Crystal Reef Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

To complete your Crystal Reef Journey Book, follow the guide below.  Some animals may take some time to appear.


Acorn Barnacle: The acorn barnacle is found to the upper right of the Flippers and Fins door on the rocks.


Brain Coral: The brain coral is sitting on the ocean floor on the left side of Crystal Reef.


Clown Fish: The clown fish is swimming near the surface, to the left of the ladder.


Feather Duster Worm: The feather duster worm is found near the door to Flippers and Fins.


Flounder: The flounder can be found swimming in a school near the surface of the water.


Humpback Whale: The humpback whale can be seen swimming through the gap near the bottom of Crystal Reef.


Lobster: Above the door to Flippers and Fins is where the lobster sits.


Marlin: The marlin swims across the screen below the Flippers and Fins door.


Pufferfish: The pufferfish swims across the screen near the Flippers and Fins door.


Staghorn Coral: The staghorn coral is located to the left of the lobster.


Stingray: The stingray can be found swimming along the bottom of the area.


Tube Sponge: The tube sponge is growing to the right of the Flippers and Fins door.



After finding all of the Crystal Reef animals, you’ll be rewarded with a Pufferfish Plushie.


  1. where is the rock like looking things at?????

  2. can’t find the stingray

  3. I try to click on the flounder(the yellow fish) but it it doesn’t let me. What should I do?

    • me either but kept trying and it will let u click it just needs time

    • the yellow fish aren’t the flownder. on the rock in the background BEHIND the yellow fish.

    • Its hiding in the rock in the teny tiny ledge barely can see it

  4. I cannot find the swordfish! Can someone help me

  5. the clownfish is so hard to spot for some ppl.(cough)

  6. to get the clownfish you have to click on the green plant thingy that is in the area that the clownfish sould be in.

  7. the yellow fish are not the flounder the flounder can be found by the crystal sands sign thank me later.

  8. There is no flounder required and where is the thing with eyes on top of its head?

    • The thing with the eyes on it’s head is by the sign to crystal sands.

    • thats the flounder

    • It’s blending in and hard to see. Look carefully as you look at the picture the says “Flounder”. There is a fish behind the yellow fish.

    • The flounder isnt the yellow fish. The thing with the eyes is the flounder, and its under the sign that points you up to crystal sands.

  9. I can’t find the stingray!

  10. hello! i’ve been waiting at the left side of the ladder for the clownfish, but it hasn’t shown up yet. is this a glitch or am i doing something wrong ?o?

    • click on the green plant thing in the clownfish’s picture and it’ll show up. it’s not right next to the ladder, it’s under the first pillar from the left on the dock/pier thing.

    • i can find it too i dont know why

  11. The clownfish won’t come! where is it?!?

  12. The flounder is wrong! it’s actually right underneath the crystal sands sign, hidden in the sand.

  13. The actual flounder is directly underneath the Crystal Sands sign & has a hazy outline. It is not colorful like its surroundings. It is a light brown color and is laying on a rock.

  14. I can see the outline of the brain coral in my journey book but when I click on it it doesn’t register.

  15. i cant get the wale

    • they put the wrong kind of flounder the actualy flounder is below the crystal sands sign

    • try clicking on it a few times that’s what I have to do.

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