Kani Cove Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Below are the locations of all the animals for the Kani Cove Journey Book.  Be patient because some animals take time to appear.


Conch: The conch snail can be found crawling across the ocean floor near the Deep Blue entrance.


Cormorant: You’ll see the cormorant diving near the school of fish by the ship’s mast.


Cuttlefish: The cuttlefish swims back and forth near the entrance to Deep Blue.


Hammerhead Shark: The hammerhead shark swims across the screen near the sunken ship’s mast.


Manatee: The manatee appears near the sign for Tierney’s Aquarium.


Nautilus: The nautilus appears near the treasure chest by the shipwreck.


Parrot Fish: The parrot fish is swimming back and forth near the Deep Blue sign.


Sea Urchin: The sea urchin is sitting next to the sunken ship on the left side of Kani Cove.


Shrimp: The shrimp can be seen at the bottom of Kani Cove near the Deep Blue entrance.


Spotted Snake Eel: The spotted snake eel is found in the barrels between the sunken ships.


Once the Kani Cove Journey Book is completed, you get a toy boat pond for your den.


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  3. um why is the deep blue prize on!?!?!? O.o

  4. The prize is wrong. For Kani Cove you get a little pond. The porthole is the prize for Crystal Reef.

  5. For the snake eel click the barrel and he pops out. And you don’t get a porthole aquarium you get a toy boat pond

  6. ikr @Balto675! i was literaly right beside him & i kept clicking him but ah it was no use!

  7. um…isnt tht the prize for deep blue? cuz i completed deep blue & thts wat i got…

  8. true i clicked barrel and he popped out. All i got was a pond but since i have an underwater den i couldn’t place it!!!!!! ):

  9. everybody pops out at once so i got all of them quick

  10. lol just missed the shrimp swim bye! hard to catch little guy!

  11. I can’t find the nautilus, it won’t come out.

  12. For the gift, I didn’t get that one. I got a toy boat thingy! I would mush rather have what is in the picture

  13. I used the toy pond for my pets. I thought that was what it was for

  14. i waited an HOUR and no clownfish!!!

  15. Hey! I found everything! But the gift was a toybox?

  16. Still can’t find the cuttlefish

  17. The porthole fish tank is the prize for Deep Blue, not Kani Cove.

  18. this is cool but you get a toy boat not a porthole fish tank which i am disappointed by but I have always wanted the toy boats so it does not really matter.

  19. Just click the barrel that the snake is in ….

  20. You get a toy boat pond….

  21. I’ve been waiting for the Cormarant for 20 minuets

  22. I cant find the duck thing

  23. i cant find the shrimp

  24. i cant find the shrimp thing i have been here for an hour

  25. Hi guys i rlly am confused about the port hole but I think it was a mistake on the hq did every body find it

  26. im very comfused because its says the prize is the porthole trank
    but i got the toy boat pond??

  27. Click on the barrel and snake pops out !

  28. laughed out loud at all ur comment and u just click on the barrel lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. It takes so long for the snake to come out! >.<
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  31. Where is the cuttlefish? I’ve been waiting by the entrance to Deep Blue for almost 10 minutes!!!

  32. um where is the cuddle fish I cant find it

    • I know i’ve been waiting for 10 minutes and still can’t find it

  33. plz add me im rjlg

  34. Okay you guys who are trying to find the snake, you have to CLICK on the barrel that he is in otherwise he won’t come out. I waited forever and finally I tried clicking on the barrel and he came out! Hope this helped!

  35. cool it really worked.by the way add me ppl.applejackie8830

  36. It might take a while for the snake to come out but all u have to do is click on barrel.

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    • Just clik on the barrel, and it’ll come out. Good luck!

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  40. you need to click on the barrel or else the snake will not show up.

  41. i got a toy boat????????

  42. one more thing: The spotted snake eel stays out. After u click. That what happened to me

  43. with the spotted snake eel, u need to click on the barrel to make it come out. I found that out by doing it, cuz I was like, “why isn’t it coming out?” so I clicked on it and it came out.

  44. O.O OK but i already knew it its true though if u didn’t see the snake u didn’t move when u dont move aj dont make it move x.x

  45. The nautilus took a lot of time to show up but eventually it happened and I got a toy boat pond YAY

  46. ive waited AGES and i even counted the minutes in total i waited a WHOLE 10 MINUTES AND THE SNAKE DIDNT APPEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Awesome, thanks, I couldnt find the snake but now i finally can :3 add me guys if your on AJ, Im Emily74766

  48. hard to find snake.
    he takes his time

  49. WOWZERZ!!!
    ^.^ add me

  50. THIS IS TRUE!!!! >.<

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