Play Wild & Animal Jam Codes Updated for September 2017!

Hey Jammers!  I can’t believe it’s already September!  Where did summer 2017 go?!  Now I know with school starting soon some of you might not be looking forward to fall.  But the good news is we’ve updated our sites with new codes!

That’s right, both the Play Wild and Animal Jam codes pages have been updated with the newest codes for 2017!  I just went through and completely updated the Play Wild codes page since it hasn’t been updated for a long time.  So all of you Play Wild players who have been waiting forever for some new codes, the wait is over!

Animal Jam players should get excited too because there are some new promo codes for Animal Jam this month too!  You can find the Play Wild and Animal Jam codes pages by clicking these links below.

Play Wild Codes Page

Animal Jam Codes Page

Each page has a full list of all the working codes for the two games.  These codes lists were built with the help of all you Jammers who visit this site.  If you ever find a new code for Play Wild or Animal Jam, please comment leave a comment on either page and we will test the code and add it to the list.  We’ll give you a shoutout if you find a new working code!

Some of the codes that AJHQ have recently released will work for both Animal Jam and Play Wild.  So if you enter a code on one game then you’ll also get a prize next time you log in to the other game!  Pretty cool right?!

Again, I could not keep both of these pages updated will all the newest codes if it wasn’t for your help!  So please if you ever find a new working code for either game (or both!) let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out.  If you are the first Jammer to tell me about a new code, then your name/username will be mentioned on the main codes page!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out both of our codes pages so you can get tons of gems and items in Animal Jam and Play Wild.  Keep on Jammin!

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