Animal Jam Rares

What Are Animal Jam Rares?

Rare Items are items in Animal Jam that are labeled “Rare”. What makes them so rare? No one can really pinpoint that, but it sure does make them special!

You know an item is officially rare if they have a golden tag on them. They say “Rare”. Any item without that tag is NOT Rare, so do not fall for tricks and scams.


This is an example of a “Rare” item. As you can see, there is a clear label calling it Rare.

There are tons of rare items in Animal Jam. New ones are always coming in, and some Rare Items are worth more than others. Let’s take a look to see what these Rares are.

How to Get Animal Jam Rares

You can get Rare Items in lots of different ways. The most common ways to get these items are by:

  • Winning them in Adventures
  • Trading
  • Rare Item Mondays (See below)
  • Special Events

Rare Item Mondays

Rare Item Mondays are exactly what they sound like: Rare Items on a Monday! This doesn’t mean everyone busts out wearing their Rare Items on Mondays, although feel free to do so if you feel like it! No, I’m talking about releasing a Rare Item on Mondays! Every Monday, Animal Jam puts out a Rare Item somewhere in stores, and it’s up to us Jammers to find what it is! It can be Members Only, or for All Jammers. It can be on land, or underwater. Its only in stores for one day! So be sure to get it if you can, because who knows when the next time it will come out?

Here are a few examples of Rare Item Mondays:


Leap Year Day Festivities

Although this only happened once, Leap Year Day Parties still remain an important party for All Jammers. How come? It only came out ONCE, on a Leap Year! Why was it so important? All the items in the stores were Rare!


This is what the Party looked like!


These items are now all Rare!

Get Rarer Every Day!

So, now that you know about Rare Items, get out there and get them! If you don’t know where to start, try looking up to see some ways you can get them! Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a lot of Rare Items!


  1. Anybody got hd I need one

  2. 10 racoon 5 fox 9 cheetah 4 dolphin 6 shark 5 owl 2000 gems 1223 diamonds 6 artic wolfs 6 freedom hat 5 gecko 10 cougar 15 toucan

  3. I got 4 fox hat AND 4 RARE BOWS..

  4. where do u get the rare item mon.items??? i need to ASAP

    • Simply wait until Monday. When that “special time” comes, go visit any store that contains the exact same items as Jam Mart Clothings. It may not be on the first page, so be sure to flip through EVERY one to find the Rare Item Monday!

      Your friend,

    • most likely in jamaa clothing

    • you get them from the animal jam stores

  5. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!isint that great ohh wow and only tomorrow and today till christmas 2016 date 23dec 8yearsold yay i wish rare longs were back in stores and in aj we can do everything we want even say wat we want to say guys isint that good but the sad part is it will not happen. 🙁 sad face)

  6. I am beagledog19. I play animal jam play wild. I have a flower crown jamaaliday wings, a pink spike collar reindeer flight suit gingerbread suit and nutcracker. Am I rare? Leave a reply below.

  7. i am lucky72104 i need rares for nonmembers please

  8. I’m turqoisewaters don’t spell it right? I have 6 rares.

  9. Ok twinkleshinemoon i’ll trade you a necklace for your long pink spiked wrist btw it’s magenta.

  10. I’ve got 28 rare’s:
    1 Rare freedom band (non-member)
    2 Rare stethoscope (member)
    1 Rare shutter-shade (member)
    2 Rare sparkly boa (member)
    1 Rare Frankenstein mask (non-member)
    1 Rare fox hat (non-member)
    1 Rare woven hat (member)
    1 Rare polka dot tuxedo (member)
    1 Rare backpack (non-member)
    1 Rare longbow (member)
    1 Rare jamaaliday top hat (member)
    2 Rare bow and arrows (non-member)
    1 Rare glove (non-member)
    1 Rare nerd glasses (non-member)
    1 Rare fluffy fox head (non-member)
    1 Rare long pink spiked wristband (member)
    2 Rare turquoise necklaces (member)
    1 Rare spring flower crown (member)
    1 Rare sparkly head bow (member)
    2 Rare purple pigtails (member)
    1 Rare Arctic coat (member)
    1 Rare jamaaliday angel wings (member)

    If you want any of these rares offer a trade and reply to this comment alongside with your user and I’ll buddy you if I think it’s fair.
    My user is twinkleshinemoon. 😀

    • i only have a few but meh!
      1: RARE hula skirt (member)
      2: RARE heart locket (non member)
      3: RARE bunny hat (non member)
      4: RARE tiara (non member)
      5: I THINK ITS RARE eagle plushie, with a mohawk (non member)

      i would absulutley LOVE to check out your nerd glasses!!
      if you would like to check out my stuff, my name is: glittervomit

    • Bluefox4881

    • i REALLY wanna trade you for rare nerd glasses i will offer rares im Crazycupcake601

    • btw they r my dream item

    • hi mi name is jamaika i need nerd rare glasses my name is princesssnowygirl8

    • I would love to attempt for the Nerd Glasses. I have a tan flower crown (member) and a pink jamaaliday scarf.

  11. plz gift me and I will gift back if u gift me rares I will giveback raresy username is smartjamers12866 pl gift e while u can I’m non member in a few days

  12. i have 14 rares and i am nm


  13. Party Hats?BLACK LONGS? SOLID BLACK TOP HAT :OO please buddy me or gift me thank you you dont have to do thou :’)

  14. my username is bellz33 please gift me im so lonely my friend hacked me please help me I only take rares.

    I was not being rude I just don’t have stuff love you all jammers have a jam’en day


  15. Hey Jammers,
    OMG, I can’t wait until the leap year party to come again-
    by the way when is the next leap year???

    my username~ thiry
    my brother’s username~ goosebumps71
    Please buddy us or gift us-
    Thank You, have a nice day jammers- or have a nice life.
    (P.S. wasn’t trying to be rude so if you thought I was please know I wasn’t) 🙂 😀 XD (: bye

    • The next leap year is in 2020 because it’s every 4 years. This year is a leap year but leap day already passed.

  16. Omg its in 2016!!!!! That I this year I can’t wait lo lol ?

  17. I think leap year is a party with items from BETA DAYS

  18. Do they still have this party? If so plz comment back.

  19. i wont rares but i dont know how to get them by the way i have a friebd that wonts rares my username is hijamer450 (i have a problem it sed that i do not have the priviges i dont know what to do)sorry if thats to muck info 🙂

  20. hello jammers! I am Enchantedspritrose11479.. I have 2 diamond bought spikes. One is blue and pink, the other is a plain white collar, I know it seems unfair but, I was wondering if I could possibly get a purple collar, long or short, if so jam a gram me! once again my username is Enchantedspirtrose11479. thanks and have a great day !

    p.s im a 10 yr old. I know a lot about aj. don’t try to fool me..

    • OMG Enchantedspiritrose I’ve seen you in Jamaa somewhere once! Gonna buddy you. Look out world, named user after fave candy!
      😀 😀

      • We have a lot in common Enchantedspiritrose. I’m 10 and an AJ nerd too!!!!
        😉 😀

  21. I have exactly 40 rares 🙂
    2 Rare Nerd Glasses
    1 Rare Eagle Hat
    1 Rare Head Flower
    1 Rare Cupcake Hat
    1 Rare Jamaaliday Scarf
    8 Rare Bow And Arrows
    1 Rare Heart Locket
    1 Rare Spiked Hair
    2 Rare Frenkinstein Masks
    1 Rare Mech Angel Wings
    1 Rare Lei
    6 Rare Fox Hats
    1 Rare Tiara
    2 Freedom Bands
    3 Rare Gloves
    2 Rare Worn Blankets
    1 Rare Scary Bat Wings
    1 Freedom Cape
    1 Rare Star Cape
    1 Freedom Mask
    1 Rare Scary Cat Hat!
    Im glad to have 40 rares beacause they look cool and I cant have member items cause im nm!
    Btw My user is Cruma1124!

    • omg buddy me im so not rare and dont really know what a fair trade is for most of my items 🙁 my user is lovepetal05

    • Can i have nerd glasses? I got scammed. 🙁

    • I HAVE 7 RARES :c

    • Wassup! I lost my rares to a hacker, such as bow and arrows, spikes, rare mech angel wings, rare flower crown ect. I WAS SO SAD!!!! i got a few back, but NO luck on spikes. im a nonmember, though
      so ppl don’t take me srsly. they think im a fool. no joke. my username is mermaidmagicblue. 🙁

  22. Love this blog!

  23. I have that rare necklace that you showed in the picture. I got it from an adventure…

  24. I have 7 rares !! 😀 :)☺☺☺☻

  25. yay!!! I just got the rare bat wings! 😀

  26. 🙂


  28. I have had a pink spike before, it is in one of my videos, but it was scammed. I have a few rares now. and I cannot wait until the leap year party!!!

    ~imawolf1111 aj

  29. We’ll look at that u can see all of the rare spikes I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!

  30. My extra an got back d had 2 black long collars… Mommyslilsweetheart

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