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Animal Jam Falcon Codes


Falcons are one of the newest Diamond Shop animals in 2016.  Falcons were voted to be the next animal by Jammers.  Click here to find out more about the contest that happened. As many of you could guess, Falcons are flying animals so they can fly pretty much anywhere in Jamaa.  They are the third kind of flying animal in Animal Jam behind the Eagle and the Owl. Falcons are available for purchase at the […]

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Two New Animal Jam Codes for 500 Gems – April 2016


Hey Jammers!  I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted any new Animal Jam codes but we’re back with two new ones for April 2016!  You can enter codes when you first log in to Animal Jam or through the settings menu when you’re playing. First I have to give credit to a reader who told me about one of these codes, thank you prince quietkangaroo!  Here are the two newest Animal Jam codes […]

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February 2016 Code for 1000 Gems


Hey Jammers!  This month there’s a brand new Animal Jam code for 1000 gems in February 2016.  All you have to do is type the code in the box before you log in and you’ll receive the gems when you start playing. This code was found by one of our readers so I want to give a big thanks to Leila!  The newest code for Animal Jam in 2016 is: picsou – 1000 gems Remember, codes […]

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Animal Jam Goat Codes


Goats are arriving to Animal Jam some time in early 2016.  Hints were given in the Jamaa Journal and goats were officially announced as the newest animal in January 2016. Goats are one animal that I never really thought would come to Jamaa but they’re pretty cool!  They’ll be available in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Start saving now! Members are the only ones who can buy goats so if you don’t have a membership, […]

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New Animal Jam 1000 Gem Code – January 2016


Hey everyone!  There’s a new Animal Jam code for 2016 that will get you 1000 gems!  Simply enter the code when you log in to Animal Jam and the gems will be added to your account.  Here’s the newest AJ code for 2016. tojam – 1000 gems You can only use this code once per account so spend your gems wisely.  What a great way to start the new year with an extra 1000 gems […]

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Animal Jam Deer Codes


Deer have returned to Jamaa just in time for the Jamaalidays.  If you missed out last time Deer were available, then don’t miss your chance this year! One of the best things about deer is that you don’t have to buy them at the Diamond Shop.  Deer can be purchased for only 1000 gems and you buy them just like you’d add any new animal in Animal Jam. If you need some more gems to […]

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Animal Jam Llama Codes


The Llama is a fairly new animal that arrived in Animal Jam in 2015.  Llamas are exclusively available at the Diamond Shop in Jamaa and are currently for members-only. It costs 10 diamonds to purchase a Llama from the Diamond Shop.  Even if you have a membership, it can take a long time to save up 10 diamonds!  If you’re not a member or you don’t have 10 diamonds in your account, then we’re here […]

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Animal Jam Lynx Codes


The Lynx came to Animal Jam in Fall 2015 and has been a big hit at the Diamond Shop ever since!  Everyone loves the big cats in Animal Jam and the Lynx is no exception! I mean just look at that face :p I had to break down and get one.  Just like the rest of new animals in Animal Jam, they cost 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop and are for members only.  I […]

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Animal Jam Arctic Fox Codes


The Arctic Fox is the newest animal coming to Jamaa in November 2015.  The Arctic Foxes are the smaller relatives of the other foxes you’re probably familiar with!  Here’s what they look like. Aren’t they cool looking?!  They’ll be available in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  I’m really hoping they put out some codes for Arctic Foxes, I think that’d be a nice surprise before the holidays.  AJHQ should do a contest for best decorated […]

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Animal Jam Owl Codes


The wait is over, owls just arrived to Jamaa yesterday!  These have been one of the most highly anticipated animals yet.  Pet owls arrived a couple months ago but now you can get one for your main animal too. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the owls until I got one today.  They’re pretty cool!  The owls are a bit smaller than the eagles, just like in real life.  They look pretty neat though […]

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