Animal Jam Codes for 2014

*Animal Jam Codes List Updated for May 2014*

Codes are needed to get the most out of Animal Jam.  New codes come out every couple weeks and can be used for free gems and other new items!  I’ll try to keep this list of codes updated as they expire and new ones come out.  Feel free to comment if you know any new codes that I don’t have on the list!

If you need more gems to buy items or you are tired of trying to earn gems by playing games, try the list of codes below.  These codes have been tested to work and will unlock different items and gems.  Each gem code can only be used once per player so use them wisely.

The list of codes below has the newest working animal jam codes for 2014.  I try to keep the list up to date so if any codes are expired let me know.  The Animal Jam codes list was last updated May 2014.  There is one new code for May listed below: adventure.  I will add more unexpired codes for 2014 as soon as they come out, thanks for looking!

Animal Jam Promo Codes

Below is the most recently updated list of codes available on animal jam in 2014!

kama – 500 gems

thanks – imprisoned phantoms

adventure - 500 gems

ngexplorer - 1000 gems

friendship – 500 gems

tigris – 500 gems (thanks fish301!)

ganges – 500 gems (thanks ARCTICKWOLFGIRL!)

zambezi – 500 gems (thanks ARCTICKWOLFGIRL!)

chimbu – 500 gems (thanks Nikola!)

nile – 500 gems (thanks Lucas!)

drawing – 500 gems

Alphas – 500 gems

bemybuddy – 500 gems

shadows – 500 gems (thanks Abby!)

explorer – 100 gems

ajbday3 - Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake

10million – 10 million banner

Expired Promo Codes:

ngkidsrox – 1000 gems

discovery – 1000 gems

HOOOT – 500 gems

kangaroo - 500 gems

koala - 500 gems

dolphin - 500 gems

AJHQ3000 – 500 gems

birthdaybash – unlocks a birthday cake

How to Use Animal Jam Codes

Check out the instructions below for a guide on how to enter Animal Jam codes.

Entering codes is easy, all you have to do is check the box when you login then enter your code.  Some codes have to be typed exactly as they are spelled so make sure you use caps lock if they are in capital letters.


Once you login, a gift box will appear with your promo code gift.


Click the box and you’ll unlock your promo code reward!  The codes are good for however many gems it says on the list.


Once you’ve used these Animal Jam codes you can enjoy the free gems you’ve unlocked!  Be sure to share the codes with your friends so they can get the most out of Animal Jam too.  Check back because I will update this list with new codes when they come out.  If you know any new animal jam codes that I haven’t mentioned, please comment and I’ll put them on the list of unexpired codes!

Let me know if you see any expired Animal Jam codes here and I’ll take them off the list!  I try to find the latest Animal Jam codes and keep this list fresh but I can always use some help from other Jammers :)  Don’t be afraid to comment below and let me know about any new codes for gems or anything else!

Instead of spending hours playing games to unlock gems, just use these codes to earn gems and other prizes!  Gems can be used to buy new den items, costumes, pets and more!  Increase the size of your Animal Jam bank account with these codes.  This list will be updated regularly for the newest codes for 2014.  This aj codes list was last updated May 2014.

  1. a really good code i tried was ngkidsrox and it worked THANKS A LOT YOU A GOOD JAMMER YOU DID NOT SCAM!!!!! YAY

    • First of all , if she didnt have the right code or the code is done it still would have ment she ddint scam plus how could she scam here =| -4eopard001

    • do you guys know how to get free chat?

      • you first make a parent account then you change your setting to safe chat but safe chat is really SAFE chat! have a good day on animal jam!


          • It’s probably because you’ve already used that code…calm down.

          • Its probably cause its over and its done

          • The code works cuz i just used it. You already used because all of these are up to date. Dont get mad and blame them when your the one at fault

          • yeesh it’s because it’s expired cal down it clearly says expired codes and discovery in in that category.

          • Abby, sometimes codes don’t work for some jammers. It worked for me
            and I used it the same day u did. Don’t get mad at her. Just tell animal jam about it so they can fix the problem

          • Some codes won’t work with some computers, the code shadows is supposed to be in all caps like this : SHADOWS

          • it may not have worked because its in the expired section?

          • okay, ive used it duh

          • oh. my. gosh. calm down. it’s expired.

          • oh that’s cause it expired. And Thanks Abby!

          • oh clam down its not her fault

          • Abby, dear, calm down! Sometimes the codes don’t work it’s ok! You may have already used this code. My god! Ur acting like your about to break your computer!

          • i got code thats does not work: birthdaybash

          • XD Discovery was under expired Promo codes. Gawd, Open your eyes.

          • Its cuzz you’ve already used the code!!!!

          • The Discovery code is in the expired codes list noob.

          • CALM DOWN! You’ve probably already used it. It happens.

          • try the code ngexplorer if not yet been used by u

          • Dude quit tripping. Their are plenty of more coded to use calm down

          • none of these codes are working is that u can only use them once

          • The Discovery code is expired :/

          • Its expired

          • Plus it says expired dude duhh!!!

          • you dont have to be so argry i know all the gem codes
            buddy me ivy20032 on aj calm down please

          • abby calm down control ur temper its not her fault you can just play games so u can earn gems look i played games now i got 100,367,890 million gems so calm down!

          • Geez, what’s with the caps lock? Don’t be mad, you’re not alone. Don’t get mad just because of a code .-. It’s just a code. No reason to overreact.

          • geez, calm down.
            You may have already used it, and didn’t know it.

          • Its expired. Go get ur eyeballs checked. Ugh.


        • so if u already have an account than can u still get free chat on that account?

        • omg can you plz do member ajs! r codes!

        • well u had it for a little bit then u got really of im only nine but that is fine I made this web site sooooooo

        • theres a glitch you go to the new year party or halloween go down the slide 5 times then go to coral canyons and buy the kitchen thingy ya no thay weird thing eva ery budy hav….. you need to NOT have enough coins then buy it and then test it

      • Your parent has to unlock it…:)

      • How to get free chat:
        1 Activate your parent account.
        (The email you used on Animal Jam and create a password for it.
        2 Click your account and there is chat settings.
        Of course, you can get free chat from there.
        That is all.
        Tip: Don’t trust people who do thing for you just for user and password.

        • Very good information, thanks for clearing this up!

          • Yay thanks

          • Do any of u play minecraft if u do do u watch minecrarft on youtoob
            If u do u are awesome if u don’t o well too bad :( minecraft is awesome :) XD. On animal jam search ibalisticsquid1 then friend it’s me if u know the real ibalisticsquid then good for u :D . P.S I am not the real ibalisticsquid. go to search and type in cutiebewbutie and friend her. Say I if u hate bad jammers. I . Say I if u hate bad jammers hacking u . I .

            P.S.I AM A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

          • hi.i’m cute pup 55 on animal jam.wont let me say my user togeter. ok i was going to give you some codes but i don’t know any more codes on animal jam. i am sorry. im a member on it and is always looking for a new friend. if i find new codes i will tell you.

          • Ok sounds good! Thank you!!

          • how do you get codes because i tryed but it did not work
            oh and hey 23bird23 and 32bird32 and webkinzlover and goeey3

          • hi!!!!!!!!

      • what are the codes

        • ok you cant activate em now but the codes are up where they tell how many gems you get i hope it works for you

        • a code for AJ is shadows and it gives u I think 500 gems? And btw, on AJ my accounts are Crazycatlady2004 and Thecutie521. Hope this helps!

          • Thanks for the code!! I didn’t have that one yet, just added it!

          • I really know how much gems u get! U get 1,560 but I glitch and well … I got it but the membership never applied so I am going to lose it if it works 4 u.

          • thx a lot dude!!!! just tried that code got 500 gems! ur awesome! my use is maddymay5311 and yeah sure ill buddy u

          • oops that was to abby lol she told me about the shadow code or wuteves

        • Hi! The codes are when you log on to animal jam and it asks if you have a code to enter and you type in the code. then, you log in and get a prize. MY username is swing3. buddy me and I will give you a code.

        • but
          u have to be my buddy on aj firts …………………………………………………………………………

        • if you go on animal jam codes you will find it but if you need help type on animal jam 17bear17 or 17penguin or maciiii or maciiiii or maciiiiii those are my accounts

      • you have to go on your parent dashboard then go to chat then click safe chat and then you get free chat :)

      • Parent settings. log in and go to “chat settings” then click free chat.

      • Your parents or you need to join the parent dash board
        When you get onto the home page of animal jam click parent
        And make or tell your parent to make an account it requires a e-mail and a password
        So remember to put in the right e-mail address and click send. Then go to your e-mail and accept the e-mail then it will bring you back to the animal jam site and you will need to create a password and then when you
        Log in and you see your username click free chat the 3rd one then you can talk free except for bad words or

        • Thanks, even know I already have free-chat I think it helped alot of people around/play Animal Jam. It’s nice when I see people helping other people. Like I donate items to the non-rare when I get some of people. I can only trade @_@
          Because I’m a non-member. I don’t like to give away my Infomation because people will hack and scam me.
          Thanks for helping other people expect me! :D :D :) :)
          Im Tiastreasure on animal jam add me

      • First, you need to go onto parents, sign into the parent account and change the chat option if the child account to ‘safe chat’ :) there you go!

        • Yes ICYIVY is correct I have it I am realninja899
          I keep getting hacked by ppl, mostly by my bff her username is fluffybunnyboy123, I always thought I could trust her>:<

      • ya i do you go on parents you make and account on parents and then you choose safe chat if that does not work them wright back ‘it does not work ‘

        • How do u get the underwater crown I want it so bad

          • just do Return of the phantoms and go into the arctic wolf cave and u MIGHT get it and buddy me on animal jam my user name is Lolman290

      • Yeah get free chat by going to parent dashboard entering password for parent dashboard and changing chat option to “Safe Chat”.
        Add me-Wuga19

      • you go to parent dash bord and create one and you put on the top safe chat and that will get u free chat

      • i know how to get freechat. log out- click on parents- click make parent account- check email- sign in as your parent- click free chat and vhoilia! PS i love using codes for gems!

      • if your account is activated, and you can get onto your parent account, you can change your chat setting to “safe chat”, it makes it so you can type whatever you want, but you get warnings and occasionally get banned.

      • have your mom or dad go to the parents section and sign in with their email then they can choose the top which lets you say what ever you want. oh and add me Frogs991 and my name is Snowflake Cutefriend.

      • You have to go to parent dash board. If you don’t have a parent account, then make one, which includes the emial adress you use for your account. If your parents already have an account on there, simply ask them to give u free chat. Then, you click on ur account setting, and adjust chat to safe chat. Then it will give you free chat. Also, on parent dashboard, you can change an accounts password, or delete an account.

      • when you get a animal do not do anything and then type

      • how?

      • hey u get free chat by logging into parents and switch it to Safe Chat. This is the real way, not a on a scam.

        add me I am


      • no how

        • you have to add me i am call Joyyab

        • i love to play animaljam i like it i also like to play animaljam fashion show it is a game iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love animaljam
          thanks allah

      • to get free chat go to the parents option on animal jam login page and after making a parent account you will get an option for free or restricted chat

      • You first get on the parent account (or ask your parent to get on it), Then, go to the parent dashboard and click on the bubble labeled, “Safe Chat”.. But, Safe chat is actually FREE chat! Hope I helped!!

      • You first get on the parent account (or ask your parent to get on it), Then, go to the parent dashboard and click on the bubble labeled, “Safe Chat”.. But, Safe chat is actually FREE chat! Hope I helped!! :)

      • you have to use email and parent settings. YouTube it

      • get a parent account thats been activated then change to safe chat then its free chat

      • Lol u get free chat by parent dashboard… its called safe chat I think…..

      • go to ur home page
        Press Parents
        The press activate account
        Then enter the email address you used to make ur account
        Now make a parent dashboard, then press ur username and then it will say safe chat, restricted chat (the one ur using) and bubble chat
        Press Safe Chat, click yes. Log in, and type whatever you want!

      • Oh it’s real easy. Go to YouTube it will explain better.

      • i know how to get free chat.

      • yes i do know you go on help enter free chat or click on parent then activater your gmail and after log in parent dashboard change restricted chat to free chat

      • Have to go on parental controls

      • yes a parent acout

      • its under parents click safe chat

      • Maybe somebody know how change language?

      • Hey hon! To get free chat you go to the Parent Dashboard (ask ur mum or papa first if you are using their email :3) then go to chat settings and select SAFE chat. I know, it’s a little confusing since it should be Free chat but oh well! I hope this helped you if you have any questions my user name is Xxdollyxx!

      • Some people put there own “parent account”, as in putting in there own email account to get free chat. So at the home page on animal jam go to the parents section and go to parent dashboard. You have to activate your parent dashboard if you havent done so, then click the options in your account then change it to safe chat but at the bottom right it will say are you sure you want to change the chat thing so click yes. THEn you get free chat

      • kinda hard to explain… try and find me on AJ so i can tell u. i am Mywaterpokemon. ;D

      • yes its in parents u had ego sign in and for ur chat click safe chat and yes

      • I really want it too!So how do you get it?

      • make a parent acount and put it on safe chat but where the parent email is on the left there has to be a name if there isnt put it in and press save then reload ur aj page and log in

      • Yeah, you know that email you sent yourself? Click somewhere on it, (forgot where) and it will bring you to AJ. It says: Choose your child’s Chat Mode! Click free chat or whatever, and then there you have it.

      • Ppl the fastest way 2 get gems is AJ Jump it transfers ur gems 2 ur account on da cp… -.-

      • you need to be a certain age

      • Actually… there is a code for free chat my user on aj is Ginger3066 buddy me! I dont have free chat though anyway there is a code for free chat! Hope this was good news for you.

      • okay i know how to get free chat your parents have to log in on the parent dashboard, the parent dashboard is on the top of the screen BEFORE you log in on animal jam


      • First you make a parent account then it’s going to say safe chat click that then your done

      • Sure thing

      • make a parent acount

      • I now how to get free chat. All you have to do is go
        parent login. Login as the parent. Then settings for child
        and do safe chat. That is how.

      • 1. Got to parents (Sign Up)

        2. Go to settings

        3. link your parent account to your user

        4. F5

        5. Go to chat settings

        6. Click your user

        7. Click free chat

      • Yeah i faking do??


      • i wish I had free chat btw buddy me I am rosey53788 everyone can buddy me I hope to be famouse plz trade me rares on aj plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love u guys

      • i do i know how to get free chat just b a member ivy20032

      • yes i do you go to parent dash bourd then you do what it says

    • um its not a jammer its animaljam creators doing this so anyone want my acount user is mymonsterface pass is freinds

      • my real account password is dilligaff ur welcome

      • thanks i will try it

        • ^^^ The date you posted this comment is the same day my milk expired XDD
          I just felt like saying that :T


          • Yo me here and can you enter codes that you already entered and will it still work?

            PS I play mine craft and watch videos on it too.

            PPS mine craft it awesome

          • lol, random!

    • thanks put more codes plz


    • well it didn’t work for me and my brother

    • Mine did not work, how did yours? my username is Wonderyeah on animaljam. Please buddy me!

    • Well at least it kinda works but i am concerned about the promotion thing it sucks 2 meh DX but at least ppl know or jammers know that its not a fake code 4 animal jam –>(AJHQ) so yea :D oh and add me


      if you wanna trade with me add me k?

      • ok i’m popcornrulesmyworld got it

        • Send me rares or unwanted items plz my username is Xxdollyxx (I don’t accept friend requests tho! :p derp!) I have school at my den right now but I really want to open a spa or salon so the vanity for
          epic wonders is high on my list. Here is a list of items I want of any of u are kind enough to buy them for me:
          Elf tail armor in blue or pink
          A smoothie/hot cocoa/claw machine
          A blue/pink royal tiara
          Vanity from the epic wonders or “rare” shop NOT the den shop
          Princess Carriage
          Pink/blue fox hat
          Any unwanted rares or epic wonders

          Tnx in advance! Luv u all bye

          • Oh, ps feel free to visit my den anytime it’s unlocked for school or spa or salon or whatever! XD

          • Btw, the smoothie machine is avalible for purchase on the cruise ship! :3 ~ Only1chloe


      • ME

    • Well I tried two and they both didn’t work. The first two.

    • thank for codes

    • Ohhhhhhh that’s the 1000 gems I think. I WANT DIAMOND CODES! Can I use two codes in one day?

    • :-( These “Sharpie” Fumes are like, KILLING MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add me! :D :)

      • I know what u mean. When I was getting my hair dyed (it’s ombré blue) the smell was DESTROYING me. U know strong smells like that kill brain cells right? Even worse is that holding ur breath kills just as many cells

    • ppl if you go pn animal jam plz add me im isabellaloveskirby
      and i have a mcdonalds

    • OMG thank you SO much i got so mamy Gems and know i am like RICH whoever made this i give like 66.666 THUMBS UP! bets thing i have ever tried HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME ON ANIMAL JAM BYE :)


    • Please add me it is ilovedogs5401

    • Yes thanks a lot u are so not a scammer?!

    • i tried ngkidsrox and it didnt work

    • amazing me and my sis love this keep up the good work absouloutley amazinravo!!!!!g 100 sars b

    • sometimes they did not work………… WHY?????????????



      • Also if u email me please tell me your username and if u are non member or member and age thank you!

        Your age will not be revealed if you don’t want it to be so tell me weather you want me to announce your age because if you do email me a suggestion then I will announce your animal jam name as a thank you and if u are member or non member but if you don’t want people to know your age please tell me before I post.

        Thank you 4 your time


        Xxxxxxxx love u all :)

    • As your fellow Jammer, I thought it was a good idea to discover codes, and I did! I hope you enjoyed your free gems!!!

      P.S. Friend me, my username is: sugur10

      From Teensy PrettyRose


    • Do you like me?:) I have another storage i haven’t told you yet, but its plzbeit ~ julian2

      • I think your not julian2?

      • i dont believe that your julian2 everyone loves julian2 but i dont because julian2 only thinks of her self julian isnt rich before it was of his famous thats why he became rich ppl give him rares a lot of rares he only thinks of himself not of others

        • First of all, julian is a guy,
          second, he dosnt think of HIMself, he dosnt like people giving him rares, it’s just how his fans want to treat hom

    • Lalalalalalalala What do we do when we do shadows and im not a AJ? that happened to mine

    • Hi! I was wondering if anybody was kind enough to send me rare clothes and items to my account on animal jam. My username is koalalover1700. Please send me rares!

    • Hi! I was wondering if anybody was kind enough to send me rare clothes and items to my account on animal jam. My username is koalalover1700. Please send me rares! It would be super kind!

    • Hey peeps I got this weird code from someone it’s “Kangaroo.” Anyone know what it’s for?

    • I know. This website rocks but I want to know, how many times can u do the code and how many codes can u do in a day?

      • You can only use each code once. But you can enter as many different codes as you want per day.

        • when i tried to put in my free membership code it didn’t work.why didn’t it work?

          • It’s because some scammed you out of your money.
            Add me to talk about it more! :) If you did get scammed out of your money, it’s against the law so they’ll be in jail for more than 23 years. Believe me I learnt about it Monday 3rd Novemember. ( 2013 ) I was 16 then. :) Add me to find more about why’s and questions. Did you buy the Member Ship

    • it worked for me! ngexplorer IT WOKKED FOR 1000 GEMS!!!!! do you have a diamond code?
      i might become a member this week! >:D

    • Hi guys cute2910 here with a awesome offer!!! Wait no 2 awesome offers , dats right I said 2!!!
      #1 : okay so if you are the 83rd person to buddy me i will reply saying … You are so cool! AND if you are a member I will also give you a gift (rate fox hat) and if you are a non member I will give you a non member fox at bye trade!!! Just buddy me !!!!!!!!!!

      # 2 : if you send me the nicest jam a gram EVER I will rate you 1st 2nd and 3rd!
      3rd place gets a FREE non member sword (black) or if you ARE a member you will get a samurie sword in blue!!! 2nd place gets 2 fox hats ( non rare ) (pink & white) OR you can pick one of my rare bêta items for a random plushies ( dats if you are a non member) AND 1ST place gets 4 rare beta items AND my password to my old MEMBER account to have all the stuff on it OR if you are a non member you will get the 4 items AND 90 silver bricks!!!
      The only catch is that you have to send your jam a gram OR buddy request before the 1st of April 2014 AND you can’t enter both compotitions!

    • rlly? none of the codes will work for me!

    • How would she scam? It’s impossible.. She wasn’t like “send me this or that and i will give you code” SO, YEP.

    • I have free member account user:tina6301


    • well i hpoe to try that one

    • thx alot for the codes.
      but ……
      can u put a 3 month leopard and other animal codes for free?

    • butterfly gives you 500 gems.

    • if u send spottedowl110 things she sends u memebership!!She did it for me !!!!:) – courtneylovespizza

    • IM SO HAPPY spottedowl110 gives out free memeberships:)

    • Not all of the codes work actually I tried them all and these are the ones that didn’t work bemybuddy, shadows, drawing, ganges, and tigris all did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YEP!


    • ngexplorer is a code!!!

      • thx soooooooooooooo much i got 1’000 gems thx soooooo much explorer is a code for 100 gems to say thx :)

    • ikr these codes really do work go on aj buddy me, im tigeress14014

    • I know she is so so so so so so nice! :DDDDD


      • sooooo I am trying to get on animal jam it is beang sloooowww :( not cool aj not cool

    • i did it today LOLZ IT…IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!

    • an I know one its gecko green if it does not work its probably expired sorry if it does not work ^-^

    • what a good game you should go to my den but im so pist that nowone wants to accept my trades

    • i got scamed once and i callded and complained so they said they would give me a free membership code so thats how i got a membership you should try it it might work maybe……………………

    • you should do a 4 bday cake the code would be bdayaj4

    • omg I wish I hAd a code for membership does eneyone know that code plz tell me in repliy for 2014 ok plzzzzzzzz love all u jammers jam on and please tell me me non member lol ok bye
      :) ;) ^_^ luv ya

    • plz send me items my user is webkins927

    • ok peeps i have a 100 gem code a ten diamond code and a’not used 6 month membership code my user name is yasebtesam if u send me good stuff if u send best i tell u the codes and i give u the membership code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ——————–> hint u will win if u send stuff like rare headdress rare spike collar and lava glove will win i have like 10 of the membership code so ya! bye bye!

    • Be My Buddy i am online Boys . @ barbieroxx123 in aj . AND BE MY BOY :*

    • hi My Name is sarah i have already used all of these codes they are SUPER USEFUL i am a member and i only accept member friend requests My username is imasmartjammah if you wanna friend me!

    • Buddy me on animal jam: wafflesnpie

    • plz buddy me…. amanda89756
      nile didnt work for me…..
      my brother has a underwater den his user is coolman62222 (p.s. he is marreid on animal jam so girls, no do anything.)
      be bye!

    • friendship doesn’t work anymore

    • yea NO scammer should be in this game ^_^ i do wanna be rare tho

    • I have been tride this code and…..nothing!!!

    • it does works but not to me i tried some and wont give me anything please fix the code

    • Thanks for all those codes. They are really useful and why would u scam

    • :0 yo girl it doesn’t work :( but it was funny I tried it 20 times LOL :D

    • bemybuddy doesn’t work

    • The “thanks” code dosnt work for me, what am i doing wrong?
      It will say the code is correct, but once i log in it dosnt give me anything :(

      • thats because you might of got something from a code that week
        or maybe you where playing AJ logged off and used a code and played again ten they dont work but who knows thats what happens to me maybe it donnt happen to you ppl

    • Why dosn’t the “Thanks” code not work?
      It’s driving me crazy Dx

    • :I ok dennn…….

    • scroll down some untill u see my user aging and find out how to get my headdress IT NO SCAM U CAN TRUST ME PLZ PLZ PLZ TRUST ME I NO SCAM


    • congractolations

    • what does it unlock?


    • thx! it works!
      buddy me please
      im jayfeather2014

    • hey people i tried all the codes and its april now and they dont work for me :(
      thx masha

    • It’s not working for me though.

    • well i will try that code

    • lol! she is no scammer! I wish my account wasn’t banned :(

      • I just wish…

        lol sorry! me again!
        dudes, I really want a frozen nature archway! plz send me one! my user is….

        its a member too :D

    • OMG i just looked at my trade list and there was 1 year membership for every item just not the den items!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • it did not work just saying

    • Just so you know, the code thanks doesn’t work any more :(

    • good thing that you r not a scammer,

      and I really want a membership but my parents won’t let me… shoot.

      if you can, will anyone be able to email me a member account?

      I will give you a rare fox hat if you give me the right member account

      my username for animal jam is: princessvivi18


    • WARNING!!! WARNING!!! F MAN IS BACK!!! she is now recycledtiesbackup and just f.y.i. she is a horribil scammer and she was banned 13 times and come back with a new user every time!!! she tried to scamm my friend but i told her to NOT OPEN HIS GIFT!!!so block him and dont accept any of his gifts and lock your den and report him!!!

    • Hello my name is cadence apple white weird name huh but never mind about that isn’t this eleagle i think i should call the police or animal jam support.Sorry but i have to bye good luck.

    • Whats ur name on ajam Brooklyn? I’m Disneyfan185 and whats yours Nadia?

  2. i shall come on this website again =D

  3. love the codes ALL OF THEM WORKED :D

  4. <3 you work and blog and codes

  5. sorry i keep saying stuff i just love your codes
    ^ ^

  6. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!
    sorry i keep saying thinks C:

    • I know a girl named Brooklyn! She pushed me off a paddle boat in the middle if a lake and it took me like 15 minutes to get back on.

    • i think you ment things when you said(think).i love the work 2!i helps alot!

  7. okay this is day 2 :) so um i will be back. ill look a another code today too like right now bye <3

  8. coolcodes.bla.bla.b

  9. Ok we get the picture

  10. love it

  11. some dont work but its COOL for me though ^.^

  12. these coads are awesome some work but still these are epic in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    get theses coads there the best in the world BRB xxxxx

    • hey jammers
      i am giving out my member account
      it might expire
      enjoy jammers

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        • my user is princess73443 i will be on draa at the 7th october
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        • ppl don’t tease us non members aj is just for us all to have fun and hand with friends although I find it very addicting and hard to stop playing but that my opinion so just have fun a don’t tease. WERE ALL MATES INSIDE.

          And I have a account I would like to donate. The use is iloveleo1234
          pass is saffron no caps please just enjoy and don’t get me blocked as its not fair on other people who want to use it.

      • did not work at all

      • Accounts can’t expire

        • actually they can u no how u used to not be a member ya u buy a card and the once that card runs out or expires no more member for u

  13. thank you for telling those codes it works

    • hi all
      my sister is aniah
      i will tell you her pass this is real
      her password IS i will not tell you that is her pass

      • Please read this whole comment, due to important information. Thank you. First of all, Why would you tell her password to the public? Why even joke around about stuff like that? You don’t have to give out names either… Please, Just take this to mind, for the future. Please use punctuation, and capitalization next time? Thank you.

        • Thanks for the long replies but there’s really no need to correct everyone on here. This site is just meant for fun!

  14. I used all these codes before but that’s okay, and I shall continue to use this website for all things Jamaa.

  15. love animal jam have 5 nm swords im so rare

    • You can’t be rare! Everyone is normal. Julian2, Ashley188 or even Major1major1 isn’t so rare! Just because you have a lot of rares and betas, doesn’t mean you are rare and awesome! Its for who you are and your personality. Now stop showing off!

      • Actually Animal Jam isn’t all about raruity, it’s about friends and teamwork, all the good stuff you can think about! I just wished we are back at the beta, not showing off and no scamming or hacking. :(

    • U brag too much…. and yea i agree with the other ppl, animal jam isnt about being rare.

      P.S. having 5 nm swords isnt even close to being rare

  16. tootiefrutie3 is my username btw

    • hi my real name is audry and my animal jam user is sprinkles33 check me out plz btw is there any member accounts not used?

  17. wow they worked! Please friend me on aj,im wolfstorm1299. i have rares and like 5 mech angel wings

  18. These codes r ze best u r a tru jamer ;).
    My use is Angry96123
    P.s check out my den

  19. If u have fri chat u can host a school in my den ;)
    U r de best!!!!!!!

  20. i have a good one its called ngexplorer thanks for the codes i will try them out you da best.:)

  21. Nice Codes! Maybe Get Some More Codes! Maybe?

  22. well hooot works just so you know 500 jems he/she is right – very right – well i like to talk so ^-^ ok i might talk down right crazy but ok. try to find me! random servers bluesclues31905 i will be on at maybe 4:15 starting 9/5/13 so my sis is the reason i get picked up about 3:00-3:20 my sis is picked up at 4:00-4:15-4:20 i dont know so ^-^ oops & & &… i LOVE animal jam!

  23. & & &… = and and and… sorry

  24. Great website! Reliable website to get codes on for Animal Jam! All codes work and get you many codes and items! I will come on this website again! Thank you so much!

  25. But I tried ngkidsrox and it no work…..

  26. i need a code to get snowlepord please repy and help

  27. my username is bellea246

    meet me at Aldan at 4:30 11th October 2013
    add me if you want
    meet me at kimbara outback

    I hope you see me!

    PST. I am a fox with full wind armor

    Name: Enchanted magicpaw

  28. Anyone have the code to get a pet hummingbird and/owl? Would be totally Jammeriffic!! Thanks :)

  29. OMG!! thank you love!

  30. LOL they worked

  31. i am giving away a free non member account
    username: minionrushlover
    pass: minionrush
    if you wanna meet my real account my username is pinkiepieinextrahypermode

  32. Wonderful,I am a Animal Jammer, I started last night and I love it! I love all these codes and I will totally be going on this blog again and tell other jammers about you :D
    Thankyou for the codes! Add me; happyman44654 – buh bye:)

  33. Oh and I am not a man: lol I am a girl just so you know….

  34. i love the codes thank you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz can i have some more

  35. i love love love love love love love love love love love you

  36. Here’s another code that gives you one diamond (or at least that is what it gave me)
    Lol. Just sharing

  37. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make
    this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. appreciate it

    • Thank you!! I made it myself using WordPress. It’s really easy to use and you can make some nice sites, good luck!

  38. I LOVE IT THEY ALL WORK LOL :3 good work!
    How long did it take u?


  39. any clothing codes? if not… WHY

    • I dunno why don’t ask meh…… But they should do that tho…”. Lol I have no idea dude

  40. Try this new code, AJBDAY3 it works, and gives you a 3rd birthday cake :D plus, all of the codes worked YAYAYAYAYA……

  41. oh, by the way you can add me on animal jam if you desire, my username is jajagirl0117 and I usually get on animal jam every day so, see ya real soon :)

  42. do you have any new ones people keep saying the same ones

  43. do you have any new ones people keep saying the same ones

  44. cool codes, thanks^^

  45. hi my animal jam username is AJjammer538 HOOOT really works it gave me 500 gems. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. wild hawk or blues clues I u r on poptropica my username is my entryname

  47. cool codes ;). plz give some more new codes. my AJ username is bunny41832, plz be my buddy. THANKS A LOT!!!

  48. if you will be my buddy meet me at my den on saturday 21. :)

  49. Didn’t work

  50. i LOVE IT

  51. whats going on guys? :)

  52. kidhare

  53. did not work

  54. i have a list of the codes that worked
    kangroo i dont think so well
    these are the codes that worked

  55. if you use the top 1 it really works:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  56. have a nice day ;):) :( :P

  57. this works great and i like to have lots of gems and this i will go on every day i will post something everyday so that mean …….. THIS IS A GREAT WEB SITE I LOVE ANIMALJAM ITS AWESOMELEY GREAT AND THANKS FOR THE ACOUNT ANIMALJAM!

  58. can i please have bow animal jam i always wanted one

  59. a LOT of your codes worked!!! they were AWESOME!!!! got SOOOOOOO many gems I didn’t know what to do with them!!!! thx person!!!!!!

    • Awesome!! I’m glad the codes worked for you, thanks for coming to my website!

  60. my user is as follows: littlewonkybear, wonkybear123, littlewonkybear123, littlewonkybear101, wonkybear1001, wonkybear101, and that’s pretty much it… plz friend me!!!!!

  61. Very nice website, May need a few changes. I will explain that. Okay, the reasoning is, that it is all white. You need to put some type of design behind it. Just some ideas.

    • Thank you for the constructive criticism but I am going to keep the white background because it’s easy to read the text that’s over it. I had to delete some of your comments where you correct other people using long paragraphs. I’m not sure if you are genuinely trying to help people with their spelling and grammar but some of your comments were a bit rude.

      Please remember that most Animal Jam players are kids that are not perfect spellers or grammar experts. This site is just for fun so please keep your comments brief and polite! Thanks!


  62. meet u again guys

  63. bye i have to go in 10
    ok bye! :)

  64. I LOVE THIS!!!! It really works and I have got thousands of gems!!! Friend me, I am tighill!!!

  65. i am lightning dust can you come to my site ? please?

  66. the codes do not work! please do not try them! thank u :)

  67. heres a code koala add me plzzz alex935412 ;)

  68. Wow. Here’s another code for the third b-day cake: AJBDAY3
    There are few other codes that aren’t on here. Send me an item on AJ and i’ll reply with one of them….. BTW, i’m ocean239

  69. most of them work


  71. i i put my unser name then i put my password then i click i have a code to enter i tpye DISCOVERY then when i login thers n gift

  72. i need a 20013 code may you please give it to me i will give you my

  73. i will give you my user name zanob187

  74. tell me if you need my password to make me a member thanks by

  75. Woo,Thanks alot,Kangaroo dosent work…Sorry whoever said that in their Comment!!! Pesky Phantoms,Hmmm Gotta Try THAT one!Koala Tried it It works AWESOME More Gems For Mah! Anyway,THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!! I GOTTA VISIT IT TOMORROW!

  76. my account is not working for some reason :(

  77. LOVE This website!Finally a website that DOESN’T SCAM.

  78. thx it helped a lot i need some gems they were the best codes ever. from yougot567 :)

  79. animals that are a meber give me the code.please i herd that on you tube ther is a other way to get a snow lepared that they dascoverd a girl name amy some thing she is not a mebere and she has a snow lepared ok for get about that please any boddy if you have thae active wolf code please give it to me i need it and if you have a snow lepared code here is my user name zanob187 i no that i did a comet and my name was ass but sorry here is my user name agina zanob187 tell me if you need my password and give me a copint by and good night

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  82. fgHJk

  83. Nice i like catnip
    and btw my AJ user is Meowclaws. see my den! I think it should be on the epic dens list!
    If I’m on you can ask me to switch it or something if you want

  84. it will not work for me

  85. WE NEED CODES FOR MEMBERSHIP OR ILL STOP PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. and arctic wolves also

  87. meowmeow

  88. Send me gifts on animal jam my name is Mglodoski

  89. love these codes am so excited

  90. love these codes am so excited about them

  91. dolphin works for 500 just tryed it

  92. it really worked wow

  93. didn’t work for me :/

    • Which codes didn’t work? You can only use each code once per account.

  94. are u on animal jam

  95. u do know i am JULIAN2
    p.s i love zelda games

    • hey julian,remember meh?catann? people are randomly buddying me,saying hi to me,and jam a gramming me.dude don’t feel sad that you hear DA DA DING everyday,i know how you feel man…

    • me too

  96. I love you animal jammmmmmm!!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!

  97. I love you!!! BFF! Best friend forever

  98. Best friend forever!!!

  99. BFF!

  100. thx i was running low on gems.and i needed to buy some stufff for my den to make it look cool and make me look cool:)if you want to find me on animal jam my username is tailsdollevil :) and i have other accounts like code5675 and yougot567 those are my other usernames so friend me if you would like to.

  101. Umm, all the codes i tried did not work:( I only used the first too and… “Sorry that code it not authorized…” Please fix that:-)

  102. Koala let me on my account without saying not authorized,but i didn’t get any gems…:(

  103. does anyone know a member ship code?

  104. ☹ ✶ ✨ ➤ ♦ ▓ ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ☀╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

  105. ok I used it on my other account and now none work on me why please help me i’m jammer71861 ok!

  106. All of the codes worked except Kangaroo. Thanks so much for supplying these!

  107. Wew this code is so very amazing !!!!

  108. plz choose me! im poor and i cant pay it and cant download it! my birthday is coming up! it’s on october 19! plz choose me!

  109. hi my user is 12julianismine321″ nice to meet you all

  110. hi i am 12julianismine321″ nice to meet you all, there is a 3 day membership code and it is AWESOME13 ALL CAPS.

  111. Umm just for this could you kindly please put some more codes on cause alot of people have used all the codes and get none so please could you put some more on that work Thanks heaps

    • I have posted all the codes that are currently out right now :) Unfortunately I’m not the one who makes the codes so I have to wait until Animal Jam makes more until I can add them. Thanks for looking!

  112. umm hi ppl

  113. amazing thanks so much

  114. my codes are not working at all

  115. none of my codes work at all

  116. plz tell me how to get codes to work

  117. Ok… I get the fact that so called “scamming” is bad… but is it really? Someone told me that scamming is terrible!!! I think it’s a used for great pay-back. If u agree post… AJLUVAR XD :)

  118. I am looking for free membership codes for by daughters. We are Federal Employees laid off by the Gov Shutdown and funds have been very tight. Anyone that can provide information would be very much appreciated.

    • Uh there are no free membership codes. U hav to buy them and the u tube vids suck. They alredy wereused. Srry about dat ppl. Ima member, chimy19 and there r no diamond codes in existence. AJ knows we do dis so they dont make them. Srry for the nees breaker. Hope u all survive the government shutdown and good luck ppl. Again if u want to buddy me i am chimy19 dont mind my user plz :)

    • ya i will i have one i have one on _ animal jam do you play animal jam?

  119. Thx 4 getting all the codes! Remember to update it soon. Some of the codes dont work on my computer but thts ok…I got myself from 3, 200 to 5,131 gems! ;)

    • I’ll take a look through the codes and see which ones work, glad some of them worked for ya!

  120. i love animal jam codes>

  121. Thanks for publishing these codes!

    - Princess VonIvy -

  122. does anyone know the game skyrama

  123. hi thank you the codes worked my user name is MRkrabs35197 if you want to be my friend i am a orange tiger with blue stripes



  126. hi guys what are the codes really

  127. why hasn’t the aj 3rd birthday cake come i put in the code and the 1000 gems i need to make 5,199 gems

  128. i give my animal

    trade on member animal:333

  129. I tried using ngkidsrox and discovery but it didnt work D:

  130. scammer they did not work the would log me in and give me no gift!!!!!!

  131. Guys it wont work!!!
    i aint getting anything i’m checking everthing!

  132. thanks your website is awesome but how do you make a free website kind of like yours?

    • You can make a free website through but if you want your own URL name, you have to pay for it. Good luck!

  133. what does the fox say

  134. buddy me plz??? im Relax8

  135. Um it takes forever to do it on IPad and iPhone erg

  136. heyy people whats up? how do you get membership for free?

  137. they scamed me they did not give me my prize for the word discovery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  138. Hey! Thanks for the great coeds. They all worked perfectly! Please try and get some diamond codes or something… If you can’t it doesn’t matter I guess… Thanks for everything!

    :) :D :P :d BYE!

    Add me on animal jam… my username is missguru

  139. this is an account give away
    user name:kedre12

  140. I can’t do ngkidsrox

  141. Thx for the codes

  142. Hey thx for codes but I need diamond codes and promo codes thx!!!!!

  143. Omg how do i get a pic on this?

  144. thank ya thank ya thank ya!!!!!!! i was able to get a new Jammer with your codes!!!!!!;)

  145. Some jammers even say that if you turn all white and dance in the diamond shop you get 10 diamonds is that true?


  146. i used them all :(



  149. i need damond codes and some of these codes didn’t work for me

  150. how s it scamming it was made by ajhq a duh

  151. do u know of any diamond codes?

  152. any diamond codes

  153. Hey, snowwolf098 here. I am not fame but I will be! I am on most days. Sadly, In my school people have found out about animal jam by me. This is no good thing because they said ” The codes you gave us where a phony! Your a SCAMMER!” No I am not I’d reply but one of me against SIX of them, is useless! One against 6! But the point is codes for items expire, not that people scam. Unfortunately, codes are expiring. I tried it at my friends house. Didn’t work! She was waiting for so long So I got her a snake chair. You get them at temple of zios in the room. More detail in my next comment. By snowwolg098.

  154. Hey is there way for you to give me a code for a free membership and dimends also you should let at least 1 or 2 dens be for nonmembers and have it not be the underwater that way we could have a least more then one den. That would cool and it would be fair or you could lower the price for members so just think about it plz. Well thats all and birthdaybash does not work and nethier does ajbday or 10million. BYE AND THX!!!

  155. Hey could you make one or 2 dens for nonmembers so we nonmembers could be cool and take so stuff for just members so nonmembers could have like more animals to chose from. Also more furniture to chose from and arrow code so we could have a rare bow! That would be amazing!!!! Also you should lower the price to be =come a member for a year. Well THX!!!

  156. Does this work?

  157. most worked for me u awsome

  158. when i play animal jam almost everyday i fell like its not fun anymore,but im still playing it

  159. PLEASE FRIENDME PLZ! I AM NEW!I need help!

  160. Thanks! I will defiantly try this! Yay for Animal Jam! :D

  161. when I logged in a box didn’t come up

  162. put new ones on.

  163. when i type birthdaybash or ajbday it did not work why?

  164. i want diamonds!!!

  165. Hey guys i know a code that gives you,well hmm it’s a surprise but any way the code is: ngexplorer (I will tell you what you get now you get 100 gems!! WOW!!

  166. zxcvbnnbvcxxryfddfghvdj,gdd i want DIAMONDS!!!

  167. All work thanks so much!!!!

  168. here is a code
    chimbu-100 gems

  169. go to parent dashboard (if activated if not press activate and go to your email anyway) log in to parent dashboard press the chat button on the parent dashboard press safe chat an d log in enjoy!

  170. it doesn’t work for me

  171. non of my buddys are on and I am being bullyed :’-(

  172. HI, you need a 3 on the thing…

  173. me four

  174. me four it did not

  175. dos any one know any codes? I do. but I have no dimond codes. if you send kaycute a gift she will give you a free code. no scame she is really nice.

  176. dos any one have any codes? I have some. but not any dimond codes :’( send kaycute a gift and she will send you a code. no scam me and her bhate scames. I promis.

  177. you got any diamond codes bro ;)

  178. Hello jammers!I just want to say some of the codes are not working anymore,and plz subscribe mah channel on youtube,and subscribe my best friend’s channel..its “rc bautista”thx ppl!:D

  179. lets go to pecos:jamaa tonwship ok!

  180. lets go to pecos:jamaa towship

  181. hi peoples of jamma! if you send kaycute a good gift. you will get a working code! if not. you may tell me and I will. if not. you can getme band.

  182. Can you always update the page when there is a new code?Please?

  183. hi every body. cristmas is comeing and every body is exsited. kaycute might be throughing a cristmas party on cristmas or cristmas eve. it will be the time wen every body is sending gifs to there familly and friends. remember, cristmas is a time for familly and joy.

  184. hi people of jamma. I am so bored!

  185. can any body tell me how Jullian2 be came so famos in animal jam? please? any budy? I am so confused. how did he get famos?!?!?!?!?!

    • by putting video’s on youtube and ppl on animal jam like him!

  186. hi people of animal jam. I am so bored and need some one to tallk to. cristmas cristmas time is here time for toys and time for cheare. may I wont a hoopsy hoop. I just wont a hoopsy hoop! XD that is how bored I am and that song is stuck in my head.

  187. I told the witch doctor he told me what to do. I told the witch doctor he told me what to say. and it was ohh ee ohh ahah ting tank walla walla bing bang. ohh ee ohh ahah ting tang walla walla bang!. it is a song that my sister loves XD it is so anoing and stuck in my head! what is the witch doctor a monkey? how can I get 2 songs out of my head?!

  188. I’m gonna go now. bye bye.

  189. who plays animal jam say i add me i am cquin23

  190. add me i am cquin23 in animaljam

  191. Hi!!! I’m kp59 on aj (animal jam). I entered a code and it did NOT work. It was : ngkidsrox. Did i do something rong??? If so… try to buddy me on animal jam. P.S. , my buddy list MIGHT be full so just send me a jam a gram. P.P.S. … I am a member and wat is ur username on aj??? LATER! DERP.

  192. What code is for arctic wolf

  193. I tried all the codes and a lot of those codes didn’t work. :’(
    Have those codes expired?

    Please can someone tell me if those codes have expired?
    Thank you!

  194. GUYS!! Remember, there are mostly small kids on this site that are NOT good to scam, remember, always get out the best out of Your kid years, so why should we ruin everything for others?

  195. hi i am well fox kit and i love animal jam i know a code:) it is awesome13 i think it expired but oh well it gives u 3 days of member ship

  196. the first code it didn`t work

    • What is the Generator website

      • buddy meh i give u rares for teacup and if u member i give u them for free. username is maplen50 and hurry i might not have them after a while :)

  197. the first code is not works

  198. i got something to say…. If you send me some items on my other 1 wich is… marcie4 you’re THE BEST OF THE BEST! plz i need better items on it i love ur fan male!!! so please remember user: marcie4!!!

  199. i got something to say…. If you send me some items on my other 1 wich is… marcie4 you’re THE BEST OF THE BEST! plz i need better items on it i love ur fan male!!! so please remember marcie4

  200. no work :(

  201. i is a scam because i did every code and they all wouldn’t work so all you guys are lieing or you did somthing!!!!!!

  202. this is a scam because i doesn’t work for me

  203. hi guys!!!!!!!!! im trying to get rid of me very rare member account!-yay- and will be giving it to a lucky person! first thing u need to do is send me a headress, rare spike,party hat or anything else that is betta to me – malenock is mu user- then there u go! and 1 more thing…. o promis i dont scam i will like NEVER do that! one more time im malenock! :D

  204. hello again! most of thes codes workes but some ore expired… ;’( but that is ok! ;D lol
    well…. it is me again and no one hase sendt me any heADDRESSES, party hats,rare spikes,or a worn to win my very raRE member account!fyi im quitting in about a week so hurry! the lucky 1 may be u! im malenock on animal jma!

  205. hi jammers!!! how yall doin? merry cristmas!!! wel, early merry cristmas. but stil… the snow is come in in and the breaz is to.
    I can’t wait to make snow mans and stay up late out side with my friends then come in and make smores in the fire place for wormth and joy with some cocoa! I hope you all are to.
    I all so can’t wait for thanks giveing ether! I am grate full for shelter, a computer, a familly, friends, and all. – smiley face -
    sorry for the ” smiley face ” but I don’t know how to do one… my computer wont let me.

  206. Hey, Tiana here, just wondering if any of u have a free membership account for animal jam, send me a jam-a-gram, my use: icekaiden say membership for it

  207. FYI a lot of codes don’t work because there is barley any codes because mostly all of AJ used it, or AJHQ did not make a code for 2013

  208. Anybody know a NEW NEW NEW code for animal jam, if any of u know AJHQ plz tell me, or tell them I need a snow leopard or a member ship for 1tianad

  209. Thx for ur time guys

  210. meh 4th

  211. hay jammers! it is me malenock! Just wanted to reming you all about dec 13 because i’m quitting then ;’(….. so,im doing a compatation for a lucky jammer to get it!:D this is what you need to do, send me a rare spik,rare tophat,headdress,party hat,or a worn….. then…. the 5th person to do so…. wins me VERY RARE MEMBER ACCOUNT!!!!!-i will send you all the info in a jma-a-gram! good luck awesome jammers!!!! and remember i’m malenock on animaljam ;D

    • DUDE DUDE DUDE, i sent u, but then my rare headdress didn’t get to u, and i think i was the 5th person, i wish i can have ur account

  212. hay guys! it is my julian2… you can see my best friend on aj “malenock” is going to be quitting on dec 13…. plz send malenock a headdress,rare spik,party hat,worn,or a beta to win her account! she will jam-a-gram you it!the 5th person to do so… wins it! i have sent her something already and probly ony a few more sends left this has been julian2 …… SEND EVERYTHING TO MALENOCK…… NOT ME ;D thx!~!!!!!!!!!

    • thanks julain2 u r awesome! thanks for your help ;D…… i like showing gratitude ‘;D laugh out loud!

    • Ok, so Juilian2 if u have free chat on JAM-A-GRAM, if so, can u send me his user name, plz and thnx u :D

  213. it is not working i hate when people do this

  214. hiya jammers! kaycute here! i am not “famos” but I am hopeing to be. I do not wish with my life or wold die for it, but that wold be cool.
    the way people are is what makes them famos in there lifes and to there friends.
    The people who send me gifts I send them codes, I have done that a lot. I all so have bean in a lot of my friends youtub vidios, but I don’t know if that makes ma famos. I have bot a panda and picked a color and a WHOL LOT of other ones came in as one color, we were all gummy bears and chanting for people to join us wile some of us sang the gummy bear song.

  215. I know some people that are sad thinking to much bad about there furter. I have tryed to help all I could and cheered most of them up.
    remember, live the life you have now. Live the present, it is a gift. if you think to much about your futer and be depresed not takeing chances to have fun with your friends and family, you will never get any were in your life.
    ThE PrEsEnT Is A GiFt.

  216. Thanks for the codes :)

  217. omg omg like do they have any mech wings or rare items bows and arrows anything for codes plz upload them like PLZ!!!!

  218. it did not work plz add new codes

  219. plz add new codes

  220. birthdayash is expired. Meep!

  221. OMG! i love you guys with a burning intensetity of 1000 desert suns!!!! THEY REALLY WORK… IM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  222. OMG ITS JULLIAN2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I A HUGE FAN! I LOVE HIS CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #youtuber

  223. ngexplorer works

  224. OMG why is it not working?!?!?! i was making a vid and non of them r working WIRED

  225. hey people. I just made an acount for no reson… if you want the acount the user name yippydoo and the password is terdface300. my sis achuly and I do not know why. any way. you know.

  226. i know some codes…

  227. do u want them?…

  228. how do you get the gecko and the little fox thing?

  229. How do you get the Little fox and the gecko?

  230. What I didn’t scam I ask how to get things in animal jam?

  231. What?

  232. DONT GIVE “julian 2″ the stuff! its a scam! obviously the real julian2 would already have that sutff anyway. scammer!

  233. Hai guys its me again, just asking for a free memebership account or a memebership account code for snow or arctic, send or reply, user on AJ 1tiand, Icekaiden,and Britney3588

  234. JUILIAN2, I think ur a scam becuase I don’t do that.. whispers -scammer-

    o-o 0-0 O.O ()_() its not nice to stare, i know, DONT BOTHER ME THEN

  235. Peeps not nice when they scam YK -you know- o-o BTW u can always friend me ICEKAIDEN plz do, or friend my bro Kurocks9 see u then! :D >:D

  236. it is amazing!whoever thought of it is a geniuses!

  237. Here someone’s name on animal jam she is so awesome
    2.friend her.
    3.wait for a reply.
    4.go to her den.
    5.have fun.


  238. How to start off animal jam. For:New jammers.from:@$@amy@$
    1.make account
    2.go to Liza and she will tell u ’bout animal jam
    3.go to den and buy stuff for yr den and decorate it
    4.get some buddys and make a shop at yr den so u can get stuff
    5.go to sol arcade and play games to earn gems
    6.( just for fun ) ask parents to let u be a member and don’t fight
    7.have fun!!!!!:):):)!!!!@@@$$$

  239. this works and it is fast plus free

  240. hi any one here from animal jam can i add you? if you are just tell me your names ;)

  241. hi any one here from animal jam can i add you?

  242. Hey guys if you want to look for me user:Brave30758

  243. i loved these codes!

  244. Do any of u like toys on animal jam?if u do friend me and trade.
    Name ibalisticsquid1 .every one loves my turtle plushie jammers always try to trade stuff for it the only thing I would trade it for is a underwater jammers stop trading me that old stuff only under water crown.

    • iBalisticSquid, you wrote iBallisticSquid`s name wrong, plus you are kinda mean right now, maybe some people DO want that turtle plushie, they just haven`t got the resources to buy/earn one, so be a little bit more kind, okay?

  245. cool i got loads of money!!!!

  246. what is the thing you know umm wen you get the code right it goes to a thing whatdo you tyep in

  247. I play any games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  248. Hi its MagicalPenguin123 here, I’d like to comment and say, all of the codes work! THANKS!

  249. well I just want cods

  250. Hi ppl do u HATE hackers? well im buzzb3 off AJ. I hate hackers, someone has taken my bffs(remeecamoo) stuff out of her den :( and do you want to know who the hacker is?

    well the hackers username is dulmend she hacked me and alot of other ppl go watch out she might hack u!


  251. hello try kangaro as a code it gives you 500 gems lol kk!!!

  252. WHY R U TALKING ABOUT JULAIN2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. awesome the work! :D

  254. x3!I already used all those


  256. be my buddy
    username: bluebird59271
    name: princess loopyrabbit

  257. awesome i give codes if people STOP SCAMMING or else………..

  258. my name’s nickyawsome and mickyawesome buddy me!

  259. hey hey hey jammers! kaycute here with a nother tip!
    I do not know why julian2 is so famos, but i do know one thing, THAT HE IS A SCAMER.
    watch out for the fam but secret scams. you may be happy and glad to see them, but 2 seconds later, bam, you’v ben scamed.
    you never expect it, but expect the un expected.
    all of the people that he has scamed has lost intrest in him.
    if he keeps it up, he will have no more fans.
    thank you for reading kaycutelivelife’s true tips of animal jam!
    have a good day and I wish you a joy full holiday!

  260. iv never tried this so i do not know if it does scam or not if it does
    scam im phoning the place!:D

  261. hi

  262. I wish that i can get a code :(

  263. For me the first 2 codes didn’t work, so they need updating, but the 3rd one worked GREAT! thanks soooo much for getting me 1000 gems, I really appreciate it! :)

    • No problem! Thanks for letting me know, I updated the list of codes again. Everything on there is tested to work! :)

  264. If you ask me, only 1 or 2 of these codes actualy WORK! So its a bit of a waste of time if were just gonna not get any prize! Well, I suppose its not your fault, whoever made this website, but see if they work or if they have expired before you put them on the website next time! Thanks for trying anyway! :)

  265. WOW, amazing codes every single one works apart from birthdaybash thanks anyway!

    Oh, and buddy me my user is billy willy weird? ikr XD well c ya now.

    BTW Ellen to much iis great so O.O a self!

  266. ??? wut??? I use my own name *animal jam lover*
    he he well I and my dad work on a nimal jam but im not a noob my mum was a schoolgirl

  267. I know my user
    plz try

  268. Ok evrybody if u want to meet me im daryap7 meet me on aj on the 11th of december meet me in my den at

    No later than 7:30am maybe 6:00 or 5; 30 if im not online dont worry just send me a jam a gram

  269. look guys all of these codes work but some r expired friend me i am clarkjo3

  270. When I say animal u say jam —animal— + &&&jam&&&. Scaming is so easy I find a jammer with what I want adopt and ask to try it on and pretend to give back but don’t I am a scammer only I scam strangers

    • You know, scamming isnt cool? I mean it breaks their hearts if theyre young. And well done!! Your VERY clever for scamming others with that technic. But nobody wants to say,”hi,” to a scammer.

    • r u a boy

  271. Hi guys! I tried those codes and they really rock! I rarely have any time to even go on aj! So I don’t have many gems! But now, there are no worries for me anymore! Thanks SO much! (BTW my friends spent so much time on going to games and playing for hours to get as many gems as I did. Hehe! Add me! My den is really cool! I’m a non member, but when people see my den they think it is a member’s den! Btw my user is: finland2003lucky

  272. hey i want a glove and the new code is chimbu

  273. hey i want a glove and the new code is chimbu and user nikolam2004

  274. Its great u didn’t scam but U NEED MORE CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  275. omg!!!!!!1 were the codes?!?!?! gerrrrrrrrrrrrr X( X( X(

  276. were the codes ppl:( :( :( :(

  277. drawing does not work

  278. 1% working codes, 99% comments. Need more codes!

    • I wouldn’t recommend looking for codes in the comments. All of the working codes that I know of are at the top of the page.

  279. no it do

  280. i wish i was a member

  281. i need real unused animal jam codes for 2013-2014 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all i want for christmas and me and my family are very poor my mom only has $4.20 to her name!!!!!!!!!! plz someone give me a membership code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Not trying to be mean or anything but if ur mum only has like 4 dollars u would be homeless and there for wouldn’t have a computer so you couldn’t play animal jam or be on this website and probably would be begging for food, not online membership. Just saying. )_)

    • Liar that kinda thing ( scam!) doesn’t work anymore! I am sorry but its true if anyone agrees reply!

  282. it is awsome

  283. Uhh, dolphins still works. Koala still works. kangaroo still works. I’m telling u.

  284. please email me an aj member code for 12 month membership that’s all i wanted for 6 christmases and i’ve been asking anyone and no one will listen also plz tell me ur user name that way i can be best friends with u if u do plz email me code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. it worked ! try it iteams are coooooooool!

  286. hi guys! i have free codes! i say them daily, heres day 1 code,
    Day 1: explorer

  287. so i havent tried these codes out yet but when i do i hope these work I’ll post somethin else se saturday and umm i think the code bemybuddy from Valentines 2013 PLZ . TELL ME ANY MORE CODES YOU GUYS KNOW username: ashley64522

  288. hello buddy professordark on animal jam1!!!

  289. Aww no fair!!!!! I for got my parent dashboard password…. DX Anyway my account is angeldc28 plz buddy meh!!

  290. OH NO I FORGOT MY PARENT DASHBOARD PASSWORD!!! DX Eh, I still need free chat -safe chat AKA- though!! Anyway my account is angeldc28 btw angel isn’t my name…

    • oops i pretty much already said dat… X3

    • is it me or did i just kinda repeat myself?? O_O sorry im weird all da time.. true chiz peeps..

  291. hi i am angyalka but what is the cod i don t no what is the cod so can you help me

  292. Can some one help me please because I can`t find a code for animal jam?

  293. these codes got me a bunch of gems

  294. these r very awesome n’ helpful

  295. im a deer om AJ, my user is coolgirl1224.

  296. thx you!

  297. promo2

    Once you’ve used these Animal Jam codes you can enjoy the free gems you’ve unlocked! Be sure to share the codes with your friends so they can get the most out of Animal Jam too. Check back because I will update this list with new codes when they come out. If you know any new animal jam codes that I haven’t mentioned, please comment and I’ll put them on the list of unexpired codes!

    Let me know if you see any expired Animal Jam codes here and I’ll take them off the list! I try to find the latest Animal Jam codes and keep this list fresh but I can always use some help from other Jammers :) Don’t be afraid to comment below and let me know about any new codes for gems or anything else!

    Instead of spending hours playing games to unlock gems, just use these codes to earn gems and other prizes! Gems can be used to buy new den items, costumes, pets and more! Increase the size of your Animal Jam bank account with these codes. This list will be updated regularly for the newest codes for 2013. This aj codes list was last updated December 2013.

  298. nile and alphas worked so did shadows thx for the codes :)

  299. I lost my 2 ANIMAL JAM acowts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Help me find them.

    thank you!

    • I am so sorry you lost your accounts and I wish I could help you but there is really nothing I can do to help you in your search for them.The best thing to do would be to call or email the animal jam support team.They can most likely help you and if not you will have to make a new account :(

  300. thx …some of them worked

  301. Free mem? i got
    Rare? i got
    Free mem
    P-Not telling
    Free rare

  302. i like it

  303. le codes 10 millions ne fonctionne pas

  304. please take me off animal jam i am lps zoezoe i steal on animal ja i scam and i hack take me off you are the maker you can do what youn want with animal jam so please take me off i am lps zoezoe and my password is zoezoe i want my aj of animal jam if you do not take me off i will be devistaded please take me off of animal jam my username is lpszoezoe and my password is zoezoe i scam i hack and worst of all i bully so please i do all this stuff so i can be taken off animal jam please take lpszoezoe off that is me

  305. BTW i can do a giveaway umm lets see a phantom nacklace (pink) is the giveaway JOKING FINE ALL DO IT

  306. your not julian2 I KNOW SCAMMER! if u are im sorry BUT I THINK UR A SCAMMER AND whast ur faviourit color??? mine is purple black pink X3

  307. Did you get my Thing messages

  308. i want to be membership

  309. I think the code ; Chimbu ; has expired. :)
    Thanks for all the great codes, though. And also I don`t like people who yell at others just because ONE code doesn`t work.

  310. you are all right

  311. really they work this is good stuff

  312. How to free chat:
    1.Before logging into animal jam go up to the dashboard on the home page where it says things like membership and gifts.
    2.Click “Parents”
    3.If your account is activated,you can sign in with your parents email that you used to sign up and your password that you used to sign up.If your account is not yet activated your parent will have to go on their email and activate your account before you will be able to change your chat selection.
    4.Once signed into the parent dashboard you will receive 3 chat options.Safe chat,bubble chat,and restricted chat.Everyone starts out with restricted chat,so you will be able to get bubble chat or safe chat.
    5.Next click on the desired chat.If you got safe chat,that is free chat,you may speak freely just don’t use bad words or you might lose your new animal jam privlage! Hope I helped clear this all up! ;) Seacrh me up I’m: lpsbunny516

  313. AJHQ3000 still works

  314. AJHQ3000 still works i tried it

  315. Thanks for these codes! They will help me in reaching my goal of 1,000,000 gems! Im at 456,745 right now, I am sorry, I cant buy anyone anything!

  316. Hi guys add meh on aj meh username is: GraceGirl012

    thx and I don’t actually care about codes!

  317. discovery worked out completely fine 4 me.

  318. Thanks so much…….
    You helped me get some cheats. I love your website it is so AMAZING!. I love the way you put it in the page it told me so much cheats I just had to use it. It is the best ways to find cheats for Animal Jam. Thanks so much. I got some cool stuff all because of this site. Keep up the great site.
    Hope you put some more codes up their.
    From a young girl,
    Sarah AKM

  319. My name on animal jam is the username that i have ya u know sammy10048225 and i have all animal and i have free chat and super cool rare if u want me to get u snow or arctic or lion or cheetah or diamond or kangaroo just add me then tell me ur user and password do not comment it cause ppl can get log in and getting u out i think…

  320. chimbu does not work any more i typed it in once it did not work

  321. explorer does not work any more :(

  322. hai :D

  323. Nile and Chimbu didn’t work for me.

  324. very awesome it works this is the best site ever for animal jam.

  325. yay you those all work well most of them some didnt some did but yay they worked and you didnt scam

  326. hello everyone this codes are working but not all. then thank u for wonderful codes in animal jam. All the gift are just all gems only because no items in animal jam. but i like the club penguin because they have a unlocked tressure like the codes they have the t-shirt, shoes, and etc. well animal jam can increase the codes in 2015 please.

  327. I am gonna try these codes ! thx aj your the best!

  328. please tell me a diamond code I need one really bad

  329. hey jammers!im charlottetwotwo-username on aj-!plz check out mah trade list trade me rares ONLY!!!!n i super duper need FREEDOM WINGS so trade me 1!and im RARE!luv u all!<3

  330. plz trade me BOW N FREEDOM WINGS!!!! my username is:charlottetwotwo-on aj

  331. hi i need a boy my name is my username on aj.if u want to be my boy my den anytime!

  332. when i use these codes, i log in and i get nothing.

    u need to sort that out.


  333. pls give me a 1 month membership code :)

  334. I will tell how to get free chat first u go on your parents dashboard and it show lots of accounts you pick your account and a new page pop’s up and it has lots of options you scroll down and you will see safe chat and free chat you click on free chat and then you click save then you go to your account and start typing anything by anything I mean anything

  335. it worked im so lucky!

  336. What do u do you forget the parent code And the email

  337. guys… im not a scammer

  338. im not a scammer guys!

    • oh my god are you the real Julian2!!!!!!!!!!?????????? I don’t think you are a scammer ! You are a nice guy who randomly get mail! If someone choses to send you a gift you are not a scammer because they chose to send you something you did not for e them!!!! You are a good guy Julian

      My username is cute2910 if you want to buddy me btw that is optional!

  339. Please add me I love animal jam! Nice codes! Thx for putting them on, I LOVE IT!!!!


  340. my user name is lpszoezoe my password is zoezoe

  341. another code is TIGRIS and its not expired

  342. please guys i am begging you do not hack on to lps zoe zoe she is my bff someone has been hacking on her account that is why that is posted please this girl is my real life sister her name is zoe

  343. Thanks for the codes! Done me good, for my next mailtime. Its not a scam animal jammers no. :D some people might use it as one but it isnt
    ~Julian2 :D :D

    • Julian, can you buddy me? I need a buddy who will actually pay attention to me!
      - xXAtomicWaffleXx

    • be my buddy tooooo!
      i am bluebird59271 on animal jam ;)

  344. how in the world do i get off bubble chat? i have tried everythng!!!! please help me

    • You ahve to go into the parent account and select safe chat

  345. how do i get off bubble chat? other than that this game rocks!!!

  346. Hi. Thanks for the codes, what is your username? Im Jammer581294. Buddy meh peeps!

  347. well come to animal jam u will love it I made it my self

  348. the code is 87zyd8dgsybd8bd8bb only one person my username is emem4237 is want to b my buddy see ya

  349. I used gecko and I got a green gecko plusui and my user is :jeff30705

  350. i love animaljam yeah

  351. i found a new code called tigris.

  352. tigris is a new code.

  353. tigris is a new code

  354. Ok first of all. When I tried all the codes. None of them worked, so I logged on, I type the code, It does let me in, but when I go in, I get 0, like nothing. (egg) So I am super mad, friend me on animal jam. My user is bunny machine. (Oh and no space) Thank u!! No, I mean very mad. LOL Hey not funny!

  355. Please read this:

    Ok anyway. So please, go on animal jam, and friend me: pengui24494 then please tell me a real forever member code, and I will tell U a member account. I will give U the user for the member account: natedog13. Then I will give U the password if the code works. Ok now that is a deal. But if U give me only a limited time of member, then I will give U the bad member account. So think about that, remember to friend me.


    -.- -.- -.- -.-

  358. Tigris works for 500 gems. Thanks for the help!

  359. do u know any member ship codes? i am tired of having to delete animals to make new ones.

  360. i need a member ship code!!!!

  361. it worked AWESOME!!! thx

  362. Chimbu did not work for me and I tried it a few times on a few accounts. It never worked.

  363. It werked yeay!!! XD look mehs up Im jammer449271 XDD

  364. i love these codes there so useful and all jammers be free to stop at my den any time [ford24's den].

  365. all these codes are so useful!!!:p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. this is a very good website i got sooooo much gems with these codes!!!! Animal Jam is my favorite game and i like to be happy when i am playing it. Gems have a big part in making me happy! :) :) :)

  367. this is a very good website i got sooooo much gems with these codes!!!! I love AJ it is my favorite game AJ is my BFF!!!!

  368. WOAH! Shadows worked! Thank you!

  369. some of the codes work and i am happy. I also like the

  370. thanks these codes are great and really helped me on animal jam!!!!!
    almost all of them worked apart from the ones I had already entered and forgotten about!

    • Glad they worked for you!! I try to update the list as much as possible :)

  371. thanks these codes are great and really helped me on animal jam!

  372. hey Guys! sorry if i did not do the daily codes! here’s the second daily code:
    2. Ngexplorer

  373. if u go on animal jam and u click on the two buddys next to each other and i the bottom right corner there is a button that says search click on and type in candy13509 cuz that is who i am and i barely have any friends and i am trying to get a lot so plz try and help me out!!! these codes do work some people say that they dont work but maybe the codes that they tryed are the expired promo codes animal jam is a really cool website and the codes DO work dont listen to people who say that cuz they DO work so check me out on animal jam my user is candy13509

  374. all worked exept for chimbu, thanks loads AJ world!!!!!!!

  375. Can’t wait to try there codes!

  376. Hey guys i’m Podgirl and I have a Clan so add me if you want to join (Only if you read the books srry). Fireheart, Bluestar, Sandstorm, Tigerclaw, Brightpaw, Whitewing, and Ravenpaw are taken.(I’m Bluestar :D)

  377. These codes do….NOT work ugh never a website that will give real code! Ugh. Just ugh.

  378. I love this website. Usually people scam me for codes. Exciting that there’s no mean jammers or scammers. I wish there were some free memberships codes, though, because some people can’t afford it. I think it’s fair. Again, I totally love and truust this site! I need more bows and rares please! Trying to make a collection. Mind trading/adding me?
    Username: paypay296
    I’m a girl, but my brother also plays on my account (My name’s Payge and his is Payton, so that’s why we made it paypay.)

    • diamonddance is diamond code look it up I was told by a member on animal jam and my user name is wildone200 on animal jam please send me buddy request and possibly trade me.

  379. SUCH A GREAT PAGE. Maybe upgrade it a bit?
    Add me/trade me bows please. Really trying to get a collection
    (my brother plays on my account, too. was a member, lost my membership. >.< SADLY.)

  380. BTW for all the people who say this is a scam, it isn’t. How would it b? Scamming is when you promise someone something and steal their item but don’t fulfill that promise. Besides, sometimes codes don’t work. Just try again

  381. thank you but not so thank you because i know these codes and the expired ones you wrote down does work. try yourself. dahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. can someone find a code that works and is money

  383. hey guys i really need rares im very poor please if you have some to spare my user is lightning33

  384. please guys i would really like some rares just 1 or 2 if you have some to spare my user is lightning33

  385. wow the animaljam codes do a lot THANK YOU WHO EVER MADE CODES

  386. the animal jam codes are great ideas thanks aj

  387. the explorer code worked, and abby, the discovery code expired in like, november so chill and try a different one

  388. a code i found out is playwild

  389. hey me again! i might be posting a video on youtube of ME in real LIFE singing let it go!plz subscribe if u find it! i mentioned charlottetwotwo in da video!

  390. hello amigos!this is charlottetwotwo again!im collecting rares 1/2/2014 until 7/2/2014 and from 8 february till 16 i will be giving rares away!

  391. Hallu! Here is mt third daily code:
    3. Chimbu
    Have good day jammerz!

  392. if anyone has a rare fox hat to give away, jamagram me. i am mywaterpokemon. both my fox hats were scammed. :’(

  393. yep you are right if you want add me as a buddy my username is 2013best and in my den i have a phantom cog

  394. Chimbu didn’t work for me XD

  395. Guys, you dont have to do this, but if you have any unwanted monday rares that I can recycle for gems, I would greatly appreciate it and I always send back! I am trying to reach 1,000,000 gems, and any gifts will help me! You dont have to, just putting it out there.

  396. how do you get free chat???

  397. The codes “tigris” and “ganges” don’t work.

  398. codes do not work but i love the site i do not know why i just kinda like it so in 2013 these codes work but now they do not because it is 2014 not 2013 ok animal jam yeash animal jam get it right ok its 2014 ok all right ok i am only nine but still i can type whats true i am not going to lie i am 8 same thing my birthday is in nine days so i can celabrate ok well dony typeing thanks for lising wow i typed a lot XD

  399. Suvivor is a code.

  400. Survivor is a code.

  401. Wow grat website. My friend told me the code GECKO or gecko got her diamonds.

  402. guys Im giving away my one of my Aj accounts

    Username: Jadepearl

    Password: erzaxjellal

    If you use this please dont get it banned or suspended

    thx for the codes anyway it works!!!!!

  403. guys Im giving away my one of my Aj accounts

    Username: Jadepearl

    Password: erzaxjellal

    If you use this please dont get it banned or suspended

  404. guys Im giving away my other Aj account please dont get it banned or suspended I dont want any violations!!!!!!!!!!!

    username: Jadepearl

    password: erzaxjellal

    this is boy account!!! I will give away a girl account soon

    play safe be a jammer not a scammer!!!!!

  405. Nile & Chimbu don’t work. I did them and it didn’t give me anything. o3o

  406. a code is chile for 500 gems

  407. I love animal jam search me and friend me and come to my den
    Hi i in 7th grade
    Roosevelt middle school
    Say hi if there too

  408. thx meephannahdavymeep

  409. This whole thing looks like a Tumblr blog. :I Also, party2014 is a code, it worked for me

  410. hey yall guyz wat up

  411. i have a member account do you want it you have to say 123 it has a castle den and 4 fox hats red black white bleu has freedom wings and a freedom hat and lots lots of other AWSOME stuff

  412. lol

  413. no you

  414. chimbu doesnt work

  415. i knew a code before was awesome13 to be a member for 3 days but that might be done and another code is ajbday i think but thats all i know and thank you for the codes i got a lot of gems and stuff from that

  416. Hey whaddup peeps? I am a jammer and an arctic wolf. Please add me my username is twirlypeace10. If i get really close to you I promise I will accept any trades and give you my account.

  417. I know a code it is Explorer 2012 i tried it yesterday and it gives you a white and blue angel wings i tried it and i t works. It is on youtube under username cocoa7712

  418. Hey Mr.Chompers here ( i am a girl i just like that user) I am giving away an account today!!!!
    My username is: shadowmagicunleashed
    My password is: shadowsintothelight
    by the way both of those are from a commercial about wizard 101 sooooooo dumb i hate that sit. It is what gave my computer a virus!!! so no wizard 101 people!!!!

  419. P.s if you ever want to see me my user is icyblackrose :-)

  420. I love using the negexplorer i don’t no why well i think it coz it gives you 1000 gems
    also i have a member account i dont use any more

    user: lovepeaceworld
    pass: sotrue

  421. Hi guys my animal jam name is cute2910 so please friend me! I am not a member and I have ……
    -a raccoon hat
    -a silver ring
    -a head feather
    And a animal jam wristband
    I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s what I have!!!
    So yea please friend me. Cute2910!!! Thx
    And please leave a comment / reply

  422. Hello, im not mad but i wanted to tell that ngexplorer doesnt work :(

  423. I love AJ forever Add Me Knightboypet On Aj


  425. Hi guys cute2910 here …… AGAIN !!!!!!! Ok so I have 2 special offers!
    #1: be the 82nd person to buddy me and win a prize by jam a gram or of you are a non member I will give you gift bye trade!
    #2: send me the most coolest jam a gram ever then I will pick 3rd 2nd and 1st! 3rd place gets a silver ring , 2nd place gets a head feather ( no longer in store only get it by trade or jam a gram!) and first person gets to choose weather they get a rare freedom mask or a fox hat (not rare :( sorry the is not rare) !!! Be quick this offer end 1st of March 2014!!!!! My username is cute2910

  426. Here is a membership code for members sorry non members code: awesome13 it still works i think.

  427. hi plz give me arctic wolf code! i want it so bad don`t hack me user: kyleenelson pass: kyleebug dont hack! if u do i`ll hack u so dont please!!!!

  428. discovery and ngkidsrox still work btw add me my user name is skyler89709. first one to add me
    gets prize!

  429. I am new to Animal Jam and I have tired all the codes listed and none of them work. Also I can not figure out how to get headdresses or any other codes. Where is everyone getting the codes. Does Animal Jam not provide them on the site? HELP please. I am so frustrated.

  430. i am new to animal jam please help me if i am having any problems

    • hey guys just a reminder
      please do not giveaway your accounts
      they are important to you.
      ps. please add me my name is yasmin51981

  431. i love all of the codes

  432. this is amazing!!!!!

  433. Thanks Lukse and Antanimal!

  434. i want a rare fox hat !!!

  435. another new code —- congo – 500 gems

  436. chimbu and nile dose not work

  437. i need more codes half of these codes did not work for me & i never
    used these codes ever! wats up with that!!!

  438. trade me plz and also add me plz.
    my user is manar9899

  439. These are ALL up to date. If you dont get a code without saying Code not working, its a glitch.

  440. how do i get cheats for 1000000000000 gems

  441. Hey, my username is Witie on aj and my stuff in my den keeps deleting can u help me fix it if u know how? Plz also send me the unwanted

  442. anyone have an extra membership?

  443. Wow I need more please I really want 6,000 gems without buying another membership

  444. The best

  445. Thanks! I was wantin’ a bit more gems, Thanks!

  446. Wait I’m Scammin’ by usein’ a Code??!?!?

  447. Hi if you like a purple grey and black Wolf on animal jam or a black and purple striped tiger go to bec0727s den at 8.00 am Australia time non member also if you have an unwanted cheetah or snow leopard membership code send me a jam a gram if you r a member or meet me at my den and it will be unlocked and you can tell me. My username is bec0727. Byes.
    Ps buddy me.

  448. I need a code for free artic wolf,cheetah,kangaroo and snow leopard.

  449. these flipping codes work!

  450. More codes:

  451. i want an artic wolf

  452. My daughters play this game. They both have the arctic wolf and kangaroo membership cards and they are planning on giving them away because my little angels are getting too old for these kinds games… I also have extra membership cards. 4 snow leopards, 2 arctic wolfs, and 5 of the original.:) so Buddy Angelina9010 (my oldest daughter) buddy her and we can set u up for membership! ;) remember to tell her ur here for membership. Bye! And my daughters enjoyed these codes so thanks <3