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Bitter Sweets Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


Bitter Sweets, a brand new Night of the Phantoms adventure, can be found at the Phantom Portal in Jamaa Township. In this adventure, you play as one of your pets and must touch Proto-Phantoms in order to defeat them and get back the candy they stole. Once you have talked to the mysterious figure in the shadows, you are given 12 minutes to round up as much candy as you can. The more candy you […]

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The Search for Greely Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


First talk to Graham.  He’ll tell you that they haven’t seen Greely since the volcano erupted.  They’ve been looking for him but no one has found any sign of him. Pick up a torch and begin walking down the trail.  Be sure to light the large torch so the bridge will appear. Keep walking onto the purple pipeline until you see the piles of papers.  It looks like the papers are from Greely’s journal. Talk […]

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The Forgotten Desert Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


The Forgotten Desert is one of the newest Animal Jam adventures and is currently only available for members who have eagles.  Once you play the adventure you’ll see why!  To begin the adventure, go to the Adventures Base Camp or select the adventure from the menu. You will want to do this adventure with three other players if possible.  You’ll need 3 other eagles with you to complete some of the objectives! First you’ll talk […]

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In Too Deep Adventure Guide & Cheats


In Too Deep is the second ocean Animal Jam adventure.  In this adventure you’ll have to enter and explore the Phantom Factory to stop the Phantoms from polluting the ocean! Talk to Liza. She’ll tell you that the entrance to the Phantom Factory is located below you. The phantoms are using the factory to pollute the ocean so you must find a way to stop them! Swim over to the front of the whale. You’ll […]

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Bubble Trouble Adventure Walkthrough Guide & Cheats


Bubble Trouble is the first underwater adventure that came to Animal Jam.  The dolphins have been captured by the phantoms and are stuck in cages.  It’s up to you to free them! First talk to Liza. She’ll tell you that the phantoms have been polluting the ocean and capturing animals. Swim all the way to the right until you see the pipe leaking pollution. Swim above the valve and use your spin move to close […]

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Turning the Tide Adventure Guide & Cheats


Turning the Tide is the newest Ocean adventure to come to Animal Jam.  It is currently for members only and you must have completed the Basic Training to go on the adventure.  Tavie the Alpha dolphin has been captured by the phantoms and it’s up to you to rescue her! First talk to Graham, he’ll tell you to find some whirlpearls and destroy the Phantom fan below you so you can swim down further. You […]

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Greely’s Inferno Cheats & Guide


Greely’s Inferno is one of the newest Animal Jam adventures.  It’s up to you to stop the phantom king from erupting the volcano and destroying Jamaa.  Can you make it in time to stop him!? First talk to Cosmo at the base of the volcano. He says it’s going to erupt any minute and you need to help Graham near the top of the volcano. You need to make your way up to the top […]

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The Great Escape Cheats & Guide


The Great Escape is the fourth Animal Jam Adventure that can be found at the Adventures Base Camp.  In this adventure, you have to get captured by the phantoms to gain entrance into the tower that they’ve taken over.  It’s up to you to find the trapped monkeys and set them free. First talk to Cosmo.  He’ll tell you that it’s raining sludge and it’s killing the plants.  He thinks it’s coming from the tower.  […]

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The Hive Cheats & Guide


Talk to Cosmo when you start the adventure. He’ll tell you that the Phantom King has found a way into Jamaa and that everyone could be in danger if you don’t stop him. Head north by clicking on the phantom webs to destroy them. Keep going until you see Greely the Alpha Wolf. He’ll tell you about all of the phantom pods scattered through the hive. Keep making your way through the hive. Keep walking […]

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Meet Cosmo Cheats & Guide


Meet Cosmo is the third Animal Jam Adventure which was recently released for members. In this adventure, you have to help Cosmo find the missing koalas that have been captured by the phantoms and restore the land to the koalas. Once again, the phantoms have polluted the streams and Cosmo’s crops aren’t growing.  First grab the watering can and water all 7 plants in his garden. Then Cosmo tells you that 3 koalas have been […]

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