AJ Feast of Thanks News

Today Animal Jam released the latest Jamaa Journal packed full of exciting new updates!  So lets get started… First of all, in honor of the Animal Jam Feast of Thanks, the Meet Cosmo Adventure is now available for everyone!  If you haven’t had a chance to play this fun adventure, go check it out!


There are reports of a new animal coming to Jamaa too!  There’s a puzzle in this issue of the Jamaa Journal, can you figure out what the new animal is??


There’s also a new den called the Mushroom Hut, go check it out if you’re visiting some dens this weekend!


If you’re trying to earn more gems, you’re in luck!  From now until the first week of December, all games in Jamaa will give you double the gems they usually do!  Be sure to give them a play so you can get more gems to buy new items.  They’ve also made the game invite system easier to use so invite your friends to play too!


Last but certainly not least, they just announced AJ Jump on the last page of the Jamaa Journal!  It looks like Animal Jam is finally going mobile!! It’s been a long time coming and many users have been asking for it so it looks like Nat Geo finally came through… There aren’t many details on this new app yet but I’m going to do some digging around tonight to see what I can find, check back for a full post about AJ Jump tomorrow!


As you can see, there’s some exciting things coming up this month!  I can’t wait to see what the new animal is and what AJ Jump is like!  Check back here for the latest Animal Jam updates, cheats, and guides.

  1. chmnlu

  2. I love the puzzel it is a reindeer

  3. Hi! I jsut completed the puzzle and thought i might tell you what the animal is, it’s a reindeer without antlers. It’s brown and tan and has hooves and a pointed “snout”. Thought this might help. Thanks!

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