Bahari Bay Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Below you will see how to find all of the animals for the Bahari Bay Journey Book.  You may have to wait a few seconds for some of the animals to show up.


Barracuda: Wait by the seahorse statue and a school of barracudas will swim by.


Barrel Sponge: The barrel sponge is located near the bottom of the area on the left side.


Elephant Seal: Wait above the seahorse statue and the elephant seal will swim by.


Giant Clam: On the bottom of the area on the left side where you’ll find the giant clam.


Jellyfish: Wait near the seahorse statue.  Jellyfish will swim by across the screen.


Kelp: Kelp can be found under the Splash and Dash game.


Moray Eel: The moray eel can be seen on the lower right hand side of the area under the jellyfish pet place.


Oyster: The oyster is found near the barrel sponge at the bottom left side of the area.


Scallop: Look under the seahorse pet place to find the scallop.


Sea Cucumber: The sea cucumber is on the lower left side of Bahari Bay, under the oyster.


Sea Star: The sea star is located to the right of the oyster.


Your reward for finding these animals is a Seahorse Fountain.  Nice work!


  1. Where did they move the kelp???

  2. i feel kind of childish doing this as i am 15 but it’s still really fun! animal jam is great for all ages!

  3. really??!! the elephant seal is next to the barracudas

  4. Can you please update this? .u. i need to find them all because I’m trying to complete the books so please update

  5. They moved the oyster away from where you said.

  6. No sign of the elephant seal ANYWHERE!!!

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