Animal Jam Hack for Gems, Diamonds & Free Membership

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while since we’ve had a working hack tool for Animal Jam here on the site.  Well I finally found a new one that seems to work for almost all users!  This hack can be used to add thousands of gems and diamonds to your account for free!  The best part is there are no surveys or anything like that!

How the Animal Jam Hack Works

This hack connects directly to your Animal Jam account in order to add the resources like gems and diamonds.  In order to use the hack, you must download it onto your computer.  It has been tested to be safe, working and virus-free!

Once you download the hack onto your computer, you’ll be able to see the options menu.  Below I will show you the step by step instructions to run the hack tool.

Animal Jam Gem, Diamond & Membership Hack Instructions

This Animal Jam hack is very easy to use.  All you need to do to get started is download the hack tool.  You can get it right here at AnimalJamWorld!  After you download the Animal Jam hack, you can select from the options menu pictured here.

Follow the instructions below and you’ll have an unlimited supply of gems, diamonds and membership in no time!


Step 1: The first step is to download the hack tool if you haven’t already.  The hack must be installed on your computer to use it.  There are no surveys or other offers to complete.

Step 2: After the Animal Jam hack is installed, you will see the settings menu pictured above.  Begin by typing in the amounts of gems and diamonds you want to add.  You can also add membership to your account.  Note: membership is added in one month amounts, so if you want a year of free membership, type “12” into the box next to membership.

Step 3: Next, type your username in the box.  This hack does not require you to give your password.  Beware of other hacks that require personal information!

Step 4: Once you’ve put in the amounts of diamonds, gems and membership and your username, just click the “Start” button to begin the Animal Jam hack!  It usually takes about 30 seconds for the Animal Jam hack to finish working.  It can sometimes take longer depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 5: The hack tool will alert you when it’s finished adding the resources to your account.  Now just log in to your Animal Jam account and you’ll see the gems and diamonds are now in your bank.  If you added membership, you’ll now be able to access members-only features too!


Why do I need to download the Animal Jam hack?

This hack works by connecting directly to your account.  In order to safely add the gems, diamonds, and membership to your account, the hack must be installed on your computer.  “No-download” versions of Animal Jam hacks are usually scams that are trying to steal your password.

Where can I download the hack?  Why can’t I find the link?

You can download the hack tool here on this page.  Sometimes the hack is taken down for maintenance so if you don’t see the download links, the tool may be having maintenance.  Check back later and it should be available.

Also, the Animal Jam hack is not available for players from certain countries so if you’re unable to download it, that might be another reason.

How many times can I use the hack?

You can use the hack as many times as you want once it’s installed on your computer.  We recommend only adding a few thousand gems and diamonds at one time.  Also, do not add more than one year of free membership at one time.  Adding large amounts of resources or membership at once will get the attention of the admins and your account might get banned.

Do you have a hack tool for Play Wild?

Not yet, but we are working on it!  Check back soon, thanks for visiting!

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  3. Hi Guys!
    In my earlier comment, I accidentally wrote 100 diamonds when I meant 1,000 diamonds.

    Like I said before, The link rarely pops up and when it does it goes on about my computer having a different software (or format) and it cannot download.
    So if you use it, can you please give me 1,000 gems, 1,000 diamonds and 12 month membership?
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  16. I know you said the link won’t show up on certain countries, which countries is it only available in?

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