Crystal Reef Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

To complete your Crystal Reef Journey Book, follow the guide below.  Some animals may take some time to appear.


Acorn Barnacle: The acorn barnacle is found to the upper right of the Flippers and Fins door on the rocks.


Brain Coral: The brain coral is sitting on the ocean floor on the left side of Crystal Reef.


Clown Fish: The clown fish is swimming near the surface, to the left of the ladder.


Feather Duster Worm: The feather duster worm is found near the door to Flippers and Fins.


Flounder: The flounder can be found swimming in a school near the surface of the water.


Humpback Whale: The humpback whale can be seen swimming through the gap near the bottom of Crystal Reef.


Lobster: Above the door to Flippers and Fins is where the lobster sits.


Marlin: The marlin swims across the screen below the Flippers and Fins door.


Pufferfish: The pufferfish swims across the screen near the Flippers and Fins door.


Staghorn Coral: The staghorn coral is located to the left of the lobster.


Stingray: The stingray can be found swimming along the bottom of the area.


Tube Sponge: The tube sponge is growing to the right of the Flippers and Fins door.



After finding all of the Crystal Reef animals, you’ll be rewarded with a Pufferfish Plushie.


  1. The flounder isn’t in the journey book.

    • The flounder is under the sign to go up to the beach, notice the eyes

    • That’s not even a Flounder it’s a Yellow Tang

    • Yes it is! It is By the Brain Coral,ClownFish,Tube Sponge,And Hump Back Whale!!!

    • I counldnt find on of the animals. The 1 with weird eyes.

  2. I can’t click the flounder

  3. i cant click on the flounder

  4. I finally finnished CRYSTAL REEF! thanks! this is really helpful! :D

  5. U have to click on the anemone and the clown fish will come out like that. I spent 15 minutes waiting, and waiting and waiting for the clown fish to come out. Then I clicked on the anemone and he came out..

  6. thx this realy helped me now i finished my whole aj book and if u wanna add me my name is


  7. this is too hard

  8. I FINALLY finished the whole AJ adventure book and if u want to add me as a buddy my username is


    (it’s a type of cat, & no it is not a baby jaguar)

  9. What r those 3 clumpy things in front of the stingray and where can u find it?

  10. Never mind I’ve already found it its called:Acorn Barnacle ;)

  11. Where’s the flounder because that’s not it!

  12. Lying on the rock under the sign he will open and close his eyes

  13. the eel take for ever to come out!

  14. were the thing under the clown fish?

  15. where is the clown fish

  16. where is the clownfish

  17. Thanks this is super helpful i completed my whole journey book using this website i know where to go when i need my cheats ! HERE !!!!! i’m prettyprincess434 send gifts for my new mailtime videos

  18. i cant click on the flounder

  19. Where is the Flounder? I can’t touch it!

  20. I need that last thing to complete my AJ journey book!

  21. Where’s the REAL flounder? That flounder isn’t a REAL flounder. It’s a FAKE flounder. It’s a Yellow Tang!

  22. Touch the anemone and clown fish will com out! And also, Kristen, what sign? The seahorse one or the jellyfish one?


  24. The flounder is gray and is on the ledge it does not swim just blinks ince in a while

  25. the flounder is hard to see, but it is there. It is a flat fish and on a blue rock. By the way, where’s the CLOWNFISH?

  26. i’ve been waiting for the clown fish for 30 minutes and it still didn’t come out!!!!! help plz!!!!

  27. Add me:

  28. this is realy helpful

  29. i finally completed my journey book!!!!!

  30. I think you forgot the blue thing under the clownfish:/

  31. i did’t find the brain thingy

  32. were is the brin thing

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