Games Like Animal Jam


Animal Jam is a free online kids game from National Geographic.  The game features an open-world type of map where children are free to explore the world of Jamaa.  Animal Jammers can navigate around the different areas, playing games and learning about different animals.  Players can also communicate with their friends using a filtered, in-game chat system.

Since Animal Jam is such an immersive online game for kids, we often get asked “What are some games like Animal Jam?”  There are some other online kids games similar to Animal Jam.  Most of these games are free to try but also have membership available for purchase, just like Animal Jam.  Some of them have animals as the main characters while other games use people and other creatures.


Club Penguin - Club Penguin is similar to Animal Jam in a lot of ways.  You can sign up for free and customize your own penguin avatar to play with.  Players can explore a virtual world and play a wide range of games and activities, just like Animal Jam.  Club Penguin also allows players to interact with eachother through a chat system which is built around safety.

Just like in the Animal Jam game, the Club Penguin world is divided up into areas with different themes.  Players are each given their own igloo to decorate as a home, similar to the dens in Animal Jam.  Items can be purchased with coins.  Coins can be earned by playing games or by using cheat codes.  Club Penguin has a massive online community with millions of other players to interact with.  If you like Animal Jam, give Club Penguin a try!


Poptropica - Poptropica is another free online game like Animal Jam.  Players can customize their own avatar or “Poptropican” to play with.  Poptropica also has a large online player base but the game is more based around single player activities.  Poptropica players can still interact with eachother but it is only in limited areas and the chat system is restricted.

Most of the focus of Poptropica is on completing the different islands or missions.  There are over 30 different islands in Poptropica, each with a different theme like Wild West or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Poptropica is aimed at older players than Animal Jam because some of the islands can be fairly complex.  The game has a lot to offer, even for free players.  If you enjoy playing games with missions or objectives to complete, check out Poptropica.


Webkinz - Webkinz is a free online game for kids.  Children can sign up for free online or use a code from a Webkinz stuffed animal to gain access.  Players customize their own stuffed animal as an avatar to play with.  Using this avatar, you can explore the Webkinz World.  Just like in Animal Jam, you can buy items to decorate your stuffed animals.  You can even wash them and do other fun activities!

Webkinz also has mini games to play with your stuffed animal.  In addition to these features, players can interact with others in the clubhouse areas and chat with other players.  Webkinz is mainly designed for younger players but it can be fun for all ages!  If you are looking for another fun online stuffed animal game, try playing Webkinz.


Fantage - Fantage is another open-world type of online game for children.  Kids can sign up for free and customize their own avatar however they like.  Unlike Animal Jam, the characters in Fantage are people.  Fantage is a game that is more focused on socializing with other players rather than completing missions or objectives.  Players can host parties at their houses and even participate in fashion shows.

The game also features games where you can compete against other players and earn gems.  Gems can be used to purchase new items and outfits for your character, similar to Animal Jam.  Since Fantage focuses mainly on the social aspect of gaming, it has a three-tiered safety system in place.  This ensures that players are safe from exposing personal identification and other risks.  Fantage is a great game for socializing with other kids online.  If you like meeting new friends and want to hang out in a virtual town, check out Fantage!


Bin Weevils - Bin Weevils is a fairly new free online game like Animal Jam.  Like the other games mentioned, players create their own character when they first log in to play.  Bin Weevils is also set in an open-world setting where players are free to explore.  Each user has their own nest which they can expand and decorate.  Players also have a garden in their nest where they can plant and harvest plants to earn money and points.

The game features multiple games where players can earn points and currency.  Players can also communicate with others using the in-game chat system.  Bin Weevils is similar to Animal Jam in a lot of ways so if you are looking for a new game to try, give it a shot.

  1. Hello, and are there any others? I was just wondering. Animal Jam its tons of fun!

    • i play animaljam it is the best

      • yes’ yes it is

        • I <3 animal jam I'm addicted to it. but someone hacked me so i'm suspended for 3 days. :(

          • Me too! Just one day though, having problems with people hacking and suspending me… I’m OJKitten by the way!

          • I love animal jam but i used to play a game just like animal jam and I don’t remember the name and I am trying to think of one and it is not on here so if you guys have any idea of one please till me!!


          • I got hacked by my step sister! she is soooo mean.
            she took a lot of stuff. :( I am gothicgirl622 by the way she go me suspended 4 a year!!!!!!!!!!


          • i really like animal jam but i want to play something else other than animal jam.

          • OMG I am so sorry!

          • to bad

          • I LOVE AJ BUT I GOT SUSPENDED FOR 3 DAYS FOR SOMETHING I DIDN’T DO ANYWAY I <3 AJ look me up…. i'm darkangel1000
            oki bye

          • i got suspended for 1 day not bc a hack i hve chat yeah and
            i said random then i got suspended

          • I love AJ, i got hacked too.. but I’ll send you stuff if you need anything! Im Adierose Search me, add me, and you’ll get something! Anymore games? I’ve Really Have Gotten Bored With AJ. Anyway I’ll give you 2 things if you send back! I’ll accept any gift!

        • I >3 aj too and I think its the best I play everyday!
          but 1 of my friends come round 1 day and I think they saw me put my pass in and after that day I was suspended for a year then she eventually she admitted it, im glad she at least admitted!
          plz add me my username is realninja899

        • brooklyn is that u the one whose my cuzin or cousin whatever if so hi if not hi still


      • Oh btw add me on i am cutetigergirl12321 plz dont hack me its happened twice ;-;

      • no its not try making a new acount

      • add me peeps my username is michelleroxs !!!!

      • its an awesome game isnt it i have an membership

      • i loved aj but i keep getting hacked and scammed today my rare headress rare bow rare top hat (not the monday rare kind) and my rare fox hat were scammed by hgarza plz report her btw im tal1503 plz help me get my stuff back if u can

      • me to, what is your um user name on there kendall, mine is emeralddeer!!! i agree it is awesome but its offline right now }:

      • UH HUH AND IT IS

    • yeah are they’re an others? because i play all of those i am getting very very bored! owe and animal jam the best!

      • There is one more game it used to be my favorite, but depends what u like it’s Called “Roblox” its better then AJ! but i got suspended forever :( (BTW u get suspended really esay!)

      • I think animal jam is getting me tierd I mean who would play animal jam not be a member and like it I mean who would do such a thing lol trust me it is bad news

    • Panfu is one, and Panfu is one, it’s the best!

    • I agree plus I played them all, they are nothing like animal jam!
      Oh ya, And HIYA!

    • Hey everyone,
      You all play AJ (animal jam)? of course! why else would you be on This website!
      Wanna add me on Animal Jam?
      Well I will wait for a answer from anyone, anyone at all before I tell my AJ username!

    • yes!! its awsome i play everydaay and im a member
      love this game!!

      • Hi i like animal jam alot i’m a membere and maii username is darkangel1000 look me up and buddy me plzzzzz oh and my friend’s username is auditt200 well BAII pplz :)

    • aj is really good, but, lots of people scam u when they say things like: just send that rare to me and let me try it on, then I will give it back!!! that is so obvious and also, send me things, and the seventh person to send me good things wins a rare
      my user is friendlyzommer12 if my list full send me a jamaa account

    • i know right its so fun

    • me to, what is your um user name on there kendall, mine is emeralddeer!!! i agree it is awesome but its offline right now }:

    • Hey! i was reading and i thought if U wanted to try TRANSFORMICE its a an ONLINE MULTI PLAYER OBBY GAME ( OMPOG ) And its really fun! you get cheese to buy things and there are MANY kinds of the obby! :) post this for others! BYEE

    • Do you know any other games with trading?

  2. The horse ad is really good game to play.

  3. I need a game to play


  4. wut about moshimonsters

  5. i play all the games you have :(

  6. ok

  7. try our world it is boring to me but maybe not for you :)

  8. add me i am imaluckyseal and plz plz plz send me the stuff you dont want

  9. i love animal jam more then any game btw i still play webkinz c:

    and i’m almost 10 and i still play animal jam and weblkinzs but i do not feel bad because julian2 still palys and he is 14 lol so do not stop because of how old you are c:
    btw add me i’m tiger1627

  10. aniaml jam is the best game i do not
    think any other games can be better
    than animaljam

  11. wow

  12. add some downloaded games i know how to download stuff even though im only 7

  13. i think the game i play is far far better than animal jam ;)
    its called transformice its a cool game u have to try it!
    have fun ;)

    • hey snowy i agree sooo much with you my username on transformice is forfetta or aquaviolet if you want friend me (i have two accounts!!)
      I do play animal jam sometimes add me im pupsi2!

    • ive tried it! its not fun at all! i hate it :( it wouldnt let me talk AND i didnt know where i was!

      • my user is Starisacat and Myra, Where you where was in a server, in where you collect cheese. And to talk you click the bar under the chat messages.

  14. i love animal jam better then any other game and i mean ANYTHING else thanks anyway

  15. My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different
    web address and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your web page again.

  16. cool

  17. I know one but its for girls and boys over 10 years old!!

  18. I like animal jam and webkinz

  19. I really loveanimal jam untill some person had to scam me and i lost all my stuff and got suspended for a week.I have a game for you guys it called fashion fantasy.Go on google and type in…
    fashion fantsay game homepage.
    You design clothes or sell clothes thats just a breif description HAVE FUN :P

  20. I got suspended from animaljam forever…lol I did something you would never do.. ^_^ I hope I get another account!! :D XDDD

  21. I NEED a game to play cause I cant play animaljam… plz I NEED a fun game.

    • Ok Ican help try Fantage its like animal jam but mm its better if you are a fashon disire girl/boy you should like it and whats good about it is it has safe chat sooo there is nothing to worry about and it dose not let off any persnale imfo so its good by the way its so good so you should try it im muffin crazy need any help just a type away. p.s try poptropica k thx

  22. i love animal jam and im new but is there anything different then the ones above because my favorite online game was pixie hollow and they close it so looking for something new so please if u have a game that u think a lot of people like please tell me it

    • If ur aloud to download then download freerealms or wolfquest :D I find them addictive so BECAREFUL DONT GET UR PUPS KILLED AND FREEREAKNS DONT LET URSELF GET KILLED XD :3
      Hi :3

  23. i like pizza

  24. i play animal jam right it is great but some times i think i am beaing hacted!!! its such a newsense i wanna play it then when i go on it i like have no stuff plus im a member that makes it hard!!! i try to buy stuff with monny there none there!!! my aj name annielouise!!!

  25. T-Try… Try L-Line Play… It’s f-for iOS and… and you can create an avatar and take care of it, send hearts, and… HAVE PETS! OR…. BBBEEEEE PEETTSS!

    T-Thank you…

  26. Ok I am the game athoraty to this web acadamy in hong kong and I have seen all the most populer games like aj plus binwevels they are good games and also I know all the latest games and i know that aj is sutible for children 4-5 now ther are children there ok that 9-10 children play and thats ok but the teens there about 18-19 thats bad so you must be nine or ten to play aj or we will have to get the police involved so i hope you understand hong kong athoratys.

  27. Oh i do understand

  28. I don’t know which to pick…But animal jam for me is the bestes game I ever played. TRY IT GUYZ

  29. i $$ heart aj

  30. There a 50 kids at school who plays animal jam and club penguin at the same time and are like 5 to 8 years old which I’m 10 only for 2013.

  31. Dad banned me from AJ and I play all those:(

  32. i play animal jam but i need to get more fun games like mine craf i’ve played!

  33. Yeah. Animaljam totally stands out, from all the other games. Best so far, ppl say im addicted, maybe i am, maybe im not. But who cares, right? Its me. Not them, why should they care? Anyways.. what i was saying, im still trying to find a better game then Animaljam. I have been searching for like 7 months, havent found a site yet, still looking, when i find one.. (which is probably IMPOSSIBLE) i will tell all of u…… anyways, ANIMALJAM ROX! Have a blast and slash…Goodbye.

  34. Does anyone on here play animal jams tunnel town ?? If you do my name is fluffy bunny. Please friend meeeeeee

    • Do you have a game center?I cant add you if you dont have one and i have no friends on that game.

  35. I am a 10 year old girl, and i want to make a game called PokeJam, you know, it’s like Animal Jam but Pokemon, but i don’t know where and how todo it. XD I’m usless! Can someone help me?

    • That sounds like a really good idea! I’m not really sure how to do that either, you’d need someone who is very good at computer programming!

    • You. Are. The. Best. Person. In. The. Whole. World.

  36. How do we get suspended?

    • hai everyone if anyone plays animal jam out ther im penguinzluv friend me or send me a message my list full but I cn work something out.:D and btw if u are a nm I can get u something color change if u need it ya ik im just nice ike that so friend me and ill get to u on that.^.^

  37. u get suspended by cusing or something super good cuz (im watching u like the creepy santa.)

  38. Any more? their is not much.but i play poptropica wave’ncool is my name on it lol.

  39. Hi… Ya animal jam is tons of fun I love it

  40. there was pixiehollow but its closed…. :( :( :( i stopped playing after it closed now i playing aj. add me my user is my name

  41. You get suspended by swearing like 100 times HappyAppleo726. Also, I think Bin weevils is an educational game much like Animal Jam its self. Bin weevils can help develop our knowledge around the world such as doing Word Search’s or Cross Words as you have to guess what the word actually is and it’s a fun game that allows you to play fun games and adventures like the best game in the world AJ.
    Add me on Animal Jam you lot.
    From your friend,
    P.S. I own a website

    • >_, I cant go on animalv jam any more because of it not loading. I tried downloadingabobe flash player…

  42. Try
    2. Feral heart (played this and then it closed >_<)
    3. freerealms

  43. wolfquest? well ok… i will try it thanks fangluna

  44. is there any without any mebership stuff

    • aj is the best, I am non member, it isn’t that bad being non member. Nothing is better then animal jam, I HAVE GOT SENT 1 RARE AND SOME REALLY COOL STUFF!!!BUT BECAUSE I NON MEMBER I CAN NOT RECIEVE THEM. PLZ CHANGE THIS AJ, BESIDES THAT IT ROCKS, and plz add me guys, my user friendlyzommer12 if my buddy list full send me a jamaa gram.

  45. ^-^ Bin Weevles is CRAP CRAPY CRAP

  46. Fantage is bad very bad i’am mad.


  48. i think animal jam is the best bcs in animal jam you dont use bad words or you will be banded from animal jam and that happend to me but nvm
    i got anouther game its called moshi monsters
    :) have fun

  49. guys plz play animal jam/moshi monsters


  50. binweevils is rubish too!”!”"!!”!”"!’1”!1″”!”!’!”1”1′

  51. guys go to my animal jam acount

    the pass word is gold137
    the user name is gold136

  52. hey at club penguin some say club penguin is boring but at club penguin you can be a secret agent or a ninja fire ninja,water ninja and snow ninja or an original ninja

  53. Animal Jam totally fun even better then Club Penguin because Animal Jam gives you , more clothings and furniture which makes it happier for non-members!!! Add me, my User is : wynttaoti202 on AJ

  54. Animal Jam is so fun unlike Club Penguin they give lots of furniture and clothings which makes it fun for non-members !!! Add me … my Username is : wynttaoti202 :D

  55. I love animal jam but it seems to lag so hopefully these wont.

    P.S. It didnt use to. I used to play all the time, then i stopped and im trying to get back on now and it lags.didnt use to.

  56. I love AJ! It is the best.


  58. me too i love aj its the best game i have seen in my life

  59. i love animal jam and poptropica and webkinz so they should put those games in one big game animal jam is the best game on earth

  60. i like club penquin

  61. hey ! i will tell bout jumpstart it’s good it’s virtual

  62. I love animal jam!!!!!!!!!!!! its my life lol my user is clawfinder! so buddie me XD

  63. Hey! So I found this and I wanted to find a game just like AJ, that my mom and dad approved of because my dad got me a year membership. They got me a year membership for one reason: Because it was done by National Geographic. So I am going to try out one of these games! Thanks for the help!
    -Chinamew (that’s me on AJ).

  64. Well, Hello everyone if u dont play animaljam PLAY IT! It’s the best game ever i really wanna be a member and buddy me im Daryap7 Dont worry if my buddy list is full send me a jam a gram.

  65. here is a member code please don’t use it lol well that’s all folks

    • what is the code for the member code what game are you tolding a about

  66. here is the member codes lol

  67. Hey grace it’s me socool235 that u just gave me the password for

  68. hi yosq!!!!

  69. u can try it is has cute little and big animals u can imagane :3

  70. i get suspeded too many times and i dont gat on animal jam much :( i so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way i am amyer0!:)

  71. u could try yepi it is kinda fun try it out! =^_^= $_$

  72. Are there any games like Animal Jam?
    I don’t think there is any game that can beat Animal Jam!

  73. hi party poopers

  74. animal jam sticks

  75. I love Animal Jam! It is so much fun! But I wish there were more games like because teh game is just so much fun!

  76. Is There ANY Others? Like, Sure i Like Them. But, Ya… BY THE WAY, Animal Jam ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D :thumbsup: ;)

  77. I’m a Member! i Have ALL Features!!!!!!!! :::::::::DDDDDDDDD :D

  78. guys im not suspended\even not once!!
    and i can tell u some member accounts that are for animal jam!
    1st:deluxe48 and the pass is minecraft00
    2nd:max5and the pass is max5
    3rd:reallyrose and the pass is dadmom
    and thats all i know plz try them and if u need more there is a website called bugmenot so have fun! and merry christmas!

  79. i love animal jam MORE THEN ANYONE DID I HAVE ALL OFF THE ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :) :) :) :) :#

  80. guys i have 1 more member account! it is…..
    user name: kloeem.
    no lie and guys sorry if deluxe48s membership is expired because it is not my fault!.
    and my name on animal jam is coolguy189minecraft. bye!.

  81. omg i love animal jam its so awesome also warrior cats

  82. omg ilove animal jam and warrior cats

  83. Well you can try Petpet park its full of fun.Everytime there is new quest.

  84. animal jam is lodes of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE IT BUT I C AN’T PLAY IT BECAUSE I HAVE A NEW COMEPUTER and it won’t let me play animal jam. so you should just be lucky if you even get to play it.

  85. u guys all like aj my friend love it he did a all night and played it and he goes on it everyday and i love it 2 and add me user coollcooll and friends user desmond56

    LOVE AJ :)

  86. I’ve been playing aj for four year thats how much i love aj
    and i love smile faces he-he-he :) ^-^ ~-~ :]


  88. Try Fantage guys

  89. Try Fantage

  90. wow gr8 game i love it

  91. Hi i love aj but i am bored if u are plz try the following:
    club penguin
    are also awsome!

  92. i dont like any of these games none like animal jam

  93. Animal jam rocks

  94. Animal jam is really cool but sometimes I get really board of it… I need more games!!!! heres one suggestion though you should try Monkey Quest its pretty fun. you have to download it though but you can still interact with people!

  95. I hate it when there something that i want and it’s membership :(

  96. man, i wishh i was a memeber and yea i am a bit bored of animal jam but still, i like it and it made me forget about what happened to my mom. plus i make LOTS of friends annd i want to find another game JUST LIKE animal jam! anyway, so ya and i feel bad for you, i also got hacked once, it wasn’t fun! oh annd my username animal jam is, ninja19012, please add me, BYE!

  97. UGH< I AM SOOOOOO BORED OF PLAYING ANIMAL JAM! man i wish there was something i could play that HAS action!

  98. i would try warrior cats but dat has somethin’ i DONN’T want. no offense, heh. sorry

  99. :3

  100. I HATE GLITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I ALMOST GOT SCAMMED!!!!!, I HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE GETS SCAMMED!. i wish they would stop scamming!

  102. I use to love Animal Jam. Now I mainly just play AJ for the parties, some arcade games, and for the daily bonus. AJ has become bored quickly if you cannot become a club member. Looking for something similar but i can’t find nothing. hit me up if you see my on AJ if you want. acc is the name posted. I’m usually playing as Magical Wingedgirl, a green seal with a silver chain and a blue backpack

  103. my name is zoe too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. animal is off the charts but I need something that provides roleplay aswell as animal jam none of thes games have thay

  105. animal jam is amazing! everybody should play it! if there is won game you like the best what would it be wizird 101 or animal jam? i choose animal jam! anyway my name is trinity gordon! animal jam rocks! i even have 100 friends already and im a member!

  106. oh ok i might try that game to! lol

  107. what about club peguin thats a good game! you guys should try that!

  108. my name is trinity GORDON and i play animaljam all the time my member name is capital LOVESPIKE3000! buddy me if you can!


  110. i love animaljam!!!!!!!!!!!1

  111. I play on animal jam and it is awesome I Mean who would not like adventures with other animals that r like maybe next door neighbors and I am a boy for4for4 I am really liked on there look me up I am jazzy.

  112. ANIMAL JAM IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!But really,I need more information then those games.More info on other games like animal jam PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

  113. hi again everybody please buddy ME! my member name is LOVESPIKE3000 all capital! I really want more friends! Bye, see ya tommarow or later on btw…. im 10 years old!

  114. what other online games like aj i got hacked and i am a member

  115. hi guys

  116. send me stuff i am poor i am keoni2005 (aj username)

  117. Hey can you give us animal jam accounts?

  118. Animal jam is sooo totes clawesome! i <3 it more then anything else. Please give me a Username that has membership and an Arctic wolf cause i can never get one, my parents said i can't get one, i know i can get them from giftcard or diamond shop. (i mean a Arctic Wolf) Buddy me i'm Arcticwolf0305 (aj user) my other is ga4026
    please buddy me, i'll give you an account i have….
    Username: koolgirl115
    Password: koolwithak
    i'm not sure if koolgirl115 has a capital for the k but password no caps. ok bye

  119. I love animaljam it is great!!:) :D

  120. I never wanna play animal jam until i get membership again and i love to play warriors its PAWesome and my name on it is(i have a lot of accounts for the game) tiny, foxpower(lol), lady(i like lady in the tramp lol), and(i got banned on lady and this last one), cutie. :( i hate being non member on things and being banned or hacked. BTW MY BFF LEYNA HACKED ME LOL HER USERNAME IS BLUETIGERLEYNA I HACKED HER BACK AND SHE IS NON MEMBER IM MEMBER UNTIL IT EXPIRED SOMEONE HACK MY AJ ACCOUNT OR SOMETHING I DONT CARE IF U DO JJUST DONT CHANGE THE PASSWORD IN CASE IF I GET A MEMBERSHIP ANGAIN AND DONT DELETE MY THINGS U CAN CHANGE MY BROTHERS AND MY ANIMALS I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw im skyy2003 im on my NEW LAPTOP!!!! i dont care if i do talk so much. im like pinkie pie from MLP(My Little Pony) hahahaha lol XD :D ;) :(

  121. :) B) 8) :0 :O

  122. i love animal jam but someone got on my account and stoll all my rares:(, let me know if there are any games JUST like animal jam u know animal games that have dens a buddy list different worlds and most important… rares!!! let me no if u found one! cuz i dont like any of these games :(


  124. i LOVE AJ especially adventures. My friend and i have done all the adventures!!!!!! I hate it when Greely dies in Greely’s Inferno. ITS SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!! DX

  125. i <3 aj soooooooooo much, add me, catmat

  126. Guys cp is awesome l,ke aj you should play it,oh and muser on cp is :

  127. WOW i love animal jam and i am a member it is so hard to get some things though like a headdress i want to get it like very easy!!! :( wish that they were in the diamond shop!:(

  128. sup

  129. ANIMAL JAM RULES!!! I am a rare person and i am happy. Animaljam has changed my life. I am greatful.

  130. hi guys i love aj but there is really nothin to do on there now like i have played all the adventures if you guys have any games similur to aj plz tell meh

  131. is there anything else but animal jam well it is a good game just the rest are stupid

  132. i LOVE animal jam!!!! i have a blog on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. I need one good game.Idk what can i play there are lot of games XD

  134. i freaking love animal jam , im addicted to it but their improving it or something so i NEED another game to play thats similar, NOOOOW

  135. it is a very nice website

  136. i has a few more minecraft,feral heart,impressive title(NO MORE IS NOW LAST MOON),animal jam,monkey quest,wolf quest,roblox,wizard101,and all of the transformice site versions(heromice,massivemice and kaosmice.)



  137. Animal Jam is the fun-est really :) :):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  138. i like aj not particularly love it because someone i was friends with hacked me out of my last account on aj and now shes using it as her account now. the person who hacked me was happydog1500. im not giving out my username because i dont want to be hacked again.

  139. I love Animal Jam so much but i wish there was another game like it!!!

  140. I love animal jam, but I want to find something new. My username is Carly706. Don’t hack me. Please tell me another website!

  141. I like aj, but I will tell u wat I have in mind, clubpenguin, roblox, heromice/transformice, poptropica, and fantage.

    This probably helped right? :)

  142. What about neopets and petpet park?

  143. I used to play animal jam I wasn’t a member. My buddy traded me wings and I traded a member to dye it a diff color they sent it to me so I don’t have them anymore.

  144. i’m getting bored of animal jam.Swiper15 is my user on animal jam buddy me if u want


  146. hi ppl XD Animal Jam is so awesome. I just hate it when it’s updating. :( That sucks. Add me. I’m lovestheice. Plz don’t hack me. Or scam me. I like to send gifts. Plz add me. My other account is toasteriscool Don’t judge the usernames. I didn’t know what to make it, so I looked around and made it the first thing that I saw.

  147. Also try, Warrior Cats Untold Tales! .3.

  148. omg i play that but i never known there was untold tales….

  149. Lol im reading the series

  150. i LOVE the warrior cats books!!!!!!

  151. I think I’ve heard of that, but I don’t think I would try it.

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