Lost Temple of Zios Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

This guide will show you where to find all of the items for the Lost Temple of Zios Journey Book.  You may have to wait for some animals to appear.


Colugo: The colugo flys and lands on a perch near the Falling Phantoms game.


Dragonfly: Keep your eye out for the dragonfly.  It flies all around the area.


Hibiscus: The hibiscus flower can be found on the left side of the Chamber of Knowledge.


Monitor Lizard: The monitor lizard can be found on the rocks in front of Brady Barr’s Laboratory.


Needlefish: The needlefish can be seen swimming in the stream near the entrance to Jamaa Township.


Pitcher Plant: The pitcher plant is found growing on top of the Temple of Trivia.


Praying Mantis: The praying mantis appears on a bush next to the sign for Brady Barr’s laboratory.


Python: The python is found to the right of the entrance to the Chamber of Knowledge.  Click on the mouse for the python to appear.


Turte: The turtle crawls out from behind the gold rocks near the entrance to Crystal Sands.


Vine Snake: The vine snake is found on a column to the right of Brady Barr’s laboratory.


Water Strider: The water strider appears from the cave to the left of the Ssssnake game.


As a reward for completing the Lost Temple of Zios Journey Book, you’ll receive an Elephant Throne.


  1. I still cant find the turtle

  2. cant find the Hibiscus

  3. i can’t find the python

  4. The dragonfly simply will not show up for me and my sister. Suggestions?

  5. Okay found them all!

  6. i cant get the turtle to come out of the rocks

  7. i cant get the python

  8. I found the turtle fast. Buddy me on AJ

    • Same, but it didn’t show up, I just clicked on the big golden rock… XD

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