How to Get Animal Jam Free Chat

Hey Jammers!  I’ve seen a lot of you asking how to get free chat in the comments.  First of all, if someone tells you they can get you free chat, DO NOT give them your password!  They are trying to scam you so don’t fall for it.

Here is how you can actually get free chat on Animal Jam.

  1. Activate your parent account using the email you used to set up your animal Jam account.  When you first sign up for Animal Jam, they send you an email with the option to activate a parent account.  Click the link and it will bring you to this page.
  2. After you choose a password and click “continue”, you’ll get to this page.  Enter your email address and password here then click “log in”.
  3. Once you log in, you’ll see the Parent Dashboard page.  Here you will see an overview of your account.  In the middle, you’ll see the chat options.  The default setting is “Restricted Chat”.  In order to get free chat, you’ll want to change the settings to “Safe Chat”.
  4. That’s it!  Now you have free chat!  Your messages will no longer be limited by the pre-approved list.  Just remember, curse words and other bad words are still not allowed.

Hopefully this guide will help you unlock free chat on Animal Jam, no more annoying restrictions!  If you have any questions, just post in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.  Thanks Bluebird for the idea to make this post!

  1. hi

    • this said nothing….. it never helped me!!

      • Well, first, you have to enter a valid email address when you sign up. Second, you have to be a member. Third, your parent/guardian has to call AJHQ and verify that you have their permission. Then they can give you free chat.

      • It does not work like that anymore… you need to verify and i can’t do that

        • yeah! its not working!

          • Yeah, my dad verified his dashboard and he clearly clicked safe chat and pressed yes and we checked and then it didn’t work :(
            I might be too young

      • I know, it doesn’t work!



      • I so agree, it said NOTHING.

    • heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey guess what it soooooooo worked i always wanted free chat THANKS SO MUCH YOUR A STAR xx

    • have account fred2oo2 pass a1b2c3

      • i ma trying it hopes it works!

      • u just gave ur pass to everyone u gonna get hacked by someone but not me im a good person but maybe fman122 can hack u so be careful to what u say sometimes there are consequences

    • Derp, lol.


    • This is so weird its not letting me enter the email! Gosh animal jam why cant you be more FUN?

    • Nope I can’t find it I never used it but plz tell me where it is oh and what’s bubble chat??

      • Oh and usename is Lilybellab oh and i have another account ao you ppl can use it usename is ccffdd password is ellasacct yw ppl (it’s a non member sorry?)

    • The free chat thing does not work now. It said it needs membership. :( plz do somethinf

  2. thanks I am going to do tht rite now

    • are you sure they work if they dont i will get so mad i could kill
      some one jk i would never kill somebody never i my life not even if somebody dared me to i would not

  3. lol i just whrote all the codes on a page

  4. ——- ——-


  5. peace love and hope. animal jam is a place of peace. all jamers love it. we all hope for no scamers.

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  7. I am so bored and non of my buddys are on!

  8. KNEW IT XD but thanks for sharing!

  9. i knew it! but what does XD mean I agree with Kalyie

  10. i knew it! but i agree with Kalyie what does it mean people!

  11. can you change from restricted to free after like a year or so


    • Its a smiley face. The X is the eyes.

      • Antanimal can i say something ur website rocks!! thx to u i got better stuff and i am sending u rare for all ur efforts!!

    • XD means laughing in a symbol not smiling in with eyes

  13. didnt work cant type whatever i want :/

  14. Ok, I do not know what to do. I made all these accounts with the same email.

  15. Cool codes thanks to you i became rich!

    • Glad they worked for you! Thanks for visiting!

    • hey ppl! if u wanna be my buddy my user name is suzzy36055 and also what if u cant get into the email adress u used for aj then how do u get free chat:(??????????

      • You have to click the link in the email that AJHQ sent to the email address you entered. If it got deleted, you can ask them send it again. If you, or someone else, can’t log in to Yahoo, Gmail, or whatever you use, then there is no possible way to get safe chat on that account.

  16. i already signed up since a long time ago how do I get free chat?

  17. XD means laughing in a symbol lol

  18. these dont work

  19. It does work this is how i got free chat. I was getting messed up with bubble chat. Thanks I didn’t know before this

  20. I already have free chat. I still wanna get free membership with a code. My code for membership is membershipfree20. But it doesn’t work!!—_– I hate this code! >.< time for sleep! XD! 😀


  21. i haven activate lah

  22. Hi, I’m an Animal Jam fan and player! My blog is: and my name in Jamaa is akachip8967. :)

  23. I cant get free chat it did not help me and some one scamed me and i could not go back on my account for a year and the person took away my free chat

  24. How do u even try 2 create an account? -3-

  25. XD is a laughing face ppl!

  26. free user and pass user:hi95361 pass:hibye2

  27. THXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i have been playing animal jam for only um….6 months and i am realy famous !!
    but i am really not ok with something ….that is there should not be any scamming and
    animal jam hq should stop membership and let all have everything free !!!!
    i just wish that could happen and actuallybi am getting a lot of complaints from people saying that animal jam should be having no membership
    if you wanna be my buddy my user is polly123789

    • I agree I hate this membership thing

    • Well, I disagree completely. If there was no memberships, then AJHQ couldn’t pay the mods, and they couldn’t pay the designers to make new items, and they couldn’t pay for their ads online or on TV. Yes, it is expensive, but it’s way less expensive than Wizard101 membership, or Pirate101 membership, or passes on Howrse. If everything was free for all jammers, sure, it would be more fun for nonmembers, but then nobody would buy membership, so AJHQ would go broke. I really hate it when people complain about memberships and then they don’t consider why it’s there in the first place. So people, please, Please, PLEASE realize that members paying AJHQ is what is keeping the game going. If it weren’t for those jammers who pay, then AJ would be taken down, and then what? Then, no one could enjoy AJ, not members, and not nonmembers. So PLEASE consider that before complaining about it.

  29. what da web 4 it
    plz tell me
    my mom told me da only way was 2 get membership
    i asked
    she said no
    can u believ it

    • Well, she’s right. Now, they only way to get free chat is by activating a membership, then having your mom call AJHQ and tell them you have her permission. She has to tell them your username, the code you used for membership, and the email address you used to activate the account.

  30. it didn’t work can I have some help

  31. Can you make vid with me? i give u worn!


  33. anyone wanna chat? im bored oh and dont worry im not some stalker lolXD

  34. Check meh out I’m flameingwolfdog

  35. it wont let me have the free chat it says I have to call someone

    • Yeah, an adult has to call AJHQ and give permission.

  36. can you tell me how to get free chat in animal jam becuse im having hard truble



  39. OK so it saying to basically login to or 😀 regular acoount by instead of urs, us parents account? I’m confusing myself here.
    P.S I’m making a mystery movie soon this r the actors if or interested

    2 cops
    Friend of daugther-friend is a girl’s
    Come to naenaeornah1234’s den to try out!

  40. hehe i dunno my email?

  41. mine doesn’t work. its says members only. i really wanted to have free chat but i cant, why? how can you make it not for members only?

  42. Well…. I wish I would get a “FREE CHAT” 😀 :( :)

  43. I hate membership my jamaa name is above buddy me

  44. my jamaa name is above buddy me

  45. Thanks for helping people who were confused, or people who needed help. Everyone appreciates getting help!

  46. Do we actually have to contact animal jam? I’m fourteen and the parent dashboard account was activated, but it keeps saying that in order to have free chat, you must contact animal jam!!!!

  47. how whattttt :(

  48. non members cand doit D:

  49. Thanks this helped a lot! :)


  51. it wont let me

    USER: gypsyipsy PASS: I im a gypsy gift me good plz im ever so poor on animaljam

  53. it did not work for me

  54. I doesn’t work like that anymore,you have to get the ok form animal jam h.q.

  55. I have tried to do this but whenever i press free chat, it says my email is not a verified account. Do you know what to do when this happens?

  56. Oh no! Dx I have to be a member to get it now!!!!!!!! Dx

  57. umm yeah I need my parents to call up AJ but the phone number is American :( so I’ll never get my free chat

  58. u have to be member and i am not a memeber!!!!!!

  59. I don’t know if my parent has to call or if parents can email them for the Free (safe) Chat option. Buddy me if you want to I’m pandalover70015

  60. CJP10 is not a code ppl!

  61. ugh…………how to have free chat even when u are non member???

  62. you need to have membership to get free chat.

    • i have seen some non-members with free chat idk how tho

      • I’m a non-member with free chat, I got it by getting it before AJHQ made it only for members.
        But maybe some were members once and kept the safe chat but I’m not sure if members can keep safe chat.
        Hopefully that answers your question. :)


  64. but it say it fir members only when I press that bla bla bla buttoon

  65. It does not work!!!!! Lol. Because idk my mom’s password! Ugh! I tryed everything!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!

  66. my moms email dose not work anymore but i still have a account and i really want free chat…… what should i do?? :{

  67. Are you serious? This only works if you buy a membership card with a CREDIT CARD or if you CALL. I buy my own membership WITHOUT a CREDIT CARD.My parents don’t have the time to call,why a CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

  68. It may have worked two or three years ago, but now u need to BUY FREE CHAT. So yea just thought u should know.

  69. Hi if you want my animal jam account the username is iamamember and i am nverrrrr tellinng u my pass hahhaahhaha

  70. ok I don’t get it I mean it makes NO SCENTS WHAT SO EVER!!!!

  71. :# :( :)

  72. im nota member

  73. Hi! My daughter loves animal jam, but I can’t activate safe chat because shes not a member is there now a new rule?

  74. hi! I want free chat and there’s 2 problems…
    1. 1 time my mum went into it and it said she had to phone America to get it and she doesn’t want to
    2. she just went into it (this day I am writing this) and she forgot her pass! she changed it, and still didn’t work! she is a bit poorly but I think she isn’t poorly enough to change a pass and then forget it straight away.
    so plz can AJ NOT (I repeat) NOT make her phone America and if she changes her pass, plz, plz, PLZ make it work!:):p

  75. guys can you give me your pass and use so i can give you free chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/??????

  76. my pass is sweet14141 and my act is geegee72246 play dont hake me just get me stuff plz

  77. Just saying you can just send animal jam a email by clicking contact on the bottom of the page

  78. does it really work it works buddy me im issamarissa on animaljam see u there and I have too million diamonds aj rocks I bought a bunch of money

  79. Hey guys i just wanna ask,……. how to verify the parental consent when AJHQ ISN’T EVEN REPLYING!

  80. Guys if you dont wanna ring up.. Then do this! First:make an account if u dont have 1 Second:Put ur or parents email Third:Activate your account with Email Finally: Go onto ur parents guuardian thing and click safe chat Thats all u need to do :)

  81. but u need membership guys :/

    • Oh ok I did not see that but if u can buddy me I do videos u can be in some and I talk out loud so u can here me bat I will type oh and my username is tstillion

  82. Okay, below is a full guide to get free chat!
    First, be a member and have a parent dashboard.

    Second, Click [Contact AJHQ] or something like that

    Third, send them an email saying:
    My daughter/son(s) would like something called ‘Free chat’ on Animal Jam. They have begged for it and I’d like permission to give it to them. Their username(s) are: __________ (username). Here is the billing history.
    (Do the membership ‘code’ ((not from membership card you bought))) like etc 1jdjsnA1820Uimxl (what) and type the date of when you got the membership.

    Send, and wait from 24 to 48 hours to get a reply!

    Thanks 😀

  83. I think that we should have more non members items because non members are basically restricted from things like more than two animals, free chat, diamonds, and more clothing. But non members are really special. they have to use what they have and what they can buy, and really be creative. If you look at any non member, you should now that they struggle to stand out in the crowd. Take it from me, I’m a non member, too. My name is renee066 and I’m finished. End of story.

  84. hi jammers plz buddy me my use is : kaitlynn . or mira3539

  85. I think Non-Members should be given the privledge to get free chat. It’s very umfair for them to not have free chat.

  86. When I opened my AJHQ account, I used my gaggle email. Gaggle locks you out of your email when you graduate from 5th grade. I graduated. How do I switch from that email to my email for my parent account so I can get free chat?

  87. Guys it worked for me u have to get membership for it to work

  88. How do you link a portal to your other den

    • i don’t think you can do it to you’re other dens but i do know you can link it to you’re buddy’s dens!

  89. Um guys, you have to be a member. IT DOES WORK!! You just have to be member and use UR OWN EMAIL!! Your welcome now TRY IT!!!! (remember, you have to be a member.

  90. i have a seroius problem my grandpa set up my animal jam account, and here is the problem, My grandpa put in the wrooong gmail so he never got a thing so he could activate his parent dashboard, is there anyway i can fix this?

  91. I’m pretty sure you have to be a member to activate free chat.

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