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Animal Jam is a free online kids game from National Geographic.  The game features an open-world type of map where children are free to explore the world of Jamaa.  Animal Jammers can navigate around the different areas, playing games and learning about different animals.  Players can also communicate with their friends using a filtered, in-game chat system.

Since Animal Jam is such an immersive online game for kids, we often get asked “What are some games like Animal Jam?”  There are some other online kids games similar to Animal Jam.  Most of these games are free to try but also have membership available for purchase, just like Animal Jam.  Some of them have animals as the main characters while other games use people and other creatures.


Club Penguin – Club Penguin is similar to Animal Jam in a lot of ways.  You can sign up for free and customize your own penguin avatar to play with.  Players can explore a virtual world and play a wide range of games and activities, just like Animal Jam.  Club Penguin also allows players to interact with eachother through a chat system which is built around safety.

Just like in the Animal Jam game, the Club Penguin world is divided up into areas with different themes.  Players are each given their own igloo to decorate as a home, similar to the dens in Animal Jam.  Items can be purchased with coins.  Coins can be earned by playing games or by using cheat codes.  Club Penguin has a massive online community with millions of other players to interact with.  If you like Animal Jam, give Club Penguin a try!


Poptropica – Poptropica is another free online game like Animal Jam.  Players can customize their own avatar or “Poptropican” to play with.  Poptropica also has a large online player base but the game is more based around single player activities.  Poptropica players can still interact with eachother but it is only in limited areas and the chat system is restricted.

Most of the focus of Poptropica is on completing the different islands or missions.  There are over 30 different islands in Poptropica, each with a different theme like Wild West or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Poptropica is aimed at older players than Animal Jam because some of the islands can be fairly complex.  The game has a lot to offer, even for free players.  If you enjoy playing games with missions or objectives to complete, check out Poptropica.


Webkinz – Webkinz is a free online game for kids.  Children can sign up for free online or use a code from a Webkinz stuffed animal to gain access.  Players customize their own stuffed animal as an avatar to play with.  Using this avatar, you can explore the Webkinz World.  Just like in Animal Jam, you can buy items to decorate your stuffed animals.  You can even wash them and do other fun activities!

Webkinz also has mini games to play with your stuffed animal.  In addition to these features, players can interact with others in the clubhouse areas and chat with other players.  Webkinz is mainly designed for younger players but it can be fun for all ages!  If you are looking for another fun online stuffed animal game, try playing Webkinz.


Fantage – Fantage is another open-world type of online game for children.  Kids can sign up for free and customize their own avatar however they like.  Unlike Animal Jam, the characters in Fantage are people.  Fantage is a game that is more focused on socializing with other players rather than completing missions or objectives.  Players can host parties at their houses and even participate in fashion shows.

The game also features games where you can compete against other players and earn gems.  Gems can be used to purchase new items and outfits for your character, similar to Animal Jam.  Since Fantage focuses mainly on the social aspect of gaming, it has a three-tiered safety system in place.  This ensures that players are safe from exposing personal identification and other risks.  Fantage is a great game for socializing with other kids online.  If you like meeting new friends and want to hang out in a virtual town, check out Fantage!


Bin Weevils – Bin Weevils is a fairly new free online game like Animal Jam.  Like the other games mentioned, players create their own character when they first log in to play.  Bin Weevils is also set in an open-world setting where players are free to explore.  Each user has their own nest which they can expand and decorate.  Players also have a garden in their nest where they can plant and harvest plants to earn money and points.

The game features multiple games where players can earn points and currency.  Players can also communicate with others using the in-game chat system.  Bin Weevils is similar to Animal Jam in a lot of ways so if you are looking for a new game to try, give it a shot.

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  3. I will NEVER get tired of Animal Jam (at least i don’t think i will)

  4. Worst few months of Aj in my life:
    Well hereś where I start.
    1. Wake up and login (glitches out 5 times creepily worried me)
    2. My membership had expired, again
    3. I realize my wolf isn wearing anything and is all black…..
    4. go to put clothes on and realize, all my clothes items are gone! 🙁
    5. Quickly clicked the den button worried as heck, it was a nonmember den
    6. All my member dens were deleted, and my items were all gone ):L
    7. Email AJHQ that i been hacked, they don believe me! ):o
    8. Ask friend for help, she thinks Iḿ lying too!! :<
    9. cry myself to sleep
    10. dream about my rare spikes and hd being scammed
    11. wake up hoping it was all a dream, it wasn
    12. Try to sign in and start fresh
    13. Realize, Iḿ banned 😮
    14. Email AJHQ, they say it was for (Scamming/pretending to have been hacked and then using it as perjury to scam others)

    • omigosh! That’s terrible! Did you tell your parents your membership expired? And were you allowed to get a new account? I am so sorry. I had no idea that people actually got banned from animal jam because of that… Even though I know it’s wrong to do. I hope you were able to get back on and earn your hd and spikes back.🤔😭😥Good luck getting them back (and I totally mean this) tell me ur new user if u have one. I could maybe help you out!😜 My User is written above as my, “name.”

  5. Hello, everyone! My username for Animal Jam is PokemonWizards101, and my spare account’s username is AnimeRulez752. Thanks for taking the time to read this! By the way, my favorite animes are Fruits Basket, One Piece, Pokémon, and Attack on Titan. I love reading/drawing manga and of course, playing the online game Animal Jam. I am also a Warrior Cats roleplayer (Warriors is a chapter book series) and my roleplaying name for Warriors is Shadowheart AKA Shadow. I am a rogue black panther with a pitch-black pelt, crystal light blue eyes, a long black tassel, and a slight scratch across my right ear. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I haven’t exactly roleplayed in a long time… XD Anyway, so thanks for reading my profile and please add me if you’re a fellow roleplayer! Thank you!

    • Hello, I am Jacob’s sister, Mayah (and my username on Animal Jam is KawaiiKool32). I really think that AJHQ should let nonmembers do a lot more things than they normally could right now (hence the chant “LIONS ROAR, EAGLES SOAR, NONMEMBERS DESERVE MORE!”) I’ve been e-mailing AJHQ a lot (no worries, I wasn’t spamming them) to make sure that soon AJHQ allows there to be much more things for nonmembers on A.J. to do. AJHQ, if you’re reading this right now, please do make a change to how things are right now in Animal Jam. Thank you so much for your time, and please follow my advice! (P.S. Remember that chant and persuade people to say it all across Jamaa please!)

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  8. I only got animal jam this year and I’m a bit bored of it and there are no games like it when you can choose what animal you want to be dose anyone know a game like that??????????

  9. Hi I love aj its like the best and my username is arcticwolf61387 my membership is gonna expire soon in may :c


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