List of All The Animal Jam Animals – New and Old

There are many different animals available for players to choose from. There are land animals and sea animals that can be used to explore different areas of the Jamaa map. For a full list and pictures of the Animal Jam animals, click the links below.

Land Animals

Ocean Animals

You can also adopt pets to keep you company along your journey.  You will find a guide to pets below.


If you’re wondering how to create an animal, follow this guide.

How to Create Animals


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    • Hey I all ready know how to do that I guess I’m not the only one

    • what if you dont have facebook? i do have it but what if you dont?

    • I play Tunnel Town I loved it alot!I got a turtle bunny and a cactus bunny.

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  12. I Have A question For Everyone On Here That Goes On Or Created Aj WHY JUST WHY… Why whenever we get a new animal its for member I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know i want fox

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        • Hey I am giving note to every jammer, (well at least I am trying to) it’s that beeper is not playing lately and julian2 ain’t and I ain’t eathier mostly all famous people do not play much. Like when julian2 stopped his vids because he was so famous and plz do not buddy us :(

  13. i kno rite members get ALL THE NEW ANIMALS IT SUCKS I WANT DEER!!

    • i am a member, and i have a deer.

      • BEEP

      • I wish there were no members so everyone can get everything cause I want a raccoon

        • Lol I no right but I would rather have a Fox or artic wolf
          Oh and btw my name is mdm1231 on aj buddy me please!! I am sane until someone mentions fries anyway….

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  15. Hi, my user name is Witie and I am a nm (for now) But I will become a member soon. I totally get some of u guys! When I was not a member I wanted a Lion but they were members and when I finally became a member they were gone! But I really enjoy animaljam and its very fun!

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    My Membership ran out today- sob, so my den is pretty much destroyed, all my Pets gone apart from two, and I can only play as my Koala and my Tiger who look stupid because most of their clothes have gone. Oh, come on, this isn’t funny!

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  22. I have Membership again. I also have loads of Rare items now and betas and 44 buddies, I even did a fashion show at my den and buddied the winner. Their prize was Freedom Wings and they gave me Sky High and a Wood Fence in return, aww, that was so kind! Also I am trying very hard not to boast over anything. Oh yes, and I have Ice Armour and I have an Ice Helmet up for trade! That is a big offer especially since you can’t buy it with Membership anymore. I once had two full sets of Ice Armour but I traded all of the second one apart from my helmet which I was going to send to julian2 but then I found he doesn’t do much mailtime and most of the stuff gets deleted, so I soon changed my mind.

  23. Buddy me,
    In animal jam am : captaincy
    Also in facebook:cynthia garcia

  24. I Love animal jam i joined a couple of monthes ago and i Love it and Buddy me my username xxwiktoriaxx 😉

  25. Please send me some membership codes for 2014!
    Plz!I’ve always wanted to be a member!Love your game!

    A.Y 9

  26. Anyways, I’m 9.I’ve been playing animal jam for 2 years now!
    such an awesome, great, fun, and very educational game for kids!
    I really LOVE animal jam!!!!!;)

  27. Anyways, I’m 9.I’ve been playing animal jam for 2 years now!
    such an awesome, great, fun, and very educational game for kids!
    Animal jam’s the best!!!!!!! 😉

  28. Go Foxes, Go Foxes! Please trade me some more ice armour!

  29. wanna free plushie be my buddy then I will sent you one I know it sounds dumb but, I do this all the time X3 user is Melthecoolcat

  30. Animal jam rod

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  32. Lottie338 is my username! 😉

  33. Some one tricked me today.
    They tricked me into giving them some expensive phantom den items to them. There username is a nice one so you don’t suspected there tricking you. Please watch out for people bribing you with bows and gloves plus other items

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    • im banned sorry but i want to so I will get another acc

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  39. animal jam can u make eagles less diamonds i really want one plzplzplz

  40. like maybe u could even make em gems

    idea: 3,000

  41. or 1,000 idk

    just help meh

  42. I have 15 rares now. :)

    • cool, i only have 10 rares, im searching for a blue rare bow, btw my username in aj is whitesnow707 im a non member and i am a wolf and a bunny:-)

  43. hello

  44. im a member and I have 11 diamonds but im not sure if I should spend them or not cuz animal jam seems to get new things all the time.

  45. Im a member, my user is: wolfy19174 and i have an eagle , arctic wolf , snow leopard , cheetah , kangaroo on my other account which is: ilovenaruto325 and all i need is a lion.

  46. Ok guys you know how they might be coming out with eagle codes? Well,i do not think that is ok, because i have an eagle because i worked hard for it and i think that if they come out with these codes,it will just teach jammers not to wait and be patient for diamonds. If you agree with me send me a jam a gram on animal jam. Also, send me ideas for videos! My username is jackie02366. Btw, there is no capitals.

  47. Also, btw my YouTube channel is called dwills42. No caps. Thx guys! 😀

  48. Me too i have a eagle :p

  49. And a arctic wolf

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  52. I am doing a giveaway on a spick collar a silver one

  53. Send me something good for it im not scamming

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  56. it is so fun to play animaljam omg. who is a boy plz tell me.

  57. i am ten years old and who is a boy that is ten years old

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    buddy me on aj im wolfgirl6867 plus i do videos

  61. the time is wrong its rlly 3:15

  62. 13

  63. Hey, Um….All you people with non-member accounts and stuff like that..Don’t beg for the stuff, they won’t give it to you, Trade it, Fair. Take my advice, Btw, Add me on Aj! My username – tufftiger89……I use my sisters Mail File. x3 I’m to lazy to make one.. Btw, I’m a Boy on Aj, and I’m Taken, sorry girls!!! A lot of girls buddy me, and ask if I can be their guy x3. So……And I’m a Teen…My name is Jake, I’m 15 and I live in the Ca, in Big Bear Sugarloaf. ^^ For anymore Advice ask me on chatlands….. .-.

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    • Pfff tufftiger89…I’ve scammed ur girl and ur other girl x3. And i’ll scam you now! I’m the scammer my user is Awe321 !!! :) Come and Do It with me!! (Girls only..mating party at my den!) :)

    • Umm hey are we suppose to tell secret info? Plz
      If u wanna buddy me plz do not i super busy mostly julian2 is but he does not play anymore so ya
      I was super buss lately and I finally got membership

  64. So sorry
    Add me I’ll gift you with rares

    User name:smartpeuin31856

  65. I get hacked almost every night and I cant change my password until my mom says my week is over :'(

  66. you know, i got so adicted to AJ and when someone say this “gift mr if ur non member trade me!best will win nm wooden floor” and then i trade him freedom fox hat (after the freedom party is over” and then he accept it and then he dont have nm wooden floor, and when someone say this, dont trust this jammer,it maybe a scam,even tough if that jammer is so kind

  67. oi,clube como no animal jam

  68. ta

  69. Random website lol

  70. I love animal jam SOOOOO much! I play it all the time, I don’t think there’s any game better than animal jam. I’m a member too, so I have a lot of stuff. I’m soooooo glad animal jam was made, what would we do without it?

  71. Hello my name in animal jam is anastasia 1415 and i am a monkey 26 september 2014 and a cute penguin i am in animal jam from 2013 oh guees i am a Greek if you are not now if i lie look i can write this: Τώρα με πιστεύεις; 😀

    • wow cool i never knew had to do that i feel like a idiot…. :(

  72. Hi my username is herothepizzaguy you might see me on aldan,chimbu,tigres,etc well if you want my collar (rare collar) you can just well trade me i mostly am my leopard (EnchantedTheCheetah)and then you can well trade me so bye ppl also here is a free account Username:awesomesunnny Password:awesome :) have fun and jam on jammers! :)

  73. hello animal jam is great
    please reply back


  74. plz can we have free chat and no members only non mem and all of us can get dimonds and differ animals and get member stuff

  75. plz my user is alex21715 plz can we plz plz plz

  76. hi plz buddy me and plus are you ever going to show how to know every jammer on animal jam’s passwords AND username

  77. can someone plz help me have a party on AJ i have sent an emal out to my buddys on AJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last 2 partys i had ……. 1 person came to my party the first time and 1 person came to my party the 2nd time the same thing happend … only 1 person came 2 my party ……. so can someone pllzzzzz help me have a party ……thnks ……:)…..user :matheson225 animal name on AJ:Flora Chunky Roo

  78. hi go to madjasterxyz den for storm clan plz

    • Oh I will I just love all that warriors stuff…. can I be a queen or warrior?? I don’t care what my name is though…. thx!!

  79. Hi I got scammed and I am really sad i have no items at all and i would really like it if you could gift me something if you are a member only. Again my username is lolly1090 I have a otter and artic wolf, eagle, tiger, fox and a horse please please please gift me some items i might be doing mail time for my first time like my first time redcording like on 11/20/14 to 11/21/14. So if you look me up i might not be on youtube like i said it will be my first time recordng…. So please gift me for mail time i will read all your users and what you wrote to me out loud or on notepad so please gift me for mail time….. User: lolly1090 animal name:Precious Articclaw… See yawl in mail time!!!!!!

    • I think that Wootmoo and QTAngel like each other I don’t know why but i think that. My user name is lolly1090 see yawl lawl later hopefully in my mail time video on the 20th to the 21!!!

  80. i really love animal jam. i would like codes and a designer skirt. my ID is shasta1010. i have a rare. i love to trade.

  81. I’m Just 8 i need membership codes also i love animaljam i wonderd why my friends say that i got glitch whats glitch suppose to mean!!!!

  82. Oh Ya I almost forgot hi my named is Falcon626 i am a articwolf i also wanted to say plz buddy me if you guys have space for me also plz tell me when is beta day and what is beta day i almost forgot im 8 i know i already said that and im a member now Lol yolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Hey guys!

    I play Animal Jam it is my favorite game! I love it! And in my bday i get Membership for 12 moth, YAY! 😀

  84. oops sorry guys i would say on my bday not in my bday!

    PS: I am a german jammer, plz buddy me!, bye guys!

  85. sup girls :)

  86. hi, can you show me how to get the BETA play wild game, idk where to get it

  87. I got all the spike collars and guess what they all got scammed i had a headdress to but it got scammed i would love it if you jam a gram me a spike collar and a headdress i will give two bows and cool den items

  88. i was so happy when i got my skeleton suit but is there a cheat to get more diamonds? my user is swagmonkey1

  89. PLZ PLZ PLZ if you have a spike PLZ GIFT ME FOR MAIL TIME. I would like pink, purple, green, blue, red, or black SHORT (or long :D) collar. Plz subscribe I am Mystical Master :)

  90. plz give me a spike plz plz plz

  91. List of animal jam names?
    I know many:
    xxrarejammerwolfxx (subscribe to her channel Diamond AJ)
    Gracem05 (Scammer)

    blah blah blah yea..

    • I want animal but I cant get it why that ? plz tell me

  92. cool that you know that much jammers that is really cool hey do you want to add me on aj maybe jusy asking

  93. Hi people I love to play animal jam but who wants rare spikes and designer skirts back on jam mart clothing if u do put in the comment area that u agree with me so please start selling spikes and designer skirts

  94. Ps.please gift me its my b-day my username is sehnh so please gift me I will gift u after so it’s fair!

  95. Hi! Can you trade me I am friends with wolffekat and she gifted me a orange fox hat and a light blue. Please trade me @ Kittycatofdoom!
    ~Kittycatofdoom out <3

  96. Btw I have a YouTube account and my friend posts all vids. We have 5003 subs and climb everyday! If you can find our channel then please share, like, and subscribe!

  97. plz any one want to switch users my use is ace005 im a member.

  98. hey guys! My use is wolfboss2468who! Buddy me! and send me a jag that says animal jam is cool so i know you learned my use from this website!

  99. Hi I whant to play the old animal jam


  101. I RLLY NEED RARES C’MON AJHQ PLUS CAN U GIVE MEH FREE MEMBERSHIP???? if u can send me a jam-a-gram telling me so with a nice pic

  102. Hello I Would Appreciate It If Somebody Gifted Me A Rare Or Two Because I Have Hardly Any Items Or Gems My Info Is
    Username- Leopard7pink
    Best Item- Rare Collar
    Worst Item- Necklace
    Amount Of Buddys- 68
    Backup Username- Prismarinecookie
    Best Item- Black Worn
    Worst Item- Necklace
    Amount Of Buddies- 9

  103. cool animal jam. :3

  104. So, I’m just bored right now, and I’m here to tell you guys that Animal Jam HQ made an Animal Jam account!! It’s really cool because, you can Jam-A-Gram them, and go to their den, and all that other sort of stuff! So, I hope you guys liked that!! Oh! BTW, the account is called Ajhq!! Thanks for listening!! To look me up on Animal Jam, My username is KaylaBunny2000 !! I hope we can be buddies!- KaylaBunny2000 :)

  105. hi everyone

  106. Want a new account


    User: lover1hunter
    Pass: lover2hunter
    Nice jamming with u :)
    Name real: Dallas

  107. please can I have a pink rare short spike collar because I was scammed off my rare pink short my user is martynka16 thank you.

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