Alpha Headquarters

In Fall 2017 many Jammers were sad to learn that Club Geoz had been destroyed.  This place served as a dance club for many years and lots of good times were had there.  No one was sure what would happen afterwards so we were left to wait for months after.

Then on November 2nd 2017 the Alpha Headquarters was announced!  It turns out AJHQ had big plans for the space where Club Geoz was once located.  The Alpha Headquarters is one of the biggest building updates to Animal Jam in a long time – probably since the Diamond Shop came!

Inside the Alpha Headquarters you can find information on all Animal Jam Alphas, crystals and even special Alpha armor sets!  There’s seriously so much to explore in here so we better get started.

So if you’re wondering how to find the Alpha HQ, it’s right where Club Geoz once stood near the south end of Jamaa Township.  Just head towards the water and you’ll see the entrance on the right side of your screen.

When you walk inside you’ll come into a wide open colorful entry way.

Keep walking to the right and you will see six large statues of all the Animal Jam Alphas.  I just love how colorful each of the statues is, they look so neat!

And what’s even cooler is that you can click on each Alpha statue to learn more about them.  A short background will pop up about the Alpha and their unique skills.

Once you’ve taken in all of the information for the Alphas, there’s more to learn and see!  Head upstairs and you’ll find more statues of all the Alphas wearing their armor.

Animal Jam Alpha Armor

Have you ever wanted to look just like your favorite Alpha?  Well now you can buy each of the Alpha’s armor sets!  There is at least one armor set for each Alpha and sometimes there are even special seasonal sets too.  This visit was during the Jamaalidays so they are wearing their seasonal armor.

You can click on each of the Alpha statues to view and purchase the different pieces of their armor sets.  Which ones are your favorites?

Now after you’ve shopped til you dropped, you must be pretty tired.  Well there’s still even more to see at the Alpha HQ!  Head to your right and you’ll find a room containing some of the crystals, weapons, and enemies you may have come across during your adventures.

You can click on each item to learn more about it’s history.  Let’s see what some of the different crystals are.

Animal Jam Crystals

Phantom Crystal

These crystals are believed to have been corrupted by the Phantoms. Greely has used the power of the Phantom crystals for a machine that can disguise animals as phantoms.

Aqua Crystal

The aqua crystal was used during the adventure where you had to free Tavie the dolphin.  These crystals power the ocean’s waves and current.

Lava Crystal

The lava crystal was used to open the door to the Phantom King.  Play the Hive adventure to see it in action!

Earth Crystal

If you’ve played the Phantom Beacon adventure you probably remember the earth crystals.  These majestic crystals are a hot trading item for villagers.

Portal Crystal

The portal crystals are green in color and are used to power the portals around Jamaa.

Adventure Items and Enemies

This room also contains a variety of items and enemies you may have encountered on your adventures.


The Phantom is probably the most common enemy to Jammers.  Pretty much everyone has encountered them at some point and they are not fun to deal with!

Chomper Plant

The chomper plant was created by Cosmo to protect Jammers from Phantoms.  If a Phantom floats close enough to the plant, the chomper will trap the Phantom inside!


The boomseed is another one of Cosmo’s creations to defend against Phantoms.  These seeds will explode a few seconds after you throw them and will destroy any phantom nearby.


These whirlpearls are extremely important during underwater adventures.  When you place them underwater they create a whirlpool that traps Phantoms.

Mira’s Feather

This rare item was hidden for many years before it was discovered by the Alphas.  Mira’s Feather can actually purify and rebuild areas that have been poisoned by the Phantoms.

Phantom Beacon

Greely discovered the Phantom Beacon while trying to learn more about the Phantom Fortress.  Adventurers can view the location of the Phantom Fortress by using the Phantom Beacon.

I’m so excited about the addition of the Alpha Headquarters to Animal Jam.  It’s so cool to see all of the Alphas in one place and even be able to buy their armor!  Check back soon because I’m sure there will be more updates to Alpha HQ!

  1. I don’t really like Alpha Headquarters I wish Club Geoz was still here… Btw my username on Animal jam is Strawberryxd07.

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