Animal Jam Trading Tips and Guide

Trading Tips

  • Always use the trading system for trades.  If someone asks you to send a trade using the Jam-a-Gram system, say no.  There is no way to safely trade using Jam-a-Grams and you will probably get ripped off.
  • Remember, you don’t have to accept every trade.  If someone sends you a trade offer that is unfair or an item you don’t want, don’t accept it.
  • Don’t add store bought items to your trade list.  No one wants to trade for these items because they can be bought at the store.
  • Complete your entire trade at once.  If someone says “Give me this item and I’ll give you another item tomorrow,” they are trying to rip you off.  Do not accept this kind of trade.
  • Don’t trade for members-only items, even if you are a non-member.  If you are a non-member, you won’t be able to use the item and no one will want to trade you for it.
  • If a player tries to bully you into trading, just report them and go somewhere else.  Don’t let them cheat you out of an item.
  • Never give your password out to anyone, even your buddies.
  • Be sure your password is hard to guess and something only you will know.


How to Trade Items in Animal Jam

One of the best ways to get new items in Animal Jam is to trade other players for them.  If you are wondering how to trade items or are looking for some tips for trading, read this guide.

Trading is a great way to get rare items that you may have missed or don’t have yet.  Unfortunately, there are some Jammer out there who want to scam other for their items.  Read on for tips on how to avoid getting scammed while trading on Animal Jam.

Before you start trading with someone, you should add the items you want to trade to your trade list.


How to add items to your trade list

In order for other players to see what items you want to trade, you have to add them to your trade list.  Be sure to only add items that you want to trade to your list.

1. To access your trade list, click on the icon of your animal in the lower left corner.

2. Then simply click on the tab called “Trade” to view your trade list.


3. Click on any of the blue + signs to add items to your trade list.  You can add both clothing and den items that you want to trade.  Simple as that.  Click the X on any item to remove it from your trade list.



How to Start the Trading Process

The trading process in Animal Jam is safe and fairly simple.  Follow the steps below to become an expert trader!

1. First find a player that you would like to trade with.  Click on their name to view their player card.

2. To view the items they want to trade, click on their trade list.  Their trade list is found on the left side of their player card marked by a blue button with yellow arrows.


3. If you see an item you want to trade for, click on it.  A box titled “Trade Request” will pop up.


4. Click on one of the blue + signs to add an item or multiple items from your inventory that you’d like to trade.



5. When you have chosen which item(s) you want to trade and you’re sure you want to trade them, click “Done.”  This will send a trade request to your buddy to see if they will accept your trade.


6. If they accept your trade, a message will pop up letting you know and the item will now be in your inventory.  If they don’t accept your trade, don’t feel bad.  You can try to work out a different trade with them or find someone else to trade with.  Just remember to be nice and respect other player’s decisions.


How to Find People to Trade With

Once you have your trade list ready, it’s time to find players to trade with.

1. Go to a busy area like Jamaa Township or Coral Canyons.  You will find a large group of people in the center of each area.  There are probably already players there asking for trades.

2. Find a good spot to stand.  Don’t stand in the middle of the large group of players because no one will see your messages or your name tag.  Stand somewhere near the edge of the group, not too far away.

3. Type a message into the chat asking people to trade.  Something like “Does anyone want to trade?” or “I accept fair trades” usually works.  Hop or dance while sending this message to attract attention.

4. Depending on what you have to trade, you may or may not get a lot of trade offers.  Some players may not be interested in your items and others may want to make unfair trades.  Remember not to let other players trick or bully you into making bad trades.

5. If you aren’t having luck in a certain area, go to another one and try the same steps there.  Eventually you’ll find other players with items that you want to trade for.


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