Jamaaliday Membership Giveaway Winner Chosen!

Hello Jammers!  The Jamaalidays have ended but there’s still one last bit of good news – the winner of our Jamaaliday membership giveaway has been chosen!  Be sure to check your email to see if you’ve won!

I’ve sent the winner an email informing them that they have won a 3 month Animal Jam membership.  If you are the winner, you must reply to my email in the next week to confirm that you’re a real person.  If you don’t reply in time, I’ll have to send the membership code to another person who entered.


The reason I do this is to make sure that a real person actually gets the code and it doesn’t go to waste.  Some people try to enter the giveaways using a fake email so I have to check to confirm that a real Jammer gets the prize.

If you are the winner, I will create a post announcing your win here on my blog or you can choose to remain anonymous.  It’s up to you!  I’ve added some more information in the email.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and be sure to check back for our next giveaway coming very soon!  I hope to make 2017 our biggest giveaway year yet!


  1. PLZZ i want soo much this membership! i will be good playeer and… i just want it soo much! plzz my name is treliarkouda

  2. I really want a membership to i’d play way more often username limodancer57

  3. i NEED A MEMBERSHIP PLZ username:frenchfrie112

  4. Hi when is the next free membership givaway? I really am sad I’m non member I have shared on like everything I’m soooo despatete plzzzzzz I really wanna win

  5. I really want a membership because I have been playing animal jam for a long time. Animal jam usrename is Catsmilk5. Thank you for your time.

  6. I have wanted membership ever since I started the game! I am completely committed to this game so I wont quit any time soon!

    user – forestkeeper5

  7. my mother wont let me have a membership and all I want is a membership even if tat means its only 3 months. If you do choose me (which wont most likely happen) I will be the happiest person alive!!

    my animal jam account is Hurricanecj and if it wasn’t for my friends I wouldn’t even have the bow and the diamond encrusted items.

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