Animal Jam Arctic Armor Codes

The Arctic Armor set was just added to the Diamond Shop in February 2017.  AJHQ says it’s the “coolest” armor set yet, let’s see!

You can get the arctic armor set from the Diamond Shop if you’re a member.  It costs 9 diamonds to buy the whole armor set which is a lot to have saved up!  Sometimes AJHQ will release codes for special items like armor so hopefully that happens with this set.

Well AJHQ wasn’t lying when they said this is the coolest armor yet, it snows wherever you go when wearing it!  Here’s how the set looks when you go to the Diamond Shop.  You can buy all of the pieces individually or buy them all at once if you have enough diamonds!

These are the five pieces in the arctic armor set.  Put on all 5 to be prepared for even the coldest arctic conditions!

Arctic Armor Hood

Arctic Armor Amulet

Arctic Armor

Arctic Armor Boots

Arctic Tail Armor

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes (not very often) AJHQ puts out codes for rare items and accessories like armor.  If you happen to know of any arctic armor codes, please post them in the comments so other Jammers can enjoy!

My best advice for now would be to try and get an Animal Jam membership first if you don’t have one yet.  This way you’ll be able to buy the arctic armor when you save enough diamonds.  See how to get a free Animal Jam membership here.

Another thing you can try would be to sign up for the Animal Jam Box.  Subscribers will get an exclusive game code every 3 months and who knows, it might be for the arctic armor set!

For now, I will just keep looking for any arctic armor codes and if I find any I will post them here right away!  Thanks for reading and please share any working codes you know.

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