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The Phantom Vortex Game Tips


Every year for Night of the Phantoms a game called The Phantom Vortex comes to town.  You may have noticed the purple and green phantom vortexes around Jamaa, just click on one to play the game! When you enter the Phantom Vortex you’ll be inside of the room pictured below.  There’s not really anywhere to go in the room except for playing the game, so let’s get started. The goal of the game is to […]

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Summer Carnival 2016 Guide, Tips & Cheats for Tickets


The Summer Carnival is back again for 2016 with some fun new attractions and features!  Here you’ll get a quick tour of the Summer Carnival along with some tips and cheats for the games to earn more tickets! Any Jammer can go to the Summer Carnival and it’s free to enter.  All you have to do is click on one of the Summer Carnival banners that can be found around Jamaa. This is the area […]

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Animal Jam Eat Em Up Game-AJHQ Spotlight

spotlight game

Attention Jammers, a new game has been featured that you can find at Crystal Reef. The game at Crystal Reef is known as Eat Em Up, and a lot of Jammers are really having a lot of fun playing this new game, with Jammers trying to get through the levels as quick as they can in order to compete with friends across the Animal Jam kingdom. Well did you know that just by playing this […]

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Phantom Ball Cheats for Animal Jam

Phantom Ball is an Animal Jam Summer Carnival game.  This is a classic carnival game with an Animal Jam twist.  The goal is to roll the ball into the slots worth the most points.  First, you stop the arrow where you want to aim the ball. Then you choose how much power to roll the ball with by stopping the meter when the yellow is full. Click again to roll the ball into the rings. […]

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Carnival Darts Cheats for Animal Jam

Carnival Darts is a game that’s found at the Animal Jam Summer Carnival.  This is one of the more difficult Summer Carnival games.  The goal of this game is to shoot as many balloons as you can before you run out of darts.  Use your arrow keys to move back and forth and the spacebar to shoot darts. Aim for the balloons with letters on them.  If you shoot all of them and spell out […]

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Cotton Candy Machine Cheats for Animal Jam

The Cotton Candy Machine is found at the Animal Jam Summer Carnival.  It’s not much of a game, more of a customization process like the Hot Cocoa Machine.  First you choose which color cone you want. Then you choose which flavor of cotton candy you want. Last, you use your cone to scoop up the cotton candy from the machine. After that, you’re done!  You have your very own cotton candy that you can take […]

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Whack-A-Phantom Cheats for Animal Jam

Whack-A-Phantom is a Summer Carnival game that is an imitation of the classic game “Whack-a-mole”.  The objective of Whack-A-Phantom is to hit all of the black and gold phantoms without hitting the red ones.  This can be harder than it sounds because they pop up quickly.  Follow this guide and the cheats below to master this Summer Carnival game! Each black phantom you whack gives you 10 points.  The gold phantoms give you points and […]

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Candy Catch Cheats for Animal Jam

Candy Catch is a game that is found at the Summer Carnival.  This game costs 5 gems to play but you can earn a lot of tickets if you follow this cheat guide.  The goal of Candy Catch is to catch as many pieces of candy in your cup as possible.  You have to watch out for the phantoms because they will cause you to lose candy. Each piece of candy is worth 10 points. […]

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Phantom’s Treasure Cheats for Animal Jam

Phantom’s Treasure is a game found at the bottom of Deep Blue.  This game is a kind of “I Spy” game where you have to find different hidden objects in a picture.  To begin, players choose from two different areas to find the hidden items; Hidden Reef and Sunken Ship. I personally think the Sunken Ship is easier to find items, but try them both out and see what you think!  You have to find […]

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Eat Em Up Cheats for Animal Jam

Eat Em Up is an Animal Jam game found in Crystal Reef.  The objective of this game is to eat fish smaller than you and avoid being eaten by large fish.  Use your mouse to swim around the tank and eat small fish. After each level, your fish grows larger and you can eat larger fish too.  Pay attention to which fish you can eat. Cheats & Hints The red squids are worth an extra […]

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