Ancient Armor Codes & Trading

Ancient armor arrived in Jamaa in March of 2018 when the land area Balloosh was released.  This cool new armor set celebrates some of the ancient mysteries in Animal Jam and it looks pretty awesome!

In order to purchase the ancient armor set you need to go the Balloosh land area.  When you get there, find the Temple of the Ancients and go inside!

Now head towards the back of the temple and you’ll see a statue of a wolf wearing the ancient armor set.  Click on the statue to access the Ancient Armory.

The ancient armor set has 5 different pieces, all sold separately.  It costs 9 diamonds total to buy the whole ancient armor set.  That’s nearly as much as an animal so it’s not cheap.  But this is the normal price for most diamond armor sets.

This armor set lights up with flashing pulses so it’s hard to miss when you’re wearing it around Jamaa!  The colors look just like some of the ancient stones we’ve seen in Animal Jam recently which is pretty neat!  Here’s how the whole set looks inside the shop.

You can buy the pieces individually if there are certain ones you want.  But with how cool the ancient armor set looks, I think you’re gonna want them all!

Ancient Helmet

Ancient Amulet

Ancient Armor

Ancient Gauntlets

Ancient Tail Armor

I think that the ancient armor is an instant Animal Jam classic and is a neat representation of the history of Jamaa.  Buying the ancient armor can be expensive so I’ve thought of some ways to help Jammers get it for free.

Ancient Armor Codes

Now a lot of Jammers are looking for codes for the ancient armor to get it for free.  It can be hard to find codes for the exclusive armor sets, but it’s not impossible.  Sometimes they will release codes to unlock armor sets for free.  It doesn’t happen often though.  Usually armor codes only come with a membership or other purchase.

I will keep looking for ancient armor codes and I will post them here as soon as I find any.  If you have any working codes please share them below in the comments.  It may take a while to find any so here’s another option to try if you can’t find any codes.

Ancient Armor Trading

One way to get the ancient armor without using a code or diamonds would be to trade with another Jammer.  I know sometimes I’ll buy an item or armor set and then change my mind about it.  So look for other Jammers who might be willing to trade for a set of ancient armor.

You can post your trades in the comments if you have ancient armor to trade or if you’re looking for some!  Remember to only use Animal Jam’s safe trading system when doing trades!

  1. well I kinda wanted to see an actual code here….. buuut i guess not. OH and I play AJ Play wild on a handheld divice…. so I kinda can’t use this anyway… :p 😶

  2. whats the code tho?

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