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Play Wild Arctic Wolf Guide


The Arctic Wolf is one of the premium animals in Play Wild.  In order to unlock an Arctic Wolf, you have to purchase it from the Play Wild Premium Shop.  Here’s what they look like! Arctic Wolves cost $2.99 at the Premium Shop so you’ll need a credit card to get one, unless you know any cheats to get an arctic wolf for free! When you get an Arctic Wolf in Animal Jam Play Wild, you […]

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Play Wild Treasure Hunt Cheats & Tips


Treasure hunts are fun quests in Play Wild where you get 5 chances to win prizes!  When you log in to Play Wild, you’ll see a treasure map at the top of your screen.  Click on it to go on a Treasure Hunt! The first thing you’ll see is the Treasure Hunt map.  Some treasure hunts are only available for certain animals so you’ll have to buy them if you want to go on that […]

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Play Wild Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt Cheats Guide


Another Treasure Hunt in Play Wild is the one located in Jamaa Township.  This Treasure Hunt is for Monkeys only, so if you don’t have a monkey, you have to buy one from the shop. Jamaa Township Hidden Prizes 250 gems Bowler Hat 100 gems I didn’t have a monkey when I first tried to play the Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt so I had to buy one.  Tap the green button to go to the […]

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Play Wild Autumn Thicket Treasure Hunt Cheats & Guide


Autumn Thicket is the first Play Wild Treasure Hunt that I ever played.  This Treasure Hunt is for bunnies only so if you don’t have one yet, you need to go to the shop and buy one.  I was already playing as a bunny so I was ready to start the hunt! Autumn Thicket Hidden Prizes 250 gems Guitar 100 gems The treasure hunts are very simple if you haven’t played them yet.  All you […]

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Play Wild Guide #1 – Getting Started


Play Wild is Animal Jam’s newest mobile game app.  It’s basically a full version of Animal Jam in 3D on your phone!  And now it’s available on both Android & iOS devices! Now that I finally was able to get Play Wild on my phone, I decided to make some guides to help new players learn how to play the game and figure out how to do other stuff!  This is the first guide to […]

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When Does Play Wild Come Out on Android?


Play Wild recently came out for all iOS devices which means iPhone and iPod touch users can now play the game.  Before it was just for iOS iPad users.  But that still leaves the question, when will Animal Jam Play Wild come out for Android?! Rumors about an Animal Jam app have been circulating for a long time but it wasn’t until early 2015 that we received confirmation that one was in the works.  The Play […]

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Animal Jam Play Wild App Released for All iOS Devices


Attention iOS device owners!  Animal Jam Play Wild has finally been released for all iOS devices.  That’s right, iPhone and iPod Touch users can now get Play Wild for free! Play Wild is available for free in the iTunes Store and now works on any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or higher.  You can download the game completely free but there are some in-game purchases available for special animals and items. Unfortunately for android users […]

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Animal Jam Play Wild Officially Released for iPad iOS


Hey everyone!  The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here (sort of)!!  Play Wild was officially released world wide today for iOS iPad devices.  I wish they would have at least made it available for all iOS devices so iPhone and iPod Touch users could play too, but maybe it only looks good on the large iPad screen?  Hopefully they will release it for all iOS devices soon!  The iPhone 6+ is pretty much […]

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Play Wild Review, Cheats & Tips Guide


On June 24th 2015, Developers Wildworks, Inc. brought their world famous children’s massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), “Animal Jam”, to the iPad when they created “Animal Jam Play Wild”. Animal Jam Play Wild is available on the iTunes App Store where it is well received with 4.5 stars. To play Animal Jam- Play Wild you need iOS 7.1 and it’s currently only available for the iPad although it’s anticipated that Wildworks, Inc. is […]

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How to Download Play Wild for iOS & Android – US & Other Countries


As some of you may have seen, Animal Jam quietly released Play Wild for iOS on June 24th, 2015.  The only problem is it’s currently only available for players in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  Also, as of right now, it’s only available for iPads, which really limits the amount of Jammers who can play it. The good news is that if you have an iPad, but you don’t live in the countries mentioned above, […]

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