AJ Jump Mobile Game Information

You might not ever have heard of AJ Jump, but it is the mobile game that links the Animal Jam player account to your mobile device so that you can enjoy a variant of Animal Jam on the go. You can download AJ Jump to any mobile device for $1.99, and it does not have any in-game purchases or outside advertisements. You can get AJ Jump on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon, and you need iOS 5.1 or later, Android 4.0 or later, and Kindle Fire HD or later to run the game. As of right now, AJ Jump is not available for Windows Phone devices, but in the future it might be so keep your eyes open if you have a Windows Phone.

How to Play AJ Jump

The objective of AJ Jump is to to control the kangaroo as it continues to jump higher, and you do this by tilting your mobile device screen. The higher your kangaroo jumps, the more gems you earn, and you can use power-ups, springs, and trampolines in order to achieve the high jumps. You must watch out for Phantoms as well as cracked or moving platforms which can ruin your jump. You can then spend all of the gems you get on unlockable bonus items and other accessories for your kangaroo, and then you can also transfer the gems to your Animal Jam player account to spend it on Animal Jam. The gems are the only thing though in AJ Jump that you can transfer to your regular Animal Jam account, but it is easy to accumulate gems that you can use on both AJ Jump and Animal Jam.

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