Deep Blue Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

This guide will show you how to complete the Deep Blue Journey Book in Animal Jam.  Note that some animals may take time to appear.


Anglerfish: The anglerfish can be seen swimming back and forth under the giant isopod.


Coelacanth: This fish can be seen swimming near the Bahari Bay sign.


Fangtooth: The fangtooth swims along the ocean floor.


Frogfish: The frogfish is swimming back and forth under the Crystal Reef sign.


Giant Isopod: The giant isopod can be seen crawling to the left of the Kani Cove sign.


Giant Squid: The giant squid can bes seen swimming across the screen near the Kani Cove sign.


Gulper Eel: The gulper eel appears from the left side on the very bottom of the Deep Blue area.

gulper eel

Hatchetfish: Found swimming across the screen near the Kani Cove sign.


Oarfish: Look for the oarfish in the open area above the Kani Cove entrance.


Viperfish: You can find the viperfish swimming near the Phantom’s treasure game.


After you complete you complete the Deep Blue Journey Book, you receive a Porthole Fish Tank.


  1. The Gulper Eel swims right in front of the Den shop at the bottom but be patient 😉

  2. I have found the animals >:3

  3. I cant find the viperfish! I am in the right spot but i only see the anglar fish. HELP!!!!!!

  4. i can’t find the gulper eel or the giant isapod!

  5. i will never do this again cause the animals are creepy! btw thx for helping

  6. I couldn’t find the Gulper Eel. Help?

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