Jamaaliday 2016 Free Membership Giveaway

Attention Jammers!  The Jamaaliday season is coming closer so what better way to celebrate than with a free membership giveaway?!  If you’ve been wanting an Animal Jam membership, here’s your chance to win one.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Summer 2016 membership giveaway!  Congratulations to the winner who chose to remain anonymous.  Anyone can sign up for the giveaway, only one entry per Jammer!

The Jamaaliday 2016 giveaway begins right now and the winner of the Animal Jam membership will be chosen at the end of December.  The winner will be announced during the first week of 2017.


The entry form for the giveaway is at the bottom of this post but you need to share this contest with friends before you can enter!  To do that, just click on either the Twitter, Facebook or G+ sharing buttons to share it.  After you share this page, you can see the entry form and type in your information.

There are more detailed instructions above the entry form.  The most important part is that you use a real email address that you can access!  I’ll be emailing the winner at the end of December and they must respond in order to claim their membership.

You can either use your real name (I only need your first name) or your Animal Jam username.  I will not share the winner’s name/username without their permission.  If you win and want to remain anonymous, that’s up to you!


If you’re chosen as the giveaway winner, you’ll get a code for a 3 month Animal Jam membership which comes with 6000 gems and 10 diamonds.  I will email you the code so it’s very important that you use your real email address!

The giveaway will be open until 12/31/16 so get your entries in as soon as you can!  I’ll announce the winner during the first week of 2017.  How great would it be to start off 2017 as an Animal Jam member?!

Here are the steps to follow in order to enter the Jamaaliday 2016 Giveaway.  I wish everyone good luck!

Jamaaliday Giveaway Entry Form

Step 1: Click on one of the social media buttons below to share this page on either Twitter, Facebook or G+.  After you share this page, you’ll be able to enter the membership giveaway.

Step 2: Type your name (or AJ username) and real email address in the entry form.

Step 3: Click the “Submit” button and your name will be entered in the drawing for Jamaaliday membership giveaway!

The Jamaaliday Membership Giveaway is now over.  Thank you everyone who entered and come back soon to enter our next giveaway!


Mark your calendar and check your email because the winner will be chosen during the first week of the new year!

  1. Yea my family cant afford membership. And I’ve always wanted it ever since I started. And So like yea i dont have an excuse like everyone else but im telling the truth. Sorry If I sounded mean XD but yea I just want membership. And I didnt even celebrate christmas or new years ):

    Username: Jujuønthatbeat

    • I have longs and shorts but I cant wear them xd

    • i just really want the membership because when I try to hang out with the members they ignore me…….

  2. I would love to have a membership.

  3. i would really love a member ship i would love to do what i have never bben able to do before!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You must submit the form.

  5. I would love a membership. My parents do not want to spend money on a game but I love Animal Jam. It would be a honor to win the giveaway.

  6. My user name is fennecfoxlife on aj and I’d really like to win because my family is poor and I can’t really afford membership. So I really hope I win because that would me so happy! You have no idea!

  7. hi my name is Savagezzzz and i really want a membership because i never had one and i really want one i hope i win

  8. i have wanted to become a member since i started 2011 when i started i didn’t have the money and my parents did not want to pay for a game:( and so on my birthday i got a 21 dollars its in my savings and i spent it on christmas presents and so when i figured out about this i was happy and me and my friend easlynn are entering



  10. Username: lollypopps123

  11. Hi my name is Lalia and animal jam username is testjammer85. Just wanted to say hi! and good luck to everyone :p

  12. Hi!!! My username is Littlewildstrawberry, and my nickname is Snowy. I love AnimalJam and have been playing for about 4 years. I have tried sooo hard to get a membership but we never go to the stores that have one, we don’t celebrate cristmas, birthdays, or holidays, I don’t have PayPal, or a credit/debit card. Please please please let me once get one I’ll owe you my life! I shared on G+ and hope I can enter and win. Thanks sooo much even of I don’t win for giving us all a chance at this!! Have a wonderful day!!!! -Snowy

  13. my user name is Davidrools and I would love you guys if I could win the give away since my family never has enough money to purchase the expensive membership.

  14. Hi i really hope that you will choose me cause im from the philippines and my mother and father cant afford it so i really hope that this give away will choose me cause its a ones in a life time experience for me im not lying its just really my one and only dream i dont care if they cant bought my own phone just to have this so please please choose me im begging formillions of player and the people who enter on this give away i hope ill win (sorry for such a long message i just really wanna be a member) and i promis that when i get the member ship i wil stay as a good jammer and never do anything bad to non members because i know that without this membership i will still be like them thx for reading this and i hope you guys have a realy great day 🙂 ~kyla~

  15. Hi. I would like the membership because I never been a member once. There’s no way for me to buy membership. I live in a country which doesn’t have membership for sale. I can’t buy it. It’s to expensive for me to buy them. If I can get a membership,I would be so happy. My username is pakrada2005. If you can do it, I will be so happy.

  16. Dearest animal jam,
    I would enjoy to be gifted with a animal jam membership. I know with a great power like this one it will also come with a great responsibility. If i do get chosen I would like to stay anonymous please. thank you and have a great day. my animal jam name is drcar11105
    Sincerely, Drew Carlson, or Drcar11105

  17. my username is loretta166

  18. good luck to all who have entered fingers crossed! 🙂

  19. Hi animal jam world I would love the chance to have membership, I’ve been playing animal jam for 3 years as a non member and I used to like it but now I see that everybody has membership and I’m the only one without it. I would love to have a chance just to create looks and have more than 2 animals and to enjoy myself as much as I used to being a non member. thank you for reading xx

  20. Please, I really want a membership! My parents won’t buy it for me, and I don’t have any money. 🙁 Please, my username is Elise4342.

  21. Hi. I would love to enter but I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, and it won’t let me use G+. Is there any other way for me to sign up for the giveaway? I really want to be able to use the items that are members only. It feels unfair for us non-members to get all the bad stuff most of the time while members get all the really good stuff. I hope you find this message. Bye and Animal Jam rules!

    Username: User41005

    • They’re asking for you to share it because before you enter it has age RESTRICTION. Do NOT enter if you are below 13.

  22. Hi my name is rainbow0674 on aj i want a membership because i been a nonmember for three years now and i try and try to get membership but every code doesnt work! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. I never actually won any giveaways, so I never got the expirience to feel the joy of winning a certain competition. Oh well 😀
    And from the whole 3 years that I have been playing Animal Jam, it never came to my mind that I actually wanted a membership..But after seeing many people enjoying their time when they had a membership, I guess that I wanted to suddenly give it a try?
    Good luck to everyone that entered 🙂

  24. Hey, thanks for this chance 🙂 My mom thinks I spend 2much time on laptop already so she won’t let me get one 🙁 Also my Walmart or any store doesn’t sell one so I’d have to use a credit card which I don’t have. 🙁 So thx again 4dis chance! 🙂 😀
    I actually am Heshouldvebeenthere, I have an AJ site Heshouldvebeenthere+MasterJPixel aka web address animaljamforumnmore.wordpress.com. 😉

  25. thank u if i get the membershp or not i will gift my friends and help nonmember jammers and just have fun

  26. Hey i have been waiting for a membership for like EVER!! I hope i possibly win but if any other person does Congrats!~ LittleJellyCloud11

  27. Sorry, also my Animal Jam username is elizabeth31733. Thanks!

  28. I really want a membership because mostly members get the great things in Animal Jam. My family can’t afford a membership because we just moved. My mom and dad say it’s just a kids game but I keep telling them that Animal Jam is a learning game. I’ve been playing Animal Jam for 6 years and only got 1 3-month membership when I first started. I didn’t know what to do when I lost it. My little brother found out my password and sold everything and spent everything! Luckily, I asked my mom to change my password but I still couldn’t get my things back. For the past 5 years I got some of my things back but I want to experience the being a member again. I hope I win and good luck to the other people. I hope I win! Thanks!

  29. Hi
    I really want to get a membership but I don’t have enough money plus my family thinks it’s a kid game so they won’t buy me membership and I’m not sure that they ever will 🙁 soo I really need a membership because it’s soo cool and U can buy ANYTHING AT ALL!All my friends are members and I just wanna fit in , I’m not VERY RARE but you can call me a little rare. I also really want the exclusive items and rare item Monday and most of them are member only plus members have really cool den options .Idk If I’ll win but lets hope and I think your really kind for giving away membership from your own money 🙂
    My user:Jammer4v6md

    • Same!Its just my parents dont think its kids game anyways im kid…and my friends played it but they stopped and they just played a month and they said its boring maybe cause they dont know english uhh

    • Hello guys I really appreciate all the codes and free items but what I want is THE FREE MEMBERSHIP. Animal Jam is one of the best games i have ever played. My family would not let me get a membership even if I payed for it they think it is stupid but not me this is a fun educational game for anyone to play. I really hope I win I will be very grateful.:)

  30. thank you animal jam world for helping me with codes and items for animal jam!
    i am extremely grateful for all your helpful codes and things to help me along the way. i would really love a membership so that i could have a wide range of things to do in animal jam! if you ever decide that i would be chosen as the animal that gets the membership please know that my username is secondstar12.

    once again thanks for all your help in animal jam!

  31. Hey! I would REALLY REALLY REALLY want this membership! I’ve been begging my parents EVER SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE TO GET ONE! (sorry caps!) Even come Christmas time I beg and plead but nothing ever works :(! I really want and need this membership! Thank you! I’m lonniebruh on aj! Tysm!

  32. I would love to win my username is cupcake51 thank you 🙂

  33. Hey AJS can i plz have the free membership givaway?

  34. Can i enter?

  35. I Love animal jam world so much!!!!
    It has really helped me ever since I started AJ. I so so so want to be a member because all my friends are members and they have loads of fun but i can’t join them. If you have an animal jam account (which i’m sure you do) i will gift you as many spiked collars as i can get when i’m a member and loads loads more and I’m not joking at all!!!!

  36. I would give to the poor! and give my buddies gifts.

  37. i want the membership cuz im getting bullied for being a non member and so i can help other’s easyer

  38. This is not for me this is for my friend, @cherryblackout,
    I am @xskullpawx who already has a year membership,I do not need one, my friend (lets call her Cherry) really wants one because she does not have the money, and she always feels like she is missing out because most everything in AJ is member. If I do win I will log on to her account. And I will enter in the code. (Cherry and I are long friends. we trust each other). So I really hope I win. I’m doing this for Her.

    (I accidently sent in a draft of this please do not mistake that as a real submission it is not it was a mistake).

  39. This is not for me, this si for my friend @cherryblackout and she does not have one. I will tell her and she will probably agree, i will tell her the code (thus if i win) and she will have the free membership.
    i really hope i win. She really really wants one.
    thank yo

    • your response has moved me thanks for the idea i appericate it thx

  40. So I can help other jammers become members if possible. I can have more and get weekly diamonds.

  41. Hi! 😀
    I’m tigerlily77800
    and I’m a huge fan of your website so it would be the best if i won this and if i don’t then there’s always next year!
    But no matter what I’m happy i entered this giveaway and I’ll still read all you post!

  42. my user is ja983

  43. I really want to win, but ye 😀 LOVEEE UR BLOOG

  44. Thanks for giving a chance to some people to become a member, it really makes me happy 🙂

  45. Iwantto win

  46. plz plz plz i want the membership plz i need it my almost every buddy has membership i request u guys to give membership to me. if u give me so thx no the also thx

  47. am i qualified to enter? i shared on facebook, i have been playing animal jam latley but my family is too poor to pay for membership 🙁 im thinking this will be my saviour! maybe i will be able to win this and get membership :/ idk but i am keeping my fingers crossed!!

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