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Mt. Shiveer Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Use the guide below to find all of the items for the Mt. Shiveer Journey Book.  Some animals may take a few seconds to appear. Gold: Gold can be found to the left of the Crystal Sands entrance on the wall. Hawk Moth: The hawk moth can be found flying near the bridge to the Sarepia Forest. Himalayan Poppy: This plant is located to the left of the Cocoa Hut. Himalayan Tahr: This animal can be found climbing up

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Appondale Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Here is where you can find all of the animals for the Appondale Journey Book.  You may have to wait a few seconds for the animals to appear. Ant: There is an ant hill near the top of the mud pool Black Mamba: The black mamba snake comes out from behind the Conservation Museum and slithers through the middle of the town towards Jamaa township. Cockroach: The cockroach is crawling around right in front of the Conservation Museum.

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Welcome to Animal Jam World!

Welcome to Animal Jam World!  Thanks for checking out my site.  I’ll be adding the latest Animal Jam codes, secrets and cheats as soon as they come out!  There are also guides to complete all of your Journey Book pages.  Explore the world of Jamaa with my guides to each of the land and ocean areas! Check back every week for new updates!

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