Animal Jam Codes for 2016

*Animal Jam Codes List Updated for April 2016*

Codes are needed to get the most out of Animal Jam.  New codes come out every couple weeks and can be used for free gems and other new items!  I’ll try to keep this list of codes updated as they expire and new ones come out.  Feel free to comment if you know any new codes that I don’t have on the list!

If you need more gems to buy items or you are tired of trying to earn gems by playing games, try the list of codes below.  These codes have been tested to work and will unlock different items and gems.  Each gem code can only be used once per player so use them wisely.


The list of codes below has the newest working animal jam codes for 2016.  I try to keep the list up to date so if any codes are expired let me know.  The Animal Jam codes list was last updated April 2016. The newest code listed below is explore.  I will add more unexpired codes for 2016 as soon as they come out, thanks for looking!

**Update** I went through and tested every code listed below and cleared out all of the expired ones.  The list is shorter now but all of the codes should be 100% working.  If you know any new working codes please post them in the comments!

Animal Jam Promo Codes

Below is the most recently updated list of codes available on animal jam in 2016!

explore – 500 gems (thanks prince quietkangaroo!)

trench – 500 gems

tojam – 1000 gems (thanks Emily!)

animals – 1000 gems

ajbday5 – Animal Jam 5th birthday cake

explorer – 100 gems


Expired Promo Codes:

picsou – 1000 gems (thanks Leila!)

gifts – 500 gems (thanks adorbs101!)

twelve – 1 diamond

beano – 1000 gems

NGKJammin – 1000 gems (thanks t36fa!)

newyear15 – 500 gems (thanks Bolt51963)

outback – 500 gems (thanks disqualified!)

ajrocks – 500 gems (thanks southernwolf03!)

pets – 500 gems (thanks iamthecat!)

winter – 500 gems (thanks Cali Girl!)

adventure – 500 gems

drawing – 500 gems

shadows – 500 gems (thanks Abby!)

chimbu – 500 gems (thanks Nikola!)

tigris – 500 gems (thanks fish301!)

ganges – 500 gems (thanks ARCTICKWOLFGIRL!)

ngk2015 – 1000 gems

ajbday4 – Animal Jam 4th birthday cake

friendship – 500 gems

friends – 1000 gems (thanks littlefrozenpants!)

spooky – 500 gems (thanks shytail1!)

nile – 500 gems (thanks Lucas!)

zambezi – 500 gems (thanks ARCTICKWOLFGIRL!)

kama – 500 gems

ngexplorer  1000 gems

ajbday3 – Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake

Alphas – 500 gems

bemybuddy – 500 gems

10million – 10 million banner

thanks – imprisoned phantoms

ngkidsrox – 1000 gems

discovery – 1000 gems

HOOOT – 500 gems

kangaroo – 500 gems

koala – 500 gems

dolphin – 500 gems

AJHQ3000 – 500 gems

birthdaybash – unlocks a birthday cake

How to Use Animal Jam Codes

Check out the instructions below for a guide on how to enter Animal Jam codes.

Entering codes is easy, all you have to do is check the box when you login then enter your code.  Some codes have to be typed exactly as they are spelled so make sure you use caps lock if they are in capital letters.


Once you login, a gift box will appear with your promo code gift.


Click the box and you’ll unlock your promo code reward!  The codes are good for however many gems it says on the list.


Once you’ve used these Animal Jam codes you can enjoy the free gems you’ve unlocked!  Be sure to share the codes with your friends so they can get the most out of Animal Jam too.  Check back because I will update this list with new codes when they come out.  If you know any new animal jam codes that I haven’t mentioned, please comment and I’ll put them on the list of unexpired codes!

Let me know if you see any expired Animal Jam codes here and I’ll take them off the list!  I try to find the latest Animal Jam codes and keep this list fresh but I can always use some help from other Jammers :)  Don’t be afraid to comment below and let me know about any new codes for gems or anything else!

Instead of spending hours playing games to unlock gems, just use these codes to earn gems and other prizes!  Gems can be used to buy new den items, costumes, pets and more!  Increase the size of your Animal Jam bank account with these codes.  This list will be updated regularly for the newest codes for 2016.  This aj codes list was last updated April 2016.

  1. a really good code i tried was ngkidsrox and it worked THANKS A LOT YOU A GOOD JAMMER YOU DID NOT SCAM!!!!! YAY

    • First of all , if she didnt have the right code or the code is done it still would have ment she ddint scam plus how could she scam here =| -4eopard001

      • IKR @NADIA

        • Buddy me on AJ isaiah2288 zaza2288 bff2288

          • omfg guess what!!!
            all of these codes worked for me!!! lolz buddy me @ Coolbluelover or @ littlebunnychic!! i use both…..
            :) :) XD!!

          • tryed codes and they did not work they are not expired

          • hey i nowq u on aj im pugajada123

          • come on guys! some codes dont work right away!

          • ok they all work for me lolz idk why they no work for some ppl xd buddy me im jayfeather2014 if im full send me

          • buddy me

          • ok buddy me I will say yes to you :)
            ok I queenariyllela

          • Another code is BIRTHDAYBASH fyi all caps
            Friend me my user name is bethiekid

          • Ehem…. Ehem…. Ehem…. Ehem… Ehem… im JULIAN2 I Also Play on Winride so IF u Would send me a gift i would Apprieceate it i will Buddy you and give you SHout outs in my videos if u do so :3 Add Me and send me a awesome gift if Fu wanna be Famous (Im Julian2 just playing on my bAckup Account)

          • I’m lilmaam buddy me on aj I used diamond code, first one to work!!! OMG I used like 20 before that on other sites non worked so happy!!

          • I am pancakebuns!

          • hi

          • I would like tocput a code in for 4000 gems
            Me and my friend got no gems from doing our code
            Off this website

          • you should buddy me on aj because i can give you LOTS of rares oh i forgot to tell you my username okay my username is koukla2 so please make me your buddy will always be accepting buddy requests so make me your buddy.So r u going to make me your buddy?

          • omg i have codes twleve for dimaonds

          • I have an account if you want it though:
            U: Conic2
            P: dase1998
            go ahead (works 100%)

          • this day is the most nicest day i ever had im going to get the phatom armor thanks! for a lovely chat bye

          • add me on animal jam!! my user name is FlyingTaco25 im new so i dont have much friends

          • i will buddy you and do went to trade me

        • IKR

          • hey soo if u want a free headdress send me a gift and the first one i get gets a rare one next one get non rare any color{i have them all} plz trust me i no scammer i am kykylacy plz trust me i no scammer

          • buddy me princesssummer

          • hey kykylacy its saying that’s not a name on animal jam

          • twelve gets u one diamond IT REALLY WORKS!

          • Hi

          • hi guys

          • OMG the only DIMOND CODE I know of is TWELVE. Any other DIMOND codes? If u know of one tell me. I am frozen9192 buddy me.

          • Add me at penguin35721 . i am a member . i say y8es to all buddy requests , if i am full tell me by jam a grams and come to my den for a winter day and snowball fight! Remeber ADD MEH AND COME TO MY DEN , UNLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • i love it i dont care

          • I need some diamond codes

          • Hi am Evelmakk I play Ani aml jam too. Am a member btw, and also my sisters username is Eilimakk and my real name is Evelyn.

        • sup yo i dont know much but i need diamond codes plz

          • twelve

          • My username is animal93929.I can tell you more diamond codes. The diamond codes I know give you 500 to 1000 diamonds. Buddy me if you want to know more codes.
            my username is: animal93929.And please reply to tell me if you buddied me so I now who to tell the codes to.

          • +Panda101

            Ehhh… Why would AJHQ make such diamond codes?

          • The code twelve STILL WORKS! whoever made this website, said that the code twelve DOESN’T work, well, it does. So yeah, please gift me rares (wolvesrule92)I will gift you a spike collar AND a headdress, no lie I own nearly every rare in jamaa and I own ever coloured rare and non rare headdress. I don’t wear them so, please send me rares. thanks heaps if you send me a rare. If you do, then you WILL DEFINIATLY get a SPIKE COLLAR and a rare OR non rare HEADDRESS! 😀 please send me rares!

          • PLEASE TELL ME WHAT A DIAMOND CODE IS I KNOW 1 BUT IT IS NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND PLEASE BUDDY ME I AM awesomegirl11809!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • me too!

          • HELLO: twelve is a code!

        • com on hahaHA DJ

        • rui809

          • hello just got all my spikes hacked if u would plz add and donate at least won rare spike I would be happy my user is darren9447

        • I tried the 10million code and it did not work, and so did the thanks code. How much time does this take?

          • It Was expired duh!

          • Their expired duh ;-;

          • gifme acconut member 1 year and artic Wolf girl plz jammers no koala no monkey

          • I know some codes called ngkjammin and Beano

        • Very true

        • We’ll I want 10 free diaminds…..

          • Does anyone wanna offer anything for my beta fountain or rare spike wrist short yellow ? I am willing to trade it for a beta……

          • Oh and btw. My username is smeagol70822 :3

          • i don’t think there is a 10 diamond code well that i know of

          • I do have an unwanted non-rare headress if you want it, I don’t mind at all.


        • what does that mean

        • hai guys! if u want to check me out, my account is livasion1234.

          • What’s your password because you gave the username but not the password!!

          • Sure!

        • here is free member act

          • Amazing codes i have 12 month membership .

      • bemybuddy wont work on my computer 😐 is it expired?

        • ‘-‘ same

          • All of the codes worked for me the first time but the second time i wanted to try them they did not work…. :(


          • u can only use the code once


          • OMG!!!!!!!!!I tried all of them literally and it worked yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          • i know a code it’s friendship

        • Bemybuddy Chimbu Nile and Alphas don’t wok why?

          • weird right

          • You’ve used them on the same Computer. Lol…..
            Someone copyed mah fricken username 😛 Idiots what the faaaaaaaaaaak?

          • all of them worked for me accept nile, alphas, and ajbday3

          • They worked on mine. You know you can only use the code once, right?

          • I tried all the codes they work add me on aj my username is plumsweet1 and fireclaw123 i use both accounts fireclaw123 might be new jammer whatever though anyways please add me you rock im non member and here are some stuff; fireclaw123: looks like plumsweet1, no clothes though
            plumsweet1:white fox hat, silver glove, chain necklace
            thanks and please PLEASE add me im a member of fallensky please add me maybe you can join if its ok with vine!

          • Bemybuddy doesn’t wrk for me!? Why?

          • You can only put the codes once. Maybe you’ve already done it. Oh and btw, there are no “Diamond Codes.”

          • I think its not working cause u already used it. Codes dont work the second time u try to use them.

          • it did not work because maybe u used it before and u can only use them one time

          • well duh they prob expired i tried them many times it never gave me gems

          • they expired

          • Ok did u use them two times if u did u can only use the code once

        • Same here. It logged me in but in didnt give me anything. Same with nile

          • im ivy20032 once i put in a gem code i got it then the next
            diffrent gem code i put in did not work

          • ya it did not work for me EITHER :( AND I GOT MAD TOO

          • it did it to me a lot!

          • ngexplorer doesn’t work it only worked once :(

          • =D

          • these codes dont work but i wil give every body 1000 gems to be my freind my na is partey1234 be my freind

          • omg it did to me 2!:( i put in one code on one day, i tryed andother and it didnt give me anything!

          • it did the same to me….:( and there is one diamond code…. it is twelve!

          • thanks no work

          • yeah I tried that to it logged in but no gems and stuff

          • I did ngk2015 but it didn’t WORK

          • Try this code, it gives you 500 jems!

            Buddy me! I am Bolt51963 ( the “b” is a capital by the way!)
            Hope it helps

          • Thank you!!

          • Why expire codes? P.S. If they stop expiring codes I will not QUIT AJ IF THEY STOP EXPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • it works but no works sometimes:(

          • Like Nothing works except like 3 codes witch give you like 500 gems. A waste of my time. :(

        • all the codes I try don’t work…

          • how dare you .o. it does work >:I

          • me too

          • add me on animal jam!
            i am,kingdomhearts20014
            and a password sometimes doesn’t
            work. i advise that u keep trying guys!
            every code works for me!
            and i play on a laptop.XD!

          • hi can i have a code for club penguin plz! kermitigilr8 needs a code so bad and by the way kermitgirl8 is my penguin on club penguin :)

          • Mine don’t work either and it’s the first time I have used a code before on animal jam

          • Ava Maybe you have a slow computer. Sometimes when I try to get gems out of codes they don’t give me them because my computer is SO SLOW! But It Could Also be because they are expired or you have used them already. Ps My User Is ilovebunnies1342 I am a non member right now but will be member soon PLEASE BUDDY! =3

          • Well try again coz. they do work….. Most of the time (.3.)

          • SO um some people dont work for them and buddy me im at Savageforlife21

        • no it is not expired um maybe you inteered it wrong or u already typed it to times

          • notch knows i survived hes in my world and also SQAISHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

          • Some plz friend me on aj plz my name is lpsryanchloe plz friend me ……….

          • No I only used it once dude

        • yes it is or try it again

        • um bemmybuddy I don’t think is expired.but does any one have any more codes for 10000 coins?

        • are u Mohamed?

        • Yes

          • hi are you shaain mohamed

        • did u use it already once
          if u did u can only use that code once

          • I have some codes for 2015 they are zamezi, chimbu, nile, drawing, shadows, explorer, winter, spooky, adventure, ganges, ngk2015, ajbday3, ajbday4, 100diamondsarecool, tigris, twelve, aj4lyay, 10million, thanks, HOOOT, birthdaybash and ngkidsrox. buddy me I am Bluegem88640

        • Same for me I find not a lot of those codes work so I give it a bad review

          • explorer does not work some reason, why?

        • It is

        • ikr is it expired

        • it is

        • it is expired

        • yes it is

        • Yes it is I think

      • you posted this on my bday!

      • Same here

      • hahah true

      • um…. not to be mean by correcting you but meant it spelled m-e-a-n-t not ment hope i wasn’t harsh :( if i was sorry

      • sup?

      • i just added u peopz add meh timotimikaela

      • Yup

      • dont be rude maybe sh didnt know

      • Wow I love jamming you are so good at codes no scams
        ~Disneyfan185 (on ajam)

        • taco4u=me and most of these codes DONT work for me :sadness:
          plz buddy me i am earl frozenfeet,(seal) awesome superwolf,(wolf)
          captain happyjammer,(shark) enchanted magicstone,(rhino) majical funnystar,(horse) admiral zanydolphin,(dolphin) king stinkyfox, (fox)and i am usually victory fancystar(eagle)

      • Wow, someone is making a happy comment and complimenting the maker of this list… I must immediately make a negative comment that is completely unnecessary to point out something the happy person already knows. Yes! Now I am ‘cool’ in the eyes of the Internet because I insulted a random person!

      • ur so right and y would aj have a code called gangs what if a little 5 year old came wtf is happening to aj not saying its bad lke rlllly rllly bad but its a little bad :T

        • i always wanted working diamond codes alot never had theme axept for twelve never had working ones axept for that one

          • Wut were others that didn’t work it might for me!! If so i tell u to do again k im cecy1488 its member and btw im also cecygirl1488

          • I am a member but i rlly want an eagle so im just tryed all the
            aj codes on this website so im just reminding u its almost my birthday! its two more days!

      • Two people had just now scammed me, the first person the scamed me scamed my rare nerd glasses, and their user name is keiana06, the second person that scamed me scamed my rare heart locket, and their user name is arissa1009. if u can please report them, my username is colorfulguineapig.

      • i know right
        scamming is totally different than this how can u scam and get gem codes common sense oh btw my user name is zuhaib52

      • Like why would ppl want to scam you??

      • omg I used the code twelve and I got a diamond for free

        • I love animal jam it’s fun but the code that says aj 3 bday cake,I never heard of a third bday cake

        • I love animal jam it’s fun but the code that says aj 3 bday cake,I never heard of a third bday cake

        • ikr

      • Don’t you gus know you can only use a code once!

      • u weird

      • How is the person supposed to scam?

      • don’t use one code more than once it will not work

      • ya know what the prize was???

      • on animal jam its rare that someone or something will scam,in fact i had played aj since i was 5 and now am 10 so five years and i had never been scammed,but if you put your most valuable things or the things you really like (on aj) someone or something could steal it believe me i know its hard to beleive but its trust a scammer.

      • Hi :) buddy me if you want… but I have 95% of my buddy list filled up. Buddy me at: princessarah1234

        if you do, come to Aldan: Mt. Shiveer I’ll see you there, or at my den. Bye!

      • hi! i have ur name! lol! buddy me nognog8

        • Hi buddy me I’m wolfkeeper5598 I’m a member and if u ever gift me I will gift u back and I have beta tails on trade 😘

      • i think that one is expired

      • skank

      • twelve is for one diamond and it works you also get one free diamond on Wednesday i got one today

        some do not work tho


      • hi guys the code ngkidsrock dont even work scan !!!!!

      • thank you sa mga

      • Add me I’m awesome19099 I do vids sometimes

      • Didn’t know how to comment without replying so sorry… but anyway the code “beano” gave me two diamonds instead of 1000 gems. I’m not dissapointed, just wanted to let you know.

    • do you guys know how to get free chat?

      • you first make a parent account then you change your setting to safe chat but safe chat is really SAFE chat! have a good day on animal jam!


          • It’s probably because you’ve already used that code…calm down.

          • Its probably cause its over and its done

          • The code works cuz i just used it. You already used because all of these are up to date. Dont get mad and blame them when your the one at fault

          • yeesh it’s because it’s expired cal down it clearly says expired codes and discovery in in that category.

          • Abby, sometimes codes don’t work for some jammers. It worked for me
            and I used it the same day u did. Don’t get mad at her. Just tell animal jam about it so they can fix the problem

          • Some codes won’t work with some computers, the code shadows is supposed to be in all caps like this : SHADOWS

          • it may not have worked because its in the expired section?

          • okay, ive used it duh

          • oh. my. gosh. calm down. it’s expired.

          • oh that’s cause it expired. And Thanks Abby!

          • oh clam down its not her fault

          • Abby, dear, calm down! Sometimes the codes don’t work it’s ok! You may have already used this code. My god! Ur acting like your about to break your computer!

          • i got code thats does not work: birthdaybash

          • XD Discovery was under expired Promo codes. Gawd, Open your eyes.

          • Its cuzz you’ve already used the code!!!!

          • The Discovery code is in the expired codes list noob.

          • CALM DOWN! You’ve probably already used it. It happens.

          • try the code ngexplorer if not yet been used by u

          • Dude quit tripping. Their are plenty of more coded to use calm down

          • none of these codes are working is that u can only use them once

          • The Discovery code is expired :/

          • Its expired

          • Plus it says expired dude duhh!!!

          • you dont have to be so argry i know all the gem codes
            buddy me ivy20032 on aj calm down please

          • abby calm down control ur temper its not her fault you can just play games so u can earn gems look i played games now i got 100,367,890 million gems so calm down!

          • Geez, what’s with the caps lock? Don’t be mad, you’re not alone. Don’t get mad just because of a code .-. It’s just a code. No reason to overreact.

          • geez, calm down.
            You may have already used it, and didn’t know it.

          • Its expired. Go get ur eyeballs checked. Ugh.


          • same and it was my first lime in 2015 using one of the codes but it didn’t work

        • so if u already have an account than can u still get free chat on that account?

        • omg can you plz do member ajs! r codes!

        • well u had it for a little bit then u got really of im only nine but that is fine I made this web site sooooooo

        • theres a glitch you go to the new year party or halloween go down the slide 5 times then go to coral canyons and buy the kitchen thingy ya no thay weird thing eva ery budy hav….. you need to NOT have enough coins then buy it and then test it

        • i dont have free chat but i have an account(volleygirl205)how do i change it???

      • Your parent has to unlock it…:)

      • How to get free chat:
        1 Activate your parent account.
        (The email you used on Animal Jam and create a password for it.
        2 Click your account and there is chat settings.
        Of course, you can get free chat from there.
        That is all.
        Tip: Don’t trust people who do thing for you just for user and password.

        • Very good information, thanks for clearing this up!

          • Yay thanks

          • Do any of u play minecraft if u do do u watch minecrarft on youtoob
            If u do u are awesome if u don’t o well too bad :( minecraft is awesome :) XD. On animal jam search ibalisticsquid1 then friend it’s me if u know the real ibalisticsquid then good for u 😀 . P.S I am not the real ibalisticsquid. go to search and type in cutiebewbutie and friend her. Say I if u hate bad jammers. I . Say I if u hate bad jammers hacking u . I .

            P.S.I AM A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

          • hi.i’m cute pup 55 on animal jam.wont let me say my user togeter. ok i was going to give you some codes but i don’t know any more codes on animal jam. i am sorry. im a member on it and is always looking for a new friend. if i find new codes i will tell you.

          • Ok sounds good! Thank you!!

          • how do you get codes because i tryed but it did not work
            oh and hey 23bird23 and 32bird32 and webkinzlover and goeey3

          • hi!!!!!!!!

          • pls give a sign of code in animaljam

        • I tried getting free chat on my nm acc and it said I had to be a member to do so -_-

        • thanks bluebird that was good advice im going to try that.can you also buddy me on animal jam my username is animal93929.hope you buddy me soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • what are the codes

        • ok you cant activate em now but the codes are up where they tell how many gems you get i hope it works for you

        • a code for AJ is shadows and it gives u I think 500 gems? And btw, on AJ my accounts are Crazycatlady2004 and Thecutie521. Hope this helps!

          • Thanks for the code!! I didn’t have that one yet, just added it!

          • I really know how much gems u get! U get 1,560 but I glitch and well … I got it but the membership never applied so I am going to lose it if it works 4 u.

          • thx a lot dude!!!! just tried that code got 500 gems! ur awesome! my use is maddymay5311 and yeah sure ill buddy u

          • oops that was to abby lol she told me about the shadow code or wuteves

          • can you give me a code

        • Hi! The codes are when you log on to animal jam and it asks if you have a code to enter and you type in the code. then, you log in and get a prize. MY username is swing3. buddy me and I will give you a code.

          • i did so plz except. my username is snowflakecaller

        • but
          u have to be my buddy on aj firts …………………………………………………………………………

        • if you go on animal jam codes you will find it but if you need help type on animal jam 17bear17 or 17penguin or maciiii or maciiiii or maciiiiii those are my accounts


      • you have to go on your parent dashboard then go to chat then click safe chat and then you get free chat :)

      • Parent settings. log in and go to “chat settings” then click free chat.

      • Your parents or you need to join the parent dash board
        When you get onto the home page of animal jam click parent
        And make or tell your parent to make an account it requires a e-mail and a password
        So remember to put in the right e-mail address and click send. Then go to your e-mail and accept the e-mail then it will bring you back to the animal jam site and you will need to create a password and then when you
        Log in and you see your username click free chat the 3rd one then you can talk free except for bad words or

        • Thanks, even know I already have free-chat I think it helped alot of people around/play Animal Jam. It’s nice when I see people helping other people. Like I donate items to the non-rare when I get some of people. I can only trade @_@
          Because I’m a non-member. I don’t like to give away my Infomation because people will hack and scam me.
          Thanks for helping other people expect me! 😀 😀 :) :)
          Im Tiastreasure on animal jam add me

          • idk its cool but idk

          • Can u be my buddy? :-)

          • hi im Kierra and I play animal jam and my animal jam name is maggieandcurley if you want to buddy me.

      • First, you need to go onto parents, sign into the parent account and change the chat option if the child account to ‘safe chat’ :) there you go!

        • Yes ICYIVY is correct I have it I am realninja899
          I keep getting hacked by ppl, mostly by my bff her username is fluffybunnyboy123, I always thought I could trust her>:<

      • ya i do you go on parents you make and account on parents and then you choose safe chat if that does not work them wright back ‘it does not work ‘

        • How do u get the underwater crown I want it so bad

          • just do Return of the phantoms and go into the arctic wolf cave and u MIGHT get it and buddy me on animal jam my user name is Lolman290

          • try the code:twelve it will give you one dimond.

          • DUH! U get it in the underwater shop in Barahi Bay!!! Dont ya know seriously?! seriously XD!

      • Yeah get free chat by going to parent dashboard entering password for parent dashboard and changing chat option to “Safe Chat”.
        Add me-Wuga19

        • how go dashboard parents??!!

        • THIS CODE NO WORK FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • meh was talki’n about the under water crown … u get them in the underwater shop in bahari bay!!! so DUDE! WATCH IT …. OR U CAN TRADE…

      • you go to parent dash bord and create one and you put on the top safe chat and that will get u free chat

      • i know how to get freechat. log out- click on parents- click make parent account- check email- sign in as your parent- click free chat and vhoilia! PS i love using codes for gems!

        • please come to my den and trade /party it would make me feel good alliecatmeow1200

      • if your account is activated, and you can get onto your parent account, you can change your chat setting to “safe chat”, it makes it so you can type whatever you want, but you get warnings and occasionally get banned.

      • have your mom or dad go to the parents section and sign in with their email then they can choose the top which lets you say what ever you want. oh and add me Frogs991 and my name is Snowflake Cutefriend.

      • You have to go to parent dash board. If you don’t have a parent account, then make one, which includes the emial adress you use for your account. If your parents already have an account on there, simply ask them to give u free chat. Then, you click on ur account setting, and adjust chat to safe chat. Then it will give you free chat. Also, on parent dashboard, you can change an accounts password, or delete an account.

      • when you get a animal do not do anything and then type

        • That is sooooo not how u get free chat

        • Do you even play animal jam because that’s not how it works.

          • no animnal jam i am a snow leopard plz buddy me i will tell all the codes to you im ivy20032 anial jam

      • how?

      • No

      • hey u get free chat by logging into parents and switch it to Safe Chat. This is the real way, not a on a scam.

        add me I am


      • no how

        • you have to add me i am call Joyyab

        • i love to play animaljam i like it i also like to play animaljam fashion show it is a game iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love animaljam
          thanks allah

      • to get free chat go to the parents option on animal jam login page and after making a parent account you will get an option for free or restricted chat

      • You first get on the parent account (or ask your parent to get on it), Then, go to the parent dashboard and click on the bubble labeled, “Safe Chat”.. But, Safe chat is actually FREE chat! Hope I helped!!

      • You first get on the parent account (or ask your parent to get on it), Then, go to the parent dashboard and click on the bubble labeled, “Safe Chat”.. But, Safe chat is actually FREE chat! Hope I helped!! :)

      • you have to use email and parent settings. YouTube it

      • get a parent account thats been activated then change to safe chat then its free chat

      • Lol u get free chat by parent dashboard… its called safe chat I think…..

      • go to ur home page
        Press Parents
        The press activate account
        Then enter the email address you used to make ur account
        Now make a parent dashboard, then press ur username and then it will say safe chat, restricted chat (the one ur using) and bubble chat
        Press Safe Chat, click yes. Log in, and type whatever you want!

      • Oh it’s real easy. Go to YouTube it will explain better.

      • i know how to get free chat.

      • yes i do know you go on help enter free chat or click on parent then activater your gmail and after log in parent dashboard change restricted chat to free chat

      • Have to go on parental controls

      • yes a parent acout

      • its under parents click safe chat

      • Maybe somebody know how change language?

      • ya

      • Hey hon! To get free chat you go to the Parent Dashboard (ask ur mum or papa first if you are using their email :3) then go to chat settings and select SAFE chat. I know, it’s a little confusing since it should be Free chat but oh well! I hope this helped you if you have any questions my user name is Xxdollyxx!

      • Some people put there own “parent account”, as in putting in there own email account to get free chat. So at the home page on animal jam go to the parents section and go to parent dashboard. You have to activate your parent dashboard if you havent done so, then click the options in your account then change it to safe chat but at the bottom right it will say are you sure you want to change the chat thing so click yes. THEn you get free chat

      • kinda hard to explain… try and find me on AJ so i can tell u. i am Mywaterpokemon. ;D

      • yes its in parents u had ego sign in and for ur chat click safe chat and yes

      • I really want it too!So how do you get it?

      • make a parent acount and put it on safe chat but where the parent email is on the left there has to be a name if there isnt put it in and press save then reload ur aj page and log in

      • Yeah, you know that email you sent yourself? Click somewhere on it, (forgot where) and it will bring you to AJ. It says: Choose your child’s Chat Mode! Click free chat or whatever, and then there you have it.

        • if its gmail you go to gmail click activate on the mail and choose the chat mode and if ur already a member then u should be fine for the next step. go to ur parent dashboard by signing in and click your username. and change it to safe chat/free chat.

      • Ppl the fastest way 2 get gems is AJ Jump it transfers ur gems 2 ur account on da cp… -.-

      • you need to be a certain age

      • Actually… there is a code for free chat my user on aj is Ginger3066 buddy me! I dont have free chat though anyway there is a code for free chat! Hope this was good news for you.

      • okay i know how to get free chat your parents have to log in on the parent dashboard, the parent dashboard is on the top of the screen BEFORE you log in on animal jam


      • First you make a parent account then it’s going to say safe chat click that then your done

      • Sure thing

      • make a parent acount

      • I now how to get free chat. All you have to do is go
        parent login. Login as the parent. Then settings for child
        and do safe chat. That is how.

      • 1. Got to parents (Sign Up)

        2. Go to settings

        3. link your parent account to your user

        4. F5

        5. Go to chat settings

        6. Click your user

        7. Click free chat

      • Yeah i faking do??


      • i wish I had free chat btw buddy me I am rosey53788 everyone can buddy me I hope to be famouse plz trade me rares on aj plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love u guys

      • i do i know how to get free chat just b a member ivy20032

        • That’s not true I was member and I didn’t have free chat!

      • yes i do you go to parent dash bourd then you do what it says

      • no idea what so ever of how to get that darn free chat it so annoying! can somebody plz plz plz tell me! im lissyloo500 buddy me send me gifts I’ve also got the new den crystal palace and haunted mansion.

      • yea, i have it.

      • You have to be member to do it but here’s how to get free chat:
        go to the aj home page.then go 2 parents,then parent dashboard
        type in ur Email address and password that u signed up 2 aj with then 1nce ur in click safe chat a window will come up and ask you if u want to change your child’s chat and then you click YES then wen u go on 2 AJ u should have free chat.

    • um its not a jammer its animaljam creators doing this so anyone want my acount user is mymonsterface pass is freinds

      • my real account password is dilligaff ur welcome

      • thanks i will try it

        • ^^^ The date you posted this comment is the same day my milk expired XDD
          I just felt like saying that :T


          • Yo me here and can you enter codes that you already entered and will it still work?

            PS I play mine craft and watch videos on it too.

            PPS mine craft it awesome

          • lol, random!

      • hmm your pass does not work lol something happen or did someone change it so no one can get on it? btw my name is brownyflower and my other account is mlplover101xoxo it is a very long name XD

    • thanks put more codes plz


    • well it didn’t work for me and my brother

    • Mine did not work, how did yours? my username is Wonderyeah on animaljam. Please buddy me!

    • Well at least it kinda works but i am concerned about the promotion thing it sucks 2 meh DX but at least ppl know or jammers know that its not a fake code 4 animal jam –>(AJHQ) so yea 😀 oh and add me


      if you wanna trade with me add me k?

      • ok i’m popcornrulesmyworld got it

        • Send me rares or unwanted items plz my username is Xxdollyxx (I don’t accept friend requests tho! :p derp!) I have school at my den right now but I really want to open a spa or salon so the vanity for
          epic wonders is high on my list. Here is a list of items I want of any of u are kind enough to buy them for me:
          Elf tail armor in blue or pink
          A smoothie/hot cocoa/claw machine
          A blue/pink royal tiara
          Vanity from the epic wonders or “rare” shop NOT the den shop
          Princess Carriage
          Pink/blue fox hat
          Any unwanted rares or epic wonders

          Tnx in advance! Luv u all bye

          • Oh, ps feel free to visit my den anytime it’s unlocked for school or spa or salon or whatever! XD

          • Btw, the smoothie machine is avalible for purchase on the cruise ship! :3 ~ Only1chloe

          • hi if u know tiger clever he is my kid in animal jam and yeah bye
            I love u tiger clever!

            and im momdadava and in animal jam my name is awesome arctic wolf! ok kay kay k kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bye!

        • Hi my my name is Taylor swift I’m a celebrity my aj username is taylor66swift

          • Omg
            taylor66swift PLZ buddy me my aj username is samihobbit thx


      • ME

    • Well I tried two and they both didn’t work. The first two.

    • thank for codes

    • Ohhhhhhh that’s the 1000 gems I think. I WANT DIAMOND CODES! Can I use two codes in one day?

      • ya u can use 2 in 1 day but they cant be the same

    • :-( These “Sharpie” Fumes are like, KILLING MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add me! 😀 :)

      • I know what u mean. When I was getting my hair dyed (it’s ombré blue) the smell was DESTROYING me. U know strong smells like that kill brain cells right? Even worse is that holding ur breath kills just as many cells

    • ppl if you go pn animal jam plz add me im isabellaloveskirby
      and i have a mcdonalds

    • OMG thank you SO much i got so mamy Gems and know i am like RICH whoever made this i give like 66.666 THUMBS UP! bets thing i have ever tried HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME ON ANIMAL JAM BYE :)


    • Please add me it is ilovedogs5401

    • Yes thanks a lot u are so not a scammer?!

    • i tried ngkidsrox and it didnt work

    • amazing me and my sis love this keep up the good work absouloutley amazinravo!!!!!g 100 sars b

    • sometimes they did not work………… WHY?????????????



      • Also if u email me please tell me your username and if u are non member or member and age thank you!

        Your age will not be revealed if you don’t want it to be so tell me weather you want me to announce your age because if you do email me a suggestion then I will announce your animal jam name as a thank you and if u are member or non member but if you don’t want people to know your age please tell me before I post.

        Thank you 4 your time


        Xxxxxxxx love u all :)

    • As your fellow Jammer, I thought it was a good idea to discover codes, and I did! I hope you enjoyed your free gems!!!

      P.S. Friend me, my username is: sugur10

      From Teensy PrettyRose


    • Do you like me?:) I have another storage i haven’t told you yet, but its plzbeit ~ julian2

      • I think your not julian2?

      • i dont believe that your julian2 everyone loves julian2 but i dont because julian2 only thinks of her self julian isnt rich before it was of his famous thats why he became rich ppl give him rares a lot of rares he only thinks of himself not of others

        • First of all, julian is a guy,
          second, he dosnt think of HIMself, he dosnt like people giving him rares, it’s just how his fans want to treat hom

        • Adam Is right ALSO Julian2 is famous form those of us who watch him….Just cuz he is rarer then you gives you no right to hate But hey! haters gonna hate right?

    • Lalalalalalalala What do we do when we do shadows and im not a AJ? that happened to mine

    • Hi! I was wondering if anybody was kind enough to send me rare clothes and items to my account on animal jam. My username is koalalover1700. Please send me rares!

    • Hi! I was wondering if anybody was kind enough to send me rare clothes and items to my account on animal jam. My username is koalalover1700. Please send me rares! It would be super kind!

    • Hey peeps I got this weird code from someone it’s “Kangaroo.” Anyone know what it’s for?

    • I know. This website rocks but I want to know, how many times can u do the code and how many codes can u do in a day?

      • You can only use each code once. But you can enter as many different codes as you want per day.

        • when i tried to put in my free membership code it didn’t work.why didn’t it work?

          • It’s because some scammed you out of your money.
            Add me to talk about it more! :) If you did get scammed out of your money, it’s against the law so they’ll be in jail for more than 23 years. Believe me I learnt about it Monday 3rd Novemember. ( 2013 ) I was 16 then. :) Add me to find more about why’s and questions. Did you buy the Member Ship

    • it worked for me! ngexplorer IT WOKKED FOR 1000 GEMS!!!!! do you have a diamond code?
      i might become a member this week! >:D

    • Hi guys cute2910 here with a awesome offer!!! Wait no 2 awesome offers , dats right I said 2!!!
      #1 : okay so if you are the 83rd person to buddy me i will reply saying … You are so cool! AND if you are a member I will also give you a gift (rate fox hat) and if you are a non member I will give you a non member fox at bye trade!!! Just buddy me !!!!!!!!!!

      # 2 : if you send me the nicest jam a gram EVER I will rate you 1st 2nd and 3rd!
      3rd place gets a FREE non member sword (black) or if you ARE a member you will get a samurie sword in blue!!! 2nd place gets 2 fox hats ( non rare ) (pink & white) OR you can pick one of my rare bêta items for a random plushies ( dats if you are a non member) AND 1ST place gets 4 rare beta items AND my password to my old MEMBER account to have all the stuff on it OR if you are a non member you will get the 4 items AND 90 silver bricks!!!
      The only catch is that you have to send your jam a gram OR buddy request before the 1st of April 2014 AND you can’t enter both compotitions!

      • :) I was the 83rd. YOur so COOL! My username is: Madmonkey903
        and TiasTreasure.

      • Hi I’m bolt62454 can you add me

      • that is a great offer.
        you sound like a kind person

    • rlly? none of the codes will work for me!

    • How would she scam? It’s impossible.. She wasn’t like “send me this or that and i will give you code” SO, YEP.

    • I have free member account user:tina6301


    • well i hpoe to try that one

    • thx alot for the codes.
      but ……
      can u put a 3 month leopard and other animal codes for free?

    • butterfly gives you 500 gems.

      • Ok i will try that. post a membership code too. and what is your animal jam username? post it on this website.

    • if u send spottedowl110 things she sends u memebership!!She did it for me !!!!:) – courtneylovespizza

    • IM SO HAPPY spottedowl110 gives out free memeberships:)

    • Not all of the codes work actually I tried them all and these are the ones that didn’t work bemybuddy, shadows, drawing, ganges, and tigris all did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YEP!


    • ngexplorer is a code!!!

      • thx soooooooooooooo much i got 1’000 gems thx soooooo much explorer is a code for 100 gems to say thx :)

    • ikr these codes really do work go on aj buddy me, im tigeress14014

    • I know she is so so so so so so nice! :DDDDD


      • sooooo I am trying to get on animal jam it is beang sloooowww :( not cool aj not cool

      • ok im not but I will kill u till u die!

    • i did it today LOLZ IT…IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!

    • an I know one its gecko green if it does not work its probably expired sorry if it does not work ^-^

    • what a good game you should go to my den but im so pist that nowone wants to accept my trades

    • i got scamed once and i callded and complained so they said they would give me a free membership code so thats how i got a membership you should try it it might work maybe……………………

    • you should do a 4 bday cake the code would be bdayaj4

    • omg I wish I hAd a code for membership does eneyone know that code plz tell me in repliy for 2014 ok plzzzzzzzz love all u jammers jam on and please tell me me non member lol ok bye
      :) 😉 ^_^ luv ya

    • plz send me items my user is webkins927

    • ok peeps i have a 100 gem code a ten diamond code and a’not used 6 month membership code my user name is yasebtesam if u send me good stuff if u send best i tell u the codes and i give u the membership code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ——————–> hint u will win if u send stuff like rare headdress rare spike collar and lava glove will win i have like 10 of the membership code so ya! bye bye!

    • Be My Buddy i am online Boys . @ barbieroxx123 in aj . AND BE MY BOY :*

    • hi My Name is sarah i have already used all of these codes they are SUPER USEFUL i am a member and i only accept member friend requests My username is imasmartjammah if you wanna friend me!

    • Buddy me on animal jam: wafflesnpie

    • plz buddy me…. amanda89756
      nile didnt work for me…..
      my brother has a underwater den his user is coolman62222 (p.s. he is marreid on animal jam so girls, no do anything.)
      be bye!

    • friendship doesn’t work anymore

    • yea NO scammer should be in this game ^_^ i do wanna be rare tho

    • I have been tride this code and…..nothing!!!

    • it does works but not to me i tried some and wont give me anything please fix the code

    • Thanks for all those codes. They are really useful and why would u scam

    • :0 yo girl it doesn’t work :( but it was funny I tried it 20 times LOL 😀

    • bemybuddy doesn’t work

    • The “thanks” code dosnt work for me, what am i doing wrong?
      It will say the code is correct, but once i log in it dosnt give me anything :(

      • thats because you might of got something from a code that week
        or maybe you where playing AJ logged off and used a code and played again ten they dont work but who knows thats what happens to me maybe it donnt happen to you ppl

    • Why dosn’t the “Thanks” code not work?
      It’s driving me crazy Dx

    • :I ok dennn…….

    • scroll down some untill u see my user aging and find out how to get my headdress IT NO SCAM U CAN TRUST ME PLZ PLZ PLZ TRUST ME I NO SCAM


    • congractolations

    • what does it unlock?


    • thx! it works!
      buddy me please
      im jayfeather2014

    • hey people i tried all the codes and its april now and they dont work for me :(
      thx masha

    • It’s not working for me though.

    • well i will try that code

    • lol! she is no scammer! I wish my account wasn’t banned :(

      • I just wish…

        lol sorry! me again!
        dudes, I really want a frozen nature archway! plz send me one! my user is….

        its a member too 😀

    • OMG i just looked at my trade list and there was 1 year membership for every item just not the den items!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • it did not work just saying

    • Just so you know, the code thanks doesn’t work any more :(

    • good thing that you r not a scammer,

      and I really want a membership but my parents won’t let me… shoot.

      if you can, will anyone be able to email me a member account?

      I will give you a rare fox hat if you give me the right member account

      my username for animal jam is: princessvivi18


    • WARNING!!! WARNING!!! F MAN IS BACK!!! she is now recycledtiesbackup and just f.y.i. she is a horribil scammer and she was banned 13 times and come back with a new user every time!!! she tried to scamm my friend but i told her to NOT OPEN HIS GIFT!!!so block him and dont accept any of his gifts and lock your den and report him!!!

    • Hello my name is cadence apple white weird name huh but never mind about that isn’t this eleagle i think i should call the police or animal jam support.Sorry but i have to bye good luck.


        HOW WEIRD

        YOU LIKE EAH?

    • Whats ur name on ajam Brooklyn? I’m Disneyfan185 and whats yours Nadia?

    • It didnt work at all

    • Brooklyn tell me one of your codes cause i think you are cool.

    • Have free membership code but I used it

    • where do you find them?


      I am athena314
      Please friend me!!!!

    • A scam is when someone says give me something and ill give u something and they dont give u the something or the code doesnt work. learn sumthin gurl! -.-

    • ok Alphas did not work nor did shadows

    • add me on animal jam I am woofpupstar2

    • thanks doesnt work

    • Gossip Girl here, your one and only sorce in to the scanelem live of the mahaten elite. I’m sorry but i might have to brag about this HAHA i am Gossip Girl so you might want to think who i am which is Blake Lively

    • she cant scam on here, i am pretty sure

    • good code !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    • How could this be a scam?

    • How could this be a scam? It’s a website.

    • Use the code: twelve
      You get one free diamond!
      Gift me am Lovelylionheart
      Please do thank me at least I spent a long time finding this code!

    • omg thx buddy me im tennedy


    • There is a diamond code the code is Twelve it gives you 1 diamond!

    • how would she Scam i just dont get it if u give a code and SAy you didnt Scam i dont see how you scam from that..

    • Sorry I had to reply to a comment because I couldn’t make my own, who knows why, anyways there is a working diamond code called twelve, it gives u 1 diamond

    • every time I try that code it does not work

    • another code is twelve it gives you a diamond

    • I KNOW A DIAMOND CODE !! It’s: twelve

    • ow I thort it wos nakidsrox

    • what do u win

    • me too it work

    • good a

    • u r sooo right becouse t did ajbday3 and it workeks wooo hooo!

    • Yeah thanks so much 😀

    • How the heck do I get safe(free) chat it is saying I have to call animal jam HQ or something I mean I really need safe(free) chat so my mom won’t call the ppl I need to to get safe(free) chat i need it for saying but and stuff ugh does this happen to anyone else not joking

    • awesome

    • im giving away my acc user:qtangel

    • i need a code do any of you have one? cuz i need a lot of gems for bouncing pretty bunny….

    • hi guys if you wanna buddy me my name is heather43367 i am a really good friend and if you are a member i can give you a green hair its rare and only for member and i have a golden only member sword so i am a good trader so see you in jamma!!

    • guys i need your help my friend miny321 needs help she really wants free chat please guys every day i go on she all ways says have you got a way to get me and snowflake a free chat?! plaease pretty please guys]

    • i love the code twelve i got diomand

    • yeah it does work

    • i love this website soooooo much but i hate when i reload the page…. SO… smiley face :)

    • A code for 500 gems is ajrocks my user is ponygirl29

    • buddy me PPL! im bella1444 lol

    • hi hi hi buddy meh!!!maddisoncp

    • :3 ok

    • hi guys! yeah rlly awesome thx for the codes!

    • omg thANKYOU SO MUCH for posting! no scan! im Wonganwarrior101 add me plz

    • Hi guys im snuggle2004!! i got rare spike!!!!!

    • ajbday3 does not work anymore! nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yea :)

    • i so agree right?

    • shadows gives 500 or 1000 gems i think

      Please try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cool

    • ok most codes dont work ppl plz tell mr codes plz that WORK


    • Rlly? The ajbday3 is EXPIRED

    • I got four codes for animal jam

    • Umm…you guys need to stop making bad commets :/

    • i think there should be another code for diamond(s) like it would be called…….. how about since its october right now it should be, ghosty14 :D3

    • the code spooky really works I got 500 gems

    • what is it for?

    • Guys is there any code”fun time”.I saw it on a website.I think
      it gives us a free member den!

    • Yay enter the code Twelve It really works Thanks animal jam ( the BEST gamer ever)

    • I have not try’d a hole bunch of them i try’d 44444 not that much.

    • Ganges is expired

    • well how do these people no you didn’t scam if you said you didn’t scam it just makes it more like you did scam so never say oh and look I did not scam not to be mean p.s. thanks for the code haha

    • well how do these people no you didn’t scam if you said you didn’t scam it just makes it more like you did scam so never say oh and look I did not scam not to be mean p.s. thanks for the code haha.emma zicklavich

    • Can you buddy me on animal jam my user name is:animal93929.
      Can you also tell me some more codes for animal jam?

    • Brooklyn can you tell me some more codes for animal jam please and buddy me my user name is:animal93929
      thanks =]

    • all of these codes work it is awesome. all I did was type it in.

    • Umm Of Course they didnt scam! This website rock!!!!
      BUDDY ME 😀


    • If you want to know more codes just buddy me on animal jam. My username is animal93929. I know more than 300 gem and dimond codes.
      The dimond codes give you 10,000 dimonds. The gem codes give you 600,000,000 gems. Pretty cool right! just buddy me if you want to know more:)

    • There’s only so many codes that do scam… whats wrong with these ppl. CAN’T THEY TELL THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN?!

    • Add me my username is 31amelia42. 😀 I finally got dat worn I wanted.

    • trade me on aj my name is liz020202

    • omg these codes really helped me!! I will give you a code


      hope it works !! :)

    • when will u update more codes? i have been waiting for like 2 months now! :C

    • it dose not work


      RREOOMS12292-20934 GEMS




    • well none of those codes would be there if they didn’t work there are people that try them out and if the codes work they put them on this website.

    • i no

    • plz buddy me on aj

    • lol i trought that i would be not geting gems

    • omg this website should like have more than one diamond code+

    • ya like i did the twelve one and i worked yes:)

    • why would anyone want to scam?!

    • I really like your website, and there’s so many facts for aj (animal jam) and codes I really am thankful for, thanks so much for whoever owns this website.


      Maile Banks
      Youtube and Google+: Maile Banks
      :) XD

      • Maile Banks, You shouldn’t post PERSONAL INFOMATION on a website like this. You shouldn’t post your email.

        Thanks and regards,
        wolvesrule92 😀


    • hi

    • ok hello guys add me on aj and trade me its ice150

    • whats that code for??? ?_?

    • Hey Jammers, Please Visit My Den Or Reply Me i Am Winterbuny2007 Tell Me If U Know A Code! :]

    • Hey Jammers, Please Visit My Den Or Reply Me i Am Winterbuny2007 Tell Me If U Know A Code! :)

    • hey person I tried to do that code it didn’t work

    • hello jammers give me ur password and username for a headdress and rare spike THIS IS NOT A SCAM please buddy me I have a headdress code my user is kiera230

    • I already did twelve witch is a diamond code that only works for members. I would like to know more diamond codes if u people know any. I am hillsboroughdukes Buddy me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have used some codes before, though, u can only use them once. Just to let u all know, the diamond code ‘twelve’ STILL works. It is not expired. It only gives u 1 diamond. Someone told me the code ‘twelve’ gives u 12 diamonds, and I told them, they are a scam. Also, add me on animal jam! I am ‘wolvesrule92’ so please add me and I do add back.


    • w

    • can some one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease post a ton of new one i uesd them all!

    • Shure right

    • Hi People. Sorry if you sent me a rare and didn’t recieve a headdress or spike collar, I was hacked and they were all taken. I have re-set my password. I am so sorry, I have orded some more from AJHQ, I sent them an email telling them what has happened. I will get them to you ASAP. I do delete Jam-A-Grams as soon as I have read them. I can’t remember ANY of you that have sent me some rares. I promise to get them to the new people if you send me a really cool epic beta RARE, you will get 2 of your choice and my new rare spike collar that is coming. please please send me rares, for a chance to win 2 headdress or spike collar of your choice in colour for a chance to win my new spike collar RARE black that’s coming. Sorry for the inconvenience! I am wolvesrule92.

    • HI!!! Plz buddy me ppl i am cinderpelt2239 and warriorcatsgirl223.

    • I found another code my friend gave it to me but its friendship it gives you 500 gems.

    • I put in friends for a code in 2015 and got 1000 gems!

    • I know a membership code or a few



      • u can only use each code once sorry unless its a diffrent account

    • well the diamond on ediamond works the code “twelve” works for one diamond NO LIE



      • Hi, Cayley again this code was availible for me on Feb. 17, 2015 at 5:58 PM.

    • buddy me at codyman106 if you do i will give my member account or i will give you whatever you want.

    • i want more diamond code i need 60 diamond to buy somthing or 10.

      well im going to scam YAY YAY

    • ummm twelve expired so dont use it actally i have no idea if it works cause i already used it (ive bin on animal jam for 4 years) (im L244 )


    • i love animaljam very much

    • I enterd the code spooky and it gave me a free membership

    • Can some one make a code for a free artic wolf plz

    • hola en AJ me llamo pinki42

    • she can’t scam on a website scamming – taking something not yours, stealing, ” borrowing ” as they might use, taking an item synonym- tooken antonym-kept


    • i love aj there is this code to get 1 dimond its twelve! have a nice day bye jammers!!!!p:

    • any codes of 2015.

      • Whoa that’s a lot of codes but I did them all lol

      • ~Thanks~ Wanna be buddies? I’m Jermia54321

    • I cannot try these codes right now but I will later. This is my #1 code site 😛

    • When I tried that code it didn’t work Lol xd

    • Guys guess what I found a arctic wolf code for non member and members it’s ajarcticwovlesforever.

    • she can’t scam by giving you codes..

    • i tried it and it did not work :(
      how did it work for you?

    • Spooky is a some what gives 500 gems.

    • I have some codes for you!(and by you I mean everyone) They are…



      tigris :( XD

      Idk if tigris works, but it is, once was or were a code

    • I love this I get commets and I put in a fake gmail

    • I cant get the one diamond what is happening I’m very sad I cant get it :(

    • Please donate to me i got hacked for my rare purple short collar .. thats is spike, my non member sword .. that is beta, my rare headdress.. that used to be here and left, and suddenly got rare, my purple and red wrist .. that i miss very much, my 2 beta porch swings .. that i need, and last but not least .. my for top hats .. the colors are blue, purple and pink, red, and black.. so i hoe you can be nice and give me these items or just give me something ~ lovemo127

      • porch swings are not beta. they are often mistaken for a beta item like a traffic cone. if you don’t believe me look it up in animal jam wiki

    • Isn’t that the code for membership I saw on a YouTube video? =/

    • LOL!!!

    • Wutz the code 4

    • Hi, You play animal jam, Correct? if yes, Would you like to be buddies? Just buddy me! I’m Jermia54321!

    • u can try BEANO it works too

    • i have some codes DIAMONDS206

    • if any of u guys help me with the codes than i will give u anything from my den my name afg3790

    • I just tried a really obvlious code but it got me 1000 coins! i was trying to come up with things that might work and it was “animals”! so excited!works!

    • There is also another code that I know

      Twelve – 1 Diamond

    • i have a code it is ajbday5

    • animal jam should make a new code instead of twelve i have used that code like months ago and now i still can not use it BTW. my use on aj is aquaroserox :)

    • i used beano lol and gift

    • this is so cool but is there one with free membership

    • Nice it works for me in 2016 ^_^ YEY!

    • I found out an animal jam code: newyear16

    • gema-10000 gems

    • I found another gem code for february 2016! it is: BEMYBUDDY (no spaces, does not have to be caps)

    • hey atleast you got a code that works everytime i got one its either used or wont work -_-

    • I wanted a membership code :( I played for 5 years and still nothing

    • bemybuddy is a code

    • Another code that works is phantom.

    • awsome give you a thumbs up

  2. i shall come on this website again =D

  3. love the codes ALL OF THEM WORKED 😀

    • i have not tried any of them but i hope i tottaly love them 2!

    • im back going to take a wile till i check out all codes yippy btw my name aint bob its ducky

    • Some of them didn’t work, only 4 worked. I hope you have an update on them.

  4. <3 you work and blog and codes

  5. sorry i keep saying stuff i just love your codes
    ^ ^

  6. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!
    sorry i keep saying thinks C:

    • I know a girl named Brooklyn! She pushed me off a paddle boat in the middle if a lake and it took me like 15 minutes to get back on.

    • i think you ment things when you said(think).i love the work 2!i helps alot!

  7. okay this is day 2 :) so um i will be back. ill look a another code today too like right now bye <3

  8. coolcodes.bla.bla.b

  9. Ok we get the picture

  10. love it

  11. some dont work but its COOL for me though ^.^

  12. these coads are awesome some work but still these are epic in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    get theses coads there the best in the world BRB xxxxx

    • hey jammers
      i am giving out my member account
      it might expire
      enjoy jammers

      • hi all
        i have a really awesome mrmber accont givaway
        password iam not telling you

        • my user is princess73443 i will be on draa at the 7th october
          2013 hope i meet u

        • ppl don’t tease us non members aj is just for us all to have fun and hand with friends although I find it very addicting and hard to stop playing but that my opinion so just have fun a don’t tease. WERE ALL MATES INSIDE.

          And I have a account I would like to donate. The use is iloveleo1234
          pass is saffron no caps please just enjoy and don’t get me blocked as its not fair on other people who want to use it.

      • did not work at all

      • Accounts can’t expire

        • actually they can u no how u used to not be a member ya u buy a card and the once that card runs out or expires no more member for u

      • thanks for sending that membership even though it expired

  13. thank you for telling those codes it works

    • hi all
      my sister is aniah
      i will tell you her pass this is real
      her password IS i will not tell you that is her pass

      • Please read this whole comment, due to important information. Thank you. First of all, Why would you tell her password to the public? Why even joke around about stuff like that? You don’t have to give out names either… Please, Just take this to mind, for the future. Please use punctuation, and capitalization next time? Thank you.

        • Thanks for the long replies but there’s really no need to correct everyone on here. This site is just meant for fun!

    • sometimes it doesn’t work

  14. I used all these codes before but that’s okay, and I shall continue to use this website for all things Jamaa.

  15. love animal jam have 5 nm swords im so rare

    • You can’t be rare! Everyone is normal. Julian2, Ashley188 or even Major1major1 isn’t so rare! Just because you have a lot of rares and betas, doesn’t mean you are rare and awesome! Its for who you are and your personality. Now stop showing off!

      • Actually Animal Jam isn’t all about raruity, it’s about friends and teamwork, all the good stuff you can think about! I just wished we are back at the beta, not showing off and no scamming or hacking. :(

        • yes, yes, that’s true. i wish i can make my own game with NO MEMBERS!!!!!

    • U brag too much…. and yea i agree with the other ppl, animal jam isnt about being rare.

      P.S. having 5 nm swords isnt even close to being rare

  16. tootiefrutie3 is my username btw

    • hi my real name is audry and my animal jam user is sprinkles33 check me out plz btw is there any member accounts not used?

  17. wow they worked! Please friend me on aj,im wolfstorm1299. i have rares and like 5 mech angel wings

  18. These codes r ze best u r a tru jamer ;).
    My use is Angry96123
    P.s check out my den

  19. If u have fri chat u can host a school in my den 😉
    U r de best!!!!!!!

  20. i have a good one its called ngexplorer thanks for the codes i will try them out you da best.:)

  21. Nice Codes! Maybe Get Some More Codes! Maybe?

  22. well hooot works just so you know 500 jems he/she is right – very right – well i like to talk so ^-^ ok i might talk down right crazy but ok. try to find me! random servers bluesclues31905 i will be on at maybe 4:15 starting 9/5/13 so my sis is the reason i get picked up about 3:00-3:20 my sis is picked up at 4:00-4:15-4:20 i dont know so ^-^ oops & & &… i LOVE animal jam!

  23. & & &… = and and and… sorry

  24. Great website! Reliable website to get codes on for Animal Jam! All codes work and get you many codes and items! I will come on this website again! Thank you so much!

  25. But I tried ngkidsrox and it no work…..

  26. i need a code to get snowlepord please repy and help

    • I have a huge diamond code that gives you 25 diamonds! WOOHOO :) i have all the diamond animal codes to lol

  27. my username is bellea246

    meet me at Aldan at 4:30 11th October 2013
    add me if you want
    meet me at kimbara outback

    I hope you see me!

    PST. I am a fox with full wind armor

    Name: Enchanted magicpaw

  28. Anyone have the code to get a pet hummingbird and/owl? Would be totally Jammeriffic!! Thanks :)

  29. OMG!! thank you love!

  30. LOL they worked

  31. i am giving away a free non member account
    username: minionrushlover
    pass: minionrush
    if you wanna meet my real account my username is pinkiepieinextrahypermode

  32. Wonderful,I am a Animal Jammer, I started last night and I love it! I love all these codes and I will totally be going on this blog again and tell other jammers about you 😀
    Thankyou for the codes! Add me; happyman44654 – buh bye:)

  33. Oh and I am not a man: lol I am a girl just so you know….

  34. AKWARD

  35. i love the codes thank you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz can i have some more

    • Sure. Here is a free one. shadows. It gives you 500 spend them WISLEY though.; : – )

  36. i love love love love love love love love love love love you

  37. Here’s another code that gives you one diamond (or at least that is what it gave me)
    Lol. Just sharing

  38. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make
    this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. appreciate it

    • Thank you!! I made it myself using WordPress. It’s really easy to use and you can make some nice sites, good luck!

  39. I LOVE IT THEY ALL WORK LOL :3 good work!
    How long did it take u?


  40. any clothing codes? if not… WHY

    • I dunno why don’t ask meh…… But they should do that tho…”. Lol I have no idea dude

  41. Try this new code, AJBDAY3 it works, and gives you a 3rd birthday cake 😀 plus, all of the codes worked YAYAYAYAYA……

  42. oh, by the way you can add me on animal jam if you desire, my username is jajagirl0117 and I usually get on animal jam every day so, see ya real soon :)

    • Umm. You might not know this? But I’m famous. I hardly swear.
      Add me? I’m Tiastreasure as you can see :) 😀

  43. do you have any new ones people keep saying the same ones

  44. do you have any new ones people keep saying the same ones

  45. cool codes, thanks^^

  46. hi my animal jam username is AJjammer538 HOOOT really works it gave me 500 gems. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. wild hawk or blues clues I u r on poptropica my username is my entryname

  48. cool codes ;). plz give some more new codes. my AJ username is bunny41832, plz be my buddy. THANKS A LOT!!!

  49. if you will be my buddy meet me at my den on saturday 21. :)

  50. Didn’t work

  51. i LOVE IT

  52. whats going on guys? :)

  53. kidhare

  54. did not work

  55. i have a list of the codes that worked
    kangroo i dont think so well
    these are the codes that worked

  56. ok

  57. if you use the top 1 it really works:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  58. but?

    • 3 of the codes are that not worked those are
      1.pesky phantoms

      • It’s not ajbday it’s AJBDAY3
        P.S. sorry if this comment sounded a bit rude;)

  59. have a nice day ;):) :( 😛

  60. this works great and i like to have lots of gems and this i will go on every day i will post something everyday so that mean …….. THIS IS A GREAT WEB SITE I LOVE ANIMALJAM ITS AWESOMELEY GREAT AND THANKS FOR THE ACOUNT ANIMALJAM!

  61. can i please have bow animal jam i always wanted one

    • can i please have a bow and arrow i always wanted one

      • Were can u get a bow and arow

      • if ever get a bow and arrow i will give it to u but first i need your user name to give it to u i am puppyloveperlerbead1 😀

  62. a LOT of your codes worked!!! they were AWESOME!!!! got SOOOOOOO many gems I didn’t know what to do with them!!!! thx person!!!!!!

    • Awesome!! I’m glad the codes worked for you, thanks for coming to my website!

  63. my user is as follows: littlewonkybear, wonkybear123, littlewonkybear123, littlewonkybear101, wonkybear1001, wonkybear101, and that’s pretty much it… plz friend me!!!!!

  64. Very nice website, May need a few changes. I will explain that. Okay, the reasoning is, that it is all white. You need to put some type of design behind it. Just some ideas.

    • Thank you for the constructive criticism but I am going to keep the white background because it’s easy to read the text that’s over it. I had to delete some of your comments where you correct other people using long paragraphs. I’m not sure if you are genuinely trying to help people with their spelling and grammar but some of your comments were a bit rude.

      Please remember that most Animal Jam players are kids that are not perfect spellers or grammar experts. This site is just for fun so please keep your comments brief and polite! Thanks!


  65. meet u again guys