All about me – Magicann’s Introduction

Hello guys! I am a assistant blogger for AntAnimal! I do play Animal Jam or why would I be here? My user is Magicann. Send me a JAG if you want to be my bud! Also you might want to know some things about me, I am…. In 6th grade, I LOVE ice cream ( especially mint chocolate chip), Lemonade is my fave drink, I am part German, My fave animal on AJ is the eagle ( I love birds!), I have 2 cats. And that’s it! I will be sure to include a picture of my animal! Cya! Magicann:P

Screenshot 2014-10-10 at 7.38.51 PM

  1. ikr the updates are horrible! i hope they fix it soon DX

  2. I would LOVE to be assistant blogger (mostly cuz im not allowed to have my own :I) i love aj its amazing but the updates are ruining everybody’s life… the chat is getting worse as well, i thought when they removed *,@,$, and – that it couldn’t get any worse, i was proven wrong. My username is kamemeo buddy me if you like, i might say yes. (sometimes i do giveaways if i have something nice)

  3. Hi Magicann! Welcome to AJW!! (The best blog EVA!!!!) Hehe I just to say that I would LOVE to be your buddy! And I also have some German in me

  4. i think i will buddy the assistant i buddyd the oner

  5. I got scammed one of my bows, it was one of my fave clothing items!
    trade me something to replace?

  6. I’m so glad that there will be an assistant editor this is my fav website! (LOL besides aj) if anyone wants to trade gift or buddy me my user is ilovetoronto123 and if u gift me i will send out a howl or if u r just nice to me. i got scammed rare headdress and two rare bows recently. I am still sad about it:( Plz if u nice something to replace them? The user who scam me is snoopdogrocks plz report her. My bday is June 14 if u have a present….. LOL:D who ever gift me rocks!!

  7. Is it possible that I could become an assistant blogger for Animal Jam World?

    My user name is clittlebunny.


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