Animal Jam Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the newest features added to Animal Jam.  Each member is given a diamond each week to spend on whatever they choose.  Non-members can win diamonds too from the Daily Spin.


You can use your diamonds to buy all kinds of rare items in Jamaa.  The Diamond Shop is located in Jamaa Township near Club Geoz.  Inside you can purchase rare animals like the arctic wolf, snow leopard, and rare pets too!  They also have rare den and clothing items available for purchase with your diamonds.

Most items cost most than one diamond, so you might have to save up for the rare item you want.  You can see how many diamonds you have by clicking on the gems along the top menu.  New items are constantly being added to the diamond shop in 2014 so if you don’t see something you like, check back later to see what else they have.

How to Get Diamonds in Animal Jam for 2014

There are a few ways to get diamonds in Animal Jam.  Here are the ways you can currently earn diamonds.

  • Become a member.  Members get one free diamond every week.
  • Buy a membership card.  Most 6 month membership cards come with 25 diamonds!
  • Try your luck at the Daily Spin.  There is a slight chance you’ll win diamonds by participating in the Daily Spin.


Animal Jam Diamond Codes

Animal Jam codes can be used for gems and to unlock special items.  As of right now, there aren’t any codes for free diamonds in Animal Jam for 2014.  In order to get diamonds right now, you have to use the methods I mentioned above.  Remember to save up your diamonds so you can buy better items!

twelve – one diamond

I’ll keep this page updated as soon as I find any diamond codes for Animal Jam.  Until then, try your luck with the Daily Spin or buy a membership.  If anyone knows of any working diamond codes, let me know in the comments!  This page was last updated in August 2014.


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