Kimbara Outback Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Here’s a guide for how to find all of the animals for the Kimbara Outback Journey Book.  You may have to wait for some animals to appear.


Blue Penguin: The blue penguin can be seen diving off a rock at the bottom of the waterfall.


Cassowary: The cassowary is found in the background near the windmill.


Frilled Lizard: The frilled lizard is found under the boardwalk near the bottom of the waterfall.


Galah: The galah bird can be seen landing on top of the medical building.


Kookaburra: The kookaburra lands on the roof of the medical building.


Lyrebird: The lyrebird can be seen perched in the tree at the lower right corner of the area.


Platypus: The platypus can be found swimming at the bottom of the waterfall.


Sugar Glider: The sugar glider is found climbing on the windmill.


Tiger Snake: The tiger snake is found on the rocks next to the medical building.


Trapdoor Spider: The trapdoor spider is on the web to the left of the medical building.



After you complete the Kimbara Outback journey book, you’ll get a windmill as a prize.


  1. this is nice to have cheats that aren’t on youtube cuz they take forever to load (\ /)
    _(\ /)_

  2. sorry that bunny didn’t work can some one help me on that?????????!!!

  3. Thanks.

  4. You are so helpful because I nearly completed everything I wanted to do on Animal Jam. Thank you so much for your helpful blog!

  5. That really helps! I can find the animals really easilly instead of just walking al over the place looking for animals

  6. This helped a lot! I’m new to AJ because my old account got banned because people thought I was scamming, but I wasn’t :(

    I had made a new account, so I went and looked for the animals, but I didn’t remember most of them.

    So, I went on here, and it helped alot! Thanks! :)

  7. Everything worked out except for that porcupine thing. You didn’t put it up and I cant find it. PLEASE HELP!

  8. the porcupine is on the huge rock by the med center

    • Um sorry but it’s not a porcupine it’s an echidna porcupines are american echidnas are australian (No offence)

  9. Yeah thanks a lot i was having a hard time but this helped a lot thank u so much!!

  10. I can’t found the Lyrebird

    • the lyrebird is in the lower right corner it is in the right side of the waterfalls and you’ll see a big tree there and just wait the lyrebird to come out

  11. I cant find the lyrebird, it wont come out

  12. I think there’s an error with the lyrebird.
    How to report this?

  13. i cant find the lyrabird it wont come out :(

  14. i cant find the lyrebird it wont come out :(.

    • be patience im sure it will eventualy, if some people have done it so can you,

      if you want to find me on aj its princessluna28
      See you in jamaa pawsome jammers!

  15. and i have been waiting for five minutes

  16. and nobody will help me >:(

    • the lyrebird takes a while to come out but eventually it does. Just keep logging in and out of the servers

  17. I couldn’t find the Lyrebird

  18. As a resident in Equestria, it’s hard to just relax on the computer. This website has made is SO much better and easier to relax on Animal Jam!

    • rainbow dash…? do you know where twilight is? my sisters looking , again, for her.


    • Lol same but different. I’ve been waiting for the spider to come out. And I’m still waiting.

  20. u forgot the porkepine~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the porkepine, is next to the tree where the lybird is

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  22. this really helped me cos I was really bad at finding them but anyway this is a great website please friend me on AJ cos it is the awesomest game in the world! my username is: Tdlicios (just how I have spelled it here)so yeah this website is awesome also on AJ my den is so awesome so please check it out! but 1 more thing… well actually two
    1.why doesn’t AJ let you type numbers it is soo weird
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    so anyway this is a great website I would love to see more from it and can anyone answer my question about why AJ doesn’t let you type numbers, soo…
    please answer my question and buddy request me on AJ but apart from that..
    Peace Out Peeps (see you later)

  23. the actual time when I sent that was 4:05 pm
    Peace Out Peeps

  24. I cant find the cassowary :(

  25. This is a great website for ppl who are having trouble with finding the living creatures. I’m Fastcloud105 on aj.

  26. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you AJ!!! I have been stuck on some of those animals for months!!!!! oh and AJ is the best game ever AND every time I go on my computer(my pc)first game…. Animal Jam!
    :) oh and Jamaa, plz buddy me, Jam-A-Gram me go to my PAWSOME den (always unlocked) and to do all this my user is glitterglammer45745

  27. You never showed the spiky creature.

    • not spikey creature dummy its called an ECHIDNA i named it knuckles :3

  28. where is the porcine pine?

  29. I love ur blog. Its helped me so much. Thnx!

  30. Thank you so much you rule

  31. where is the porcupine thing?

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