Crystal Sands Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Here’s how you can find all of the animals to complete the Crystal Sands Journey Book.  Some animals may take time to appear.


Basilisk Lizard: The basilisk lizard runs from the waterfall near the Double Up game to the pet wash.


Cacao Tree: The cacao tree is found on the left side of the Juice Hut.


Centipede: The centipede is crawling on the roof of the pet wash.


Crab: The crab can be seen on the beach near Tierney’s Aquarium.


Flamingo: The flamingo is standing next to the Bahari Bay dock.


Green Iguana: The green iguana is found on the roof of the Juice Hut.


Macaw: The macaw is sitting on the roof of Tierney’s Aquarium on the rope.


Sand Dollar: The sand dollar is found between the two slides on the left.


Sugarcane: The sugarcane is found growing to the left of the Juice Hut.


Tapir: The tapir comes out of the cave entrance to Mt. Shiveer.


Tide Pool: The tide pool is located to the right of Tierney’s Aquarium.


After completing the Crystal Sands Journey Book, you receive a lemonade stand as a gift.


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