How to Create Animals in Animal Jam

Animals are the main characters of the game.  Creating an animal is the first step in playing Animal Jam.  Players can customize an animal’s patterns, colors, features and names.

How to Create an Animal

Step 1: Click the button in the lower left corner that says “Switch Animals”.


Step 2: Click on the blue paw that says “Make a New Animal”.


Step 3: Choose an animal.  Some of them are for members only and require a membership.


Step 4: Create a name for your animal by clicking on the arrows to scroll through the names.  Click “Buy” to begin playing as your new animal!


How to Recycle Animals

If you need to make more space for new animals, you can recycle some of your current ones.  When you recycle an animal, you will get some points back so you can buy a new animal.

Step 1: Go to your animal inventory and click on the trash bin in the lower right corner.


Step 2: Click on the animal that you want to recycle.


Step 3: A box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to recycle the animal.  It also tells you how many gems you will get back.  Once you recycle an animal, you can’t get it back unless you buy it again.


You can only have two different animals saved if you have a free account.  You should have one land animal and one water animal so you can explore the entire map.

Members can have up to 24 animals on their account.  Members also have access to exclusive animals that free users can’t get.

  1. wow thanks its really cool now i know how :DDDDD

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  4. Would AJHQ make like a game / contest where you can make a new animal to go onto the choices of animals you can get and just another question when will some of the other member animals free up for all jammers?

    • Dunno, maybe in a few years!!!!!!!!!!! But that is to long!!!!!!

  5. i am really new to the game I just started a few days ago thx this help sooooooooooooo muck :)

  6. this is such a big help, so thx for the help! I am really new to this game and I think that its really cool.

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    • i think that a poler bear is for the members only but u can be a member and u can get it

  28. how do we get a poler bear and other animals for non members

  29. played AJ for 2 yrs now..

    Free accounts suck. I used to have a membership but it expired, my mom won’t renew the membership.

    AJ’s Free account’s are so LIMITED.. even FANTAGE’S. NM OPTIONS ARE BETTER. And the administrators of the game aren’t so PICKY about what we say, i mean nowadays animal jam’s players are older >:T

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