Play Wild Codes

Animal Jam Play Wild was released in August of 2015 for iOS devices.  Android release date is still TBD.  This page is to keep track of all the codes available for Play Wild!  I still can’t play it yet since I don’t have an iPad, so if you know any codes please let me know in the comments.


Play Wild codes can be used to add gems to your account or even special items and animals!  Codes are usually available for a few months before they expire.  This list will be updated regularly to ensure that only the newest, non-expired codes are listed.

Play Wild Promo Codes List

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How to Use Play Wild Codes

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  1. When I go on setting on AJ Play Wild, I can’t find the code thingy mabober.

  2. can you tell me some codes to be arctic wolf plz i really want to be it

  3. how do you enter a code an ajpw

  4. Hi there, I was wondering if there is any diamond codes :D?


  5. How do you enter a code on AJPW?

  6. To find the code place, reedeem it, go to the settings, it should have it!

  7. PLZ tell me how do I enter codes , if anyone does tells me
    I will giveaway a code

  8. uh… i really want AJPW sappire codes.. plz help 😀


  10. What is Play Wild?

  11. any more some didnt work

  12. I have a code…….

    • IvyVine your code didnt work it said this code has already been used 😑😑😑😒😒😒

    • Where to enter codes??????

  13. I would like your account, Libertyy! 😀

  14. coming soon come on animal jam it should be out by now it’s February

  15. now animal jam is available on phone devices

  16. coming soon really? i wish it’s coming on january

  17. Lol its kind of boring

    • Please if you dont like the game can I have your acount and can you tell me were can I install this game on whar device????please

  18. Well It’s just information, and you can’t deny that. So if you need info come here! But if your a hacker..PLEASE LEAVE THE WEB!!! BTW I’m thinking about selling my AJ account!!! If you are interested please reply or contact me through youtube! 🙂

    • hi, i would like ur account!

    • i would is it a member

    • I want you account libertyy!!!!!!!!!!


    • You shouldn’t give away your account Libertyy,and if you do take all of your items off of it because people should earn what they want(Btw I do not wanna offend anyone,and please if I did offend you then please forgive me).I am sorry for being so rude in this comment but i am just saying..Aj is for educational,fun,social,purposes not really on the ‘item’ side.Once again I mean no offense to anyone please forgive me if I did offend you.Libertyy I really hope your not quiting Animal Jam as well I am a huge fan,good luck.

  19. Eh, Soooo SOOO BORING.

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