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Tunnel Town Tips & Hints

Tunnel Town is the latest game app from the creators of Animal Jam.  The objective is to raise your rabbits and build a large underground lair, hence the name Tunnel Town.  In the game, you grow vegetables to feed your rabbits.  The vegetables not only give the bunnies energy, but also help them level-up.

For a full list of Tunnel Town cheats, click here.

I’ll be updating this guide with more hints and tips as I find them.  If you have any suggestions for Tunnel Town tips or any questions, feel free to comment below.

How do I unlock more bunnies?

There are a few ways to unlock more bunnies in Tunnel Town.  The first is by leveling-up.  Every time you reach a new level, you unlock new bunnies that you can buy.  You also unlock more spaces so you can keep more bunnies too.  Another way to unlock more rabbits is by mating different kinds of bunnies.  By mating bunnies, you can create different kinds of bunnies.


How do I mate bunnies?

Your bunnies must be a level 4 or above to mate.  To mate two different bunnies, place them on the dance floor.  You’ll be able to see what possible combinations of bunny they will produce.  The outcomes will change depending on which music you choose to play.


The longer it takes for them to mate, the rarer the bunny.


How do I level-up my bunnies?

The fastest way to reach higher levels with your bunnies is by feeding them.  Each type of vegetable has a different amount of XP that your bunnies get when they eat.  The veggies that take longest to grow give the most experience points for your bunnies.


How do I reach higher levels?

The best way to level-up in Tunnel Town is by completing goals.  Your goals can be found by tapping the clipboard on the left side of your screen.  Each goal you complete earns experience points that help you reach the next level.  Another way to earn  experience points and level-up is by growing vegetables.  Every vegetable you pick gives you XP towards leveling-up.


How do I switch users on Tunnel Town?

Switching users on Tunnel Town is easy.  All you have to do is tap the settings button in the lower right corner then tap “Switch User”.  This allows you to switch between multiple accounts on Tunnel Town.


  1. How do you add friends through game centre?

    • You have to log in to your Game Center account go to requests click on add friends and type in their Game Center name…..in order for friends to show up on your tunnel town u have to be logged in to Game Center

    • Hi, When ever I load Tunnel Town it crashes!! If I try to load
      the game in my other iPad it loads! I need help why my iPad Mini keeps crashing the Tunnel Town
      game! >:(

      • Maybe it is because it is not connected to any appstore you have. It may not be signed in. Or you might have needed connection. hope this helped-Pikachu11964

        • @falconstar swiftclan: cool name!! (lol i know thats totaly off subject but still)

      • Erm add me on aj and mio tell u wht to do kk my name is hosepipe123 im a member

      • Make sure that no more tabs are running. In this way you prevent crashing every single time you open it.

    • For that ur friends should be playing tunnel town. Then they will automatically be added to ur friend list.

  2. I need more stars!!

    • The best way is to complete goals, or your friends can send you stars too.

    • Complete goals its really the only way to get more stars

      • Thanks for helping everyone out!

        • How do you get that picture.

        • Everytime I get to level 4 it says: Sorry, Tunnel Town has stopped. Then i try to get on again and it says the same thing. Do you know what to do?

          • Do you have the latest updated version of the Tunnel Town app?

      • No doubt, that really is the way to get more stars!

        • I Have 2,999 Stars!!!!! ( I Bought Them! )

  3. What bunnys make what bunnys? I really want to know how to make a leopard bunny :)

    • Idk about the leopard bunny but the butterfly bunny is with gold bunny and paradise bunny

    • The Mating Bunny guide will tell you. 😉

    • You need a sea foam bunny to make a leopard zebra or lion bunny. Pair it with a bunny that isn’t chinchilly most of them will make at least one of the safari type bunnies.

    • You do prairy bunny right and sun bunny left to get a leopard bunny

    • Go check out the Bunny Mating Guide. It has all the answers! ;D
      But here are the combos anyway:
      Prairie (must be on the left) and Dust
      Prairie and Mountain
      Leopard and any Bunny of your choice!

      You’re welcome.

    • leopard bunnys you need a desert type and the prairie bunny. No problemo! 😉

    • there is a mating guide
      4 u

  4. I have a tunnel town, but it says offline mode not available … So, what should I do because I’m connected to the Internet. I’m looking at the website now. I searched for help, like animal jam has, but no luck. Do you have a solution for it, and also I really don’t want to delete my account because I’m already level 11.

  5. I know how to switch users but I don’t know how to create extra users plz help me!


    • When your playing tunnel town in the lower left hand corner is setting click that then click what says switch plays then you will go to tunnel town home and click create new player (you will still have your account/s)

  7. I figured out a cheat! It isn’t super fast and doesn’t give tons of gems but in 1 hr I got tons! Ok so step 1.put any bunny on gems to mine 2. Go to settings 3. Change time / date 4. Go back to tunnel town and collect gems! Note: if u set it a year or day back that the day it is it could delete ur game ( its never happened to anybody I know) it will load before u get back in and it will warn you about time tampering nothing usually happens. Enjoy! My user on animal jam is AES2001

    • Wow this is a great cheat! Thanks, I’ll add it to the site!

    • It works with hatching bunnies too!

    • When you change the time, when can you change it back to the right time?
      Do you change it when the hour has passed or the what?

      • Yes, I’ve tied, and it is amazing! Great way to get things done quicker if you are impatient, like me.

      • No you can change it and then collect gems or whatever u need to collect and then change it right back it doesn’t take forever like they said it does I know cuz I use that glitch all the time!

  8. Does anyone else need a friend to send stars to?

  9. How do you make a new account so that you may switch between them??

    • Well, update tunnel town to tunnel town 1.2 in your App Store. Once you do that it will look different when loading. Before you play they ask if this is you. You may hit play then got to settings. It’s updated there so it looks different. Click the switch players, then you can make a new account. There is a button near the bottom that let’s you make a new account without having to: 1) logg out of the Game Center, 2) make a new account

      Anyway, I hop this helps!! ( see what I did there) XD BYEEEE!!!!

  10. im level 26 and i got 4 leopard 2 zebra 1 bunny with mohawk 1 squid 1 lion 2 butterfly 2 mouse 2 snowflake 2 frog but anyway i got 40 bunny in total but i sell some and one is worth 20,000 and other worth 16,000 and i spend nearly all my stars and i got $500,000 (more). Well good luck everybody ;p

  11. You need a sea foam bunny to make a leopard zebra or lion bunny. Pair it with a bunny that isn’t chinchilly most of them will make at least one of the safari type bunnies.

  12. What side of the dance floor you put the bunnies on will affect what kind of bunny they may hatch

  13. Pro tip…..don’t spend all of your money on decorations or furniture wallpaper ect. You will need that money to complete certain goals……finish the goals first they give you more money and stars and exp.

  14. This is awesome thank you so much!!

  15. heo im only nine and im getting an ipod so can somone be awsome and tell me about the game

    • The game is about a town underground with bunnies you try and get all the bunny types and to the highest level in the game which I think is like 30 or something

  16. I got a tip probably someone already submitted this but I’m gonna do this anyway so… The longer the breeding takes the rarer the bunny and the more the bunny is worth

  17. I got a cheat too it might not work again but maybe it will
    Make your bunnies breed or put something in your garden
    Exit out of tunnel town and go back in real real fast and then the things you bred or the crops you put with have grown some or closer to hatching the egg and the best part is it doesn’t give you a warning!

  18. Well my tip it might work or it might not

  19. I think It was like a glitch or something

    • here is how too hatch a shark b.: a chin chill and sun b.

  20. Hi… I have a tip-I have probubly done the time changing trick at least 20 times and it just gives the worning over and over…. I think you can keep doing it a lot! Hope this helps! 😀

    • Ok I’ll change that. Thanks!


    • As far as I know, you only get a we earning if you change your time before your current one o-o Oh and with the suspending of your account(learnt did da hard way DX) All it does is just basically you playing offline LOL You can`t login/logout of your facebook account,visit Peck`s den or add buddies. The thing that really bugs me thobis that you get did really annoying message that says the game is under maintainence D:

  21. How do you make a new account???? I need to know! —-Brother getting angry ’cause he doesn’t have account!!!—-
    Please reply

    • You have to sign out of your Apple account then sign into another one. If your brother doesn’t have a game center account, he has to make one so he can play.

  22. hi
    my bunnies are never rare help!

  23. Thanks!

  24. The longer the breeding takes, the rarer the bunny is not really the case. I’ve been tryin to make a walrus bunny for quite a few days now and all I get are fjord bunnies. Yeah fjord bunnies are kinda special, but how do you explain all my 18 hour mountain bunnies when I try to make a mouse?

    • I can’t STOP getting them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or fjords!!!!!!!! Or Bunnies of paradise!!!!! Grrrrrrr

  25. Although it is nice to get the fjord bunny because I have him mine until all its energy is gone and then sell him for 18,000 gems. But I want my walrus bunny!!

  26. what do u mate with the sea foam bunny tomake it hatch

  27. and i got 1 rare… i think is the cactus bunny in breeding rare?

  28. OMG i got a narwhal bunny xdddd


  29. how do u get a miner49’er bunny in breeding ;:)

  30. I WANT 1


  31. i think if u do the settings and get on another app it will let u change the settings trick without the warning!


  32. hope u enjoy tunnel town (the app) 😉

  33. yea cause i just got on and its working now! :))

  34. Is anyone else being told that they are’t able to put out more furniture until you put some away? My den definitely isn’t appearing to be over-furnished. Is this happening with anyone else?

  35. I am wondering how to get a leopard bunny because it says download guide to be able to find out STOP PLAYING MIND GAMES AND TELL ME PLEASE I NEED MY BUNNY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • To get the leopard u breed a Prairie Bunny with a Mountain bunny reply again if u see this

  36. I wish tunnel town was for android :,(

  37. I know that I can add friends from game centre, but how can I know their names so I can add them? It’s asking to type their names!
    I have no friends yet :(

  38. Plz add me hannahadi, I am a daily player :)

  39. What is the highest amount of bunnies you can have? And how do you get a golden bunny?

  40. How do you use the App Store and try putting a dust and chinchilly bunny together to see the possible combination it’s probably good but I am not sure cause I can’t get tunnel town until I go over I tunes but my moms computer has like no hard drive space and I don’t have a computer so I’m using my iPod to do this right now because me have no computer and I’m so exited for tunnel town but I heard there’s a lit of glitches Ion iPod 5. So the glitches for iPod five because there’s so many problems with iPod and tunnel town together that’s the only put down for me. But I thing you should try mix bunny combinations you’ve never tried before.it would be fun. Try hatcing a founder bunny egg it’s sopposed too be a gold egg

  41. I want to download a animaljam game but I can’t because you have to have a iPad to play tunnle town and I don’t have one and you have to have the aridod thing to play animaljam please tell me a app I can download on a Sprint g4!!!!!!!!!please.

    • Help!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hey everybody! I know a cheat. Tunnel town works without Internet, so you can use it to your advantage. Step 1: make sure the Internet is not on. Step2: put bunnies on crystal. Step3: watch your bunnies energy NOT go down. Just make sure not to exit out of the app. This does not work for digging. :,)

  43. i love tunnel town but what is lemit of animals you can get

  44. How do you complete the goal “super hero bunny watch your favorite tv show?

  45. How make new users

  46. I can’t press dig to build my burrow it won’t work help me!!! :(

  47. My tunnel town keep crashing and I tryed to delete the app than I readded it. Help please

  48. everything just take WAY too long I know I sound like I have 0 patience
    and that I have nothing better to do, But I do on both! you need to make things faster. Kids like me don’t want to wait for a game to load! we want to have thing now… I LOVE YOU ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!


  50. Umm… Not to be an annoying critic or any thing, but you need to fix the bunny mating tips. The bunnies do not have to be at level 5 ( or up ) to be bred, they only need to be at level 4 ( or up ). Please fix it :P. THX! 😛

  51. Actually, you need your bunnies to be at least at level 4 to breed

  52. I have the game on my iPad 2 and whenever I try to open it, it takes ages I load and nev actually loads! Please help, thanks! :)

  53. ok so my game center name is trixieh3120 i think i have to check but i love AJ apps and games!!! please add me my user is cute77716 i also have a non member account witch is iamawesome71510 ecxept it isn’t that awesome so if u kind Jammers would trade both of my accounts please that would be great!!!! :)-cute77716/iamawesome71510/AJlover (AJlover is my comment-leaving name lol)

  54. 😀

  55. <3 XD 😀 :O

  56. -picks up candy stripe bunny- it’s SOOOOO soft!!!!!!

  57. I brought a pack and now both of my gems and stars are 456,123,89. Ok sorry I am showing of right so yea.

  58. i already got the leopard lol

  59. i got the dust bunny, both lion bunnies, snail bunny, moon bunny,butterfly bunny,roadrunner bunny, squid bunny,chameleon bunny,jakalope bunny,and both of the leopards and both of the zebra’s

  60. Hi one of my goals is to hatch a zebra bunny and I do not know what type of bunnies it takes plz help

  61. How do you hatch a moon and a shark bunny. What bunnies does it take.

  62. Guys, be patient. Besides, the longer it takes the better the new bunny or gems or whatever!

  63. hey guys! i just got a lion bunny its awesome, i named it roar, i want a lucky zerbra and frog bunny can you guys help me

  64. hi ppl, its me again can i have help its big promblem i have tons of goals its so tireing to fnish one and a another one comes up bye!

  65. I’m on leGel and I’ve waited over 3 hours for it. Help me I have really good bunnies!!!!

  66. How do you visit a friends burrow?!?

  67. I have to buy, blue dresser, bed and a night table and only the dresser is blue and the other two are red….how or where can you buy /change the color? Thx in advance!

    • i just got the answer…..when you buy an item, a box opens up and in the left bottom corner you can change the colors! Sorry for wasting anybody’s time!

      • Same I was like how do u change the colors and then like to weeks later itwas rite in front of my face I was like pfft how could I not c that :-) xDDDD

      • i knew because its the same in animal jam and im a member in animal jam

  68. what bunnies two bunnies do i have to use to be able to get the snail bunny?

  69. How do get a soneflack bunny??

  70. I restated my iPad, and it says I have to load it, and then unload it from Game Center. What does that mean?

  71. I restated my iPad, and it says I have to load it, and then unload it from Game Center. What does that mean?

  72. Hi uhm Im kinda new so idk much but one quick question
    how do u add people . And btw I don’t have a Facebook account:-) :-) :-) :-) °°°°°

    • i wanna add too bat…………………………………………………..i don’t have a facebook account lol im only a 6 year old kid

  73. how do u complete the goal of watching ur fave tv show in tunnel town?? im dying here and its making me mad!
    (well im not ACTUALLY dying but ya know….)

  74. how many crystals are there in tunnel town for the rabbits to mine???? thanks..

  75. Please get me a free membership please please please my parents won’t let me buy my self one because they say it’s waisting my money my user is Bubblecake2314

  76. You could have were u dont get a bunny that your mateing as a baby .and it would be alot cooler if u could personalizs your own bunnies .and create your own breeds that werent already on the game.and where you didnt have to level up and where there isnt any in app purchases i dont like apps with in app purchases

  77. i was trying to hatch a turtle bunny so thx thx thx thx for the how to hatch im gonna try and hatch a turtle bunny!.

    1. Go to the bunny store and click sell
    2.see which two bunnies have the most gems
    3.put them in the dance thing
    4.once the baby is done sell it
    1.plant a vegetable
    2.use the date and time thing only if you have apple product or else wait
    3.sell the vegetable

  79. Hey! I wanted to know if There is a cheat for the bug ‘goal’…. I have to squash 1000… 😐

  80. My tunnel town will go to the loading screen, then loads about 1/6 of the bar and stops, I can’t update it, I can’t do anything with it! Please HELP ME!

  81. Can you get rid of the crystals in the walls? Or do they stay there forever?

  82. I need help on level 23 I need to watch my favorite TV show how do u turn on the TV plz help me I really need help and plz friend me on tunnel town and animal jam plz

  83. Can I change colors of my furniture ?

  84. Be careful with the time cheat. If you do it two times, you might get suspended. The first time you do it, you will only get a warning. But the second time they will suspend you.

  85. OH AND MY RANK IS 100

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