New Animal Jam Codes for July 2016

Hey Jammers!  I’m back with a couple brand new working Animal Jam codes for July 2016.  These codes will each add 500 gems to your account for a total of 1000 gems!

It’s easy to enter the codes, just check the box when you first log in to Animal Jam.  Or you can click on the settings button while you’re playing and click “I have a code”.


These are the two newest working codes for July 2016:

party – 500 gems

NGKAJ17 – 500 gems (thanks Perfect1010!)

I just tested these codes today and they both work!  1000 gems totally free after using both codes!


Be sure to check out our full list of Animal Jam codes to get tons more gems for free!  We have all the newest Animal Jam codes and the list is updated often.

I also want to thank our readers for always helping me out with the newest Animal Jam codes for 2016.  One of these codes was mentioned in the comments by Perfect1010 so thank them for it!

If you know any new Animal Jam codes, please share them in the comments so I can add them to the main page.  I’ll be sure to credit you for your help.  Who else wants to see more new codes for 2016?!

  1. can you give away some accounts pelase sorry my bad english i want some

  2. free account!

    ps i need to see if i have any items on it

  3. guys plz stop i have rare glitched nerds my user puppycocou plus i give you an account to go on



  4. I want to now how to become a free member ive been dieing to be a member there just to dear to by theaes days if anyone nows how to be a free member just repy back please.

  5. i have a holiday sweater and evil wings im not member

  6. can you show me how to get rare fast plz? and get a free rares

  7. and can u plz buddy me i would like to be your buddy

  8. i have try one of your code but it says “oops,your code didn,t work” like that and can u show me how to get a free membership plz?

  9. Hey I have spike codes,party hat codes, hd codes, and last but not least all of the animal codes!!! If you send me a spike i will give you the long spike code, if you give me a party hat i will give a code for one party hat any color : same for spike:, also if you send me an hd i will give you an hd code and color of your choice!! Last if you send me a good rare or a good masterpiece i will send you an animal code!!!

  10. ugh my account was suspended for absolutely NO REASON. like i just got home from school and i try to get on and it said ” this account has currently been suspended and cannot login at this time ” like i am so mad.. So AJHQ if u read ur comments read this one plz and lift my suspension i will be a good play ( not that i have done anything wrong) – daisy19500

  11. I have found lots of codes for gems but none for other stuff like membership or dimonds. although I would like to. If any one finds more codes plz tell me.

  12. HI can someone PLEASE say the code and where to put the code in the comments? THe commments are where we are writing our comments LOL.BUt please can someone?

  13. hi Im harrypie08 in animal jam! =) I joined in December 2011 but I havent played since 2013. Add me so we can play =3 all my old friends seemed to have quit or been deleted… :c

  14. LOL random comment please buddy me im twinkleshinemoon

  15. how do we get free members animal for free

  16. Thank you! I’ll share my codes on social media ( twitter )

  17. mememberships

  18. There are codes to membreship?

  19. hello again this is buell4 i would like to say leave me a code and please buddy me i am buell4 and i am going to talk to you about animal jam. animal jam is a cool game all you need to do to get on is press the play button the press create account then select an animal then do the name then your age and what gender then a password and username and finally a email then press i agree and have fun but one thing listen to peck! please leave a reply you nice jammers have fun and make me popular!

  20. ok buddy me and i will unlock my den and tell friends to come and make me popular

  21. do you know any ways to get free membership i really want one ps i am funkybunny21 on aj

  22. I don’t see the “I have a code” box on the log in or on my settings..can you help me find it or are there any other ways to enter codes?

    Thanks 🙂

    • First, you go into Animal Jam, like the actual game. Then, click “My Settings” on the top right. Then, at the very top there will be a blue button that says “Enter Code”. Click that then you can enter your code! Hope this helps! ?

  23. how to get free members

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