Cheats for Animal Jam Games

Each area in Animal Jam has its own games Jammers can play.  These mini games can range from racing to matching games.  Some games marked with green controllers are for members only.  The games with purple controllers can be played by anyone.

Players can earn gems and even special prizes by playing these animal jam games.  Some games are played against other Jammers while others are solo games.  Players can even challenge their friends on the multiplayer games.

Some of these games can be difficult to pass so I’ve created guides with cheats and tips for each one of them.  Hopefully you’ll be able to use these cheats to earn the most gems playing Animal Jam games!  Not every game has cheats but there are some helpful hints to guide you through each game.

These games can be a fun way to earn more gems in Animal Jam if you need some to make a purchase.  If you have any cheats or tips that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave a comment saying what they are.  This list of game cheats will be updated as soon as new cheats are discovered.


Members-Only Games

Coming Soon!

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