Animal Jam Giveaways for 2014

Whats up everyone,

Just a few quick updates regarding the free items on animal jam today!

First off if you go to the Jam Mart Furniture you can get yourself a Heart Pillow for free! It’s actually one of my favorite free items I’ve seen in a while so be sure not to miss out on this one!


Once you grab the free pillow you should make your way to the diamond shop if you haven’t already because the pet owls and the horse claw will be gone less than a week. They may come back later but you’ll have to wait a while I’m sure. Better to make sure you just get them now.


Last but not least be sure to add me on AJ and come visit the beta party!

Bonus Giveaway:

National Geographic is actually giving away ten free copies of the ultimate animal jam insiders guide. It’s pretty awesome if you didn’t know so you should enter if you have a chance. All you need to do is send an email with your name, age, and parents email to

For the complete details just check out this link here

  1. I know how to get membership

  2. Username: thisisausername
    Password: thisisapassword

  3. im spsboo666, send me long blue and i send you my founder i never use best collar wins it i send back if you loose

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