New Animal Jam Code for November 2016

Hey everyone!  It’s a new month so that means it’s time for a new Animal Jam code!  I want to give a special thanks to Amy who is one of our readers who told me about the new code.

As many of you know, Animal Jam codes can be used to unlock gems, items and sometimes even diamonds for free.  Codes can only be used once per account and they sometimes expire.


The newest code for November 2016 is:

underwater – 500 gems

I’ve updated the full codes list with the new code and gotten rid of any expired ones.  Click here to view the full list of working Animal Jam codes.

Thank you again to Amy for letting us know about the new code!  If you know of any new working Animal Jam codes, please share them in the comments.  After I test the code, I’ll add it to the list along with your name as a thank you.

If you’re new to Animal Jam or are just looking to get more gems, be sure to check out our full codes page where you can get thousands of gems for free!

Check back soon for more updates and codes as soon as they come out.  Thanks for visiting!

  1. thnx so much i got a load of gems they made me so rich got over 6-7k plz flind diamond codes really need diamonds

  2. Annyeong~ please buddy me momorific Kamsahamnida (thanks)

  3. Gift Me Anyone? Im mewkittyk, YT:Umbreix Moon

  4. Thanks! Can anyone buddy me please? Im mycatissocks!

  5. Ty for the code animaljam my aj user is beenie2004 if u need a good friend


  7. Hoping i could find some diamond codes plz? I am saving up for an otter and i only need 2 more diamonds for one. Plz plz plz give out some codes for it! 🙂

  8. i wish i was a member i have never had any good clothes!

  9. how about this code? x-mas

  10. Explore not explorer

  11. THX!!!! I LOVE THIS SITE! Do you think you could put up a pet squirrel / Lightning Bug code!?!

  12. OK so i became a member for my birthday and so I was looking for codes only this website had working ones and so thank you so much and if you want to become my friend I am shewolf002

  13. I think i have a code for december/january PARTY I got it from the natgeo magazine my mom ordered

  14. i really like animal jam, so much i am going to be a member for christmas. i just wish i code get more coudes. your niceist jammer, SARAH

  15. thanksfor code
    heheh 😀

  16. I think you should have more codes with diamonds!!
    It would be so helpful because there is only one way or sometimes two but there isn’t enough ways to get more diamonds.


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