Crystal Reef Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

To complete your Crystal Reef Journey Book, follow the guide below.  Some animals may take some time to appear.


Acorn Barnacle: The acorn barnacle is found to the upper right of the Flippers and Fins door on the rocks.


Brain Coral: The brain coral is sitting on the ocean floor on the left side of Crystal Reef.


Clown Fish: The clown fish is swimming near the surface, to the left of the ladder.


Feather Duster Worm: The feather duster worm is found near the door to Flippers and Fins.


Flounder: The flounder can be found swimming in a school near the surface of the water.


Humpback Whale: The humpback whale can be seen swimming through the gap near the bottom of Crystal Reef.


Lobster: Above the door to Flippers and Fins is where the lobster sits.


Marlin: The marlin swims across the screen below the Flippers and Fins door.


Pufferfish: The pufferfish swims across the screen near the Flippers and Fins door.


Staghorn Coral: The staghorn coral is located to the left of the lobster.


Stingray: The stingray can be found swimming along the bottom of the area.


Tube Sponge: The tube sponge is growing to the right of the Flippers and Fins door.



After finding all of the Crystal Reef animals, you’ll be rewarded with a Pufferfish Plushie.


  1. For anyone who cannot find the clownfish, you MUST click on the green wavy plant under the dock at the surface for it to come out

    • Thank you so much! I had a lot of trouble finding one! Again, thank you!

      (I can’t press the staghorn coral, nor can I press the flounder)

  2. i cant find the clownfish

  3. I CANT find the marlin!

  4. I CANT click on the flounder!

    • Its not the yellow fish, theres an a area of rock right under the crystal sands sign (thats by where the yellow fish are swimming). Click there and youll have found the flounder that had camouflaged itself.

    • its not those fish. it is the very faint blob behind it. if you see on the rock, it is a blob with blinking eyes

  5. So…………. I found all but the weird looking googly eye thing. Humpback whale, I found it. BUT THE FLOUNDER IS NOT AN AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yes umm i tried clicking on the flounder but it doesn’t let me click on it i tried it and nothing happens just my seal swimming around

    • See the sign that is on the surface and leads you to Crystal Sands?

      Look closely under the sign, you’ll see this look circle thing with 2 eyes.

  7. They need to remove the flounder, it’s not needed. Find a buddy to sit with near the clownfish and play games with them.

  8. You forgot to put the one with big white-and black big eyes!!

  9. i found everything but the humpback whale never comes out!!! this is not a mistake. i have already waited for 1 hour.Have an wonderful day!!!

  10. the clown fish is still not here lol but still waiting XD

  11. this is so helpful but im waiting for the clownfish and it does take a long time

    • You have to click the little green potted looking thing with what looks like noddles on the top of the reef. It comes out then.

  12. i am really CREEPED OUT! I FOUND A PHANTOM! in the crystal reef
    it took me somewhere not on the map user caleo333

  13. when I saw the eyes I totally freaked! I literally fell out of the chair! it was the first one I found so it was really cool and scary


  15. why does the clown fish take so long

  16. And I do not see the clown fish do I have to click something for it to come out?

  17. I was Saying that the flounder Is under the sign where you go up the Crystal Sands just the thing that opens its eyes and looks right and left you will notice the eyes Just the clue and hint c:

    • Your right! It’s disgused as a rock so you can’t see it, but it will open eyes. It’s on the rock in the background right under crystal sands sign.

  18. it’s not coming by!

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