Animal Jam Codes for 2017

*Animal Jam Codes List Updated for January 2017*

Codes are needed to get the most out of Animal Jam.  New codes come out every couple weeks and can be used for free gems and other new items!  I’ll try to keep this list of codes updated as they expire and new ones come out.  Feel free to comment if you know any new codes that I don’t have on the list!

If you need more gems to buy items or you are tired of trying to earn gems by playing games, try the list of codes below.  These codes have been tested to work and will unlock different items and gems.  Each gem code can only be used once per player so use them wisely.


The list of codes below has the newest working animal jam codes for 2017.  I try to keep the list up to date so if any codes are expired let me know.  The Animal Jam codes list was last updated January 2017. The newest code listed below is gifts.  I will add more unexpired codes for 2017 as soon as they come out, thanks for looking!

**Update** I went through and tested every code listed below and cleared out all of the expired ones.  The list is shorter now but all of the codes should be 100% working.  If you know any new working codes please post them in the comments!

Animal Jam Promo Codes

Below is the most recently updated list of codes available on animal jam in 2017!

gifts – 500 gems (thanks lilyandemma8!)

flying – 500 gems (thanks Pinata!)

underwater – 500 gems (thanks Amy!)

trivia – 500 gems (thanks Quest!)

AJBDAY6 – 6th birthday cake

fashion – 500 gems (thanks animesenpai04!)

party – 500 gems

phantoms – 500 gems (thanks Roin!)

llamas – 500 gems (thanks thinkweird!)

arctic – 500 gems (thanks bubblymice!)

birthday – 500 gems (thanks thedavymak!)

explore – 500 gems (thanks prince quietkangaroo!)

explorer – 100 gems

bemybuddy – 1000 gems (thanks jarren19!)

trench – 500 gems


Expired Promo Codes:


NGKAJ17 – 500 gems (thanks Perfect1010!)

mega – 1000 gems (thanks gabby!)

tojam – 1000 gems (thanks Emily!)

animals – 1000 gems

ajbday5 – Animal Jam 5th birthday cake

picsou – 1000 gems (thanks Leila!)

twelve – 1 diamond

beano – 1000 gems

NGKJammin – 1000 gems (thanks t36fa!)

newyear15 – 500 gems (thanks Bolt51963)

outback – 500 gems (thanks disqualified!)

ajrocks – 500 gems (thanks southernwolf03!)

pets – 500 gems (thanks iamthecat!)

winter – 500 gems (thanks Cali Girl!)

adventure – 500 gems

drawing – 500 gems

shadows – 500 gems (thanks Abby!)

chimbu – 500 gems (thanks Nikola!)

tigris – 500 gems (thanks fish301!)

ganges – 500 gems (thanks ARCTICKWOLFGIRL!)

ngk2015 – 1000 gems

ajbday4 – Animal Jam 4th birthday cake

friendship – 500 gems

friends – 1000 gems (thanks littlefrozenpants!)

spooky – 500 gems (thanks shytail1!)

nile – 500 gems (thanks Lucas!)

zambezi – 500 gems (thanks ARCTICKWOLFGIRL!)

kama – 500 gems

ngexplorer  1000 gems

ajbday3 – Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake

Alphas – 500 gems

10million – 10 million banner

thanks – imprisoned phantoms

ngkidsrox – 1000 gems

discovery – 1000 gems

HOOOT – 500 gems

kangaroo – 500 gems

koala – 500 gems

dolphin – 500 gems

AJHQ3000 – 500 gems

birthdaybash – unlocks a birthday cake

How to Use Animal Jam Codes

Check out the instructions below for a guide on how to enter Animal Jam codes.

Entering codes is easy, all you have to do is check the box when you login then enter your code.  Some codes have to be typed exactly as they are spelled so make sure you use caps lock if they are in capital letters.


Once you login, a gift box will appear with your promo code gift.


Click the box and you’ll unlock your promo code reward!  The codes are good for however many gems it says on the list.


Once you’ve used these Animal Jam codes you can enjoy the free gems you’ve unlocked!  Be sure to share the codes with your friends so they can get the most out of Animal Jam too.  Check back because I will update this list with new codes when they come out.  If you know any new animal jam codes that I haven’t mentioned, please comment and I’ll put them on the list of unexpired codes!

Let me know if you see any expired Animal Jam codes here and I’ll take them off the list!  I try to find the latest Animal Jam codes and keep this list fresh but I can always use some help from other Jammers 🙂  Don’t be afraid to comment below and let me know about any new codes for gems or anything else!

Instead of spending hours playing games to unlock gems, just use these codes to earn gems and other prizes!  Gems can be used to buy new den items, costumes, pets and more!  Increase the size of your Animal Jam bank account with these codes.  This list will be updated regularly for the newest codes for 2017.  This aj codes list was last updated January 2017.

  1. its really working cool i love animal jam its the best game ever fun too i love animal jam its like so cool!

  2. I was going through them and found a couple that I had tried before so of course they didn’t work. My point of this is I am not sure if I did explore before of if it is expired.

  3. When I Tried To Write All Of The Codes Down I Kept Getting Security Checks And I Completed Them But After Completing One Of The many Security Checks Aj Woudn’t Let me Redeem Any More Codes

  4. Guys stop pleasing to new codes,they are not creating codes,they are only sharing with us them

  5. Being a member is fun, but I feel like all the non members are missing out. :c
    I think that there are some really, really nice non member jammers out there that are not getting any credit. I think AJHQ should give out more prizes and cool stuff to them. I know how they feel because I have close friends who are non members and 1 is not proud. Please AJHQ, give all the good and great jammers cool stuff for all their hard work!

  6. Hi! Thx for the codes! They helped me out a lot these days, where you have to play 1000 games to get 1,000 gems. Lol Check me out on youtube! 😀

  7. twelve DOESNT work!!!! :O

  8. Update 03/01/17:

    X = Doesn´t work
     = Works
    X gifts
     flying
     underwater
     trivia
     AJBDAY6
     fashion
    X party
     phantoms
     llamas
     arctic
     birthday
    X explore
     explorer
     bemybuddy
     trench

  9. The codes listed as working do work. ALL of them atleast for today they will 1/2/2017 4:50 pm

  10. I found a code it is: climb

  11. Hey! Jammers, keep in notice that codes that you already used don’t work. For example, fashion worked because I never used it before, and explorer didn’t because I already did it two or three times.


  13. Its 2017! Please post more codes!!

  14. OMG these really work!

  15. party,phantoms,llamas,artic,bemybuddy did not work.birthday,explore,explorer,trench said try again later but all others except expired worked!

  16. Thank you sooo much for these!! They all worked and their awesome. oh BTW NGKAJ17 still works.

  17. I know a new codes guys underwater it gives 500 gems

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