Animal Jam 2

A question I hear around Jamaa pretty often is “will there be an Animal Jam 2?”  With the huge popularity of Animal Jam, you can see why Jammers would want more.  At the time of writing this, there is no official word on an Animal Jam 2 game.  That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but it might not happen for a while.

Animal Jam was first released in 2010 and quickly became a popular game with kids and teenagers.  The online game has millions of players around the world and the mobile apps are climbing the charts too.  Since it’s been nearly 8 years since the release of Animal Jam, many players are wondering what’s next?  So let’s take a look at the possibilities of a second Animal Jam game and what it might look like.

Is There an Animal Jam 2?

As of right now there is not an Animal Jam 2.  The original Animal Jam is still wildly popular with tons of players logging in each day.  WildWorks is constantly updating the game and adding new features to it.  They’re also busy creating new spin-off apps like Play Wild that can be played when you’re not on a computer.

There are some scam websites that claim to have working versions of Animal Jam 2.  THESE ARE ALL FAKE AND WILL STEAL YOUR PASSWORD OR WORSE.  These websites are dangerous, especially the ones that look real.  I’m not going to link to them but there is one at animaljam2(dot)net.  I do not recommend visiting it and especially DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN.  This website just has the normal Animal Jam login screen embedded on their site.  They hope that you log in so they can steal your password.  Again, do not log in to this site or any site that is not the official Animal Jam website!

Will There be an Animal Jam 2?

It’s hard to tell if there will ever be an official Animal Jam 2 game.  On one hand, it’s been eight years since the first version of the game was released.  Many other games are known to have sequels after the first game is successful.  But on the other hand, AJHQ is still updating Animal Jam and doesn’t really have a good reason to release another game.  It’s much easier and less costly to continue updating the original Animal Jam.

That’s not to say that there will never be an Animal Jam 2 though.  Technology has advanced a lot since 2010 and there may be features that AJHQ wants to add eventually.  Features that would not work with the current platform of the game.  So now let’s see what’s possible if there is ever an Animal Jam 2 released.

Animal Jam 2 Game Possibilities

Games can change a lot over time, just look at how different Animal Jam is from back in the Beta Days.  As the needs and requests of players change, games must evolve to keep up with demand.  Sometimes if the changes are big enough, it’s easier for developers to start fresh with a whole new game.  Here are some of the new features that I think could be in Animal Jam 2.

Better Graphics

If AJHQ does ever decide to create an Animal Jam 2 game, it will almost certainly have better graphics.  The current graphics are fine, but if they did an overhaul on the game I think it would have more realistic graphics.  Similar to the 3D graphics you’ve seen in Play Wild.  Better graphics are pretty much always a part of game sequels so this idea isn’t much of a surprise.

Multiple Platform Support

Along those lines, better graphics means more computing power needed to run the game.  AJHQ has already released a desktop version of Animal Jam in order to pass some of the processing work to user’s computers, instead of relying on their browsers.  This method has been effective for users who have had loading issues in the past.

Animal Jam 2 would likely use even more processing power to handle the better graphics and new features.  This means they may need to expand the offering to consoles like Xbox, Playstation or Wii.  It might make sense to offer the game on Steam too for PC users.  However since Animal Jam has always been free for anyone, they’d have to find a way to keep it free or affordable in order to keep their user base.

Larger Map

Another likely addition in Animal Jam 2 would be a larger map.  The original Animal Jam already has a fairly big map with plenty to explore.  But if they’re going to go through all the work of creating a sequel, it will probably have a larger map.  I think this map would contain even more types of areas with more to explore and more adventures to go on.

First Person Perspective

Both Animal Jam and Play Wild are played from the third person perspective, meaning that you can see your character as you’re playing.  In Animal Jam 2 I think it’d be neat to be able to choose between first or third person while playing.  In first person perspective it feels more like you’re playing as the character because you see the world through their eyes.  Here’s an example screenshot from Pirate101 where you can play in 1st person.

With all of the work that AJHQ has been putting in to Animal Jam, I think it will be a while until we see an Animal Jam 2 released.  And it may not happen at all.  But we can still speculate and see what it could possibly look like!  What new features and additions would you like to see if Animal Jam 2 is ever released?

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