Almost Christmas!

Hi everyone! Sorry I couldn’t post yesterday, it was my birthday and I had to host a party. Either way, some new things are in the stores! First off, here is what you may have missed for the gift calender:

Gift 20 Gift 21 Gift 22 Gift 23


The Elf Shoes and Mailbox were out previous years, but remained very popular. The North Pole sign and Gingerbread Hat are very cool-looking new items. They are great for a gingerbread themed, or snow for den. These items go well together and can surely help you finish decorating just in time for the Holiday Season.



Jamaaliday Branch Antlers


These Jamaaliday Antlers can be found at Epic Wonders! They are a bit pricy at 2,000 gems, but will definitely make your deer look more festive. It’s quite the interesting buy, if you ask me.

Snowflake Crown Snowman Mask  Santa Hat Snowflake Tiara


These four items are all new, and can be easily found in the normal Jam Mart Clothing. They are really pretty, and super festive for any costume or look. I would suggest buying them, if you have the money to.


Rare Hat and Beard

Finally, the RIM! This NONMEMBER Rare Hat and Beard is sure to blow away any Santa look. It was only 500 gems, and very nice-looking.
That’s it! Happy Jamaalidays everyone! Tell me your thoughts and opinions below. As always, stay cool.


  1. hi i love the gifts and is there any new contest for new year?

  2. omg I missed out on so much 1-5! can someone tell me wat they r?

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AT AJW!!!!!!! (Ima bit early but wutevr)

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