Alpha Armor Set – Sword, Armor & More!

There are a ton of different promo items in Animal Jam. To get those items, you either have to redeem a code, complete certain tasks or make a purchase within the game. Some of the promo items are pretty common, while others are extremely rare. Let’s take a look at some of the rarest promo items in the game, which is the Alpha Armor Set.

Animal Jam Alpha Armor – Rare

The Alpha Armor set consists of four different items; Alpha Armor, Alpha Gauntlets, Alpha Helmet and Alpha Sword. Combined, this entire set will make you look like an extraordinary warrior. The items in this set have a similar style. However, each of them are obtained in a different way. I have gathered more information about the different items below.

Alpha Sword

The first item of the set is the Alpha Sword. It was released back in May 2016. The sword is worn on the back, similar to a backpack, or a cape. Since this was the first release, it was not yet known that there would be an entire set. The Alpha Sword was rewarded to you, if you obtaining 96 unique Adopt A Pet toys, which could be found on the Adopt A Pet Checklist.

As you can see above, the sword looks quite amazing. It has several different colors, ranging from light blue to purple. Its unique design reminds me of winter, as if the sword is reflecting the ice and snow. You can also see several mysterious markings on the sword itself.

Alpha Armor

More than a year after the release of the Alpha Sword, the three other items of the set were released into the game. In August 2017, the Alpha Armor was released as a promo item. In order to get it, you had to redeem a code, which came with the Sharpjinx, an ultra-rare toy that you could buy in real life. On release, it was part of the Adopt A Pet Eclipse houses.

The picture above shows you what the Alpha Armor looks like. It has the same icy design as the Alpha Sword, looks like a harness with wings attached to it. You can see that the colors are matching, light blue, dark blue and purple. It also has markings on it.

Alpha Gauntlets

The Alpha Gauntlets were also released in August 2017. The only way to get this promo item was by redeeming a whopping 180 codes, which you would do on the Adopt A Pet Checklist. As you can see, the Adopt A Pet Checklist was a big part of these promo items.

The gauntlets look like giant blue claws, and has the same color design and theme as the other items in this set. It almost looks like they are made out of metal, and the claws look very sharp. The gauntlets also have the mysterious markings.

Alpha Helmet

The last item in the Alpha Armor Set is the Alpha Helmet. This helmet was also released in August 2017, as part of the promo. To get the helmet, you needed to redeem 150 codes on the Adopt A Pet Checklist.

Just like the other items in this set, the Alpha Helmet uses the same color scheme, which is light blue, dark blue and purple. It has wings on the backside, a giant purple diamond on the front and markings on its sides. Jammers have wondered if the markings actually have any meaning, or if they are just part of the design.

How to Get the Alpha Armor Set

You all might wonder if it is still possible to get the Alpha Armor Set. The answer to that is yes. There is a number of ways to obtain this armor set, and we are going to take a look at them. Keep in mind that the Alpha Armor Set is not an official set. However, the items show many similarities with each other, which connects them to each other.


The items in the Alpha Armor Set are tradable. However, the items are extremely rare. This means that it will be very difficult to find a Jammer that actually wants to trade with you. If you do find one, you will have to put up rare items of your own to get the Alpha Armor set.

Adopt A Pet Checklist

To get the items in the Alpha Armor Set, you need to redeem codes, and try to fill up the Adopt A Pet Checklist. The codes came with real life AJ toys. This means that the only way you can still get those codes is by buying the toys. There are some listings on EBay, but it will be a very hard task to get them all. The toys are also very expensive, because they are rare.

Alpha Armor Codes

It is already known that you need many codes to redeem the items in the set. However, those codes are not free, and you won’t be able to find them online. The only way to get the codes is by somehow obtaining the toys.

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