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Tunnel Town Update: New Spooky Bunnies – Witch & Unicorn


With Night of the Phantoms and Halloween just around the corner, Tunnel Town has released another update with some brand new bunnies!  You may remember the spooky bunnies who first made an appearance last year: the pumpkin bunny, vampire bunny, and franken bunnies were all a huge hit! Well this year they’re back with two new additions: the unicorn bunny and the witch bunny!  These two cute new bunnies are sure to add some Halloween […]

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New Tunnel Town Rooster Bunnies & the Founder Bunny is Back!


Attention Tunnel Town players!  Big news this week…first of all, there’s a brand new bunny available – the Rooster bunny!  These bunnies have left the chicken coop and arrived just in time for fall. Rooster bunnies can be purchased at the market for a whopping 400 stars or you can head over to the Bunny Breeding Guide and see how to get one yourself for free!  I’m still looking for help with finding more combinations […]

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New Tunnel Town Bunnies – Dinosaur & Skunk


Tunnel Town seems to be back at it with releasing new bunnies at a steady pace.  This month they’ve released two more new bunnies; the dinosaur bunny and the skunk bunny. Here’s a look at them! These two new bunnies are pretty awesome, I love the idea of having a dinosaur bunny!  I’m not sure how the other bunnies will feel about having a skunk in the burrow though… To find out how to breed […]

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Tunnel Town Update – New Bunnies!


Hey everyone!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Tunnel Town update so I checked today and it looks like I’m way behind!!  There have been at least 6 new bunnies since I last updated. It’s been so long since I’ve played Tunnel Town that I don’t know any of the combinations to breed these new bunnies.  That means I need your help!  If you know of any working combinations to breed these new […]

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Tunnel Town Update: Cupid & Chinese Dragon Bunnies!


They just added two new bunnies to Tunnel Town this week – The Chinese Dragon bunny and the Cupid bunny!  The Cupid bunny is a seasonal bunny for Valentines Day coming up.  The Chinese Dragon bunny appears to be a permanent new bunny which is awesome!  I think it might be my favorite bunny yet! These two new bunnies are now available to all Tunnel Town players.  The Cupid bunnies can be purchased for 1,200 […]

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Fox Bunnies Are Here – Tunnel Town Update


Hey everybody!  It’s been a little while since I played Tunnel Town and I just logged in and saw that there is a new bunny – the fox bunny! The cute little arctic bunnies have arrived just in time for it to start getting really cold this winter.  There’s a blue one and a tan one that you can breed in Tunnel Town. You can purchase the fox bunnies from the market for a whopping […]

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Tunnel Town Update: New Spooky Bunnies!


This week they finally came out with some more new bunnies for Tunnel Town.  Just in time for Halloween, welcome the Spooky bunnies! There are a total of three different kinds of Spooky bunnies, each with two variations, that’s six new bunnies total!!  If you want to see how to hatch all three different kinds of Spooky bunnies, head on over to the Tunnel Town Breeding Guide! The first new Spooky bunny is the Pumpkin […]

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Tunnel Town Update: New Beetle Bunnies!


Tunnel Town just came out with another update: Beetle Bunnies!  I think this is a pretty appropriate update considering that there’s so many beetles around during the summer! There are two different colors of beetle bunnies available now, blue and orange.  The Beetle bunnies are said to be some of the most popular bunnies in Tunnel Town because of their status as musicians (like the Beatles). You can buy a Beetle Bunny for a whopping […]

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Tunnel Town Available for Android + New Luck Bunnies!


That’s right!  Android users can now download Tunnel Town for FREE!  The wait is over, you can finally play Tunnel Town on your Android device.  What will your burrow look like?! Be sure to check out the Tunnel Town Hints & Cheats Guide to help you out in the game! In other exciting news, there’s a brand new kind of bunny in Tunnel Town!  Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, welcome the Luck Bunnies […]

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New Tunnel Town Bunnies: Roadrunner Rabbit & Albino Bunny


Two new types of bunnies have recently come to Tunnel Town!  First of all, Roadrunner rabbits have been “spotted” around Tunnel Town.  These quick and quirky little guys make another excellent addition to anyone’s burrow! Along with the Roadrunner rabbits, there are now Albino bunnies too!  These super rare bunnies aren’t even available for sale!  You’ve gotta figure out how to breed one if you want one in your burrow.  Hop on over to the […]

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