December Codes Update – New Animal Jam & Play Wild Codes!

Hey Jammers! It’s a new month so that means it’s time for a codes update!  I’ve gone through the lists and added the new December 2017 codes for Animal Jam and Play Wild.

You can find the main codes lists here:

Animal Jam Codes

Play Wild Codes

December seems to be another good month with new codes for the Jamaalidays!  I wonder what else is coming to Animal Jam and Play Wild before the end of the year?  Here are two of the newest codes for December.

ajtreasurechest – 1000 gems

annual2play – 900 gems

For the full list of working codes, visit the pages linked above!  I try to keep the lists updated as best as I can but I always appreciate help finding codes from other Jammers.  If any of the codes on the main pages aren’t working, please let me know and I will test them.

No matter what your plans are for the Jamaalidays, everyone could use more gems and diamonds in Animal Jam!  So if you know of any other working codes for either game, please share them with your fellow Jammers!  Check back soon for more Jamaaliday updates!

  1. i want to be a member and any pets

  2. will there be any membership giveaways soon? i really want one and my parents wont let me buy one. my user is dogsandsocks. thx if u reply!

  3. diamond gems

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