Crystal Sands Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Here’s how you can find all of the animals to complete the Crystal Sands Journey Book.  Some animals may take time to appear.


Basilisk Lizard: The basilisk lizard runs from the waterfall near the Double Up game to the pet wash.


Cacao Tree: The cacao tree is found on the left side of the Juice Hut.


Centipede: The centipede is crawling on the roof of the pet wash.


Crab: The crab can be seen on the beach near Tierney’s Aquarium.


Flamingo: The flamingo is standing next to the Bahari Bay dock.


Green Iguana: The green iguana is found on the roof of the Juice Hut.


Macaw: The macaw is sitting on the roof of Tierney’s Aquarium on the rope.


Sand Dollar: The sand dollar is found between the two slides on the left.


Sugarcane: The sugarcane is found growing to the left of the Juice Hut.


Tapir: The tapir comes out of the cave entrance to Mt. Shiveer.


Tide Pool: The tide pool is located to the right of Tierney’s Aquarium.


After completing the Crystal Sands Journey Book, you receive a lemonade stand as a gift.


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        • It is possible with these cheats if you registered with a seal or penguin

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  8. love animaml jam its a nice game but i went to see now games to can you plz help me find new games and tell me what there names are and if it has danlowding or somthing and just tell me what its a bot kk

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  14. Hey! One code for 1000 gems is Explorer, don’t blame me if it didn’t work. It worked for me before. I think another code is BFF4EVA, I’m really not sure…

  15. Hey. yet again telling you something… Its a glitch. all you do is go to Coral canyons, don’t use the map but use the pathway to crystal sands. Then when your in the middle go stand behind the branch and next to the weird olden day writing. then change your animal and run to the wall, It will drag you into the wall. Yours Sincerely: Kira-Jade. Thx for reading!

  16. Hey. Its KJ on a different name. vampirefan202 is my user XD. One thing: you know that the bridge and ice doesn’t break, Right? well it doesn’t. No offense to other people but… YOU HAVE A RLLY SMALL CHANCE OF GETTING DIOMANDS ON THE DAILY SPIN!!!
    Btw sometimes you do, its just you have a small chance of it :T

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  20. here is a code twelve it gives you 1 diamond if it works plz comment
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  24. There is a new animal on the list

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  25. umm i cant find the thing at the very top

  26. so, i love finding and earning the prizes on my storage accounts and sending them to my main account

  27. ive seen the lizard at the top of the falls but it wont click ive cleared cache and even waited til it ran in case you couldn’t click it til then but nothing works its the last animal I needed for that book for many months

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