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Animal Jam Play Wild was released in August of 2015 for iOS devices.  Android release date is still TBD.  This page is to keep track of all the codes available for Play Wild!  I still can’t play it yet since I don’t have an iPad, so if you know any codes please let me know in the comments.


Play Wild codes can be used to add gems to your account or even special items and animals!  Codes are usually available for a few months before they expire.  This list will be updated regularly to ensure that only the newest, non-expired codes are listed.

Play Wild Promo Codes List

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How to Use Play Wild Codes

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  1. I really wish that I could get otter someday. I really love otters and when they came to Play Wild I was so happy! But it costs too much for me…

  2. Hello Aj i was playing aj and ajpw and i wish that all jammers will recieve sapphire or diamonds every day or every week and please i just want an arctic wolf and member animals i just get jealous and someone scammed me they say that i should trust them then i just got scammed she scammed my spiked collar it was pink and red and my wrist band it was pink and red too please send me my items back!
    User: Winkywolves
    Thank you!!!

  3. I can’t get sapphires at all! Plz u guys at AJHQ I love animal jam sooooo much and I tell all of my friends to play it bcuz its such a great game! But plz plz plz u guys, I am kinda poor and I need sapphires badly, I would love them to get an arctic wolf and buy sets for my friends, so plz if u could help a fan out, my user is Lilypadblossom13

  4. AJHQ I can’tell log on Animal Jam play Wild often and I really want to get some sapphires but I don’the have the money for it. Could you help me please? My username on animal jam play wild is gogo293.

  5. I need sapphires for a artic wolf I only got fifty and my membership runs out soon on the computer

  6. I think everyone should get a free saphire once a week without a treasure hunt cause it’s not fair to the people in the world who don’t have money to buy sappires. Also my cousin played my account and said a bad word and I can’t remember my password. Plz unlock takeahint51’s den, that’s mine. Thx. And my spine was scammed, it was black and white. My rocker hair and rocker tail were to. They were blue. Thanks!

    • its been a while that i dont have any sapphires its unfair

    • True, I’m a non member in play wild so its harder

      • huh? idk you guys, why you need to be member on ajpw? it was a member already!?? actually i can buy all things except sapphire items.

    • HI Jammers!
      takeahint151. I think alot of jammers want does sapphire but it doesn’t meant you should have a favor to ajhq! this game really provides alot of patience! u should be thankful that there is a treasure hunk wat if. its just a daily spin?. Btw. i already experienced those scammed! but i realized its not there fault . its our fault bc we trusted them! eventhough we just met them for a sec. sorry to tell. dont trust other ppl especially u dont know.


  7. I just need sapphires that’s all I wish for besides a snow leapord name:donut_doge604

  8. So i play ajpw and i do not know when they sell flower crowns. If u could messge AJHQ t come to rainbowcat316s den April 30th, 2016, at 12:00, to trade a purple one, that would be great!

  9. AJHQ please if you can get a free Arctic wolf code or any animal maybe the seal or penguin because my sister keeps on being annoying then she DELETED ALL MY SAPPHIRE ANIMALS OUT!!! (NUUUUU)

    BTW AJHQ my user is Articwolflovesart

    • I know once I was at scool and when I came back my items and betas and animals and den items were gone I cries I

  10. I really wanna know codes ’bout Arctic wolves and diamond animals :3 if you find… OHHHHHH… I just can’t wait..!!!!

  11. I absolutely ❤️ animal jam how could u if you guys want a spike btw go to my den I’m Issie girl 🐟

  12. When are the codes going to be posted? I really need some. Like, NOW

  13. I agree with her its more fun to earn stuff and thnx for the codes cnt wait for more!

  14. Plz someone I need a code!!!

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