one!!!

      • can u get me diamonds

    • hey lalanananananananananana its not a code

      • help me rara43141 please i need diamond codes tell me one if u know anyone if u know i will send u a headdress in the jam-a-grams plz plz plz :( ;0

        • umm dude i can so all i need is the headdress before i give u it cuz that would be a scam if u no give it to meh first so….YEA 😀

    • didnt work. Please stop wasting my time, looking at your code that is faulty and then me typing it in, its not fair. MY ADVICE is to wait each week, I have been saving my diamonds for 6 weeks now and still only have 6 diamonds!! I need 4 more, I am not going to use these codes, its better when you save because you feel more excited and proud of yourself when you have saved. Yours Lacey

    • but where do u write it????????????????????????

      • It has a box about type code in click mouse under pass and type in whatever code ur using

        User: smartpeguin31856

        Please buddy me if you want

    • It didnt work and i had my hopes up for that! Never put codes u didnt try and dont know if it works on here!


    • Please tell me if there are any 10 diamond codes I only have 2 and I’m trying to save up!:)

    • Of course it didnt work

    • didn’t work

    • Are u seriosly wut u say ?? Im a member and i have too much animals . With my 10 diamonds i buy artic wolfs and now i have buyed 4 artics and more animals . My user on aj see ya there im IMCUTE612

      • Don’t care, maybe beeper of julian2 wolffeycat (animaljammer330) will have more animals then you

        • 1 its bepper and 2 shes now called kosho on her aj OKAY KID

      • You only have one animal…

    • man I want a membership baddlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy give me one plz

      • how can i u not told anyone pass or user and by the was peeps i getting cheetah soon

    • hi ppl. im mozziejay on aj. im a girl and im NOT a girly girl. im a geek, also considered a squid by my friends.

    • i would like ones plz i rlly needs it

    • it didn’t work

    • Yeah diamonds is how I got seven cheetahs lol add me I’m cstanila204 and julian2 is the leader of the gangster club. Yeah I know right crazy

      • LOVE LOVE animal jam!!!!!!!!!

        • Someone scanned me too :((((((((((((

          • I have lots of member ship and cheetahs are my my favorite animals sns sorry

          • Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnever no I will not get arctic wolf

      • JULIAN2?!gangster club?!

    • is FB48909 the code?

      • whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy but whhhhhhhhhhhhy i just wanted a real member code for once that comes with all the diamonds you can get. ;'(

    • hi im new and i play aj and i am a member! My user is emeraldgem27.

    • i have a code it really works it is 1586947

    • i have a code that works from buying somthing online the code is a1j05689

      from cadence

      hope you,ll like it oh yeah it has 1,0000 gems in it i am trying too be genorous


      • oh yeah i have two codes find out which one has 1,000 gems goodluck rookies


    • its fake it didnt work u scammer

    • I has code. Its twelve. 12. You get 1 diamound (pardon my spelling)

    • i have one that gives one diamond (dont know if it only works once)twelve

    • it didnt work

    • so this code gives 1 diamond only an it can be used only once. it’s TWELVE. just like that, caps lock.

    • I have a code that really works, I swear. It’s twelve. It gets you 1 diamond.

    • Lol really I am so gonna use!!! Btw is it a diamond code or a gems code???

    • lalanananananananananana it did not work

    • Lier.. it diddnt work.

    • no work huh

    • my user is worlegirl my pass is bailey84


    • doesn’t accept it

    • u sure this a code

    • im gonna try it by da way my user name is randomrocks123

    • Guys this rlly does work a bunch of ppl say so it is twelve and i gets you 1 diamond. But i think if u r a member you get 2. -ilovetoronto123

    • umm…is it a member code or what code it it?

    • dosent work

    • hi my use is crystlebows if u want to buddy meh but I tried the code and it didn’t work but plz plz plz buddy meh pplz

    • Waffles! Lol

    • hey that code didnt work

    • Here is a account it are non member and don’t have much stuff. I don’t care i don’t play it any more. so i don’t care if it gets hacked.

      1. havent used any codes yet.
      2. is a tiger.
      3. i add it.
      4. here is the account.
      5. Name : shantavia110
      6. password : iamastar110

    • I know a code for members it is twelve. friend me please I am hillsboroughdukes!

    • hey guy buddy meh plz
      my username is animaljam12796 plz gift meh i am doing mailtime soon for my youtube

      to watch won of my aj video sherch kurigerm

    • can u give me the membership?

    • what members that get twelve months membership get only one diamond per week?

    • Did not work!

    • Its doesn’t work at all. I tried 5 times.>:(

    • Buddy me
      I’m diver010

  2. i want free membership or get it in the mail please people send me a membership card!!!!!


  4. Yay thats true ivy so true thoughs darn bs

  5. Idk if its true but i think that if your all white and dance in the dimond shop i think you get 10 or so dimonds again idk if its true also send me stuff and buddy me my use is Dangerwolf8880 see u ( am i the only one who gave a aweser

  6. i just want 10 diamonds to get a arctic wolf

    • you don’t need gems 4 a artic wolf all you need is 1000 gems

    • HI GUYS

      I HAVE A ARCTIC WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • ur not epic and the white dancing thing does not work and never will its just a riddle

    • i know right i want it so badly i tried asking my friend that is on aj and i saw her in real life so i asked her under mail she didn’t respond!

  7. i just want 10 diamonds to get a arctic wolf and every body at the diamond shop is not doing wut i want them to

  8. I want 1 million dimonds for free.

    • i am right there with you i so want a 1 million diamonds for free!

      • Good luck. If ur a member u would have wait 1 million weeks for that if u didn’t get a code during that time for diamonds.

      • cute are u see dream??
        this is cute and nice dream good sleep!

    • Impossible.

    • WELL, I HAVE A DIAMOND CODE. (working 2015) its:


      SO JAMMERS THE EXPIRED CODE IS (Not working, so sorry!)


      thx jammerz

      add: princesskola02225
      for joining me!!!

  9. hi

  10. any of u no a code to get diamonds

    • Mine is loveandcupcakes2402

    • Twelve us a diamond code I am epic and I won’t tell anyone mu user name ( it is Princessfirepelt)

  11. hi can any of u tell me ur username on animal jam

    • my user is KITTEN8700! buddy me!

    • mine is jessie840
      friend me if u want

    • Mine is BelchersSeasnake

    • mine is coolmath06113

      • mine is Tourquoisekitten I love tourquoise and kittens oh and please be my buddy

    • lexiorn22 is my name plz send my diamond

    • my user is highclimber :3 my da came up with dat name :)

    • mine is evilviolet26 dudes i is a member lol see ya plz add me

    • I am BlingKing1248 BUDDY ME PLZ, IM A MEMBER WITH 380 DAY LEFT!!

    • HI YEAH OK TYLER SRY CAPS my user like dis= shewolfwonder,ghast54(brother),rainbine2013(cousin excuse my speeling):D XD XD XD XD XD XD

    • My name is : Nonoandcoco ( can’t buddy full list )
      my name is : katncoco ( can’t buddy full list )
      my name is puppysandcoco ( can buddy has 19 friends )
      my name is : santasandcocoa ( has 8 friends u can buddy )
      my name is : humansandcoco ( has 8 friends too u can buddy her )

      1. This is all the accounts i have i use other accounts to buy me stuff!
      2. u should play falling phantoms so fun!
      3. add all of me!
      4. sometimes be on
      On my account names is:
      and an other one is : Shantavia_star
      and an other one is : shuntavia_star
      and an other one is : shentavia_starjewel
      and on moviestarplanet my account is :
      Rashayveya add me!
      and on my name is :
      And on ourworld my name is :
      and another one on ourworld is :
      Mesh robitins…

      Thanks add me on all off them!

  12. Umm…. Hello. I’m Wolvesareboss10. If u want to friend me go ahead. I’m a member, but it’s about to expire. FYI: MY ACCOUNT IS NOT TO BE HACKED WHATSOEVER!! GO IT? BECAUSE I’M NOT SHARING MY PASSWORD!! Animal Jam is a good game. And, happy B-day AJ!! Or happy late B-day AJ!

  13. lol 😛

  14. well my username is ninja1954

    if you want my friends member account
    send me your username and password

  15. We’ll I really want a membership so can someone tell me one ow my user is purpleseal1234 thanks bye

    • There is a site where if u play a game u get free member ship for some games including Animal Jam. The site is called : Free Game Membership.

  16. wow i hope one of you people out there reply to this i have a free member ship all you need to do is…….

    the rest will be shown if you reply

    • please can I know I have been asking all year for a membership but they just wont let me have one…

      … PLEASE


    • Hey if it is true tell me the free code,for Animal Jam my username is Lonefemalewolf,my membership is going to expire soon so plz tell me and i can get u gem codes

      • hi i am robert my user id is williams1002. can u tell me your email and pass i have a awesome code i will do it for u plz?

        • i have a awesome awesome code for a diamond ” twleve ” okay now tell meh ur pass and user!

    • ok I reply what the heck is it cause I now how to hack acconts
      XD I am not a leir so… tell me

    • O-O

    • I replied now tell me!



    • i am replying!!!

    • thx but where is the rest

    • wat?

    • uhm, what is it?

    • There is a site where if u play a game u get free member ship for some games including Animal Jam. The site is called : Free Game Membership.LOL

    • What

    • plz show me

    • can u tell me im a member but it will expire tomorrow I really want eagle >3

    • Plz give me I am Jammer10281

  17. please animal jam world send me a code for free please i will make your website famous !!!


    (just jam a gram me the code i swear i will do it)!!! p.s(by famous i mean telling everyone about your website) please again!!!


  19. animal jam i would like to ask you for a free member ship and 60 diamonds i will repay you all i can please

    • arctic wolf plz peoples is it works

    • There is a site where if u play a game u get free member ship for some games including Animal Jam. The site is called : Free Game Membership.LOL

  20. hey i really really really want 5 more diamonds! please get codes for diamonds i just cant wait to get a cheetah!

  21. :( + a lion

  22. and snow leap-herd… :) so animal jam please get free diamond codes for everyone so ya

  23. XD its fun with diamonds so animal jam i keep reaping my words… but anyway everyone should get free diamond codes

  24. thx animal jam thats the end of my words 😛

  25. i have a diamond code: (i swear it works for 2013!!)
    Code: Diamonds1123
    tell me if not worked

  26. Hello! I am oliverkitten! I have a club called NO BULLIES ALLOWED. send me a jam o gram with the valentines hearts o it soo I know you are in the club. A reward for being in my club is what I call daily scoops on things I find out in AJ. I am not a replacement for julian2 not trying to take …I honestly don’t know he/shes place. just please tell people about my club and about me(oliverkitten). See ya jammers !

    sighned, oliverkitten

  27. I really want a cheetah but I mean…. I don’t know if it’s worth it. Oh and ppl, the whole ‘dance in the diamond shop’ thing is a huge fake! I mean, a person made it up then people added that you had to be dressed all white, and that your name tag HAS to be white, and how you have to hop on a diamond! I mean if that WERE true, and it worked, then why wouldn’t we see people yelling it in Jamaa Township? If it does work for you please jam-a-gram me!
    My user is: Alliebug11
    Even if you don’t care about the whole diamond shop thing, please buddy me! Oh, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out my den! I’ve been playing AJ for a year now and ever since I started, I wanted to get my den on the Epic Den’s List so I’d LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your suggestions!
    Anywho, I just want to let you all know that dancing or hopping, dressed all white, in the diamond shop is a waste of time! So is all that ‘jumping on ice’ and ‘hopping on the bridge’ stuff. If you look at the videos on YouTube, it shows nothing of rewards! It’s just a cool feature on AJ! People added the rumor along the way. I know your like “how would ou know? You’ve been playing for only a year!” Well, I have 2 AWESOME friends who’ve been playing for years and they are extremely helpful! Well, I got to go now… :(
    See ya peeps on AJ,
    Bug (thats just my nickname btw) =)

    • HI!!!!!!!!! Id love to be ur friend, bug! I buddied you on aj 😀 thx!

  28. Look, I am a member. I feel sorry for you non-members and I’d like to say sorry. As a token of my gift I have some codes. Aj (the name one) Diamond123 does not work. Soz. P.S These codes can be used by anyone and aren’t the ones where 1 person can use only! As well as my name is snowwolf098 ON animal jam.

    . koala – 500 gms

    . ngkidsrox – 1000 gms

    . AJBDAY3 – animal jams third birthday!

    . dolphin – 500 gems

    . AJHQ300 – 500 gems

    BE ON EVERYDAY! snowwolf098

  29. Hewwo i agree that the “diamond shop secret ” doesnt work. Member for 5yrs and getting a cheetah in 2wks. Srry nms hope u get membership and keeping me eyes peeled for diamond codes. Well see ya my user name is chimy19 and my pw is this: @#%&*+-=[ kk that is iy u can try to guess it but some advice. Dont share your username because i used to hack not anymore but we can hack your account. Peace out.

  30. Well,I thought this whbsite was for gem codes not a flipping chat site!:(

  31. And anyway I am desperate for 600 gems! The only reason i come on here was o find some codes, i am not moaning or anything…. when i am a bit lonely i always want some one to talk to… Come on!!! :)

  32. Hi, i know some codes too! (-.-) Plz send back!!

    Chimbu= 1,000 gems
    Explorer= 500 or 1,00- don’t know if it works

  33. hay! im malenock here! lol ;D just wanted to remind all of you about my quitting animal jam on dec.13…. remember you need to send me a headdress,rare spik, party hat,worn,bow,or a betta to get my very rare member account! this is how you do it : send me one of the things listed above, i will check my mail every day and if your are the 5th person to send me something….. YOU WIN! -good luck to everyone- ;D see ya last reminder is tomarro!

  34. plz seend me 13 dimons

    • hello, my name is izo and i will send u codes hope ya like it :D: festival
      croc idk this one XD
      treasure 500 gems
      campwild 500 gems
      nile 500 gems
      chimbu 500 gems
      deepsea 500 gems
      roar 500 gems
      gorrila 1,000 gems

  35. oops

  36. just have to say one more thing

  37. i am smileyFri200 on AJ and the last thing SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. seed me 10 diamonds PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ and yes awesome smiley girl is my sister and i am tomboy661913

    • If you beg then NO. but, if you give a good reason why you should get the diamonds then you might get the diamonds. The reason has to be true though :I

    • How ??

  39. Hi I am going to be a member so.. you dont need diamond codes I think
    Lpsbibi from animal jam

  40. i really want dimonds or even free membership PLZ I REALLY NEED IT
    my user is ilovefluttershy15
    my pass is coolcat

  41. I am a big fan of animal jam and I do have a membership. I agree that the artic wolfs and the kangaroos and the lions and all of those things you could just buy with 1,000 gems. Also I wish I also had 1000,000 dimonds

  42. i know a code but someone may haved use it it is arctic wolf code

    QW23T7A5J1 AND

    pass:wolfer this is just to hack :)

    see you all i member so yeah and i am not telling my user cause of they hackers

  43. ok i am back

  44. No!!!

  45. there is a glitch for getting ten diamonds for free! just turn white and your eyes white too and no pattern! and dance! dance for lot of time and you will get the 10 diamonds! i watched a video telling this glitch on youtube! i hope it works! dont blame me if it doesnt works! anyways nice blog :) and bye! hope it works jammers!

    • ( g to diamond shop then do it otherwise it will not work ,sorry for not mentioning before )

      • hi i am moonstar my user to aj is toy20243 let me know if there are codes that are unused

    • No offense, I’m not blaming you, that glitch is just a myth. It never actually works.

  46. Does anyone know any diamond codes i have entered lots of codes and it no work for any of them :(

  47. Does anyone know any diamond codes i try alot and they dont work :(

  48. Hi add me if you look at my animals and my pets I’m a non member I’m cutebunnygirl2me

  49. I really wish I could have more diamonds. Someone once told me that on December 24 for Jamaalidays u get a bow and arrow. Is this true? Anyone know? I would love unwanted item, so trade me, and i am earthsquared.
    The Diamond shop thing IS NOT TRUE! do not waste your time. I have seen ppl do it for 2 yrs and it NEVER WORKS
    Thank u,
    Julia/ earthsquared


    • Umm, the Diamond Shop wasn’t on AnimalJam for 2 years yet. I think you’re trying to mae us others think that, because you think it’s true and want them all to youself. Well, Little Brat, I for one think that you need you noggin cleaned and make sure you don’t try thinking of you selfish, cruel, behavior that sent us all jammers into a tantrum for all the hard work the ones who belived in the Diamond Shop Glitch.

      Bless y’all ^.^,


  51. It would be great if Animal Jam put out free Membership and Diamond codes.

    My Username is Darkness36! Feel free to buddy me!

  52. I GOT A CODE sorry i already used it and i got 8 diamonds O_O

    • tell us it may still work

      • my use is (barley1200) have a good day :)

        btw i have a code to get 10 diamonds in diamond shop u become white or secret colour and dance if dont work dont blame meh it did work for me and i got and eagle they have eagles now

    • Is it you, Larabell7aj (on scratch) ?? 😮

  53. Can someone send me a Jam-A-Gram with where the Daily Spin isOR a diamond code that has at least 10+ diamonds. Please?

    Name On Animal jam:
    Blossom Chillybird

    A black qualla w/ red stripe things

  54. My member is goin to expire give me 20 diamonds plz at me den Barbie5679

  55. Friend me betta01115

    • FRIEND ME AT teamtdmv3, eyelazer, or thunder89031 plz send me some siamond codes cause i need some for armor and portals

  56. I really need diamonds please send codes that give you them and i’ll send you rares and betas thx so much!

    username: Layladesomma

    BUDDY ME!!

  57. And yes the whole turn white thing at the diamond shop is bs so don’t waste your time on that. I know that because I sat there for an hour!

  58. How do I do the daily spin? it doesnt pop up for me

    • U go on Fantage???? BUDDY ME XD My User Is Meowmi91

  59. Its Christmas so you get presents instead of the daily spin

  60. all i want is diamonds so i can save them to get 100 diamonds and the i’ll get the stuff i need in the diamond shop 😀

  61. she is tomboy61913

  62. Haha! Look at everyone begging for free membership. “Give me your username and password and I’ll tell u how!”

    That’s clearly a scam. They will hack your account, keep it for themselves, change your password, do whatever nasty thing they can. Why do people have no common sense?

  63. Hey guys! L0lbff23 here. Dont be scamming. It just isnt cool. Jammers work hard to get their items fairly so why hack or scam them? Its like all their hard work is wasted. Remember, treat people like you want to be treated yourself, and be a jammer, not a scammer! ~L0lbff23

  64. animal jam is the awesome! but i really want to be a member! i hope i’ll be a member soon!

  65. um….. i didn’t mean to put “the” in animal jam is awesome………..

  66. um….. i didn’t mean to put “the” in animal jam……

  67. i did two oops!

  68. what is the code anyway it didn’t tell

  69. I dont know any diamond codes I only have 2 or 3 diamonds right now. Add me my user Is as it is twinkle440. I AM NOT TO BE HACKED like she said. I am not a rare member. I need an Arctic Wolf soooooo bad. See ya

  70. who is jullian2? i see everyone mentioning his name but no idea who they are?

  71. i know how to get 10 diamonds step one: go to canada’s shopers drug mart step 2: buy it step 3: go online in canada step 4: go on member ship step 5: redeam your card (you also get membership)step 6: do all the stuff it tells you to. step 7: log on and there you go! julian2aj is a youtuber and a animal jammer so serch up julian2aj on youtube!

  72. just do it please!

    • Hey your username sounds familler i think we r buddies

  73. i did the daily spin like 100 times! i never ever ever got a diamond on the daily spin!!

    • i know the people who made animal jam scammed it so that you can’t win.
      but my game glitched when it landed on 25 gems and instead of multiplying 25 times 3 it gave me 3 diamonds.


  74. why does everything have to be members only! I WANT MEMBERSHIP! but membership cost too much so my mom and dad won’t bye it for me :(

  75. hey, can someone reply with an arctic wolf code? im Xxdollyxx on animaljam so plz feel free to send me stuff (not like a 45 gem necklace, that’s tacky and it gets really old).

  76. i want diaomds so so so so so bad and on animaljam my name is…… well i have like a lot of accounts 1.karmaloveandcakes.2.zayley0.3.zayley123.4karmacakes.5.swirlycurl.6.and the last one is……….. DAWN1807!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I want a membership code anyone tell me

  78. .-.

  79. hello every won i really really want a diamond code to get an arctic wolf and i only have three diamonds and i need a code that acually works please help me please

  80. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  81. btw my user name is glowingnight no capitals or spaces

  82. Hey guys this is a Jammer and I absolutely love animal jam. So what i’m gonna do (i dont have a membership) for a member ship is im going to make a new account and my B-day coming soon i’m gonna ask me mum or dad for a membership to animal jam!!! i hope they get it for me. so maybe all you guys can try it with yo parents. Goodluck. P.S. if you wanna buddy me on animal jam my name is “insaneasylums”

  83. yeah what’s the code i have been looking for diamond codes for 6 hours now i need a code reply if you have one please

  84. hey i wish there WAS a code for arctic wolf. i want it so BAD MORE THAN ANYTHING (luckily i am a member its for six months) six month membership! well i guess that i will get arctic wolf sooner cuz i am saving my diamonds for an arctic wolf unless if there is a code -for it so i am gonna try to see if arctic wolf code could come out soon!!!!!! i also have a friend who is VERY LUCKY on animal jam! so if you wanna buddy me my name is louiescaryghost its kind of embarassing to me.

  85. i want a cheeta i usedto be a member only for 3 moths grr i am so angry

  86. i want some codes , also i hate diamond shop , it should be a GEM shop where u can get the animals also meh username is dinolil 😀

  87. btw i got a free account , not used anymore ;T u can have it so please send me a jamagram for it

  88. EAGLES came out TODAY!!!! im so happy but i don have enoough diamonds any body have REAL DIAMOND codes? D:

  89. hey guys you want to add me or send me stuff for mail time just look up imawolf1111 on animal jam and send a gam-a-gram saying:”please buddy me” i will accept honest!! see you on bye!!!

  90. Hi guys, getting membership for 12 months along with 60 dimonds and 26,000 gems in 3 months! Add me then my username is Loverbunny2014! I’ll be a member soon! LOL

      D: D: D: D: D: D:

  91. tell me diamond codes please, i need diamonds, tell me all u know

  92. I know a few codes.
    1. Explorer
    2. Discovery
    3. Ajbday3
    4. Alphas
    There you have it. They all work. Ajbday3 gives you an item, actually. The rest are gem codes. 😛

  93. ;-; I only have five diamonds. Been looking everywhere for diamond codes. I really want an eagle. They’re so awesome. :(

  94. Okay, I have a free account or two.
    username: sonicrunfast
    password: sonicfast

    username: mypok3mon
    password: poke3mon

    I made these randomly. Please dont get mad if they dont work anymore. :) Happy?

  95. so cool look me up my user name is mis frozen lily i will never quit aj its to fun

  96. Where do u write the code???????

  97. I got a free account!!!!!!!!

    User: snakestergirl23
    Pass: snakestergirl

    Enjoy! 😀

    Warning this account is nm with NO
    Free chat!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry (:D

  98. Umm.. They’re ARE diamond codes. I bought one. It’s like:

  99. These are in fact great ideas in regarding blogging.
    You have touched some good factors here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  100. I really WANT 7 MORE DiAMONDS TO GET AN ARTIC WOLF OR EAGLE DOES ANYBODY NOW A CODE THAT WORKS DIAMOND CODE THAT WORKS FOR 2014 plz reply I want to know and p.s. what does the fox really say I want to now DX

    • plz I want to now all my friends are getting artic wolves and eagles plz

  101. oops I meant know

  102. I love aj

  103. ok ppl I love animal jam but it unfair that they r bringing out new places for eagles that other animals cant go!

  104. its rlly not fair wut aj is doing bcuz some ppl cant get membership and some ppl cant get enough diamonds to get the things and mah user is hellopop54623 add me

  105. and p.s. i dont have a diamond code but, i need 1

  106. like rlly bad!!!!!

  107. i need 5 more diamonds so plz i need a diamond code!!!if u have 1 plz let me see it

  108. btw im a member i have like 3 more months left

  109. im saving up to get an arctic wolf im have 5 diamonds i need more!!!!!

    • TWLEVE is won NOW GIVE MEH SOMETHING ON AJ my user is drpatty no caps or dot.< no spcace < okay?!?!?
      I WANT AN ITEM FOR HELPING U GOT IT?!!!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i learned that if you can get alot of people near the lost temple of zios and sleep by the face in the middle all these phantoms will come out and you have to wait a little bit but it will eventually explode and all these diamonds and rares will pop out. it is so cool


  111. if someone has an animal jam diamond code plz give me it!!

  112. I wish whan you have a rare for a few months or weeks you resicle rares then you can get dimons. I also wish when you have stuff from the dimond shop and you resicle them you can get dimons back! That would be epic for a non members! XD

  113. i need diamond code plz someone

  114. Hey guys i have a membership but i only have 2 gems, and i want to save up for an arctic wolf!! :)

    • Hey guys i have a membership but i only have 2 gems, and i want to save up for an arctic wolf!! :)
      and on friday is my birthday so if u WANT to u can send me stuff but if not i won’t be mad. :) My username is heyjack76859. :)

  115. i capsized want cause u don’t have to send me stuff :)

  116. Hey guys, victoria carey here. I’m going to tell you guys that the diamond shop thing is fake. I don’t know why they think its real. And every month, I’m buying lion membership so I get diamonds and membership. Btw, if you want to buddy me, you can, I’m jammer86632 and I’m a member. And plz don’t ask for a lion code, I’m sorry. I don’t want to lose my eagle and panda after they travel.

  117. hey try to buddy me im nearbyfawn

  118. hey jammers I don’t know any codes but if u wanna buddy me my user name is lissyloo500 plz if u wanna im a member and im cool!!!!!!!!!

  119. I just found a a code and its friendship it does work and it gives u 500 gems to lie kk see ya soon with more up-dates!!!!!
    see ya jammers im still known as lissyloo500 !!!!!!


    P.S. If you want to buddy me I am Shalara

  121. Mackenzie?

  122. WHAT

  123. Its me from Sunset Hills Elementry school remember me?

    I wanted to make my name look cute so I did Khloe

  124. Chloe? ..
    Its actually you!

  125. hi im sobcatb2 friend me today im giving u a code birthdaybash AJHQ300 explorer ngexplorer 10million drawing ngkidsrox hoot friendship alphas kangaroo koala spooky coralreef roar playwild croc gorilla campwild playsmart foodfight hammerwock

    thank u friend me wink !!!

  126. hi im sobcatb2 friend me today im giving u a code birthdaybash AJHQ300 explorer ngexplorer 10million drawing ngkidsrox hoot friendship alphas kangaroo koala

    thank u friend me wink !!!

  127. thasnk u make the cool galz

  128. ANYONE here ?
    ploz friend me sobcatb2

  129. omg i got 10000000 diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a glitch!

  130. maybe i got hacked ahh!!!!!!!!

  131. lol ppl my user is: diamond51758 be my buddy plz!!!!!!!!

  132. is there a artic wolf code? I WANT A ARTIC WOLF BUT I ONLY GOT 1 DIAMOND SO plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. and im wolfvamp03573 and pouncing fastbeast!!!!!!!

  134. plz tell me the diamond codes

  135. my user is yinyin123

  136. guys my account has a eagle its
    pass: 223sos

  137. guys

  138. my user is blue99179

  139. Hi, I’m animalover19 and I will start making YouTube vids during the middle of the summer of 2014! They will be of course AJ videos plus Minecraft and a little bit of Terraria. My channel will be AJlover19 and idk if that’s already taken I’ll see, but anyways if you ever see on AJ doglover1920 and I seem like I’m making a video or I say I’m making a video that’s because I’m recording getting a bunch of videos ready and also I might be practicing for making a certain video like the music videos I’ll be making. I just wanted to tell ppl about that so I might get a few subs when my channel first comes out. Also friend me on AJ my username is doglover1920 no caps. Also I got scammed from most of my stuff like my spike wristband and spike collar and my headdress. Ok that’s it!

  140. its not working for me at all D:

    • i agrre i tried all of the codes i mean all of them :l hm but ngexplorer does work i know only 1 other one that is thanks for a phantom code try it out

  141. help me i need codes

  142. i am a artic wolf needs a code

  143. send me a fox hat it my bday my user is yinyin123 send me a fox hat plz i am recording

  144. Hi aj HQ need help plz make a code for geting a free eagle or pet eagle and send it to my acount my name is mack143 if you do not I will make my frinds go of and my brother and yes I cen do that.thx:

  145. i have four artic wolfs a cheeta a eagle

  146. hi ppl i want to let you know that fman122 he was in my friends den 4/11/14

  147. hey peeps 😀 send me a membership so that i can buy the eagle i hav MILLONS of artic worlfs and they r mor popular than eagles and if Julian2 is ur buddy tel him 2 buddy and tel him also that my user is Rocky64989 thats my user and my password is A12B3C and also if u real this GET MEH A MEMBRSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no offence XD

  148. please trade me and give me codes!

    be my buddy: bellyjolly


  149. please trade me and give me codes!

    plz be my buddy: bellyjolly


  150. sorry if some codes don’t work

  151. Dont forget guys , a rare code or memer or diamond code…. Works only on 1 jammer

  152. :3

  153. See u in aj i am IMCUTE612

  154. Can anyone gift me anything please im supersuper super super poor! If you can my animal jam name is blackbutleranimelove

  155. wow it worked so cool lol

  156. sry about that note i wrote. i rly like useing chat boxs.

  157. Yo,Peeps Meowmi91 in da house!!!
    im a non-member and a member since my bff gave me his account. Anyway… i need diamonds like for real!!!! Oh Yeah just to warn u, I SAW FMAN122 NOT A LIE!!! Seriously my account got messed up because of that now i need to earn my rares again :/ bummer… Peace out peeps XD X3

  158. i do not understand you said free diamonds if they are free why did u say u have to buy a card to get them it makes no sense

  159. dimond codes and spike codes plz to the creater of animal jam

  160. user:bananapnt password:tigergirl hope u injoy this account someone named aden told me about this and gave user and pass code: tigeris

  161. hi plz give me member ship I am so poor user:christinaisaj

  162. Hi there
    does anyone know the 25 diamond code because i need it i really want and eagle so if someone would tell me i will be so greatful to them

    So bye guys

  163. what are some codes i do not know any please tell me on

  164. Guys, didn’t you know this website was specifically for DIAMOND CODES and if they work/don’t work? Not for personal info and stuff like that. Just sayin, because that’s the main thing for this website.

  165. ANYBODY…………..
    PLZ tell me a member code
    IM really poor
    Ill buddy u if u tell me a code!!!!!!!

    PS. Limited buddies.I almost have 100 buddy.Ill tell u all the code i no if u tell me a member code.

    • There is no membership code, those are rumors. Don’t install anything on your computer that says free member ship it has a virus, you don’t get the membership, and the app probably has spy ware or a virus in it DON’T DOWNLOAD THESE APPS THAT SAY FREE MEMBERSHIP!!! This is VERY important

      • There is membership codes, Lilsterlil908. You can buy them in stores. Those aren’t rumors.

    • I know a code for one diamond its all over aj btw:
      not in number from or caps just twelve

  166. hey guys i just got membership for 1 month and i cant get an artic wolf so plz give an artic wolf code or a 10 diamond code! my user is 2koolforme plz i will give you my rare worn if you send me a code for 10 diamonds! oh and p.s how do you do those yellow faces?

  167. hey guys i just got membership for 1 month and i cant get an artic wolf so plz give an artic wolf code or a 10 diamond code! my user is 2koolforme plz i will give you my rare worn if you send me a code for 10 diamonds! oh and p.s how do you do those yellow faces? thanks for your help!

  168. i really want a code anyone here right now?

  169. Well i do spend my Dimonds wise.This Summer me and my friend,Rainbowfluffy56011 are going to save up this whole summer then buy hanted house in October then i’ll keep saving and my friend wil save up for ginger bread house(i already have that lol)thenwell spend the rest of our dimonds on stuff!I like this plan.

  170. I think I know a code
    It worked for me tell me if it does not ok

  171. With out 1 ok

  172. Wow Highclimber! You really look like a vampire! Pawsome!:-)

  173. Add me in AJ, I’m SPORTYBUNNY10. Thanks! 😉

  174. OMG DID NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  175. i want ten diamonds plz sent me codes my use is sarocks785 and im the boss in aj and buddy me plz

    • I know a code, but it gives one diamond: twelve
      It has worked for me, so it should work for you guys. :)

    • twelve the diamond code

  176. I am giving a free account away for animal jam the name is Awesomemusicgirl the password is 00321200 that is the free account.

  177. Oh and it is not a member.

  178. ?????? Whoa! To many of them! Well… I wish I get 10 diamonds!:) To get an Arctic Wolf! So.. Thanks! :) :( :p 😀

    Buddy me!

    I’m Shivneshni :)

  179. i wished that there were diamond codes that work

  180. this is awesome

  181. Guys, plz I want a snow cloud, send me some codes for dimonds!
    I will give you a code for spike, you can find i it on my website.

  182. um hello i do not like animaljam because members never get diamonds i haven’t even got a diamond on my membership for the whole month

  183. tell me what on earth a code is for 10 dimonds



  186. sometimes if you change the date on your computer to tuesdays than you get a diamond my friend tried it and now she has 11 diamonds

  187. Hey guys the code “tewlve” gets you a diamond.My username is SlipperyOne.

  188. Everyone! there is a diamond code! its one diamond but it still works! It is Twelve with the capital “t” try it!!!!!!

  189. Two things. One, I would never be mean to anyone! I’m trying to help others. Just don’t ban me, please? Two, I would really like if you give me 10 diamonds my use is stephi979 in animal jam and please don’t ban me, I didn’t do anything wrong!!!! I swear. Cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye that I didn’t.

  190. i know a real code it is… Twelve ( please do not tell anyone and dont make an aj video or… aj will delete that code )

  191. I heard a code for 1 diamond is twelve. Not 12, but the word.

  192. Hey I know a diamond code that actually works. The code is twelve. Yes, it is a diamond code.

  193. I know a diamond code!!twelve it gives you one diamond! by the way if u have a aj account buddy me my user name is puppies44cute

  194. I know one diamond code. It work 100%. It is “twelve”. PS: Buddy me I am eriberi999

  195. i got a code, its twelve, it works, everybody can use it, it gives you 1 diamond

  196. i know a code that works ppl no joke its for 2014. the code is twelve it gives you 1 diamond. i know its not much though its better than nothing

  197. i know i diamond code for 2014 it works okay it gives u one diamond (if u have 9 here you go!) it is: twelve. and it has to be in letter form not number form


  199. Hey hey hey I will scam those who gave their usernames hey hey hey

    the code is: twelve

    • with the code, you get one diamond
      it worked for me!!!!

  201. ik a diamond code! it is: twelve works all time!

  202. I found out a code,
    its the number twelve
    in letters not the number, TWELVE
    You get one free diamond from this code

  203. Hi im agent mary from ajhq you jammers wish for diamonds right?
    here is a code for 1 diamond you can use it just once and a headdress code is gecko! enjoy jammers oh and marija is a scammer report and
    block her jammers! oh and aj is gonna shut down on october 6th if adopting and boyfriend and galfriend doesn’t stop bye then! beta days are coming back november 25th for a whole weekend! hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. New code: TWELVE

    It really works

  205. Code: twelve=diamonds

  206. I know a diamond code!! I tested it!! It works!!

    It is: *ahem* twelve.

  207. Okay i know a code this is a code that everyone can use and gets you one dieamond!

    code is: Twelve

  208. NEW DIAMOND CODE IS…… TWELVE , you have to have all caps!!!! Try it, it works!!!!

  209. hey everyone try the code twelve for diamonds it gives u 1 diamond

  210. if it dont work folks then reply letting me know cause it worked for me giving me 1 diamond and i am a non-member but not for long saving money up for a new member ship. Hope I get one preety soon. :)

  211. the diamond code is twelve

    • hi guys i have a backup account for anybody!!! THE USER IS

  212. i need a membership!!!

    • can someone give me a free account that has a membership. i need alot of promise. i promise that i will not scam you. i cross my heart and hope to die and save you from a plane crash

  213. I know a diamond code… If u want to know send quackman a plushie (preferabley a deer or panda bear) It works 😀

  214. :O i have a code!
    maybe not
    it’s TWELVE but not in caps


  216. Btw my user on AJ is horsey078 NO CAPS

  217. And I am gonna try the code

  218. There is a diamond code but it only gives you one diamond
    the code is… Twelve!

  219. Guys, Do you know any diamond codes?

  220. People if anyone you know a Diamond code plz tell me please let me know if there is any thing i can get you i can also get some ppl member ship. Love Alexis
    P.S. if you want me to add it to your account plz send me your password and username i will not take your stuff. And if you don’t want to tell me on this then tell me on my Gmail account. Love Alexis Elizabeth Wright.

    (yes i am related to the wright brothers)

    • omg rlly u r cuz i live in a home near there store! without them i would have NEVER wanted to live here so plz thank them for meh :)

  221. Please add all of my anial jams they are.
    and my last one is
    plz add me and for somereason lovehorses182 is suspended for idk how long. i will make faith, wolves, and pie member soon.

  222. There’s a new diamond code that works and will give you one diamond: twelve

  223. I have one it’s twelve

  224. The diamond code is Twelve if ya didn’t know you will get one diamond. :) Btw It worked for me 100%

  225. Hello I don’t have a diamond codes but I have a gems code

    Thanks-500 gems

  226. A code for diamonds is twelve, thank me later.

  227. I know a code for 1 diamond it is twelve ppl

  228. I have a code for one diamond. It ACTUALLY works. My sister and I both used it. It is: twelve
    no caps no space. enjoy!

  229. hey ppl this is my first time on this but if u have diamond codes plz post them

  230. i have one

  231. Alrighty peeps, we get it. Twelve works. Thanks, bye :T

  232. i know one it is twelve

  233. It works! My sister and I are not members, and she was so happy!

  234. Thats awesome that code really works

    Buddy me im miloneeve

  235. Thx that really works its awesome

    Buddy me in miloneeve

  236. yeah i know the 1 dime code i want get the more dime and i cant get…. find …..
    in the nashiol geografy sait said member free or dime free but no work!
    if it work all ppl now member or have dime more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. uhh im angry can plz no tell the code no work we want we time!and want life!

  238. Works!!

  239. There is a diamond code called twelve

  240. hi try twelve it works u get 1 diamond if doesnt work first try try one more so try 2 times and it should work!

  241. how many ppl just poot twelve for the code and here one code for 50 diamonds: U SUX

  242. try twelve it works people :)

  243. try twelve

  244. 2x does not work

    my user is
    pass is

  245. GIVE ME SOME DIAMOND CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I REALLY WANT ARCTIC WOLF AND EAGLE!!!!!!!!!plus contact aj means animal jam so contact them and tell them to bring them back plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im begging you!!!!!!!!!!

  246. some one help meh :C i was JUST SCAMMED by FMANFU22 he got in my account

  247. UR MEAN :'(

  248. I know a code of diamond is canser231it only work 10 times

  249. Hi am the Brave wolves i Lost my member ship today and here’s a Diamond and membership code it only works on 21 of August so here it Is DIAMONDS119 so Thanks all Caps Thanks Wolves

  250. Hi Heres a Diamond code DIAMONDS119 and am The brave wolves Lost membership today so Thanks 😀

  251. The Daily Spin Gave Me 3 Diamonds When I Wasn’t A Member!

  252. Anybody know them that work?

  253. i cant wait for more diamond codes! Aj is soooooo cool. :)

  254. gift of count user: sepperlps456 password:lps123

  255. Please give me membership only for three months :) i will give you ice armor and ice gauntlets :) please my name is eriberi999

    • oh yeah i know lots of member ship codes on animaljam so send me something awesome on animaljam i will will give you a code 1 mouth
      3 mouths 6 mouths or 12 MOUTHS

  256. omg why is the chat thing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and btw my animal jam username is sammy48886 FRIEND ME I HAVE AEWSOME RARES I HAVE A RARE HEADDRESS I JUST DONT USE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  257. diamond codes im supervic thats my username plz gift me good on animal jam if these diamond codes work
    1. twelve

  258. HI AGAIN its me supervic plz send me good stuff on animal jam im not rich i used all my diamonds and i have no good stuff:( IM SORRY if my codes dont work

  259. OMG I literally watched someone try to scam the stupidest way ever!!! So they said come to my den if u want a code for 20 diamonds I went they said to get the code u have to send me a rare any rare I ain’t who in their right mind would do that ya scammer and then she locked it

  260. i know that the code “amazon33” gives you 3 diamonds… 😛

  261. ive got a free account for ya its username: hacjerforever password: i hate animals hope you enjoy :)))))

  262. igot some codes do they are…:
    ok thats it!!! sorry if they dont work i did this cuz ilove you guys and iwould do it!!! so see you later buh bye!!! :) 😀 WHAT VERE IL BE BAC

  263. igot some codes do they are…:
    ok thats it!!! sorry if they dont work i did this cuz ilove you guys and iwould do it!!! so see you later buh bye!!! :) 😀 WHAT VERE IL BE BAC

  264. plus doesn’t work hahahhahahah ;< "

  265. hi can someone plz tell me a code that works to get some diamonds im have only zero diamonds

  266. i have an account for ya guys its
    username: briannaasare11
    password: birdsrock hope you like shes soo rare she has non mem head dress and callor she has all phantoms amor :3
    bye!!!! pluz works

  267. I expected real codes

  268. all I know is that u can dance in the diamond shop, sleep by zios, and hop on the bridge


  270. Mannn theres a lot of comments that are rude and obnoxious! If you want diamonds….go freakin buy them or save them up….quit pissing and moaning over having to spend a few bucks to enjoy the game more. You spend more than ten bucks on Starbucks and McDonalds in two weeks…so sacrifice your mocha latte for a a few days and BUY your diamonds! I wish there was a reputable site on here that actually had up to date info on codes that actually work and are not out of date or expired. Thats why I bothered to read some of this thread and wasted 15 minutes of my time I could have been on an adventure WINNING my gems and collecting rares instead!

  271. hello send me codes my user is makemyday647 plz i wil send rare if it works

  272. hello send me codes makemyday647

  273. helllo all jammers as you preobly all know but this is a code that gives you one diamond

  274. buddy me my aj name is : CHLOE80777

  275. Hi guys im a member and i need 10 diamonds but I CANT WAIT NINE WEEKS and i know what ur thinking oh u just have to wait but i really really cant and halloween is in four weeks and i want to get an eagle before then and I ONLY HAVE ONE DIAMOND and ur probably going to post rude replies so plz plz PLZ dont

  276. eu sei de um codigo de diamante so que da um diamante o nome do codigo é :


    me adicione no animal jam meu nome e : Boby9123

  277. Hi I’m role playing on animal jam as vocaloids and we need a rin, gakupo, and meiko if your interested please jam a gram me I am ilovekyo00 (I’m miku lol)

  278. twelve I am Frozenclaws45 Buddy ME PLZ

  279. TWELVE DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. someone scanned my rare spike and wrist :(

  281. plz tell me a diamond code i know only twelve and never say twelve only oce i said oh my gosh no!!! add me if u want user: Daisy38814

  282. I have lotz o codes and here they are:


    1.funanimalparty=idk but you get some amount of gems
    8.gecko=green gecko den item
    11.treat=??????? mystery
    13.jamaalidays=??????? something from jamaalidays party
    14.pants=pants for your animal
    15.ajbday=bday cake

    now for members only codes: thousand diamonds
    2.lope=den with slope
    3.motes=rare item
    4.lowcoats=rare clover blanket worth 500,000,000 gems
    5.coats=golden throne den item

    and that’s all im casting another coment with more codes so stay tuned

  283. here is free account feel free to put membership on it and buy stuff and make it into a good acxcount it is my old account but I have new membership account so here are details

    user name:musa12346


    hope you like it just to say its a poor account but it has lotz of gems and summer fair tickets and like I said buy anything you want
    plus account has lots ov buddies feel free to unbuddy them and make new buddys

    plus if you like my code comment and this one plz buddy me my user is pompom7777

  284. here is second part for code comment

    peskyphantoms or pesky phantoms

    just to warn you some of these codes don’t work and I haven’t tries them yet so good luck



    If you want to win some FREE scary horns, jam a gram me at:

    Use: DUKE29023

  287. Hi, um. This may be irrelevant, but I was scammed and lost a lot of my rares. Just wondering, but could some of you people gift me. No one ever believes me when I am scammed. I also had a collar and was scammed for it. so ya, plz gift me.

  288. so add me and my name is mymomiscool99 and so if u dont want ur account add me

  289. hi guys, does anyone have a working code for late 2014 and early 2015.

  290. Wassup ppl. Jammer40m2m here. I think I’m weird but thanks to all my friends who call me awesome! Quick shout-out to hh90629, ColorfulApplez, IceDragon22, Scibou, jayfeather73889, and many more. Add me if u want. Also gift me rates and betas to show ur love or just trade with meh! cya ppl, byez. :3

  291. Hey guy’s i have a account for you! it is not a member but is OK for you to use. 1. UN: XxWolferinexX PW: hulksmash SORRY IF IT IS BANNED OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

  292. Umm, hey ppl. I’m tiger90092, and I think I have some codes for ya. Ok, here they r: ngk2015=1,000 gems shadows=500 gems and explorer=500 gems. Oh ya! Drawing also gives u 500 gems. Ok, hope ya ppl like this and I hope they work! Tiger out

  293. I’m a member on animal jam buddy me mollyp123 is my username plz buddy me

  294. hey :)

  295. can someone buy me membership

  296. Hello!

  297. Hello guys!I am new here.

  298. i know the code
    twelve and the code ajbday4

  299. My username is KMA10112 and i sadly don’t have a membership

  300. i wish i had a membership

  301. hey guys buddy me im wolfy04134 and I need a spike for my brother and I need a headdress if I could have one thx

  302. my name is Ricaa , ad me, a code twelve for 1 diamont

  303. Hi. I was wondering if you could update this website? Can you add a page called “plaques” so we know how to earn plaques? I can tell you three plaques:
    Howl Plaque:
    Go to Jamma Township, click on the bulliton board, and send a nice comment/ howl about Animal jam. You will receive the plaque in a week or so.
    Artist Plaque:
    Go to the Central museum located in Appondale, go in, click on the colouring sheets, and do waterever what is says. I didn’t do that one yet, so I don’t know when you are going to receive the plaque.
    Online Safty Plaque:
    Go to the central museum in Appondale, click on the tiny globe. Do the quiz. If you got them all correct, you get the plaque right away.
    To get me more plaques, rares, gems, items, diamonds, membership, and other cheats, please to email me.

  304. Hey! RandomWolf here! Please send me any diamond codes BUT TWELVE cuz I’ve already used that code. Just jam-a-gram the code to meh… If you aren’t able to say the code EXACALY please jam-a-gram me saying:
    Hi, I has diamond code plz buddy.
    I will buddy you and the next time that I’m online when you are, tell me the code. My username is southernwolf03
    Thanks :) Also I need the diamonds to get an owl when they come out XD

  305. guys i know a real one



    these are member take it!

  306. can someone trade me rare spike mine got scammed my user is Calvinjay12345

  307. plz trade me rare spike mine got scammed my user is Calvinjay12345

  308. what would animal jam be like with pokemon?

  309. The code,
    twelve is
    Doesn’t any-body no that?

  310. hi guys

  311. hiya what up?

  312. i used ir before i just wish aj would make new ones it not easy to get them any more oh and plz buddy me my name is sup42sprinkels(:

  313. omg why would u just randomly say that no afence

  314. Guys does anyone need a diamond code cause I have one. And its twelve.

  315. I already tried twelve

  316. Hey guys, I found a membership code for all you non members out there is it spiritwolf5400

  317. Hey y’all i found a member ship code for all you non members out there it is spiritwolf53000

  318. just saying theres an account i made any1 can use

  319. any1 can use

  320. i have a code that will give you unprisoned phantoms

    and the code is: thanks

  321. they really work i got a membership because of a code if you search up bunnybunny6389 in search people then you will see that i am a member

    b.t.w i know how to hack so i would not mess with me

  322. I got 3 diamonds from the daily spin! On a tiny screen, twelve = 1 diamond don’t blame me only code I know my brother told me

  323. Sorry that code expired I didn’t know sorry

  324. ok buddy me my user is: sweetie76716 no CAPITALS

    my pw is: …….

  325. hi my user is nataliacolvin

    my password is wasaman i am so exited for you to hack in to my account because i hate my account! it is so terrible! I have no pets, nothing in my den, and about 65 gems! and i am a non memeber! I hate it! and also i have another account : sweetie76716. I am a member on that one. I have an owl, Eagle, Artic wolf, pinguen, snow lepord, fox, bunny, horse, seal,raccoon, wolf, dolphin, aligater, and a koala.
    dens that I have:Small house, volcano, tree house, and the sky kingdom. I have 31 gems and know every glitch in jamaa! The best guess game is going on right now.there is a new party called, april fools party! it lasts until may! april fools! it ends today. I have a level 10 artic wolf,level 3 owl, level three snow lepord, level three fox, a level 1 penguin, a level 1 horse, a level 1 aligator and a leel 4 eagle. good luck! -Natalia

  326. someonne tell me a code

  327. i dont know any codes tell me one

  328. I am a member in animal jam for 3 months but shamely it’s going to be expired soon but I tell you being a member is sick. I mean sick as awesome. :-)!!!!

      ME: Charlot63
      waiting your request

  329. plz buddy me


    member :)

  330. i really wanna know a diamond code cause i need an arctic wolf

  331. i have a code i tryed, its: diamond. by the way, my user is littletinybunny621 or camprock1505

  332. add me my username is Danielle2991

  333. it does not work the code twelve!!! it is expired

  334. omg twelve does not work anymore it expired deal with it also i am the animal jam detractor helper and is 11 and new diamond codes for like 3 diamonds are coming out soon also you can buddy me I’m brynnfultz also buddy fishlish05 and inhere also jefftheguy

  335. hiii i know a code too get 300 diamonds

  336. If you want 50 diamonds you can try 50diam0ndc0d3 (all the o’s are zeros). But I still don’t know if its expired or not cause when I type in any code it turns out it doesn’t work so plz try it out for me. 😀

  337. I just don’t understand why everyone keeps on wanting more diamonds and diamond codes.

  338. give me a diamonds

  339. I HAD a membership until my sis wouldn’t stop getting on and I can’t get one till I live by my self. I wanna diamond codes BESIDES twelve

  340. ANIMAL JAM IS SO COOL! 😀 My Account is Liso20! Buddy me!

  341. hi I am lizzypuff2345 a non member I like stuff

  342. winter and pets is a code

  343. Hey I’m Tydigummybear on animal jam im an aj you tuber if you haven’t heard of me please look up TydigummybearAJ a couple weeks ago i was tricked and my spike got taken away i never wore the spike because it was for a giveaway but now im suppose to have a winner and i don’t got a spike if anyone is generous enough to gift me one i will buddy you and put you in my video!!! plus if you a nm and you trade me it i can try to get you a membership but keep in mind i will TRY not for sure though 😛
    Thanks For Reading PEACE OUT JAMMERS!!! :)

  344. 10 diamonds

  345. give me free diamond and gems and free membership

  346. I have a dimond code i will tell you

  347. here is a code its 101ilovediamonds

  348. if you want this account have it usurname: cjman300 password:ajman7 no caps heres my old account if also want username:memberw password:666666

  349. Plz buddy me im Sparklecats123 plus i have a YouTube channel it is called Sparklecats123 (plz subscribe) :)

  350. AWESOME!

  351. OMG GUYS!! I FOUND SOME UNUSED MEMBERSHIP CODES!! THEY ARE: 1) 1032LSAJFS 2) PAKDSJF37 3) P84DSJ4K the rest im giving away to my friends (: add me: blossomsnowybunny67

  352. Ha ha I know

  353. Yes but how

  354. I am salik I know

  355. wow

  356. you wont buy me membership

  357. If you don’t understand what i rote above
    i just had to add to the end the word
    but that’s not much important so
    I’m just gonna say there was a code
    to get 20 diamonds.
    You’d have to wait 30 min.& the code is

  358. theres also 50diam0ndc0d3 that gives u 50 diamonds and ajarticwolvesforever that gives u free artic wolf!

  359. what do u mean???

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