4 New Gloves at the Diamond Shop this Wild Weekend

This weekend there are some special new gloves for sale at the Diamond Shop!  The news update came in this week’s Jamaa Journal.  The gloves will only be available for this weekend so hopefully you have some diamonds saved up!

So let’s head over to the Diamond Shop and see just what all they have!  There are four different kinds of gloves for sale, each one is quite different from the others.  Here are the 4 new Animal Jam gloves for 2017 (so far).  They each cost 3 diamonds.

Phantom Glove

The phantom glove is an interesting new one, I don’t think I’ve seen a glove like it before.  You can wear it as a trophy for all of the phantoms you’ve defeated in Adventures!

Unicorn Glove

If you’re feeling mystical, the new unicorn glove is the perfect accessory for your animal.  They can be customized with different colors too.  Just be careful of the horn!

Custom Glove (Magenta)

The custom glove is the only new glove that can’t be customized with different colors which is kinda funny.  The custom glove comes in one color, magenta, which makes it a perfect match for the spike collar and wristband that was released earlier this year!

Mega-Glove 3000

Now this glove is sure to draw some attention.  The mega-glove 3000 uses advanced technology and modern design to give you a futuristic look!  It’s also available at the Diamond Shop for just 3 diamonds!

What do you think of the new gloves this Wild Weekend??  Have you bought any yet or are you planning to buy any?  They’re all so cool I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite!

If you missed out on the new gloves this weekend and want one really bad, you can comment here and see if anyone is willing to trade!  Remember to be polite and use safe trading methods when doing a trade.  Hopefully everyone can get the gloves they want this summer!

  1. does anyone have a blue mega glove 3000?

  2. where can i get eclipse glasses


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