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Codes Page Updated for 2017 – I Need Your Help!


Happy 2017 Jammers!  I can’t believe it’s already a new year, where did 2016 go??  Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the Jamaalidays and other festivities! I updated the Animal Jam Codes page for 2017 and removed some codes that no longer work.  A bit of bad news is that I don’t have any new codes to add to the page yet! That’s where I need your help.  In the past, readers of my site […]

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December 2016 New Animal Jam Code


Hey Jammers!  The Jamaalidays are now in full swing.  I hope you’ve been logging in to get your free diamonds every other day, don’t miss out! Animal Jam usually releases at least one new code every month and December is no exception.  This month’s code is another one that was shown to me by one of our readers lilyandemma8 so thanks for sharing! This new code for December 2016 will give you 500 gems when […]

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Animal Jam Toucan Pics, Codes & Video


The Toucan is the newest animal to come to Jamaa in November 2016.  I just got one so I thought I’d show you all what they look like! Now that there have been a few different kinds of flying animals added to the Diamond Shop, let’s see how the toucans are different from the others.  First off, they look a little smaller than the other birds, especially the eagles. Toucans can be bought at the Diamond Shop […]

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Another New Animal Jam Code for November


A brand new Animal Jam code was told to me by one of our readers this week!  I want to give a huge thank you to Pinatas for commenting and sharing this new code. As many of you know, we have a codes page with all of the newest working Animal Jam codes.  Sometimes I find codes on my own but a lot of the time they are given to me by other Jammers who […]

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New Animal Jam Code for November 2016


Hey everyone!  It’s a new month so that means it’s time for a new Animal Jam code!  I want to give a special thanks to Amy who is one of our readers who told me about the new code. As many of you know, Animal Jam codes can be used to unlock gems, items and sometimes even diamonds for free.  Codes can only be used once per account and they sometimes expire. The newest code […]

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Codes List Updated for October!


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that the Animal Jam codes page has been updated for October 2016.  Go check it out and you can find codes to get thousands of gems for free! Unfortunately there aren’t any new codes for October BUT after reports from multiple Jammers, I went through and tested some of the old codes and there are a few that work again!  So if you missed out on these […]

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Animal Jam Lemurs


Hey Jammers!  Lemurs have recently arrived in Jamaa so I thought I’d make a post about them to show you!  They are the newest animal to come to Animal Jam in September 2016. Lemurs are one of my favorite animals so I’m definitely excited for them to come to Jamaa.  If they’re anything like the lemurs in the movie Madagascar, I bet they’re lots of fun! You can find the new lemurs at the Diamond […]

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Animal Jam Sloth Codes


Sloths are the newest animal to arrive to the Diamond Shop in 2016!  They lost the voting contest earlier this year but AJHQ decided to add them to the game anyways! I dont know about you but I’ve been curious about how the sloth will move and act around Jamaa.  Will they move slowly?  Let’s find out! Sloths can be purchased at the Diamond Shop for the cost of 5 Diamonds.  Sloths are the second […]

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Animal Jam Pig Codes


Everyone’s excited about the newest animal to come to the Diamond Shop, the Pig!  When they announced pigs would be coming to Jamaa I couldn’t wait! Well pigs are here now and they’re available at the Diamond Shop for 5 diamonds.  What if you’re not a member or don’t have 5 diamonds to spend?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Pigs can access all land areas in Jamaa and love to play in the mud, […]

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New Animal Jam Codes for July 2016


Hey Jammers!  I’m back with a couple brand new working Animal Jam codes for July 2016.  These codes will each add 500 gems to your account for a total of 1000 gems! It’s easy to enter the codes, just check the box when you first log in to Animal Jam.  Or you can click on the settings button while you’re playing and click “I have a code”. These are the two newest working codes for […]

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