Amazing animal helpers!

Hiya guys! Today something extraordinary happened, people started doing what animal jam was for. Helping big cats. Everyone turned yellow and donated gems in the museum in Apondale. Thanks to all the people who donate!

Screenshot 2014-10-17 at 6.32.22 PM


Since I am in the big cat mood here are some facts. Big cats are relatives to the normal house cat. You can see this in the patterns, and instincts. Big cats are losing more of their habitats every day.  To help save these beautiful creatures you can go to websites to donate money.




Please help save these beautiful creatures. Cya, Magicann



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  1. Please buddy me, I’m camikoala!
    I can adopt or BE adopted.
    Also please check out my den, it’s very natural. If you go, the Liza statue is like a Buddhist prayer alter. The bowl is for offerings. I have a small garden with tomatoes, and a lemonade stand for drinking. There is also a bunny statue. Inside I have lots of plants and a fireplace in my living area. The heart flowers outside are my favorite plants. I also have an eating area with a cup, jar, bowl, and bbowl of fruit on two towels; a sleeping area with a hammock, hanging plants, and rug; a “reading patio”; and a bathroom in the far upper right corner composed of two bamboo sheets.
    Even though I’m not a member (yet) I’ve been playing for two or three years so it took me a while to get all of this stuff.
    Happy playing, and don’t forget to buddy me @ camikoala!

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