Free Animal Jam Memberships

Animal Jam is free for everyone to play.  All you have to do is choose a username and you can start exploring Jamaa.  Non-members are able to have two different animals and some pets too.  However there are some features in Animal Jam that are only available to members.  Some of these features are listed below.


Members Only Features

  • Have up to 24 different animals 
  • Access to special members only animals
  • Weekly diamond giveaway to purchase rare items
  • Exclusive den items
  • Play members only games
  • Adopt any kind of pet
  • Use custom nametags and emotes
  • Early access to new games and areas
  • Much more


As you can see, there are multiple benefits of having an Animal Jam membership.  You can really get the most out of the game with a membership.  Unfortunately, a membership costs money.  Memberships start at $6/month or $50/year.  Not everyone can afford to buy a membership though.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about getting a free Animal Jam membership.  Although it can be difficult, there are ways you can get a free Animal Jam membership.  Be careful with some websites saying they will give you a free membership, a lot of these are scams.


One of the first and best ways to get a free Animal Jam membership is to ask your parents.  This is the safest option and will prevent you from getting ripped off on another website.  Who knows, maybe you could offer to do some chores in exchange for a membership.  Trust me it’s worth it!

If your parents are not willing to buy you a membership, there are some other options you can try.  There are some websites that you can complete surveys or even play games to earn a free Animal Jam membership.  One of these sites is called Free Game  They have a bunch of different game memberships you can get for free including Animal Jam!


All you have to do is sign up for a free account on their website and then follow the instructions to earn points.  You can do surveys or even play games to get points.  Once you save up enough points, you can use them for a free Animal Jam membership!  It’s as easy as that, some people have gotten a free membership in just an hour!

Some people have been able to get free Animal Jam memberships by becoming a beta tester for the game.  Although the game is already developed now, they are still adding new features and areas to explore.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities to become a beta tester and receive a free Animal Jam membership!


Some blog websites will do contests for free membership giveaways every once in a while.  I think we might have one as soon as we get more visitors.  What do you think?

Finally, there are some sites that say you can “hack” a free Animal Jam membership.  This is not true.  These sites will ask you to download software and it is usually a virus.  I would stay away from these types of sites and try some of the options above.  I will keep you posted on new ways I find of getting a free Animal Jam membership!  Keep Jammin!

  1. I like this idea of chores for real

    • ya well i like playing the game…. BD i love the game no way u can part me from it..i realy whant a membership i tride a lot of stuff… did, not, work >:(

      • i want member ship so bad!!!!!!!!! all most christmas i asked santa for it i hope he gets it!!!!! i am so sad!!!! :( if i get membership i will b happy for ebs! =D :) and play aj it is better than cp!! [club penguin]

        • u play cp

          • yes I play on cp, animal jam, Moshi monsters! not forgetting binweevils if you want to add me on animal jam then my username is sunnyfireseal

          • I do to my username is Bugs223 Buddy me

          • Nice name, Homicidal Liu…

            If your name isn’t supposed to be a creepypasta pun, I apologize…

          • i can i use to have a membership but it expired

        • yes I know I go on cp! a.k.a club penguin and I have animal jam or Moshi monsters…. I have like 5 or 6 months membership for animal jam and I am getting and new 3 month membership 2morow and if I do get it I will sere the code with ya

          • plz give me the code I need it and if u do I give u a rare!!!!! not joking.. if u have kik can u kik me : dramaqueenstar

          • please share your code with me if its not too late thank you :)

          • can u get me the 3 month membership please JJ my username on animal jam is jake00349

          • how about u share it with all of us?

          • whats ur animal jam username JJ?

          • :( i need my brother a membership just reply if u have a code please

          • I play binweevils 2

          • Look, JJ… and everyone. Once you use a membership code, no one else can use it. Btw, I have a membership. Try me I’m coolmathkids!!! I have, like, 30 other accounts but still that’s my fav ’cause it’s got the membership! Check me out on aj!

          • Plz give me a 3 month membership card ( even though it probably too late I been wanting membership for over 6 months and I been trying other things they won’t work though :( ( btw my user is Emeraldtiger554 is anyone wants to buddy me )

          • plz can u give me the tree month membership code for animal jam and btw plz add me on aj to my user is:

          • plz give me the code ive been a nm on aj for my hole life (btw I started aj in 2013 so ya thats how long ive been a nm) ive even risked my account for membership before but i still haven’t gotten a membership and theres no aj membership cards in gamestop and gamestop is the only local game shop i know so im desperit plz anyone if u were me then u would know how desperit i am and 1 person on aj hates nm and he even sent me a message saying GRRR and it makes me mad not even ONCE i ever got a membership and it makes me rlly mad so plz give me the code its all i ask for and my aj username is jake00349 plz give me the membership im desperit it just makes me so mad being a nm plz

          • tell me if theres a free membership code ok

          • i dont now how to get animaljam memebrship

          • I would love a membership. But my parents wont allow it. Im a really sad! If anyone would please get me one! I will trade you my neon bow and rare spikes just look up my name on animal jam…

          • what is your member account i dont hack scam of steel.

          • Hi i looooooooovvveee animal jam

          • Thats totally awesome but… nvm u dont wanna hear it

        • I do not like Club Penguin because everything is for members… And it’s on Disney Channel and it’s not even cool! If anything, I think Animal Jam should be on Disney Channel!!!

          • well cp used to be ok until disney took over :I

          • u are soooooo right animal jam is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • i like animal jam

          • i think thats a great idea putting animal jam on disney channel!

          • have you seen what disney has done to its self i mean really the website is black and soul sucking

          • i play cp aj pets vs monster mayby you guys dont know and moshie monsters i got a mmbership on cp and it expired there were a bunch of ppl in my iglo

          • I know a diamond code twelve
            and ive got 7,356 gems on my account

            im giving away a non member account
            user: plzlovepunch123
            pass: plzlovepunch456

          • get me a member ship and i will give u ten rares my thing is
            user ball20032
            pass ty83er36

          • I got a member code!i’ll tell u.
            the code is:
            HOPE IT WORKS.dosent is from a website with a hack that can make a code work infinity times!!!(actually,it is only like 200 or so times.I dont remember that worked for me.I tried on 2 of my accounts.they both work!exept they was only one month.I forgot the website.try the code.if it not work try this:H1IO32EHA72718P

          • i like it

          • can someone get me membership?plz download the genorater because this is my parents user turtwig213.plz get me 1 year membership.

          • Animal Jam! Animal Jam! BTW my aj user is animaljam44614 I am a member

          • OH YEAH TRUE!! like srsly why’s everythin for members?!?!

        • IKR!!!!

        • how we can play games on website

          • um, i can’t do it either

          • IKR! I just sighed up and I don’t know how to get points!!!! It soooooooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo annoying!

          • It does nothe work!

        • yea. i’ve hacked CP so much. if u want the website to hack items, visit i’ve played CP. yup, i must admit, AJ is more fun than CP

        • hey since u want a membership for aj so bad ill give u one next week count on it just email me
          an ill send u a code if u havent already become a member that is

          • give me one to i really want one my name is ball20032 come to my den when u give me on plz plz plz plz

          • hey harata what is ur email?

          • harata what is your email? my user for aj is sassycoolgirl1010 contact me on AJ or tell me your email. I want an AJ membership so bad! my parents won’t get me one because they think AJ is just a stupid game:(

          • Harata plz give me a AJ membership my user is Superniceseal123 plz reply when possible hope u get this

          • username aithan2004
            password dexter

        • Plz give me membership my user is:Haleyforever30411

          • Plz i need one too! how do u get it? I have tried everything suggested! … :/

          • i do have a membership the code is sunnybackyard11234

        • did you get it

          • do you want a code to be member?cause i have 1 so reply to have one

        • i hate to be a bummer but santa is not real. i found out the hard way. i went downstairs to find my dad eating the cookies and packing presents :(

          • do u have an aj acount cause me yes and i would like to give u my free member code my username on aj is:09876bella1234 and the code is sunnybckyard11234

          • LOL! I found out the detective way AND the hard way i guess.. it took me 4 months to get my parents to tell me the truth about the wrapping paper and the running writing

        • You should try Animal Jam its really cool….. i do not like Clu Penguin too much.

        • Santa gave me a membership card in my stocking.

          • bravo good job

          • Ur lucky. :3

          • what is the code plz tell me

          • no but i wanted membership all my life i want membership but i can’t afford it :( pore me sads :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

          • cool ill try that

        • whats the code??

        • ikr? you will even get banned if its just 7 DAYS what the waffle??!!??

        • I asked for a membership for christmass too. My aunt got me a card. U can get them at fred myers for $15.99. It will give u three month, just enough time t save up for another! I hope i helped u and other ppl! Its totaly worth it! :)

        • Yup! I play animal jam for years. Dont be sad just ask ur parents to make u member 😉 my father told me that they will make me member when i got good position in my exams. I really try to get good maks so nad then i would be a member in my other account. Yuppy! And i note something that u say penguin club is not better then animal jam! Yah! U r right. Well my friend tell me about penguin club then i goun animal jam i like animal jam mire then penguin club:D☆

          • club penguin :( i can never be good i’m sad

        • I want to be a member?

          • me too live with it i’m sad too

        • me to i really want 12 month so i can get a elf tail armor and a polar bear

          • I wish you could pay for membership once and it lasts forever. :)


          • i know a member code its 189022GRTTYR

        • i want membership so i hope that members should be week and us should have membership that would be fair switch it around ya switch it switch it i always have to be the not cute one all i have is pinky tales and a shirt and i always wach vids but it says there banned no fair its not even in my list and it never works i hate wizared 101 and clubpenguin and animaljam i want membership and freedom i rilly want it and i just got stupied purmisoin to go on youtube it never worked so FUCK it it never works

        • Not better than club penguin

      • i like the game but the non mebers need more animal and pets its no fair there is no good sea animals so all i have is a wolf and a bunny we need more sea and land animals and pets

        • i agree i am too a non-member its just not fair other kids should be able to have more animals and stuff

          • I agree though animal jam needs money to keep the game available and buying the memberships is what makes that happen.

          • they have membership for a reson its to help animals and to rais money for them and its not unfair thats why they have a member ship

          • yea im a non member on aj too.Btw is no use to write that AJ will not take that. This is soo rude.!All want AJ is money,money,money. Everywere is membership! THANTS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I agree, so come play with me

          • Well, its kinda fair. If non members get more things then members won’t have anything, all the members would change be non members, Animal Jam would be in bankrupsy, THEN NO MORE ANIMAL JAM.

          • I agree with all of you. Non members should have a little more freedom. I mean, no gifting, no beautiful clothes or furnitures, only two animals etc. BUT I have an account made to show people non members rock too. By often playing the game, I have rares and lots of cool furnitures. Visit ojett

          • hay buddy me im a member i will give you a non member den portl
            gust send me jam a gram with a octupus on it so ill know:)
            user is lam934 if you are a member i will not give you one

          • i will give my account on 1 conditon

        • you should get a penguin (they go on land and water)

          • A penguin r so lame!

          • club penguin is not fun and u cant text

          • I hate penguins! I used to play Pixie but they closed it so yeah. And they closed because of club penguin.
            hey u sound rly cute
            <3 Too you….

          • uh hey do you have any codes for animal jam THAT WORK

          • to emely: PLEASE DON’T BE RUDE TO THE POOR PENGUINS!!! and i agree with princesscutililly above. no membership, no money. no money, no animal jam or saving wild animals. (although i do wish there was an easier way to get a free at least one month membership!)

          • i only go on animal jam wednesday or tuesday:)
            oh sorry i did’t say just right no g it’s a j

          • i only go on animal jam wednesday or tuesday:)
            oh sorry i did’t say just right no g it’s a j

          • do not listen to them i think penguins are good and they look good if you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all

        • sup…… they should have the artic wolf 4 non-members and
          they should have a cheetah 4 non-members…………
          like the turtle when u join animaljam there is no turtle
          for 100 days artic wolfs and cheetahs for NON-MEMBERS
          if u Like Plz Commet :) :3 and im sorry im dowloading free membership codes soon

          • I agree with you

          • i agree i really want a cheetah or a kangaroo and i definitely want an eagle and arctic wolf

          • i want a artic wolf

          • Yeah they should. I`m a member but I never get enough diamonds for a rare animal. They should just be there when you try to get a animal with gems. It`s not fair. My friend who plays AJ isn`t a member but I think he should have a eagle. Isn`t fair but I will never stop playing AJ as long as I live! My user is mary50890. Please add me. Also add km2737 and greenrocks6828. They are my bff`s.

          • What are the codes?

          • That is cool

        • I have a seal and it looks cool

          if you want to buddy me on animal jam my user is (coollovegirl78546) have fun on animal jam

          • unlock ur den and if u tell me ur password i can get u a membership

        • i really want to be a member if you are a member can you make me one

        • Im willing to give one one person my membership account for five days.i have an artic wolf a turtle a dolphin a deer a wolf and a rabbit.i have 4 dens and probably 8 pets.if u are interested buddy me on aj at applejackie8830 and ill discuss the rest with u later.reply if ur interested!!:)

          • can you give it to me i have been a non member for a long time now and i would really be happy if i am a member please

          • ill take ur membership account for 5 days.


          • Do you have a member account for me ? Please i want membership but my parents do not allow me to be member ! PLEASE! :~)

          • Totally! I’m Noteworthy and tired of nothing for nms!

          • me

          • I am

          • memememem

        • aj is better because its safer for kids

        • yep im always sad :(.

      • there is a code to get a free three day membership but i think it might be expired, it worked for me back in 2013

        • can u tell me the code please right now :)

          • i gots 2 membership accounts too :)there is a code to get a free three day membership but i think it might be expired, it worked for me back in 2013 too What are they too if u tell me a user and pass account i can give u a membership 😛 hey sup I thought this was a website for Animal Jam CODES!!!!! aj is better because its safer for kids oh no no animaljam now :(((((((((((((((((((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG PLZ GET ME A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SICK OF MEMBERS BEING MEAN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRIEND ME MY USERNAME IS puppylove4498306!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME :) :) :) or my second account is “hieveryone5″ so im always on that one so ppl dont say “look its twinkle0122″ or “plz buddy me twinkle0122″ so im hardly on my twinkle0122 account im always on the hieveryone5 account i can tell u a non member account its old its user:hikethegamer3 pass:lilman so have fun with that ok i will give u a rare headdress if u make mommy3007′s account a member the pass is lovemom so make it a member so ya letter me if u did saying its in the club or non members ajrocks i will give u my rare headdresses if u do so 😮 yeah me too btw i dnt like not workin´Codes 😉 :( :) I LOVE ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 me too

        • tell me ur user if u want to buddy me then my user is “twinkle0122”

          • or my second account is “hieveryone5” so im always on that one so ppl dont say “look its twinkle0122” or “plz buddy me twinkle0122” so im hardly on my twinkle0122 account im always on the hieveryone5 account i can tell u a non member account its old its user:hikethegamer3 pass:lilman so have fun with that ok i will give u a rare headdress if u make mommy3007’s account a member the pass is lovemom so make it a member so ya letter me if u did saying its in the club or non members ajrocks i will give u my rare headdresses if u do so 😮

          • now u have membership on ur both accounts dont u?

      • i gots 2 membership accounts

      • i know

      • Same Maria i am very rare i have 2 spike collar (i am a non member)my spike collar is rare and i got it from trade from my brother and if i have membership i cant use it

      • I love Animal Jam but also love Club Penguin I am member in both so you non members.out there I hope you get a membership soon

      • hi a really want membership too. I just wanted to say that twelve[a diamond code] doesn’t work any more

      • I KNOW,RIGHT?!?!?!

      • Hi awesome not its not free!

      • It is not letting me fill out the search offer thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried the website but HOW CAN I fill it out if it doesn’t even show!???

      • Me too

      • same i hate that. plz buddy me so we can see eachother

      • ya i wish we can have fre membership and atleast 30$ a year i really want a membership too :(

    • hay

    • OMG PLZ GET ME A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SICK OF MEMBERS BEING MEAN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRIEND ME MY USERNAME IS puppylove4498306!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME :) :) :)

      • 😉 :( :) I LOVE ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

        • me too

          • oh no no animaljam now :(((((((((((((((((((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • i love aj so much can i get free membership plz i am abbitt
          plz i want member ship plz plz plz plz for christmas plz plz plz plz plz plz im tired of members being mean to other ppl when i try to stop them they dont notice me only members so i would like to be member soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much so
          … oh hi there sup? psst aj is cool


        • Me 2

      • buddy me i am not mean and i am a member my name is rozythe1

        • I Want membership and i never ever had membership and my mom won’t get me membership so please give me free membership i would be so happy! :)

          • can someone me a member here is my
            username and pass



        • ok I buddy you go on plz

        • can i have ur member account pretty please? -makes puppy dog eyes-

        • can i have ur account pretty plz -makes puppy dog eyes-

      • Friend me mmaria40760

      • i will help u

      • Ya that’s nice
        I play animal jam and i hack my name is fman122



    • ya chores i like the idea of the membership but not doing chores :(

    • Yo hi people ………I’m kinda new here and what are you guys talking about?????????

      • hey were talking about aj member ships and stuff like dat.

    • i agree 3:

      • Hi so……………….. I had a membership but.. animals were mean to me so… if you want a membership because people/animals are being mean to you than don’t because there just bully s.

        Please friend me

        NAME: Aimerr13

    • Hey I am not allowed a membership if it is brought is there any ways of getting free member ship PLZ will trade all I have

      • my parents not allow me only 1 MONTH membership!!!!!! Thats crazy

    • i think u r right dawn

    • hey the website the bolg is talking about is a phony a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I got membership for like 7 months already! and I need more! WISHING IT FOR BDAY CHRISTMAS AND EVERY HOLIDAY!

    • please can i have an 3 months membership on animal jam
      i was begging for it no one gave me one :(
      please send me code

    • yes its safe and great! I really want an aj member ship so yea im gonna keep this.

    • Whats The Code?

    • how can we do chore??

    • i wish i could but my family is poor and we dont get to do chores for money. i have moved 3 times since i was born. even now im not using a home computer because i dont have one im using a libraries.

      • also i got scammed. a kangaroo said she could give me free membership if i traded my rare for her red alligator plush. i believed it because her friend had membership and said it worked.

    • I want membership!!!

    • Im n not a chores fan I don’t think anyone is I just find money around the house and just take it

    • buddy me on AJ, my user name is malexstar, I rlly rlly RLLY want to be a member, I am looking everywhere for a membership , lots of websites don’t work though… :( :( ( I wish there was a letter like capital D but backwards ) :( :( :( :(

    • plz help me i was scamed they got all my rares and i was hacked and now i have no membership but now its geting better plz share a code for membership with me

    • i really want to get gems every week is it ok please?

    • im never gonna get member ship my mom says its a fake game and the things you have are cool aka LAME

    • Hi new codes XD AJBDAY5 gets u phantoms birthday cake XD sorry i really like saying XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

    • Me to now mom pays us a lot for chores.I can almost afford a 12 month membership and I already saved up gems.buddy me I’m Cooltur.that’s my username

    • Just get aj play wild on ur iOS thing if u have one and u don’t have to be a member and u can get everything!!! I have it and I would rlly recommend!😄😄😄

  2. What ever you do don`t hack for a member ship your being mean if you do!!!

    • she/he said DONT hack she said a warning of AJ hacking download websites if u had red it..?

      • Neither 1 of those work for me y’all! I need a membership! I’m doing lots of things just to get that stupid membership! Like how parents hustle for money… help me PLEASE!!

        • Neither 1 of those work for me y’all! I need a membership! I’m doing lots of things just to get that stupid membership! Like how parents hustle for money… help me PLEASE!! Like don’t use the game thing the panda lady was talking about.. its really confusing… i tried that website. Well, if you can get me a membership SOME HOW!! contact me at Animal Jam i lost my password to Gmail, my username is balletjr123(on Animal Jam.)

        • If I had more then one AJ member acount i would help you. I’m sorry v n v

  3. my account is suspded and i am really bord i have free chat so if you have a game with no downloed please reply

    • club penguin a free multiplayer game

    • Chickensmoothie. It’s a great game! And it does not require any paid membership and no download! :)

      • best game ever O_O

        ADD ME PLEASE! my ueswrname is Anonymus0122 and i am a girl ok

    • I can’t download anything. So this is not the website for me

    • i have a account i made for u its coolguy30054 and pass:123456 hope u like it if u dont u can change it

  4. Hi there, AJW. I was wondering what website make you used to engineer this website? and is it paid for?

    • Well, I think they use blogger, and for that you need a Google account.

      • They didn’t use blogger. All blogger websites end in

  5. so how do you become a beta tester?

  6. This wasn’t that helpful

  7. hi i am anthony776 on aj and i really want a membership code if you do reply and type in the code please

  8. i what free membership put i cant

  9. animaljamworld rules!

  10. Aha I hacked ya guys

  11. how can you get a free membership.

  12. Hello everyone! I am a animaljam worker oferta course the boss,worker friends,and me are trying to give free membership we William try to contact everyone by their emails for the free animaljam membership codes.Keep on jammin!:)

    • can you email me a membership please

    • Dude if you really were an animal jam worker i think you would know what the heck a space bar is. Also your grammer is a little not right. If you are an animal jam worker i think that you would be more mature in grammer and use of punctuation.

    • Can i plz have a code?

    • my aj user and pass are

      User: lillyhoey
      Password: tassynee

      PLease get me an animal jam membership… thanks (;


    • Hello! I am haveabiteofmycheese on animal jam and I would like you too please, if you can, give me a membership?

  13. hi yo’ll

  14. if you give me membership I will give you rare swear

    • Umm what if you break the ice?Is it even possible?And what are the website names?

      • no it is not possible ……… T_T

      • It’s impossible to break the ice, it’s just a foolish tale to make kid’s think that if they break the ice, then they’ll get a membership, even though there’s no proof.

  15. please tell free membership is real or not
    if this is not this game is booooooring

  16. Wow. That’s some real good advice Thanks so much!

  17. please reply if you have a membership

    • i haz membership. just keep on begging your parents and say youll do anything trust meh it works.

      • “hey some random person i just begged my parents at 5:21 monday october 1 2013 and it did not work i said i would clean my room take out the trash and yuck! scoop the cat litter box! so it’s not true!!! booooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” and so it’s so sad but i am wishing really hard that santa will bring me 12 month membership withy arctic wolf and the 12 month member ship with a snow leopard! so if you guys wish hard too you might get one from santa! good luck! OWE AND JUST IN CASE YOU COULD NOT SEE THIS IN SMALL LETTERS MY NAME IS Straykitty1 SO PLEASE ADD ME!!!! :)

        • How do you do the smile things and stuff you know the one beside ME!!!!

      • I know i right it does cuz i did it before and they gave it to meh

    • I DONT Have a membership, could you give me one?

    • I have one all I did was save up for arctic wolf and then I saved up for a kangaroo and now I almost have enoughe money to buy a cheetah. So I saved up for all of mine you should try it

  18. Hey my user on aj is lulu4672 and I had the rare freedom bands and a green bow I got it scammed from me is there a way I can get it back?

    • Yea there is a way all you have to do is trade someone else for it then they will give you OH!! I NEED TO GET MEMBERSHIP TODAY FOR FREE TODAY my dad knows just ask him AND RIGHT KNOW HE IS GONNA GIVE IT TO ME YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Can you give me a code please?

  20. i did not work add me i am kolalove1234

  21. please give me free membership

  22. i have always wanted free membership

  23. please give free membersihp

  24. if you give me freemembership then i will trade you bat wings i promise

  25. hi people i’m larabell7

  26. i have a free membership code works once for everyone no lie its how i became a member its new i think if you want it you have to send me rares ok no scam promise username is aronima if im lieing you can report me until im banned thanks! NO LIE I SWEAR ITS REAL

    • I only have one rare but will it work? Promise no scam? username: Bna193


  27. My user ish Xobellabellaox (friend made me account)
    And my password ish catlover1 i dont care if u hack meh
    Go ahead i dont care i dont wabt my account anyway

  28. i want free memberships i need a new den and damends i have a dreem to be a member i have alot of thinks at my home just give me a membership plese i want it im a boy my real name is ibraheem

  29. i love aj

  30. hay pls pls put codes i cant take it anymore i was a member for free 1 time from awesome13 its never work again and i need free membership for ever and i need any day and awesome13 gives membership 3 days

  31. i have tried several of codes and seen stuff on you tube and nothing ever works i even tried the 1 u gave me but it ain’t work ;(

  32. drawing is a code gives you 500 gems

  33. How do you become a beta tester? I would really like to be one not for the membership but FOR THE JAMMERS!!! K? Countess Magicgem ~ Artic wolf

  34. yo guys animal jam is amazing here is a account if you wanna be a member



    • Does shadowhannah belong to someone, because if it does, then I can’t use it.. im not a hacker like most ppl.

    • please dont go on shadowhannah i changed the pass cause its mine

  35. thank you worker drawing give me 500 gem


  37. you see this is not real. there is no free membership I am telling you the truth.i have memberaccount which I want it means you need to trade me some rares .I promise I will give you my account if you trade me rares .I have nonmember too but I do not play on the member so trade me rares I my member account is all username is koda166488.

    • its right i’ve tryed some downloading sites nothing will work it only helps in….what way…..GIVING U A VIRUS AND MAKING UR PC/WHATEVER SLOW DOWN!!! oh but theres only 1 site that DOES give u AJ membership i forgot its name but its on youtube about 12 ppl said in comments IT WORKS!!!!!!! & It ALMOST worked 4 me just I needeed 5 more ppl 2 do the code in this slot but now I forgot the code :'(

    • Hi, i have some rares so u can search me, BTW, my user is Icekaiden, and my friend let me use his account, so sorry if u thing i am a boy, its ok if u do.. SEND BACK OR REPLAY ON AJ OR ON HERE 😀 : ) XD

    • whats the password

  38. is the shadowhannah account someone’s account or can i have it? if its someone’s account then i dont want it because its hacking and i really want it if someone doesnt want it

    • guys i know how you want membership but thew is no way to get one so if you want membership then trade me any rare . i have a membership account . just keep doing chores for your parents and i think you will get me it works

  39. i used to have membership i now my mom will not let me so i have to find free membership. good luck on finding one . night!

  40. please give me an animal jam membership

  41. can i get an animal jam membership code i will give you my user and pass word

    • I would not do that because people can break in with out your permission.

  42. please i need a membership i will trade you bow and arrow or bat wings

  43. karliepatrick:username

  44. I am going to get
    membership 3 month!!!!!
    wth arctic wolf
    and I have 3
    diamonds so I
    could get spiked collar!

  45. hey you can do babysitting and save up any money you have and you can buy it. my parents wont buy one 4 meh but they said i could buy it by myself

    • Yes, you can buy the game cards at Target now! They even come with diamonds too :)

  46. Please my name is Bushywolfy on animal jam can I please have the code?

  47. i hope i can
    get a membership
    i’m getting broad because
    the membership has cool
    things and the unmembership
    has dum things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. please let me use shadowhananh’s account i have always wanted to be a member plz

  49. my username is wardt [please send membership codes im poor] but i thing nothing work with my talk and i cant try even a servy all sites want a servy

  50. i downloaded did not download.this is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. welll i won’t try

  52. I am a big fan of animaljam I have played about from the starting of the game,and I would love to get a membership. For a few years I waited. but never got user is wolflover2203.i am not going to tell my pass because of scammers.

    • Well i can tell you one member conde ir you can take it:Awesome13
      Please enjoy!

      • i tried the code, but it didnt give me a membership, WHAT NOW!!!?

  53. my parents said no :( add me im Fennekins backup: FennekinNoodles

  54. did you know that fman122 is a virus ill tell you his accounts fman122 fmen122 fmen133 fman133 fmanbackup122 and much more!

  55. play animal jam! its awesome!

  56. happy birthday animal jam HQ! 2 birthday codes ajbday3 birthday bash

  57. add me:coner43 😀

  58. report >:O players :)

  59. I do have a membership. Because I would to pay for it and I can not afourd it and I eran 1 dolar a week.

    • wow! :)

    • i don’t get much
      i don’t earn 1 dollar a week you are cool and members are cool are you a member?

  60. i know a membership account,

    username: Sunnywolf1441


    • Is this someone else account if yes I don’t want it
      Like most hakers but if nobody wants can I have it plz plz plz plz

  61. i am not a member.

  62. I AM BORED


  63. Hey if you are stuggling i all i al going to tell you is a member conde for 4 day good luck. 😉

  64. Sorry about that ir you dont under stand here is the member conde for 4 days: Awesome13

  65. Again that was horrible ok : Awesome13
    Sorry thought‚

  66. Owe! And try to look for me in AnimalJam : Brave30758 ( user)
    Yes if you like AnimalJam. 😉 😉 :)

  67. animal jam is good




  69. make me a member i will give you any thing you want plz!!!!!!!!!!!
    user name wasewo

    pass word wolfey

  70. I found out that gives free memberships, but i haven’t figured it out yet how to work it. Please try and figure it out!

  71. to free animal jam

  72. member ship

  73. please get me free membership, my user Enchantedwolf19296

    please do it 😀

  74. ill get you a rare stuff


  75. I want to be a member

  76. I just need a 1 day membership. Can you get me 1. I’m Sydstr1 FYI

  77. Hello, I believe I can give you all codes, but they’re a one-time codes, means they can’t be used more than once, I’ve been on Animal Jam for quite long and I know a lot about it, You better buy the membership instead of using cheats, hacks,etc.. or whatever you all people do, If Animal Jam staff spotted you hacking their servers, they probably will disable it. Just a warning, no offense to anyway, only pointing stuff out.

  78. hey guys!!
    why dont you play
    it is cool!

  79. i got a membership account for free

  80. here is a membership account for animaljam



  81. plz give us a free membership code my username is minecraftgirl26

  82. hi um i wont some VIP stuff but i am not a VIP

  83. can u plz make my account a member plz??!! my account name is minecraftgirl26

  84. anyone who can make my account a member account i will do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

  85. this account is not a member account but i will give it away to anyone who can make it free membership you can even change the passcode as long as you tell me it so i can get on. i NEVER play on this account so it might still say NEWJAMMER. username- wolflover9954 password-ilovewolves2002

  86. Hey guys! I was wondering how you can become a beta tester? Can anyone help me at all?

  87. I has a membership card with 10 diamonds + code is: 7915812913 emjoy! 😉

  88. hay jammers! it is me again, malenock! i’m going to be giving me acount away to a lucky jammer… all you need to do is: send em a headdress,raRE

  89. sorry did not finish; RARE spik, party hat,top hat , or a really betta thing …. you wil need to be the 7 person to do so… i will send me my pass good luck!!!!!!! offer ends dec 13

  90. cant wait whats the code i need ansewrs tell ma soon i m at moutain veiw tell me katy jones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????

  91. whats the code who knows it and who will get the membership i know the code it is…………………………………..

  92. whats the code who knows it and who will get the membership i know the code it is…………………………………..
    cant tell you that would be cheating

    • i really want to know the code can you please tell me please,please,please,please,please,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is gangnumstyle24115 speaking from animal jam)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Everyone who says there is really NO WAY to get a free membership is right- there isn’t. Also, it isn’t wise to post your user and pass here- you could lose some precious items! This website has some good tips- use them!

  94. it works it works i just got a free membership my use name is makay5 please check me out members are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Awesome! Glad it worked for you!

    • how

    • how did plz tell how

    • How on earth did you get FREE MEMBERSHIP?!?!? Please tell me how you did it and what code you used. I would appreciate it if you could tell me. I have been a non-member for the last 3 years and trust me it ain’t fun. Pleeeeeease tell me how and when you got ur free membership!!!!!

  95. I went on free game memberships but its not showing the offers-i logged in and everything but i cant see the offers! :(

    • Hmmm I’ll send them an email and let them know what’s going on…Hopefully they can fix that problem soon!

  96. can anyone plz get me free membership u got to talk to me before u go on my user on animal jam :)

  97. and i will tell a member user and password for it. It is real for animal jam




    • Hi, I am just asking if i can go onto ur account, SEND BACK PLZ

      • @tiana u can go on it well i am not the owner and um just tell me when u r going on it cause i play on it lots and the owner is so mean and anyone plz tell me a member user and my rare bow, orange alpha stone, jamaaliday scarf, my fireplace and my slingshot got scam if anyone has those and are kind to give give it to me no send or send i am a member at christmas and my user is supgirl8

  98. Thank you! I’ll try earning a membership as soon as I can.

  99. I know a member code I don’t know if it works but here it is. Awesome13

  100. Hai, If anyone wants to use my too non-memeber accounts they can, HAVE TO PAY ME BACK WITH A MEMBER, anyway.. They are:Britny3588 and 1tianad both passwords, 1babydax, IF DONT IM GONNA BAND BOTH OF THEM, so plz pay back with a member account, THX FOR UR SERVICE 😀

  101. i have looked and looked for a free membership but i can not find one can someone help with that one cause i have been looking for just a free one

  102. i tryed out the member code i hope it will give me membership it is working for now….

    • can u tell me the code i really want won i meant i like been begging my parents but they say no its a dumb game but i really want the code


  104. Okay anyone who wants a member account all you have to do is tell me why you want it and a code that works and you never used it before… :) Hope you comment me back if you want a member account 😀 and when i give you the account i will send you the username and password so you can only see it i am not trying to be mean to others but i want people who i give them my accounts to play and have fun! Hope you comment me back soon……. Bye! :) 😀

    • Ok i have always wanted membership and i have been hoping i get it for christmas but maybe i can get a membership account from u! Btw i have more than 1 code 😉 Ok so explore2012,festival,ajbday,croc,coral reef,gecko,phantoms,birthdaybash,ngkidsrox,explorer,peskyphantoms,bemybuddy,bff4ever,drawing and 10million enjoy! and plz give a membership account plz

    • hi can i have the account? can you send it to me? and i will give u a membership code is kangroo please send me the username and password too that emil thanks bye! and when u send me the account send me it too that emil okay? Bye!!

    • princess plz give me a membership because I love to be a fox and my den will like very nice.
      some code might work and some don’t hope u enjoy the gift codes
      code 1:ADVENTURE

  105. Everyone should play animal jam because it rocks! for real it does………. 😛

  106. I Am a member and i can make you a member because i will give you guys member accounts so you can be a member like me and by the way there my member accounts that i am giving you guys…………. 😀

    • me pleaseeee mu user is troylerkitties

    • Please make me member! My user is : superstar22004 And password : mine22

    • Please give me one! My name on AJ is sall2005(no caps)

  107. Everyone I can help you because i have member accounts that are mine all you have too do is say why you want it and send me a code that no ones used it before that’s all you have too do and i will give you one of the accounts! And comment me if you want a member account 😀

  108. im gonna try this free membership thing!

  109. I can’t get my email to work for, so frustrated! I am going to ask for a MEMBERSHIP FOR CHRISTMAS! Lani, plz get me free stuff and gems! ON ANIMAL JAM I AM EARTHSQUARED!

  110. I love aj so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much I really want to be a member for a year please write under mine what is a membership code that is for a year plz plz plz

  111. if ur nice enough u will tell me a member ship account plz i am justice2200 on animaljam

    • i know a membership account and its for everyone

  112. Is bin weevils a nice game?

  113. Add me people :) My user is yoos59438 XD

  114. I cant figure out how to search for offers on . Could u maybe help out there??

    • For some reason I can’t get it to work right now either, I’ll email them and see if they can fix it.

  115. Anybody giving away membership accounts for free?? If u are im the one or wants one!!!!!!!!!!!!!So please give me one

  116. Yo people do you know any cool gliches for aj jump ???. Cause if you do please comment back

  117. you know the website really works

  118. send me a rare and i will tell how u can get free membership!!

  119. I need a membership plz i need a code for 3 month membership

  120. Thx for a tip Aj now i can play Aj for hours!

  121. iiiiiiiiiiiiii rrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy nnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd aaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeemmmbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrssssshhhhhhhiiiiiipppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Yea.Membership code generators is a bull crap. It can be a virus so we need to pay attention on what we download. And the best thing is to buy a membership legally from AJ.

  123. hey ajw is it safe to use that website?!?

  124. i have been playing animal jam since 2011 and i have been waiting for my parents to get me membership, i even play on my friends animal jam account that has membership. So please just email me when there is an opportunity because my dad thinks something bad would happen if i pay with his card.

  125. PLZ get me free membership! my account is aaaada with 5 a’s in all. Plz!!!

  126. i love you animal jam my is tiger im memberships good look

  127. i love you animal jam my is tiger im memberships good look….

  128. i love you animal jam my is tiger & wolf & kangaroo & koala & penguin

  129. I CANT BELIVE IT 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D!!!!!!!CHRISTMAS IN 4 DAYS!!!! HOPING I GET MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  130. oh no oh no some one hacked me or some thing worse i have 60 items in my room and 20 or more cloths i am popular and level 5 and movie star planet locked my a count i have 10 or more accounts and they r all blocked if ur friend with lovely dog77 that’s me

  131. i tried to do that thing were you play games did not do a single thing liar this person is such a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. i got a 3 moth membership and i put it on my account and it said my account is suspended fpr 3 days

  133. I need help I still do not get it. I think cause I am a kid still.
    But I have to ask if I can get a membership.

  134. I don’t want to buy membership cause i think it’s a waste of money I have tried EVERYTHING the retarded hacks that need serveys (can’t do surveys they don’t open the download) i tried the stupid free game memberships and it wont even let me do freakin surveys so yeah, if you have a membership i will trade any color worn, and any color NM sword for it. You have to give me your code first cause to many people make up fake codes and i really do not want to get scammed i have gotten scammed wayyyy to many times so i know if your trying to scam me if you think this is a scam then don’t do it but i promise i will not scam you. If you think this offer is legit (which it is) then add me and i will trade you my items in exchange for a membership. Ty eveybody<3 my username is Xxairforce22xX

  135. Gimme membership im tired of this cuz my membership..well.. i dont have any plus my boy is a member its tiring he amember not me my animal jam account user is jjjana plz ad dme and gimme amember code ASAP!!!! Plz,,


    Animal jam

  136. Yes definitely do a contest! I’ve always wanted an animal jam membership. keep me posted!

  137. Please do a contest! I’ve always wanted Animal Jam membership. my brother actually had it once and it looked super fun, but I couldn’t afford it.
    Keep me posted!

  138. Where do I go to get the free membership

  139. plz sent me a valid code that will make me a member! i’ve always wanted to be a memebr! it will mean alot to me.

  140. i wish i had a membership on animal jam it would make me so happy and i just got adopted a few hours ago and want member ship plz i just want a free membership for 3 days thats all crying by th way

  141. Yes i got adopted today from a orfanige and i always get on here and just found out thatyou can get a membership for free is that fake or real

  142. I want membership too for a long time… PLZ GIVE ME FREE MEMBERSHIP!!! I will give you a gift in a jam a gram on Animal Jam if you’re a member or if you’re a non member i will trade you a good item for a bad item from you :)
    My nickname is:


    Hard to write,i know right XD

  143. I just want a membership code already and have to do a ton of regristration and junk

  144. i want to know the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is firefox098 speaking from animaljam, please i will trade a rare blue bow for a headdress

  145. I am a member but it is almost done and I can’t get it anymore and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I want it sooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!

  146. Oh yeah and my use is Soreena

  147. OMG AJ please make the arctic wolf and leopard non-member plz plz plz plz plz.i really like arctic wolf and leopard

  148. I want ones so bad send me code on aj im moshi0806. i want lots of diamonds plz

  149. I kinda dont get how works even though I’ve read how it works…but I’m still confused.

  150. im member

  151. omg I realy realy want membership I might cry. I have been locking for membership code all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mad face!

  152. hi……..I am an Aj player and I really like that website but the only problem is that I can’t pay for the membership….can I plz have a code for free membership if there is one…..plz plz plz…-_-…..I would be really happy to recieve a free membership and I would give away anything for a free membership….plz…and how do we get free membership from the website u said????…….reply fast plz….Bye 😀

  153. Hi, I have been wanting a membership, Please somebody make me a member… My username is horse2014 & my password is december2003

  154. thx and also buddy me ppl my username is sealy23160

  155. in this summer i got membership 1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. i love this site animal jam!!!! some friends got me intrested and now i love it!!!!!!


  157. Hey, please give me a Club Penguin and an animal Jam membership code for 12 months! If you give me, I will say: thank you!!!
    P.S. I tried this and IS NOT WORKING!!!
    But, good luck at the blogs 😀 XD

  158. hi guys and great website but i was wondering if you would visit my new site at plz come

  159. I know a code for free membership I became a member from that may not work for some jammers .you have send a gift to my both first account is shahbano1234 and the other one is rainbow loom333(no space).the code is ……………… ……………………. ……………… ………………. ……………………………………………………….. Awesome13 by the way I have some free accounts too they are member accounts . The accounts are…… Username:max5 password:max5 username:popcorn3password:popcorn username:popstar password:popstar ………………(animaljam guide)

  160. its sad for non members :,( buddy me im charlie250

  161. hi im ecko and today 😛 – :() – speachless lollol

    • HI IM MF AND TODAY – speachless -.- –
      oh yea and – speachless – :PPP

  162. I LOVE AJ SOOOOOOO MUCH p.s add me watevslol

  163. i tried chores she didn’t do it <:C and i worked so hard on my room

  164. my dad is strict. my mom is frustrating do u think the’ll budge?

  165. This was really helpful, but my parents won’t do the chore thing, so I tried I got an account and looked at all the tutorials, but I can’t find any of the games to play to earn points. May you please help or post a video?

  166. this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much a good idea:)

  167. did you guys hear about animal jam getting hacked or what i am out now BTW his username theboxwillhauntyou22

    • I luv this idea i think its good its time ajhq does something i am member on one of my accounts and badly wish i had membership for my other one

  168. please please! someone post a vidio on youtube or please tell me a membership code. everyone makes fun of me jusy becose im not a member so please if you know a code tell me it.

  169. Can you give us a site that gives you a membership code without the downloads and no surveys

  170. Omg. I really want to have some Animal Jam membership but… Its been a Year. Maybe October? September? Maybe I forgot. I HAVENT GET MEMBERSHIP I WISH THIS HELP ME…. I don’t like Surveys. But the finer is Games! Hehehe. :)

  171. hello my parents no money for buy membership for me :'( annd plz can you say me a membership code??????? my aj nicname is Thewhitegirl!!! plz i really need amembership!

  172. I HATE DOING CHORES!!!!! plus i already have membership on animal jam !!!!! he he he SORRY!!!

  173. I really really want membership but i gotta get my mom to get it for me, I hope this thing will work! :)

  174. People when they say they have a code and it’s like this FFVj367V5BMN it is fake to tell u

  175. Wow thanks, I/m using that free membership site thing now

  176. I just lost my membership and I want to be a member again! I can’t stand being a filthy nonmember!!!!!!

  177. im serious

  178. Plz get me a membership!!!!My username is 2211kari

  179. I am so sick of this! I just want to have all that stuff that the membership has ! the game is cool but**** with membership

  180. ***** with. membership

  181. i

    will do anything for membership

    [even emmparese my self in my school].

  182. Plz get me a membership for 6 months…..I really want a membership!!!My user and pass:

    USERNAME: superstar22004

    PASSWORD: mine22

  183. I really want a membership for 12 months…Plz get me a membership for 12 months

    USER: ani45078

    PASS: seser12

  184. I might ask my mum if I can buy membership with some of my savings I got over Christmas time. I have birthday savings from last year too lol. Oh, I hope she says yes…

  185. i really wish i could be a member

  186. I want a membership code card

  187. 12 month member ship plz

  188. please give me membership my user name is lilwolf987 add me if your are going to give me membership please

  189. plz give me membership add me if your going to give me membership my user name is lilwolf987 please <=O

  190. Hi! PLease add me a member code because where I live there no allowing the download and to order neither like that it’s simple.if somebody has a generator it 1 would be able to give a code to me?
    I have many dresses with a word I would can to give into an exchange something on Animal Jam! If somebody would can to give it reaches it on my
    Ahead thanks:D


  192. my bday its after tomorrow i wanna membership but maybe i wont ask my mother for 1 cuz im rlly carefull with money anyway i would download these but my aj user got scammed by 1, its lagging alot now so and my other pc is broke so ill download on my other 1 when it ill have it bak =^.^= bud me my user is kattelyncat or garnet55 😀 love aj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey happy birth day (even though its late and I don’t know you still!!!!!!!!)


  193. when am I getting my membership

  194. i want to be a member but my parents will not pay :-(

  195. i want to join member ship??????????
    i really want to but still i have good den then member hahaha!!!!!!

  196. animal jam is so cool but were do u get membership like it is soooooo hard to find

  197. no code

  198. Please help me get free membership i rrrrrrreeeeeaaaaalllyyy want it can you plz help me get free membership my username is tiiasan

  199. I got membership from buying it

  200. My password is 123456,my user is Gloomyeyes1212 i am trying to steal a members account but there not working i cant see them because there to small i checked on youtube that was the small writing i tried but not all of them i do not know there user or password

    • Ok my user is wolfgirl1090 password is 3629987

      • Can you please give me free membership if you do i will give you 500 diamonds i promise 😀 my username is: meowjam my password is meowaj
        please do not hack

  201. when i tried i made an account,
    went to members-earn points and then the two paragraphs came up but not the search form
    :( please help me

  202. i know an account should i tell hmmmmm!

  203. hello

  204. this is the most best game ever i have a year of member ship aww yaa

  205. i cant believe my twin got a membership but i dint it is so unfair

  206. i cant believe my twin got a membership but i dint it is so unfair does my family hate me

  207. I used to be a member but then my membership expired. :(


  209. user:laneyj12


    this is a member account

  210. my username is:ilovehorse111 and my password is:jakepat08 please give me a membership

  211. hi i am angyalka some body know the membership code

  212. it won’t let me on the website.

  213. I need a membership, my user name is Racer1808 please send me code for membership.

  214. please give me membership. My username is racer18808, please send me code

  215. hi i have a brother that has to have a membersship and i wont that to how do you get a free membership tell me plz tell me.

  216. i wish i had an artic wolf i wasted my diamonds on an eagle UGH

    • Your lucky to even have any diamonds or a artic wolf, eagles can go on the new adventure and get rare spikes, headdresses, ect.

  217. Hi people of the world

  218. plz send me gifts on animal jam for a mailtime and I will show your animal on youtube thank you everyone!!!!!!! :) :3

  219. i am on AJ from 2 ears but somebody stole my password so i lost all my RARE items:-(

  220. I want animal jam membership so much.please give me it animal jam hq.

  221. I really want animal jam membership.animal jam hq please give me animal jam membership!!!?

  222. you know there are generators
    … if u have a generator PLZ SEND ME A CODE!!!!!!!!!!

  223. My mom wont let me download it.And I want member ship so bad. Can u get me 12 months for member ship. PLZ!!! If you get me member ship my name is misbryanna. THX. animal jam is cool.

  224. yo how do you eneter points on free membership

    • I KNOW! I tried for ages and couldn’t figure it out!!!

  225. I want to b a member how do i b a member.:/

  226. hug

  227. I Would Love To Try This But I Cant Do Surveys Im Only 9 And I Cant Find The Games Area So I Can Earn Points From Games :( Please Help

  228. i play club penguin mostly. im a member on there


  230. i wanna member!!

    user 123kinx pass 1234kinx not kidding plz plz plz !@!!!!

  231. ppl help me i need gems i am a member


    • Hmm… bro, thats just make u hacked by someone else, not getting a free membership

  233. Can you get me membership my mom wont let me!-_-

  234. Hey.
    Every christmas i ask my parents for membership but the answer is ALWAYS no. Every wish i have on my birthday is for animal jam membership. Please… It would be a dream come true!

  235. im no MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. I need a free membership now becaus i have members stuff!!!!!!! help me get a free memdership give me a website to go to

  237. hi plz i really want a membership, someon eplz help meh pay (i know it sounds weird LOLZ)
    but i’ll give u 2 rare bows i have (got 5 total) if u wanna help meh jam a gram meh and wtire “LALALA to meh” XD well i hope u could help i promise i will give u rare bows

  238. guys plz help meh i’ll give u 2 rare bows if ya help meh i’ll give u rare bows a lot! just jam a gram meh the code u have plz i promise i might give u foc hats and more check my list i got lost of goo rares

  239. ok if u agree just friend me and jam a gram me plz

  240. I REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLLLLLLY want a animal jam non member raccoon. :) I ant one soooooo bad. If there are any codes for them, please let me know.

  241. I really want one everyone in MY class has one sooo please get me on! :(

  242. I think that animal jam should give free membership for one month every year for every jammer to find the delights for being a jammer. I’m a jammer so trust me.
    My username is violetandnicky
    Please friend me!

  243. I love Animal Jam

  244. hey guys but where is the form u can write ur country and things. i dont see it :(:( plz anyone tell me plz:( i really need it i might give u a rare bow for thanks present on aj…….:)

  245. where is the form u write ur country??????????

  246. can anyone send me a membership code on aj USER NAME: jessica03051 i iwll give u 2 rare bows for rewards plz :( i dont know how to use the website, and i dont know where the country form thing is XD:(:(

  247. wow!
    u guys are good

  248. OMG this doesn’t help AT ALL
    all i wasnt is a membership!!

  249. I really want to be a member forever on AJ. AJMS means: Animal Jam Member Ship.

  250. i really want membership though, but my parents wont let me buy it O.O

  251. i love you 36ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart you

  252. The “do-chores-for-free-membership” website is a good idea but it doesn’t work which upsets me :/ If it worked that would of been a good way to get free membership, and help other people by doing chores.

  253. Um, I am not a member, and I don’t want to download this. Sorry. I don’t download things. So, I really want a membership, my friend has a membership. She has a headdress and lots of other things. Her username is queenrainbow259. So if you want to buddy her. She’s on almost everyday, so that should work.

  254. I feel bad for those non members heres the deal send me a head dress or rare head dress and ill send you 12 month membership my user is longears800 fyi if your thinking this its not a scam

  255. hear are some cool accounts use nickel000 password is nickel00 another account is kaelinlove password is kaelin or shanalove another account is shanalove pass word is kaelin

  256. Id stick with the whole chores thing. Those surveys ask for very personal info.

  257. i love membership give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  258. My friend gotta free membership with a code I don’t know how he did it!

  259. I signed up for the website and tried to earn points but i didnt see the things i had to do to get points!! help!

  260. I want 2 try this web but my parents wont let me isn’t that not so sane so after this Rachel gonna try da web.bye bye

  261. hello i am kay126 i play animal jam it is so fun i am a member and i have a code

  262. plz plz every buddy say in my sholar that i never be a membership FREE oh no so my user is dayana57250and my passaworld is mlisa57250 give me member and no trde with mlisa57250 bunny or penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!so bye

  263. get m member user;dayana57250 pass;melisa57250

  264. The website doesn’t seem to tell how to get the points, I tried it out.

  265. I need a membership….

  266. i know all you guys really want membership and i will like to share a message with you
    know please listen because animal jam is a really great game to play with and i suggest
    that you guys plead your parents and do something polite,kind,etc
    it might work !well it did work for me !try it and you’ll see!!!!!

  267. i really want to be a member if you are a member can you make me one

  268. if you are a member can you make me one

  269. if you know an free membership codes can you tell me if you do

  270. I am really mad at having all the animals and games or even adoptive pets being all members only. Could you maybe have some of them not members only????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. Everyone calm down if you want a membership that bad raise up your own money and then ask your parents about it! I do chores and if I do enough chores I get a reward like money try that and you can maybe get a membership CALM DOWN everyone!

  272. Umm i got scammed by tropper123 she scammed my rare headdress! cries and other good stuff ;( ! !!

  273. i am the real fman be careful i will hack u

    • haha! im sure if fman was a real hacker he woulnt go around saying im real. its not like hackers to say that hahaha! Cx any way lololol

  274. well on utube i saw a really convincing vid and i tried it with 10 other people and it did not work i will dislike her video because all she wants is good reviews so maybe she is a scammer so she will be banned a lot of people have tried it and it did not work im sorry for those peoples who got scammed she should feel ashamed. P.S. in 2 days it will be my b-dayso plz send me awesome stuff and happy fathers day XD!!!

  275. how do u know this will work ’cause i have been playin on it 4 5 yrs and it has not let me get a membership.

  276. hi my name is renee066 and i want a membership NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ( becomes devil) hi people of the world happy summer.

    • hi renee066,give me your password and i will get you membership.

  277. I’ve been hoping to get some membership here and there but ever since the Gazelles came out of the store I wanted a pair of those Gazelles Sure I wish I could buy one but like many other item’s that come out from the Jamaa store are mostly member items, Yes I wish I could get membership but yeah…. Aj is very FAIR.

  278. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE GET ME A ANIMAL JAM MEMBERSHIP MY NAME IS Superclaw85615 i need it very badely i need 12 month :( im begging

  279. free member ship please

  280. i hope this works!!!

  281. user:waseemo8


  282. I want free membership even though im a member buddy im newyorkrangers2

  283. :( no codes for stupid cheats:
    AJ is the best 😀 and always it will be! ;):D:)

  284. can i get a free membership code from you?

  285. plz give me a membership code because i only have 20 days left!!!!

  286. AJ wants money to keep animal jam running. Thats why they put membership.So don’t blame them for that. (SAME GOES FOR OTHER WEBSITES)

  287. CHORES NO!

  288. (as vito) ay yo i want a membership (normal) i really want the code for members plz (as chester) uh… to be continued

  289. it doesn’t work they work in caps

  290. hello jammers it me and if u want me to make a video on you just send me a jam a gram and if u want to buddy me im totally available and i have just changed my animaljam account because of fman9 ahhh yes he is real

  291. oh please can somebody give me membership i am sick of non member please
    my pasword batman username supershrajit i am new jammer plaese

  292. me want membership really badly is like i ‘m going to melt for it literly

  293. is the downloads a virous? im a member and my club penguin membership is about to expire soon and i cant wait that long until my generous aunt gets me a card!

  294. guys i want to be MEMBER I CANT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well someone be me member my name is:wolfdog18513. and the pass:imwarrior XD

  295. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no 1 on here gives codes :( that’s sad btw if u wanna see me or misterchunkybuddy go to my den also my useer is:misssweet also im the leader of the masked wolfs im alway’s at the chanber of knowledge learning peace out~natasha/misssweet~to all the jammer’s

  296. yeah i got codes before i used whoever say i want it i will give too u give me u username and password i promise THIS IS NOT A SCAN u account needs to be great




  298. gimme diamond codes.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGIBF OD YOU!!!

  299. how do you become a beta tester i really want to… please tell me anyone who knows.

  300. can u give the membership code to me cuz im dying for one and I dont wanna quit aj

  301. please can I have the membership code?

  302. is anyone talking right now?

  303. i just want a free animal jam membership on both of my animal jams

  304. i want to have a free membership

  305. can some give me membership pleasssssssssssssse i donot have member ship please someong codes or make me member please my user name is happy shrajit and pssword is shrajit happy


  307. Hi guys sorry i am too old to play animal jam now well i know that i haven’t done a video since along time about this but guys i am just too old to play this it is mostly just for little kids like 6-12 and others!

    just follow me on scype well bye guys!

  308. Hello guys i am so sorry about me not doing a video about me quitting for the second time!

    i don’t know really what is going on and i hope you guys understand

    bye and sorry about everything!

  309. like the idea but i don’t get the free membership thing i signed up i went on to earn points i read it and there was nothing underneath it? is it for pc only or can you do it on laptop?

  310. on free game membership it says my email is taken all the time plz help

  311. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anumial jam

  312. Does this truly work?

  313. Hi! I always want a membership could you please send me one?

  314. Please send me a membership code kik at Minecraftchick13
    You me who you are and I will approve of who you are

  315. plz send me a membership code my aj name is Ghoststamper

  316. plz send me a code my aj name is Ghoststamper

  317. Hi

  318. A code for 500 gems is chimbu… its weird but it is one. Also, a code for membership can’t be used more than once!!!

  319. hey guys i asked my mom and she said let me think about it. just ask your mom and then later you add some chores into it BUT if you have a younger/older sibling you should make shure that ur alone. after you clean the sibs room you can make ur mom breakfast i recommend not using the oven/stove because u may get in trouble. + u can take out the trash/ recycling. but all is worth it when you have been handed over that membership!!!!!=D

  320. it is good

  321. Cool I am a member

  322. I love it

  323. are you kidding! there’s a lot of member stuff!
    i wish the game only had non member…

  324. Hi guys, this isnt a scam, you can trust me 😀

    So if you TRADE me a beta, and in return i give member (if i can find one) If i cant then i will trade back, my user is kaymemeo i got hacked a long time ago so i wanna get my betas back.

  325. So i found this dude on AJ and he told me that to send him a rare item so i did and like the next day i got a rare spike in my mail like OMFG.

  326. here is my user name a password please make me a member so i can get cool things lydia11264

  327. animaljam is awesome

  328. I love animal jam but you cant get free membership when you get a new animal jam thing

  329. i really want a membership but i can’t seem to find a code for one. will you give me a code?

  330. I rlly want to be a member ,well im going to be a member if my mom creats another account,bc my mom is SAYING yes and my grandpa is saying maybe so hopfully im going to be a member and also i live with my mom and grandpa and if i don’t be a member well there is no way out!IM SO EX-CI-TE-D!!!!!!!!!! I hope its yes and sorry if this commet is long its just that i want to be a member so so so so so so so OMG SO LIKE RLLY BADTIME DUDE! BADTIME

  331. I have like, A LOT of points, and I do not know how to get a aj membership, I know you said that you could get a FREE one, but could you be a little more specific?

  332. I have a lot of animal jam accounts, and this one I am giving away.
    username: sealwha
    password: seal454091

    please take it.

  333. Guys i just got a code for membership at me at animaljam(aj) and i will sent them it only work for 2014 and if u buddy me u get free rare headress code too so GOOD LUCK and my name wish u luck !!!
    :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):)::):):)
    Yay me

  334. i’m trying it right now 😀

  335. I’m trying it right now! 😀

  336. i know a member code i know two of them won is twelve another is VGW72756827 hope u like them 😀

  337. Hey there guys, I know you want a membership without having to bother your parents but that is really tough. All I can do is give you those code that gets you maybe a imprisoned phantom, it might work. ( code: THANKS)

  338. I have a code it might work. Code: SHADOWS

  339. my name in aj is cherryberry777

    my password is amayum

  340. my username is cherryberry777 and password is amayum

  341. I need membership it like ppl with membership hate and be the boss on everthibg

  342. i want to be a member now

  343. OK guys I hav a question like how are we suppose to play an when we are non members and the members bully us and we report it but just BC they are aj members ajhq don’t do nothin like serious

  344. i really want membership do you know code i cant buy one cuz im from MACEDONIA and were not speaking englis there but, i know english so well SO PLZ GIVE ME A CODE PLZ!!!!!

  345. where are the codes?


  347. i need 1 month membership my account
    user: lpsnice
    password: lpsnic

  348. I like the game. i wish memberships weren’t so expensive for such a short time! also lots of members bully non members. i don’t like it they go around saying you suck cause your non member and they go and say stuff like your a loser or they brag about this and so and so. i think this game needs improvement. not saying its bad. but yea… if you get my drift. i wont say more

  349. I badly want a member ship A ONE YEAR ONE so badly i would be the most happyest porson on earth if you gave me one my user is… puppy7766 no capts! plz plz give me one im not giving password i dont do that

  350. hi! libertyy here and im doing a giveaway. i just need you to jamagram me telling me why you think you should get something! this closes october 31!

  351. Omg, i rlly want a membership on aj! i have been waiting over 4 yrs for 1! My parents still wont allow it… :(

  352. non member account anyone can use

    username: gymnastofmoonlight
    password: lunareclipse

    we make this account special with all of us

  353. my username is jetvin plz can i have free meber ship

  354. can i have member ship pklz so so so so so so bad!

  355. i really need a membership code because i reall want to become a artic wolf

  356. i really need a membership code because i reall want to become a artic wolf

  357. Mine is princess glamrose my username is : lookitspheonix

  358. i really want to become a artic wolf please could you post me a membership code

  359. Where do u see codes on this???

  360. Can anyone plz tell me any animal jam codes if you know plz reply me but don’t tell me code :twelve okay guys.

    If you what a code one of them is : twelve
    so plz tell me some AJ codes.

  361. hi guys! could someone tell me a diamond code plz! ( other than twelve ) thanks!!!!
    btw my aj username is bigminions

  362. plz i want membership my name is Daisy38814 plzplz i want membership i might get membership if i get it i send u the code :) … i also help nonmembers to get free membership without doing nothing bye !!!!!!!!!!

  363. plz i know guys ur like sooooo sooooo right u know guys
    plz i want membership plz make me membership with some rares one day i’ll help u if u make me a membership plz plz my
    username : Daisy38814

    i live in a pour familly in four plz plz

  364. Hey Guys,

    A non member account, feel free to make it member.

    U: Icewarrior555
    P: Forever1!

  365. I want it so bad i asked santa for 2 years for a membership,I also asked my grandma when my parents were not home.( it didn’t work) sometimes i prefere fantage more than AJ!!

  366. Any codes for membership please!!!!!!!!!!!
    type hear

  367. not helpful

  368. I want a membership but i don’t want to ask my mom and dad so will work 😀


  369. Hey add me add get rares sorry only members can receive gifts now a days.

  370. Hello will you give me a free membership please with no pay ok. because am crying and crying and crying to have a free membership please send me a free membership please.

  371. Does anybody have a real code for cp

  372. umm i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo got a member ship on aj it soooooooooooo awsome i got every thing eccept i got hacked >:( grrrr!!!!!!!

  373. can some dude buddy me? my username s jakarta who buddy me gets a prize X3

  374. haha

  375. omg if anybody et meh membership thAT BE GREAT!!!!

  376. I think….

    1.Artic wolfs and otters shold be non-member

    2.They should make a rare shop hidden in animal jam only for non-members

    3.Animal jam may care about the jammers but maybe mostly the money

  377. what is animal jam codes

  378. add me plz to animal jam name:khalisha22 my sister to name:wolf7278 name:tiara2007

  379. tagalog: paano maging member enlish: how to be a member

  380. What is the website to get free memberships?


  382. I would really like a membership giveaway here.
    How do you post articles on this blog because my friend wants to

  383. Can u plz do membership giveaway?

  384. Guys i got a free membership off this website!!!!! I forgot the name but ill look it up again. Anyway all i had to do was download an app, and it wasnt a stupid app thats lame i actaully really like the app too!!!!! U dont even hav to do horrible surveys or earn it. ALL U HAV TO DO IS DOWNLOAD AN APP!!!!!!!

  385. YAY THX TO MY FREIND FROM SCHOOL I GOT MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!! my username for now is Iamanime :) I am member! until march 12 2015. I got 3 month membership!

  386. ok i need a code plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL DIE!!! :)



  389. animal jam is fun but u kinda got carried away ajhq u can make all jammers member cuz it will be a better place…. :(

  390. i love it

  391. can someone tell me a code that gives us free membership?

  392. can anyone tell me whats the code for free membership, please?

  393. become a friend with me my name is karn65 in the game


    SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!


  396. does anyone know how to pay for membership with cash and not a credit card??

  397. I got a red short collar and if you have a black short for mine( i’ll add ) so anyways yea =l im on animal jam 😛 bye meh fellow jammerz :I

  398. I need a membership if u can’t just give me a fox my user is my name.
    Harata plz give a member ship too

  399. HELP I got stuck on the bad, silly, crazy website and I cant be a member so plz give me a membership my user is :rabit35834
    and sorry I wont tell u my pass.
    hope u will give me one

  400. I’ve tried your advice but it didn’t work

  401. </