Play Wild Codes

Animal Jam Play Wild was released in August of 2015 for iOS devices.  Android release date is still TBD.  This page is to keep track of all the codes available for Play Wild!  I still can’t play it yet since I don’t have an iPad, so if you know any codes please let me know in the comments.


Play Wild codes can be used to add gems to your account or even special items and animals!  Codes are usually available for a few months before they expire.  This list will be updated regularly to ensure that only the newest, non-expired codes are listed.

Play Wild Promo Codes List

*Coming Soon!*

How to Use Play Wild Codes

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  1. Ohhh i cant wait guve me some codes please its da bomb

  2. I play aj play wild and I am saving up sapphires for a artic wolf… But I only have 26 sapphires! And if u have any codes to help pls tell me!

    My user- lilyflower7878

    I know only one code Powerpack. This will get you a panda back pack.

  3. I’m very poor on diamonds as in 0 and I want to get all my friends a pet so please help my username is Ilovenoodles

  4. I hope there’s an ajpw code for a free lynx, snow Leopard or just more sapphires. It would be great
    My username is Obsidian3

  5. I really wanted a Lynx when it came out, but it is so expensive! 150 sapphires are so hard to get! you should make it easier to get sapphires.

  6. Hello AJHQ can you plz have raccoon tails dragon wings or flower crowns come back everyone is always braging on how the have it and some people don’t plz bring them back.

  7. I need a code to get the new koala. I will never have enough sapphires. 🙁

  8. Hey my user is 4evadreamer and I really enjoy play wild, but I have no idea how to get sapphires. Could you maybe give me a hand. I do like how there are no special only member stuff to buy at stores. I think for non-member it is really hard to get sapphires. I really want to get a cool house and a article wolf it has been my dream since I started playing animal jam on the computer. I started at age 8 and have been playing since though I did take one break. I love how animal jam has change. Can you just give me a little help!!

    Animal Jam user: 4evadreamer

  9. OK guys EVERY SINGLE TIME that I go onto animal jam play wild I look at all the articles wolf’s and dream of having one I just wish there was a code to get an article wolf and firefly friend and heaps of saphires. Please please please plz make a code ajhq we all love animal jam but I wish it was a bit more fair because people who have money and there parents allow them to buy shaphires get all COOL and FANCY stuff but us guys NO we don’t get that stuff and there’s not enough saphie treasure hunts. I calculated if you wanted to but a pet for 50 sapphires it would take four months to get enough sapphires from treasure hunts that’s a lot of time to be on animal jam.
    Plz plz plz make my dream come true ajhq
    My user is…

  10. PLZ can I have all animals that costs sapphires? (Except the lion and tiger I don’t like those 2) I feel sad for me and the jammers that have no sapphires. 🙁 that all I want. Oh and get it for my friend too. My User:Pc0205
    Buddy’s user:lizie42
    Plz plz plz PLZ do this for me and my friend.
    BTW my family doesn’t want to waste money.
    Please and thank you 🙂

  11. i really want to get free sapphires ,an arctic wolf and a flower crown pls help me ajhq my acc is marshmallowmouse101

  12. I wish you could give the sweet chair promo code for animal jam play wild hope you will have it. < )

  13. How do you find the codes? Do you have to be some type of exclusive. I need at least one… ASAP. Oh, and hello!

  14. Hello, this is MysticFox1 writing here whoever made views this (hopefully AJHQ) I just joined a month or two ago and almost everyone has a flower crown if you could come to my den and trade for a flower crown of any color it would mean the world to me, If ur one of the people just looking at the comments, and don’t really care go do somthing, not reading this by the time I’m done u will have wasted like 5 minutes. And AJHQ one more thing in animal jam play wild I think u should be able to send people messages even if they r not your buddy and u should be able to send gift’s, AJHQ thank you for your precious time, even if you don’t want to do any of these things, Thank You

    Sinserly, MysticFox1

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